Portrait Artist Of The Year 2019 - Episode 6 [HD]

Portrait Artist Of The Year 2019 – Episode 6 [HD]

hello we're here at the Wallace Collection which has opened its doors yet again to the usual suspects art enthusiasts Jones groupies and bus drivers and not just any old bus driver when he's not driving his bus he's painting or his teaching art and one of his pupils he's 82 so it's not too late for me welcome back to portrait artist of the year 2019 today nine new artists of their sights set on the semi-final and five of them are professional zhi shen chen Emiel Nicola Sarah Gibson Rosso spotto and Salvatore Fulham I'm very scared because I'm quite a nervous person so I suppose I'm just going to like just shown my myself to keep relax and they're joined by four amateur artists Sebastien Bishop to Khandwa Matt Wylie Steven wood and Ellie Preston but don't have many concerns or anxieties but I'm sure they'll come about during the day I think I quite read that's often how it happens to claim a place in the semi-final artists must create the best portraits they can in a strict 4 hour time limit I feel like I could use more time because I could mess it up at this point painting one of three high-profile celebrities and creating artwork that divides opinion I really like her do you yes I think we're all very in very different places artists will have to convince the judges that they know what they're doing you got to wait to the last moment when the pressures the most and then you're going to be eyelashes that's a pretty good platter there's a fabulous price a 10,000 pound commissioned to paint global singing icon Sir Tom Jones for the National Museum of Wales so who's got what it takes to secure a place in the semi-final so you're painting in the medium you're not used to painting in yeah that if you make a mistake it's a disaster yeah great how you feeling good as the artists set up their equipment the judges review the self-portraits which earned them a place in today's heat so welcome to the wall of faces we start with this elegant piece it's like a little Victorian gem and that highlights that the artist is used are done beautifully to make it's a sort of luminous this concept of past what photography gives a more rounded picture of what the artist is like and it is one side of her character comes out as my humorous as a serious one dirtiness all they're so quintessentially of a particular artistic canon from the east but also it's got a bit of Surrealism in it with these lovely petals which is sort of dancing and actually I think a really peaceful charming self-portrait was interesting is the composition he's not doing much different but the amount of shoulder we get is unusual and he just sort of half the Kam's is blue but it just changes it from what we're used to and then we come to this there's a story here isn't there something disturbing but I think that's why we liked it isn't it because there's so much going on you know your eyes tramping around like mad and you've got this sort of crazy face that's pushed right the way up to the top of the canvas sort of brilliantly odd isn't it yeah the way she's situated herself in the canvas you've got a lot of the shoulders and the head is it's larger than life-size at the same time it's caught her mid movement it's very lively because of that then there's this very arresting vase it's lovely to have someone working with watercolor in a different way you know we're used towards color been slightly wishy-washy and suggestive but it's really definitive and they've allowed the color to soak into that background it's impressive isn't it really interest I think I like it cuz it almost looks like she's run her painting to look like a piece of marble or something you know it feels cold it feels heavy I mean I'd really love it so through the round window somebody looming out at us it's really beautifully painted and you've got a fantastic sense of depth partly because of the darkness around the head but also because of these little sort of touches of color that are pushed and pulled backwards and forwards it feels a different sort of feels medieval Italian to someone saying it the equivalent of your taxis here all set for a new portrait it's time for the artist to find out whom they will be painting artists your sitter today is a four times Brit Award nominee and she's since reworked all her hits with an orchestral twist please welcome Sophie ellis-bextor since shooting to global Fame in 2000 with Spillers proof jet and her later hit murder on the dance floor sophie has become a prolific multi-platinum selling recording artist [Applause] well you're very welcome here now I'm interested in this reworking of your head it's just fun doing the science may be very disco and just taking it's a different area and it's really fun working with a massive Orchestra and hearing everything take on a whole new life perhaps you could think of some tune well you're a city yes and you are your time I'm not something that gets much time to sit and be a little bit more still so I'm hoping it's quite Zen and I'm going to try and imagine what's happening on the other side of the easel that's what I'm gonna do artists your sitter is a force to be reckoned with in theatre film and television it is the formidable talented Adrian Lester an Olivier Award winning actor Adrian has starred in everything from Shakespeare to musical comedy as well as major film and TV dramas including the BBC's hit series hustle [Applause] no bus nervous yeah although I don't have to do anything well what do you say that but if you thought how you're gonna approach it yeah I've flown my lines right goods and I've learned all the down steps good so I think I'll be okay I think a bit of dance he would go down well actually like that was I would help just kept moving artists your sitter today is far more than a music producer he's a songwriter he writes music for film and he plays every instrument Under the Sun please welcome Nitin Sawhney from collaborating with the likes of Sir Paul McCartney and Ellie Goulding to scoring Hollywood blockbusters like Mowgli Linton's diverse accomplishments have earned him an Ivor Novello Lifetime Achievement Award this really instant we don't play that we would like to play loads cello actually I'd love specially yes I can see you playing the cello okay but what is impressive is your musical sensibility because there's no way you do not go I'd see music as a universal language so in that respect I'm always looking for different ways to express ideas artists now how would you like Nitin IFAI the man for you get comfortable it's not for a long time we're gonna look straight ahead yeah straight ahead have something like to look at okay maybe if I face a little bit more this way so that you guys yeah that's perfect but primarily are you comfortable I am two minutes in I'm fine artists there's only so much preparation you can do and I can tell you're dying to get started you have four hours to complete your portrait good luck everyone your time starts now every artist begins a portrait in their own way some use modern technology could you maybe put your hair behind it yeah that's great some like total precision while others have a more traditional technique Camile I was very happy to see you were holding your brush in the classic artists way was that what's that to get proportions to get the potions right to give the stands of the model because obviously he looks very athletic when you're athletic the head slightly back and you him for the chest up not in a arrogant way yes I'm here professional artist Emil Nikola is from Albania and took seven hours to paint his self-portrait he takes commissions and teaches art but has to fit all of this around his other job now I understand you drive a bus I do was ahead of you how does an average day look for you oh very busy and normally work in the evenings teach during the day and evening I let you paint at night a lot of times not every night it's impossible well tiredness but that particular portative I've presented this time is probably between one and four o'clock in the morning that's why the eyes are almost closed because I couldn't keep weight as well that's a punishing schedule it is well if you need a cape there are a couple of sofas oh thank you that's great I'm doing my customer Reno's first I I can't just always do that I don't know why it's like it's the center with the base so I think I'm just gonna stick to what I'm used to at the moment because I'm fine art graduate Ellie Preston created her self-portrait as a gift for her parents when she left home a keen Arsenal supporter she works in an ice cream shop and paints every day aspiring to become a professional artist well the first question that occurs is why such a strong blue background so suddenly I really looking for something which is my own style and I think that skin tone is too often pink and yellow and cream I want a cold in it a little bit sort of Northern European coldness yeah and her skin is so beautiful that I kind of want to catch her a blue glow to it really but not so much that it looks like she's got the skin condition so that's what I can see you've got a quite good lightness already always from life no no I came from videos and from every citizen and will you have you got equipment here from now yeah I tried to get my Nan's iPod but you and gives me a professional artist from Lucan in Ireland Salvatore Fulham took one month to paint his submission he tends to include more of the figure in his portrait to show that likeness isn't just about the face i fascinated that your key point of interest is the sort of slope from the shoulder down that was the most interesting bit for me I'm into like the spaces of people own as well yeah so this really gives you a lot of interesting narrative well it looks like you're inspired so we'll let me get on it's a good start whether it's oils Chinese ink or watercolor an artist choice of medium can dictate the speed of their progress what's going on here big grid homework where do these yeah I use the grid method if I want to get it as accurate as possible reward color it's not like all you can change it as you go if you make mistake that's in tune so I see the high wire act them even part-time carpenter Steven Wood is an Army veteran with no formal art training the judges were struck by his use of watercolor giving impressive depth and texture to his self-portrait so you've all painted a watercolor of for a long time now this had been my fourth prank this is your fourth painting yeah most submission was referred you are a brave man well if you can only put yourself under stress why not put yourself under more stress actually see a painting in the medium you're not used to painting in yeah that if you make a mistake it's a disaster yeah great how you feeling good the artists have just over three hours left I've set the face positioning a good likeness it could go better but I'm okay I feel I have a good feeling about it I want to get the main detail of that and then I myself painting and I still gonna start in the center to work my way and see how far I get and just trying to get a base coat of every color down once I have the base coat of every color then it's just details and I know if I'm doing the right thing while I did all really I don't win I'm just trying to keep on my style and block it in but I have like no idea of a time and I feel like it goes quite a bit more quickly in here but I think I'm on track but no idea here at the Wallace Collection the artists are one are into painting Nitin Sawhney Adrian Lester and Sophie ellis-bextor you're right for most artists one brush at a time is enough but a specific skill is needed for traditional Chinese painting where tone and color are tackled at the same time when you color like trans pentane used two brushes so these brushes with the color and then swapped another brush because this is light just water and then used this one to make her Tom there's how Chinese secondly works professional artist Zhi Sheng Chen took 130 hours to complete his submission he's the proud owner of 20 hats 40 bowties and over 70 pairs of socks Shi Shen I want to talk to you about your painting okay I want to talk to you about the other work of art oh okay that's your outfit now I'll fit something you just threw on this morning yes you are a very badly dressed man well thank you so much say clothes obviously important to you yes when you talk about people and artists notice are you must be wearing like dirty clothes at home Carlos abhors but no that's not true artists also got styles as well lots of holes yes whose horse yes oh-ho-ho for a minute there okay I thought we'd gone into a whole other conversation anyway nice piece of work I've just about finished my sketching out now it's the next day just at the under painting because because I've got those foundations of it down not much can go wrong in this face warehouse operative Sebastian Bishop took seven hours to create his self-portrait he has a methodical approach taking care over his initial sketch said this bits always really interesting for me the point that that fantastic drawing becomes a painting what's the tally being bit about that few I think just trying to keep some of the dark lines in the painting oh so you want to incorporate the lines yeah I like to show the charcoal and then the under painting all come in food so you can see each there Oh Gil was going very well I'm gonna enjoy watching this unfold okay Sara and this is you spent quite a lot of time thinking yes looking is that a really important part of the process for you absolutely it's now at this very delicate stage where I can see that I haven't quite gotten the likeness uh-huh I guess I've been I've been looking a lot trying to find out exactly where the problems are a professional artist from Cincinnati Sara Gibson took 12 hours to complete her self-portrait after studying in Florence for seven years she now sells her own work and teaches part-time at the Edinburgh Atelier of fine art I am curious though I mean you're a contemporary young American woman but you chose to go old school to study I suppose I think about the training not as being an end in and of itself it's just allowing me then to have the tools to make the decisions I want to make in terms of style I think that it takes years after graduating to start finding your voice I'm hoping that I'm starting to do that I'm breaking out I can feel it thank you in celebration of past masters today's backdrops also draw inspiration from artists who successfully broke from convention so tie theme in the day abstract art we've taken the clean geometric shapes of a Mondrian his basic colors were yellow red and blue and then Nitin is sitting in front of a very emotional wall of color which is very emotional well it's that color that makes me if this it's associated with lust and passion I mean that sort of red is well is with me am i turning you on posh hotel curtains yes so so tie no soul no quiz it's based on later abstraction like Roscoe and we've taken that abstract journey further in example behind us which is based on Russian constructivism it's sort of clean lines yeah powerful blocks of colour and interesting we have a rather beautiful model with very well constructed cheekbones in front of very constructed sets which i think is perfect I feel quite protective of the three people that are trying to get on with their creativity and amongst what must be for them a very surreal environment there's lots of people looking at their work making their comments and that must be quite peculiar it's one everybody to be happy and enjoying what they're going up for cuz they're under enough pressure when you see the portrait of Adrian are you meant to think Mondrian hopefully we're playing around with some of the colors and some of the forms that are used in canvases like New York boogie-woogie now what about Adrian how well does he said that do you know I think actors are probably our best sitters because they act sitting when I when I sit I just sort of relax into it but he's so present and talked I don't know what house it has normally are but I just I'm trying to be as still as possible I blink occasionally yeah I hope I'm help I'm useful to them and try not to move it's fun Kate the set behind us is a very striking come yeah it is and I think it's really it's not just behind him it's beneath him and so it's a sort of a path that's helping him absolutely absolutely he's got a great pose and actually I know the couple of the artists are really thinking about the way that his shoulder fits in to the scene and the sort of angle that they're able to view him from he's not just sitting with his face but actually sitting with his body which is important there are things that I'm going through my mind I've been thinking about bits of music that I'm writing at the moment so I'm kind of working but I'm also just chilling and just enjoying the vibe really TK you put in an amazing couple of eyes Adrian he's got very good eye he does good eyes I probably would kind of get like a vibe from him it's kind of like a scary kind of like like if he would listen to he says how mature artistic on Dwemer twily is an engineering student at the University of Sheffield her self-portrait took one month to create mixing her palette from just yellow blue red and white there's a very beautiful yellow behind yeah I feel like the colors in the background go quite well because I just use primary colors anyways but presumably that sort of vertical format yeah is helping you also with positioning him within the canvas yes actually it's like a kind of grid that helps up with this and also adds to a sinister and she has a mirror what's the mirror for yes it's like giving you a fair the re so an objective eye when you work a lot on the mother you stopped seeing mistakes just like a fresh eye it doesn't do my magic magic mirror sicilian-born rosso spot o became a professional artist after leaving her career in marketing her photo booth style submission is a first on portrait artist of the year and charmed the judges with its originality on your self-portrait foreheads very ambitious yeah but I can guarantee was not done in 4 hours it certainly caught the imagination the judges something is a good call oh thank you you're not gonna do that here you sticking to one yeah so do you have an idea of how it's gonna look well you just it's it surprise to you as it emerges I rather rely on my instinct is that right don't overthink things well you know your instincts have been great yeah I'm circling getting into my bubble so great the artists have two hours left but some have a lot more to do than others again a bit more nervous now but four concentrate on the eyes get the diesel in there and then I could blend it just do what I can I'm worried about everything I think now it's the most difficult moment to decide where to put the highlights the intensity of the darks and also not to get rid of the likeness so that's the most I would say crucial period I think my morning's gone pretty good so far I am where I thought I would be I just felt like I could overdo it especially with my style it could look too graphic which I don't want I guess I just have to not overwork it that is the key laying on some color know if I'll mix the wrong colors it could just disrupt the whole painting they're nervous inside a little bit nervous but yeah I feel like I have a strong foundation and I'm just now starting to go in to refine the features and fix some of the drawing errors that I've made so I'm kind of wrestling with that hopefully I'll get there in the end the artists are two hours into therefore our challenge painting Sophie ellis-bextor Nitin Sawhney and Adrian Lester of hoping to be a bit further along than this the last two hours are probably gonna be quite tight we're halfway through the competition judgements so far now Elly simply began with a very blue canvas and I wonder how it's coming on I quite like the way she's come about the lightness of so it is a kind of caricaturist over drawing which I think captures her quite well okay what about Zhi Shan at the moment if there's a bit surface for me it's all very literal so there's not much lightness it's one of those works that I think the process is less good looking than hopefully the outcome will be right Adrian Adrian what about air mail you know it will very fast is what he's doing blocked in the head had the yellow in the background and it's a beautiful bit of pedia so I'm very confident for me Emile's one of the three artists I think who's really down the road quite well on likeness you've also got Ross's doing a good job it's coming in and out and I also think that um Stevens is a particular likeness even though we haven't seen very much I'm really interested by Steven because that is a really quite an amazing grid but he's been really held to account by it you know and it was only within the last half an hour these actually started painting and Salvator fabulous I really like it as well do you yes I think I am worried it's too cartoony there's not enough of the realness in there oh no I think there's loads there I think there's a real sir mood and fragility and tension I think it's really powerful you begin to see runners coming ahead I have a few favorites but I know it's gonna lead to horrible arguments terms yeah I think we're all very in very different places and I think today's gonna be a fun one I've sneaked a couple of pigs because I'm more interested in process in lot of ways than I am in end results I think it's fascinating watching the evolution of somebody else's perception of you yeah I definitely find that interesting how someone else sees it yeah I came into this with no preconceptions at all I'm not necessarily expecting them all to be but it key flattering and that's fine to me so I think it's really just gonna come down to my favorite just bring my actual taste I'm always in awe of anyone that can paint and draw I'm absolutely rubbish what the artists are doing is is they're taking apart my face bit by bit and I'm getting come out like a score chart here good nose take eyes yeah it's okay we'll concentrate on the ears take it's very weird it's very strange for many people a successful portrait is mainly about finding a likeness but once you've found it you've got to hang on to it you gotta look for to certain points on the face which makes them that person when you when you hear people say oh where I have got a good likeness and then I've lost it it's basically that one of those points they painted out so you need these key points and you need to get them into painting and keep them all the features add to make it look like the person and like I still have the mouth and the ears to do so if I lose the likeness any time I see you I'll be really bad I never really think likeness is that important for the painting itself but for maybe the sitter I think like really old paintings people you don't know if they look like them hello Ellie hello how you finding today yeah okay I'm just trying to look at the background just make it a little bit neater at the Boeing CEO a football fan I understand I am yeah supporting us I am pretty much a fanatical talking fan so all the red in this picture and a whole different like let's hope nothing happens to your picture the next hour I hate for there to be an accident as they enter the last hour of painting what might look finished to some can be far from it for the artist she said you've got a complete image here is it some ways they're more to do much more I think a love their mouth it's not enough okay and also eyelashes you must have a fantastic where's the eyelash brush there must be a wow this one that's big you got long big eyelashes see oh no look at that point yeah that's why you need to like be very calm not very easy you're gonna wait to the last moment when the pressures the most and then you're gonna be eyelashes the artists have just half an hour left I am still trying to refine the force more and more and feel at the moment that he looks a lot like him it's only the time pressure yeah I think it's we have less time than I Jen I'm okay I'd like another four or five layers on top you know just don't at the time to do the other day you can only do what you can only do so just do your best one thing that worried about is chasing the light that would say maybe I shouldn't but I think some changes are for the better it's a massive challenge I'm basically putting some makeup for Sophie for the brush because like within 30 minutes I can't do anything else I'm just trying to look at that so I can improve on and trying to do something with the clothes normally I just brush it on but I will make them that kind of nice kind of nice Nitin Sawhney Sophie ellis-bextor and Adrian Lester have remained composed for nearly four hours and time is nearly up I think I won't write sort of completing I'm literally just adding the highlights but it's it's basic heat I don't want to overwork it so and you just stop I feel like I could use more time because I could mess it up at this point it's getting very fiddly but I'm also feeling like I could continue to work on this for a whole other day I'm happy with the way it is now but obviously I would like to have a properly finished they're never for all days redeeming artists you have five minutes left similarly put a bit of green in the background today's when it danced to you you're laying with it pushing and pulling never fully satisfied you've only got a few minutes left and you're still doing it it's great to the very end very end I'm pretty much done yeah it's really stressful it's done there artists your time is up please put down your equipment and step away from your portraits aegeon Sophie the mitten I'll fulfill their sitting duties now it's time for the artist to reveal their work Sophie the long sitting is over I just got comfortable good has it been all right it's been lovely I hope you all feel really happy with what you done son they've worked really well this is a great moment artists will you turn your easels round please Wow I'll come and meet the artist yes please good to see you a bit closer up so much detail and work what's your good yes was I I tried really hard for most of it amazing thank you so you have given me the best hair I've ever had and the eyelashes and eyebrows Wow it's a wonderful achievement you've really got your own stamp of what your style is but I really recognize myself in there I'm blown away by what you and your fellow painters have done well it's this is the moment I've been dreading this bit you have a painting to take home yeah I might go for the one I can picture in my mum's house which actually is yours I think artists can you please turn your easels just talk amongst yourselves look here I'm here for a while I'm just gonna I'm not gonna lost for words it's really cool right let's go and have a look at them one by one fantastic piece there's a vulnerability there isn't there I think the sadness I am thinking may cheer up but there's a softness to it as well you've got a vibrancy to the colors and you've caught my silver graze it's really good that's okay is that for the silver bits thank you very serene it is very sorry I must've been thinking something completely different yeah thank you well Brian Adrian it's time to make a choice you get to take one of these home I think I would like to take home this one [Applause] Wow as weird seeing yourself in so many perspectives bizarre right come and meet the artist thank you I really recognize those as my eyes it's just the feeling that you've got in the way I think thank you it feels like me again I guess I'm always in another world and I'm always thinking about other things apart from what's in front of me so it's got that and finally Salvatore what I like is you got like this Jackie you've actually got the way I sit really really good nice one thank you and now your choice of the three and I think they're all fantastic but just because it feels most like me and the way I think of myself I think Sarah's one is it's amazing [Applause] with nothing more they can do the artists get some fresh air and await the verdict of the judges I loved Ellie's passion for that blue color as a ground but then also allowing it to bleed into the outlines on the face and it's great likeness it's distorted and over exaggerated and so he's alive in it g-10 who's got a lovely light for us quality I think the lack of like this is problematic yeah the pity though isn't it because it is a beautiful piece of painting SEPs drawing this morning was so beautiful it's a very powerful painting but I don't think he improved on the rather wonderful drawing I think what ever did was have a bit of a dance with this painting and it was really admirable to see how seriously he took the actual sitter in the light conditions you know he was really responsive I really like the fact that he can engage with the background she really used lots of color as an important part of the composition I like the way that Rosco painted him I think she caught that sort of pensive quality of his it's gentle I think Salvatore did a fantastic job he's got the pose beautifully that tension I'd see where you're coming from I have had a problem with it for most of the day but I think actually some of the cartoon-like quality was resolved when he added these beautiful shadows it's very gentle it's very tender love all these peach tones I just expected a bit more Stevens gridding was so fine that the lightness he got his spot on but with his monumental head I just hadn't had enough time to show us what he could do but there's a lovely feeling of knittin in is to find a semi-finalists the judges begin by narrowing them down to three if we're talking about sort of over drawing and caricature I kind of like this one better me too I prefer this one to this one but I think those two are really not as strong as these three so okay those three it is okay that's actually quite a punchy little line I would go artists it's been a joy watching your paintings come together thank you for your hard work and for your unwavering enthusiasm it's been a hard task but the judges have come up with a short list of three and the first artist is Ellie Preston the second artist is Salvatore Fulham [Applause] [Applause] the third artists to be shortlisted Emil Nikola [Applause] commiserations to the rest of you but your work was much appreciated thank you the whole experience has been absolutely fantastic I'm a bit disappointed obviously but I knew the time is gonna be a big issue but just just Brennen brilliant day by comparing the artists self-portraits with the work produced today the judges can pick a semi-finalists so I've learned something today which is that I am wrong to try and guess who you're going to pick I really am surprised in a good way by your choices today how did you come to choose Salvatore I think he's a very nervous sensitive soul and you can see it in his submission there is this tortured nurse and in his port definition he's been able to sort of channel them he's got it through that slump in the back there's something very clever in the way that he approaches things there's a likeness isn't there and the likeness isn't just in the face for like this is in the whole body okay what about Ellis – the way that she puts paint down is really new it looks like big blocks of paint but actually they're flat and smooth that sort of strange illusion happening but it works what I really love is that use of the blue and how she's made it to stick to be her own the way those lines creep through and a wonderful dynamism in the likeness of Sophie she's really present right what about a meal a meal self-portraits very sensitive he knows how to lay paint down he uses colours in a very delicate way with Adrian's portrait he was able to mask the same skills he showed in so-called yellow showed us that he cares very much about what's in front of him because he just kept thinking about the light changing and having to constantly do this dance and what you get is a journey in painting to find that portrait and it's difficult for us because we're wrestling with so many things when we're trying to pick winners you're looking for someone who's bringing something new but you're also looking for someone who knows what they're doing you're looking for something that is fresh and different but there isn't cheesy or cliched so there are a lot of different things we're trying to do in identifying winners each week well it'd be interesting to see which one you've gone for salvatore le emil you've each of you shown such talent today but only one can go forward the artist that the judges have selected demonstrated perseverance in fighting to create not only a good portrait but a painting that worked and that artist is Amil Nicola it's I didn't expect to be honest because good we're looking forward to the next round what we really liked about any on is he tussled with that painting all Dame's really looking for the likeness and he pulled it through Emil is gonna be a great semi-finalists I can't wait to see what he does I feel really happy really proud I've seen been working so hard and spending so many sleepless nights just perfecting his technique so I feel really happy for for him he really deserve it to find out about next year's competition visit our website Sky Arts artist of the year TV you

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