Portrait Artist Of The Year 2019 - Episode 5 [HD]

Portrait Artist Of The Year 2019 – Episode 5 [HD]

many artists say the most difficult part of a portrait is the mouth but two of our competitors today of confess do they hate painting hair others have got round that problem by the use of some flamboyant head where well all of today's sitters have got hair so they'd better get their act together quite right welcome to portrait artist of the year 2019 of the nine artists competing today five are amateurs Ruba teen Alan Laxmi Hussein Amelia Webster Henry Whaley and Eve Petitte I've never done anything like this before I've got thousands of butterflies running around in my tummy in the most deliciously kind of glorious mad way and for our professional anastasiya shimshi lash Billy Graham Doddridge John Glenn and Katherine McDermott I asked if I could have two sets of glasses one is for about there and warnings for their just in case so if I need specs today our nine talented artists are taking on a daunting challenge facing a blank sheet of paper is always terrifying their task to complete a winning portrait of one of three mystery sitters it's the Pope they'll have just four hours to finish if I get into zone finish in two hours and will be critiqued by our 3 passionate judges independent curator Kathleen Soriano art historian Kate Bryan and award-winning artist Tai Shan Sharon Berg it's got a story to it this is us about going to fix some tanks and she's just putting a hair up there is a sensational prize at stake a 10,000 pound commissioned to paint musical legend Sir Tom Jones for the National Museum of Wales so as the pressure mounts I feel like everything you get wrong everything a heartbeat really who's got what it takes to earn a place in the semi-final off the paints on your face your trousers yeah chuck it on that's the technique I can understand yeah exactly from the chuckit on school of painting as the artist set up the judges review the self-portraits that won them their places in today's heat it's wall o'clock we have nine self-portraits painted by our nine artists today starting with this one I like this sideways glance we're looking at someone who's either just catching our eye or someone who's really really studying their own reflection it's it's somewhere between the two now dare I ask what's going on here a portrait of the artist as a young man I think that's what's going on the medium used a sort of cutting and collage with cloth and also painting but then collaging that it's very fresh and crude it's just such a really compelling piece of drawing I mean you have to really be admire him for just quite the amount of lead that has gone into making this I mean there's an obsessiveness to those led usage here I mean every window is drawn there's no sort of vague stylization now we have this very elegant or Marge – Marge Simpson it's really heavy I mean that's a lot of paint it's compelling but also feels very strange she came out of the bathroom with the turban on saw has caught herself in the mirror then painted this is she English because it does feel sort of a foreign she's Russian realist Russian from the bathroom the combination of colors are really impressive the only thing I find is that I'm drawn to the orange because it's such a solid body of color she's conveyed in the way she's holding her head and not about herself as my own Piero Piero is the sad clown and I think him playing with that narrative is and it very very beautifully thought through and constructed that Isak story well done because they they say everything about what the painting is about there's a sadness and a sort of contemplative most of them it's so believable that is exactly how you tie your hair up I think anyone would long hair will recognize the way that the band runs between the two hands and the fingers run through the hair it reminds me of those Russian constructivist workers posters you know lovely sort of flatness to it what grabs me is incredible fineness of the painting and the beautifully rendered light and figure without being fiddly or footed realistic it's sort of quite religious in a way she's either the Archangel Gabriel or the Virgin Mary receiving it's like a very strong graphic yeah my dear she's absolutely luxuriating and the possibilities of paint pooling all credit to her for having said I'm going to just do this with one colour and make it same was a lot there today for us to get our teeth into but which three well-known personalities where our artists be painting today artists your sitter is an actor and a comedian with a taste for them a Cobb you may know him from the dark and eccentric League of Gentlemen but as a writer he's also helped to resurrect two of our favorite fictional characters Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who please welcome the remarkable Mark Gatiss Marc performs in comedy drama even fantasy rose he stars in Game of Thrones as the head of the iron bank he also enjoys a challenge as a writer it is adapting Dracula a television well no Hur they came to paint I mean you know I'm just gonna turn my face to the wall that's very different I don't know it's a challenge sitting still I've been practicing they say that after about an hour people's faces really settle into who they are that the dead [Laughter] artists your sitter today is one of Britain's most successful Paralympians she's won 16 medals 11 of them gold in 2005 she became a dame for services to sport and five years later at was awarded a life peerage artist please welcome tanni grey-thompson as well as her impressive Olympic medal Hall tanny's also won six London marathons she now uses her platform in the House of Lords to campaign for disability rights and greater access to sport for all welcome tani okay have you had your portrait painted before I have yes you have how did you find it really interesting how people see you and how I see myself and they don't always match up no they don't know I'm gonna be intrigued yes artists your sitter won the Best Actress BAFTA Award in 2015 for her role in the hard-hitting BBC drama murdered by my boyfriend she went on to star in other heavyweight dramas such as broadchurch and Black Mirror please welcome the immensely talented Georgina Campbell born in Kent Georgina originally wanted to be an air stewardess but at 16 she was spotted in the street and offered a role in an online team drama six years later she became the first black actress to win a BAFTA distressing it was distressing yeah well it was a real story so it was kind of everyone was very aware of the fact that it was it was real and code a lot of weight okay artists now how would you like the origin to sit it might be nice if you're facing excited waving your body's face and so your heads kind of slightly different too however you are comfortable and comfortable well artists is there any particular way you'd like to sit anywhere you'd like it to look it burns around this way throw the round this way you can face slightly their butts I don't mind having a quarter it's not comfortable that's fine I definitely have to cross my leg I think Marc wants to sit like that are you happy with that of course next me Graham you'll find him artists the moment you've been preparing for has arrived you have four hours to complete your portrait and your time starts now with the subject in place artists can start the rigorous process of measuring their features working out proportions and deciding on a composition do you move in beat right side oh that's too much I'm using a viewfinder just so I can get an idea of my composition I'm going to start to map out the figure using relational proportions I've decided to turn my counts to the side because I think potentially could be more interesting than just doing a larger head Londoner Graham Doddridge is a professional artist and photographer Graham self portrait depicts himself as Pierrot a clown rooted in 18th century Italian theatre who has served as inspiration for many artists what is it about the clown that intrigues you the idea of an identity and the point at which the costume that we used to cover ourselves might say more about us than actually hiding now the Pierrot a commedia dell'arte character the trusting fool is that fair enough oh yeah the trusting fall or the eternal hopeful character is that you I think it's important to be hopeful yeah it's that hope disguising deep despair obviously right while proportion is crucial for capturing and likeness for some artists color is key well Eve the most striking thing about the stage you have reached now is that you have sketched in a quick likeness and you've suddenly hit it with blue well I like to put patches of all the colors in because then I can work out if the colors are working on the canvas but interesting that she's red white and blue and being a British athlete it's kind of a poke pitcher Steve hold current lots of my sort of character references in there that you'll be able to bring it amateur artist Eve Pettit is a yoga teacher from West London whose self portrait was made from life over the course of three days for Eve painting alone at home is a refuge from the stresses of modern life it's such a solitary experience normally an asylum solitary experience being here with all these people it's going to be difficult for me it's gonna be difficult cuz I'm not used to it nonetheless I think the way you all focus between yourself the sitter and the cameras looks wonderfully therapeutic in a way almost meditative yes and what about the relationship with tani are you having a chance to have a conversation get to know her better it's probably good if we did tapped her too much because I'm she wants around right we'll keep still that's what Georgina's eyes and her mouth is just beautiful would you like any more compliments at one point I thought oh god that would be quite interesting I know that teeth are very difficult to do professional artist Catherine mcdermid juggles painting full-time with family life in Cumbria catherine's self portrait was painted especially for the competition and this is her third time in front of the judges having made the shortlist on two previous series of portrait artist of the year with her paintings of ashley Jensen and Ross Kemp Catherine thank you for not being sick of us and coming back we loved her submission I mean it was very much for me about this extraordinary light that you created are we gonna see a bit of that today I'm hoping you will very beautiful a-line and I like artificial light being created on the shoulder so I was hoping to try and capture that and the way the Georgina's face is a kind of a different tone to their artificial light this is very young and beautiful is there enough there to paint you know an older face you've got a lot more getting to yes with the younger face you have to make sure that it flatters in a sense you don't go to old with the skin when trying to achieve the same level of detail some artists leave nothing to chance and a routine know what's going on here you've got tanning over there Tanny on a phone I'm Tana mad so what which one are you painting from I'm painting from Tanny right then I've talked honey here too as my second eye to see without what I've done wrong I need to need to correct X fashion model ruber teen Alan now works as a billing analyst for an energy company in Northampton painting in her spare time she usually works from photos as she did for her self-portrait so painting from life can present some interesting challenges I can't seat Annie's eye color from here it's dark but I know it's not really dark Tammy what color your eyes it's not greeny brownie colored I've always wanted blue eyes can you do in me blue eyes like pools yeah Mountains pools paint to Mountain Pose no I won't tell anyone be cheesed by asking the artists have three hours left to complete their portrait I can't believe right now already it feels like five minutes which is a bit worrying I haven't got as much detail in the eyes at the moment that I want to booked I'm quite happy with the way the overall composition is joking I think it's going well all the main shapes are in position I should know within the hour if this is gonna fly on our for the last hour here at the Wallace Collection in London Mark Gatiss tanni grey-thompson and Georgina Campbell have been the focus of nine artists in a race against time to complete their portraits usually I'm first fainting I'm always starting from underpainting which is the guarantee what in any time I can stop and my work will will look finished and you will see where as the face where is the ground and all of this professional artists anastasiya shim gelashvili began her art training age 12 in her native Russia now based in the UK in 2017 anastasia took part in landscape artist of the year creating a monochrome drawing of knaresborough viaduct but today she's working in oils on canvas so understated you picked the round canvas Thunder Thunder today I bring three types of canvases when I see the profile position I'm think about Roman coins and it suits marks head absolutely beautiful it's almost a complete portrait of mark you're very fast painter I'm trying to work out how your brain works are you painting on automatic pilot almost when a painting I thinking about what to do next I can add some shades here some detail here for me it's natural process when working against the clock the key to creative success can lie in careful preparation I brought 20 pre sharpened pencils with me which are we using relays you can just use one after the other pencil away from the paper is wasting time professional artist John bled Hill discovered his love of art while taking a ceramics course 47 years ago since then he's built up a varied body of work that incorporates painting and linocut but his true passion is for the pencil John your submission was a tour de force in draftsmanship quite a lot of lead there sometimes we say a submission is very painterly because there's so much paint yours doesn't have a works we can't say it's very ledee it was very and of course you don't work with color so the bright blue it doesn't worry you too much but you have to do a lot of work to find tones and shades to give us a sense of this person being real and existing in space so your soft pencils I find that you can get the range of tones and yes from very light to very dark a softer the pencil is and deeper the – and yet it's like painting in black and white where there are nine hopefuls choose to include or ignore the backdrops behind their citizen spur a tional two artists in the past Thai theme of the day well we like to take our themes from art history and today's period we're looking at is the Rene sauce so we're looking at materials and colors that were used so behind us we have the gold now we have a naked man with four arms and four legs so based on da Vinci's Vitruvian Man as an idealized version of perfect Anatomy I'm a very important symbol from that period and in case in this beautiful gold nice thing to work with yeah marc has a wonderful face a good place to paint marks head is a beautiful structure it wasn't apparent to me funny enough till I saw the artist starting to draw him so delight to paint I don't think I have a good day here we have this glorious blue lapis lazuli that comes from a mountain in Afghanistan in the Renaissance it was so expensive it was deemed to be the perfect thing to paint the Virgin Mary's robes you see a woman in a renaissance painting in a blue robe it's always the Virgin Mary because only the best what do you think of the sitter yeah I think tan is a lovely sister so I think they're lucky in this section it's very rich it's like a jewel scene I think so Kathleen what's happening on Georgina's set what we're really doing is acknowledging that in the Renaissance there were huge steps forward in relation to perspective we started to see people positioned in the right place in respect of the landscape that they would set in beforehand everything had been very very flat it became more realistic how's Georgina getting on as a sitter she's got this incredible bone structure and it's it's so helped really by this fantastic neckline that she's provided it's almost like a classical bust georgina shoulders are actually really nice I think the the contrast of the background and the skin is going to play quite nicely off each other so I think that's the way that I'm gonna be able to bring a lot presents to it will hopefully bring presents to her born and raised in devon amelia webster recently completed a foundation course in art therapy and is currently artists in residence at a disability charity her self-portrait painted over the course of a week captures a moment in the ritual she performs before painting Amelia I noticed that you have stopped very closely to the same palette that you used in your submission that pale beige is almost is that something especially you tend to stick with yeah I do occasionally if I'm doing a longer sitting I might add a black but that can be quite overpowering what I've learned is I don't want to put too many colors in to confuse it I think if for me person if I have too many colors it's going to just get a bit messy one artist has chosen to push the concept of a reduced palette to its very limit I use one particularly wink it's it works a bit like chromatography and that it separates into very beautiful tones and then it separates into pinks and it can take on the very dramatic dark form as well I like to explore what the ink does so I let it do its thing a little bit self-taught artist Laxmi Hussain Fitz painting around raising two small children and a full-time job in marketing she almost exclusively portrays women and always in her one signature color so next week why not work with more colors from the start the world is full of color but I think taking away color and using just one color enables me to emphasize the beauty that I see I just love exploring how this ink changes I have added a bit more water than I would normally do which is giving these cooling effects a bit of a tightrope you could overdo it and it could see what space could run off the page a minimalist palette makes for a tidy workspace but other artists thrive in a more anarchic environment Henry a bit of a mucky pop oh yeah the state of you within a off the paints on your face your trousers some of it has gone on the board too great a pair tie my heart thank you Perce the little I know about painting I would suggest more on the board less on your I'll have a go at that okay nineteen-year-old Henri Whaley taught himself to paint last year after studying a level art history he's today's youngest competitor and completed his self-portrait in six hours using oil paint and a variety of unorthodox materials he brought some fabrics with you yes is your self-portrait a pair of jeans yeah hello jeans you're gonna get georgina in some jeans Georgina is in some jeans you might have thought maybe I'd have had a go at this but I've zoomed in a bet and sent in on the face you're very carefree with the brush yeah it's a bad thing to chuck it on yeah chuck it on that's what I'd like to hear that's the technique I can understand yeah yeah exactly from the chuck it on school of painting now the artists have used up half of their allotted time and just two hours remain now I just add some details and richer color and textures I was on a slight oak and now I wanna slide down everything could go wrong I might accidentally do a wrong Bush mark it's a battle it's me against the canvas in a gorgeous way you're shall come fighting back in a win if I can feel it for the last two hours nine artists have been testing their creative skills they're creating portraits of tanni grey-thompson Georgina Campbell and Mark Gatiss who are discovering that sitting still is not as easy as they thought it's harder than it looks it's it's quite restful but slightly dangerously so I don't want them to capture we go like that which may be a terrible problem today but I've checked with everybody and I'm gonna do the last hour like this just for fun just to mix it up a bit there if you find a favorite point that's okay I thought I'd be really good at being still but I'm absolutely completely rubbish at it so the other thing is we like to see even now my hands move all as I can't talk about moving my hands so that that's that's quite difficult as well it's quite strange you kind of have to go into almost like a trance I feel like I'm getting cross-eyed a lot be upset if I see it's got turn around and I've kind of got a stink eyes I'm hoping there's a certain warmth to it I have a banana this is for the last hour this is still get me through I had to do five hours I think you know it might have to be I don't know heroin or something well how does it a struggle through the artists have been hard at work under the watchful eyes of the judges halfway time judges so it's time to find out what you make of it so far let's start with the portraits of Mark Anastasia I'm just delighted to see the secular format it's absolutely fantastic if the Renaissance day it's a renascence format that Tondo we've never had that before she works incredibly quickly there's a lot of paint there any reservations I had about what she could do the time limit were removed within about the first half an hour the interesting thing about Graham this is of course the setting the position is is very good but he's only recently started to put on paint when one of our painters choose to do more than the head it's always a bonus and we were expecting that from his submission there's a narrative quality and in it he uses a setup to sort of illuminate the psychology of the sit and he's done the same here with mark he's taking his time the artists in Tanis section what about Eve Eve sort of one of our artists who you might quite happily see making abstract art watching her pain Tanny is not necessarily a sort of a living breathing sitter to be observed and she wants us to sit more still she's always making an object out of her we've got Georgina in another section here what about Catherine's I love the approach it's one beautiful life and she's quite I use and have bTW she's using light in an interesting way and Catherine's got this sort of energy and she's giving us not only a very good head at this point she's also giving us an interesting textured background has Amelia's portrait of Georgina come well I think Amelia's portrait of Georgina is really starting to come together she's pacing herself how do you feel about it going well very good Dame not so good strangely I think there are a couple of artists who've been doing very very well all morning and the dangers with them is that they're going to tip now but then we've got a couple of others you weren't doing so well this morning but seemed to slowly be pulling through so we've got this route it's like a battered scales slowly going like that and it's just difficult wondering where they're gonna stop you sum up some done we'll see where they go when painting under competition conditions negotiating those ups and downs can be difficult for some don't annoy me how good to annoy you I saw you telling Tammy off earlier do you want to punch us all and tell you just to get out of the way I love you but yes you want to now you you teach yoga where's the same calm that comes from yoga who is it well o scenarios my sister said to Marie last night she said just stand there meditate for hours okay fortunately today's pressure isn't provoking the same reaction among all our artists Graham you seem rather relaxed you haven't just done Mark's head you're actually putting him in space is that what you usually work with when you're painting I like to because I think it adds a psychological dimension though the clothing the gaze where is he looking why is he here how to understand the interior world use its web narrative but actually with you the composition is it's almost like a psychological now to eat it opens up the reading of you and your painting and in this case mark yeah I think people are essentially unknowable so as a portrait painter often you find that you're painting another version of yourself them entryway it goes yeah Catherine I don't know whether you've subliminally absorb the femur today the Renaissance but you you've used one of their classic tricks which is to put a backdrop specifically behind the head and then open it up on either side I've just picked out one of the shapes basically and done it in the background color cuz you've also broken it up so it's helping you good perspective yeah yeah that's what that was for actually it's try and bring this side towards a little bit perspective another feature of the Renaissance so you you are on theme with three hours gone the artists have different takes on how to spend the final hour at the moment I'm still happy with the composition I think I haven't lost her yeah the colorings a bit wrong in some areas I need to get the highlighting right and the textures of my brush marks actually as well three hours it's I think it's moving in and out for traditional oil sketch and for hours too much I make decision finished here at the Wallace Collection nine artists have been painting three familiar faces for nearly four hours and have only minutes left to complete their portraits and behind but I don't know I mean you never know what's been happening suddenly I might get a miracle I'm tired I'm fiddling really ideally I might have had a little bit more of the body in the shoulders but it didn't work out that way what in this session I think Anastasia is finished I think Lakshmi is finished and I think I'm the only one who's still got bits to do artists you have five minutes left well it's too late to stress now I think I'm really that I think they'll nearly done everything that I can do it's just last minute bits and pieces really artists your time is up please stop working and stand away from your easels [Applause] after a four-hour wait our cities are about to see how they've been portrayed Georgina you're relieved of the responsibility of sitting still you can now leave her a thank you artist will you turn your easels round oh my god they're all so different different perspectives and different types of painting I can't believe you've done that in such a short period of time I think it's lovely how you've kind of got all the different shading and there's this sparkle in the eye as well which is a really lovely this one looks just completely different I really love the collarbone this is quite witty isn't it to allow the drips to be yes it looks slightly kind of ruffle and why sure I really love that this one you can see the kind of the stark angles of my face and of my collarbone kind of looks like I'm a ballerina it's very kind of sleek they're also fantastic I'm going to have to choose Katherine yeah [Applause] Tanny how was it actually really tiring so you haven't had a look no not at all no artists please turn your easels Wow they're really different are they yeah let's have a closer look I wasn't expecting my face to be so big but so the depth of color especially around my cheeks and around here I think that looks that sort of captured my and your mountain pool eyes it's really kept these really interesting colors though isn't it because I saw you mixing green was that gonna be but actually it's around my eyes and hairline that that kind of picks it up really well that's fantastic slightly more melancholy Danny okay naturally if I'm not smiling I do look a bit miserable that's probably the sort of a natural expression it's incredible what you can do with with a pencil really amazing right Tony this is the moment how long have I got I don't know how's everyone fixed for the evening yeah I think it's gonna be easy well done Eve thank you thank you artists will you turn your easels round peace ah well heavens to Betsy there's a problem here because in this gap where there should be an enormous full head of hair she's this I think it's sort of interpretation artistic it's very good yeah it was beautiful I love pink and I love ink washes like that I think it's very interesting it's very handsome whoever he is I looked quite severe in this guy probably sitting straighter at the beginning if they're just deflated gradually and I love the suggestion of the the Vitruvian Man behind well it's now time to make a choice right I'm going to choose obviously the one I can put in the Attic which will absorb all my sins I'm going to go first while the artists unwind the judges assess the day's work we really like Hemis self-portrait his submission because of the combination of a certain sort of crudeness with the collage today henry's portrait of Georgina hasn't captured that charm I like the way Emilia approached Georgina Georgina is very very proceed delicate features this extraordinary skin flawless and she found a way of not making her look too much like a doll or too pretty Catherines almost subconsciously absorbed the Renaissance theme and it's as if you've got a Madonna standing in front of her backdrop Regina was a very difficult model I mean there's this luminous quality and smoothness youthful dewy skin she was too beautiful yes but Katherine's found a way of reproducing it without it being sweet I'm glad somebody in this section decided to do the whole of mark and it's not surprising as it was gram grams captured mark beautifully the heads great I'm not happy with the background though I think it's a bit of daft decision to put the Vitruvian Man arm coming through the headlight but it's quite distracting I think Laxmi caught a sort of angry mark a stern mark but I feel like I know that face even though he wasn't there today Anastasia's work gave us a fantastic representation of mark today I loved that looseness that she had any earlier in the day but her training makes her want to sort of tighten it up and give it that old fashioned feel but it's fantastic and incredible that she's felt so confident she could step away from it at the right time John really loves working in pencil you could see that I think there was some really interesting things that he did but there's nothing exceptional about it he has an eye for detail but it is a kind of journalistic eye there's no poetry in it Eve's love of color just shines out the world it literally shines up but I do think that Eve has got this fantastic suggestion of Tanny in the face I liked watching routine paint I think it was a good decision to make the square format and to keep the head big and keep it cropped in there cuz it has a condensed power I think she didn't resolve the likeness before deciding on today's winning portrait first the judges narrow the field this one is too weak let's move it now okay it's a good three it's a good three all right well great now we have to just find a winner from three really good paintings after much discussion and deliberation the judges have chosen their short list of three the first artists on that short list is Anastasia shimshi lush filly a second artist is a Petitte [Applause] the final artists to be shortlisted is Katherine McDermott [Applause] our commiserations to the rest of you not everyone can win it doesn't mean we don't appreciate the wonderful work you've done thank you very much the whole day it's just been an amazing experience it's just being one of those things that you're never gonna forget and it's I think when art will change from it the shortlisted artists original submissions are lined up alongside their work today to give the judges some context when picking their winner so judges we've got it down to a shortlist of three and all-women shortlists we'll start with Anastasia a really lovely portrait of Mark yeah sort of noble beautiful colors also sensitive they caught his sensitivity lots of really good painting almost I find she might be too good a painter wait a minute you think she's too good a painter we look at the other painters there seems to be an artistic voice that runs through both of their works here there is a relationship the relationship seems to be one of sort of historical painting so what is Anastasia's true voice we loved it we recognize that there's a masterful nature and what she's doing the question will be for us do we think that there is a continuation of her style a development a journey that she is on or is she fixed right so then we have Eve's portrait of Tanny do you think we're looking at a finished portrait or just watch where she got to after 4 hours or does it matter I get the feeling that the way Eve works the paintings never really finished there's a kind of sense of it's it's a journey of perception and looking and reacting to planes and colors and at some point a figure emerges I don't know that this is entirely how she would want it to look necessarily because we look at the submission and there seems to be an added component to the submission there combination of the two today shows you that Eve approaches things in this really interesting way I'm Catherine well Catherine and submission is just this exceptional piece of narrative painting it's a very good portrait and I think with Catherine's portrait of Georgina today she played around with the colors that she was presented with and made them distinctly her own and it serve you know it's a very timeless beautiful piece of painting your job now mister find a winner anastasiya Eve Catherine the work has been really impressive but I'm afraid the shortness is about to get much shorter only one artist can go through to the semi-final and the artist the judges have selected displayed a great command of light and captured the essence of her sitter and that artist is Catherine McDermott ha this means so much because it is the third time that I've been in this competition and I've got to the same stage twice before so to get past that post this mean it means a lot to me I can't quite believe it I'm really thrilled [Applause] [Applause] catherine was our winner today because she delivered a very complete painting had a wonderful sense of light she showed us to jeana's beauty the likeness was there but she did something more interesting than that she gave us a sense of her strength she gave us a sense of personality and I don't think well tire of seeing the way that she puts paint down she's found this very good language and we want to see more of it I'm thrilled it has to do all over again now to find out about next year's competition visit our website Sky Arts artist of the year dot TV you

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