Portrait Artist of the Year 2019 - Episode 4

Portrait Artist of the Year 2019 – Episode 4

welcome back to the Wallace Collection where another nine artists joined the great masters in their efforts to challenge move and inspire us with their portraits you ever been tempted to pick up a paintbrush do I know means by no means but it wasn't until one of today's artists was in her forties that she was so moved by a Rembrandt that she saw that she caught the bus went to the art school and enrolled then and there well today's program could spark someone to do the same let's hope they wait till the end of the show before they pick up their bus pass welcome back to portrait artist of the year 2019 of the nine artists awarded a place in today's heat five are professional archie Wardlaw dante turner daisy Murdock sri Beaudry and jane Klatte worthy you've got a hope that you arrive on the day and your mojo comes with you mine might be lying at home in bed where I maybe should be but and there are for amateurs shallower Allahu Allah Romy Kelleher Faisal breimer and Robin Parker my first self-portrait is is my first so how done too many portraits at all so this will be a challenge in many ways today's artists will have to complete a portrait of one of three celebrities whose identities are yet to be revealed probably gonna be Rod Stewart isn't it with just four hours they'll need to have their wits about them just one Senate final place at stake they'll need to impress the judges with something memorable so slow down now is it just cuz you're getting to that stage today we're looking at it too much yeah there's a sensational prize a 10,000 pound commissioned to paint legendary singer Sir Tom Jones for the National Museum of Wales now what you normally like painting portraits I'd rather like painting naked men actually make it men maybe someone misunderstood when you said you'd like to see a wall of clocks [Laughter] while the artists gather what they need for a new portrait the judges look at the ones that earned their place in the competition another day another wall so this is the selection you made a great variety of size how do you feel about this one it's really great when an artist thinks creatively about how they can stand out on a wall of other portraits I find the pink loo rose slightly overwhelming what it draws you into it's a very simple soft face I rather like her already I like all the different angles note their way that the head comes down their shoulders are sort of quite narrow and then there's all these different sort of delicate brush marks washing across the surface I imagine that this is someone who should do well today because they've got a language it's just quick a natty dresser as well I think yeah this is drama with a capital D I would say it's intriguing narrative it's very striking image and I love the background this is so immediate and affecting and simple is beautiful and and there's so little there I really really like it and we've had other artists working this relatively similar to this they've always done well it's very well done just picked up these little highlights so you get this photographic realism it's got a sense of humor in it and it's partly because of that lovely sort of resting smile that it's just you cheeky and also that she realizes that I whites aren't white she's allowed the medium to saut to do what it's best out which of these sort of pools of color but there's an interesting contrast in the treatment around the background on the top of the head and the t-shirt and then when you go into the face which is much more sort of drawn and graphic it looks as if there's even ink in there I understand it's alcohol ink that gives it that wonderful rich depth it's potentially missing from watercolor I like that it's so intimate we see them nude in this quiet and relaxed position and we also get to know this very personal tattoo which i think is painted pretty immense a great contrast to this realistic luminous skin very breviary kind of language but it tells us everything about the space about the light in the space and that beautiful landscape going through the glass doors at the back there's hardly anything there but you know exactly what it is and this lovely elongated pensive face what drew me to this painting was a narrative that I felt was very English of an afternoon getting ready for the first drink of the evening I don't know well I'm reading for drinks in the afternoon yes whatever inspired their submissions artists must draw a new narrative from today's celebrity sitter artist since starring with Hugh Grant in classic British rom-com Four Weddings and a funeral your sitter has gone from strength to strength she's known for dynamic female roles starring in such shows as the crown ordeal by innocence and more recently trust please welcome Anna Chancellor as well as having an impressive acting career spanning almost 30 years Anna also comes from impeccable stock with a family tree that includes Herbert Asquith Jane Austen and even Lord Byron now I always think of you Anna as wildly bohemian oh do you and imagine that you're having your portrait painted every other week is that fair enough yeah she's my elaborate please when I was younger I was an artist model so sitting should be a piece of cake is that right well I don't know because I'm feel I'm stiffer now than I was okay so I'm not sure if I might might fidget a bit artists your sitter today is a singer a songwriter who is passionate about performing live please welcome Beverley Knight Beverly has sold over a million albums and conquered the West End in shows like Memphis and The Bodyguard she's also performed before Nelson Mandela Muhammad Ali and President Putin although not all at the same time your legendary for your voice and for your singing but I happen to know that you studied philosophy at college so you're going to be philosophical as you sit here for the day and I might say a few little truths that I've gleaned over the years originally from Merseyside your sitter today is a formidable character actor who's much in demand on both sides of the Atlantic please welcome Stephen Graham best known for his standout performances as combo in Shane Meadows This Is England and a critically acclaimed term playing Al Capone and HBO's Boardwalk Empire Stephens gone on to tackle Hollywood blockbuster roles with equal passion how I associate with you on screen is like an actor crackles with energy you can have trouble sitting still for four hours I can't really sit still me normally so this will be a bit of a challenge great all right any particular way you want Stephen to sit and she's sorry I think I won't get really comfy you just had to look right there I always want to do how would you like Beverly to sit how would you like her to relate to you I'd like to be able to see your eyes so I'm on the side so a bit of the 3/4 as long as you're comfortable I think that's the main thing what would you like from Anna she's got this fantastic Shaye's long to sit on I'm quite can't be like this is this okay for you guys yes this benefit he's got about four hours to sit there so do you think that's gonna I should sit back if I just worry about me I'll be like this I think that's better artists you have your sitters you have your canvas you have your equipment now it's up to you you have four hours to create your portrait your time starts now every artist embarks on painting differently using different tools to process information in their own unique way usually I just got straight to canvas because I wanted to make sure that I got everything right I said let me just sketch before play them down but some find launching in with paint helps them get a feel for the structure of the face paintings a lot more like sculpting to me than it is jewelry I'm using blue and red primary colors it helps add a structure like a scaffolding to the face start with it's not about line it's literally paint using paint like putty to form a face after pursuing of a variety of careers in London Daisy escape to the Gloucestershire countryside with her family took up painting full-time and now sells her work her self-portrait took 14 hours and the background is decorated with bright pink toilet rolls because she loves the color and the contrast with her face Daisy you've gone off to a flying start you started with very transparent kind of poppy colors blues and pinks and you're layering them with a very thin transparent little wash is that how you build up skin – yeah exactly I have to layer I couldn't start with a drawing that sound follow your submission had a melancholy look to it so you obviously go for the expression of feeling so what you're looking for in Beverley there's a sort of ethereal like mister there isn't a lot of misery in her I normally like painter probably a miserable sir hi Jane hey doing this impressive staff its what Tiwa called monumental I think so I understand you had an art Epiphany one day the Rembrandt oh yes I just stood there I just cried and I thought that's it and I left the gallery got on a bus went ahead Elise knocked on the door please let me in how they do well I had to apply for yes despite earning a diploma in portrait painting late in life it wasn't until her children had flown the nest that Jane devoted her life to it her self-portrait took around five hours but for her portraiture is about far more than just faces now what she normally likes painting portraits is that your thing I rather like can see naked men actually make it mend yes even what is it about the naked man there's just not enough of them on gallery walls not enough naked men on gallery walls no no no maybe someone misunderstood when you said you'd like to see a wall of clocks [Laughter] whatever feature artists would like to focus on some traditional training in drawing Anatomy helps tackle a tricky pose like Stephens with more confidence Romney interest me with your sitter today yeah I mean Stephens characters tend to be rather sort of aggressive sort of a egg holding you in their gaze and you've got this but it sort of made gentle by his hands and can be quite hands of tricky I'm gonna find the hand very difficult it's usually make them not look like sisters at just 17 Remy Kelleher from Hartford sure is the youngest artists in today's eat and her self-portrait took just four hours she'll be taking a level exams immediately after the heats and her coursework is influenced by contemporary artists but scientists are you have you been studying my final piece is inspired by Tai Chan trippers when I first saw the background as a bit worries but now we've got Beverly sitting it sort of definitely changed it through these sort of lines and the backgrounds almost like point towards her face which is great twenty-eight-year-old archie Wardlaw is an art teacher from london he currently teaches in college at diploma level but has also taught inmates at hayden prison his self-portrait took five hours and played with distorting proportions whilst maintaining a likeness it's very difficult to see the proportions when you're up close so I try and step back to see the whole picture they say you should always walk back twice whatever length your canvases so really your submission really does have that sense of proportion exploding and it was a metallic spoon I understand it yeah I did it in flexion of a spoon so I was holding the spoon in one hand and then painting in the other why didn't use a convex mirror I don't have a convex mirror with one hour already gone artist consider what needs doing in the next three hours I think we face is nearly done it's just the harness issue but I'm trying to get the basic outline and then work some shading to give it the illusion nice slightly intimidated by using a different palette of colors our skin tones and I'm used to hopefully I'll get the measure of it I think what's important at some point is to really try and catch the sense of the processor and emotional depth you know people give themselves away and the way their body moves and for the last hour here at the Wallace Collection in London nine artists have been painting Beverley Knight Stephen Graham and Anna Chancellor while most artists have been busy reviewing and reworking their initial layers of paint one has lost an entire hour to meticulous calculation but apparently that's all part of the plan how you doing Sophie doing well just about to start painting I feel like if I layout something quite precise to map it out for myself I'll have a better chance of making a more accurate I understand you're not a big fan of painting ears or nipples is that right that is true yeah I usually leave them to the end that leaves for funny holes in my painting right well you've hit the jackpot today I can't see an ear or a nipple from him American artist Zoe Beaudry's self-portrait took around four weeks and is part of a series exploring her relationship to her body the tattoo is real and her friend Shelley has Zoe tattooed on her zoe is about to complete her master's at the Glasgow School of Art and what happens after you finish it kind of depends on how things go today to be honest if I do well on this competition I might end up staying in the UK so Wow so today is like a sliding doors moment in your life a little bit that's exciting yeah this I feel like isolate you get on a paint it means that much you know there's something I don't mean of the earth I feel like excitement as it comes to life I feel excited as I'm doing I see the features like I'm doing the facial features and I could see like the person coming to life holloa Allah Allah is a 19 year old psychology student from London who's always considered art as a hobby her self-portrait took 15 hours you're tanking along here you've already got a fantastic head here when you're working essentially in black and gray yeah how important is the skin tone and how do you sort of looking at the face to actually pick it up it's cool I took a picture you just turn the picture to black and white so it is pretty much a simple with just me picking up the color or picking up a tone so should we just tell Beverly to go home needs to be good at the beginning of the day yeah and she'll always like your picture so I've done every week the backdrops nod to different movements in art history and can influence the portraits even if artists don't consciously choose to include them so Kate what's the theme of the day surrealism oh we're gonna interrogate the subconscious of each other's minds I'm glad you give me notice well I love this one because it's such a great reference if you know Dali then you know the clock you know often those dripping clocks and they're a symbol of sort of the strangeness of life the fragility of life the passing of time and they all tell a different time they do yeah what about as Steven was a sitter we've got quite a serious pose that he's definitely someone who really works hard has got a craft and he sticks to any staying that for us today he is presenting it's kind of strange it feels very kind of you know like I'm the animal indicates being much better people in the zoo well yeah I'm observing them more than they're observing me which has been really interesting what's with the baked hopeful no it's not be careful what is it was that we're about to put her in the oven no it's an illusion to America we're sort of playing around with notions of identity self-reflection and psychology used your imagination right not a go file okay it's a mirror it's a mirror yeah mirror I'm wondering how you're enjoying cooking yeah I guess mark 3 isn't it I am hoping that when the artists are finished and I get to see the work revealed I'm hoping that they've captured a little bit of my spirit my personality so here we have Ford's couch I like the idea of the clouds sort of revealing the other clouds behind it's revealing the personality under the layer tell me about how you judge amorous a sitter she's rather wonderful and the artists are getting beyond Anna's faces of well-known actress and trying to find the real person behind that you just need to get into her mind we perhaps won't get that far well we'll see it's all sorts of funny sort of stages I've been through your there but in a way you're not there it's like sort of emptying himself you'd think that it'd be all about you but in a way it's not about you at all I'm working from life and I think that improves quite a lot when I tried to culture the character Peruvian artist Dante Turner lives in Somerset with his husband Gregory completed over a month his submission is loaded with symbolic visual references quite a contrast to the surrealist sky and fluffy clouds that frame his sitter today your self-portrait is full of story it's full of narrative there's so much going on but here I can see the head has already filled most of the canvas are we going to see any of that sort of storytelling there I think so because I'm going to try to capture the background and I'm trying to reflect the clouds in their eyes do you like the clouds yes and also I like her eyes I think are very impressive so we've done well you're happy saying yes I'm good yes yes hey Faisal hey get on getting there now I understand you're not a huge fan of painting people no not really what do you like to claim to fur to do animals all right live animals births cats horse wolves yeah why wolves what is it about wolves that sort of meanness a hunter in them yeah kind of bring that out in the pain well I can ask around to see if we can get you one oh I think a wolf would look like good chic is that next to Steve if you could fit one in yeah Faisal Brima is a revenues officer for Brent Council and is married with a young son Faisal self-portrait took around 10 hours to complete but he feels he never quite managed to get his nose right how are your noses generally it's kind of where start from right right now I've got the nose way kind of know from them if I get the likeness a lot well Stephen said earlier he wanted an honest working competitively most stick to the security of tried and tested methods that some are a little more adventurous so I thought with me our Co inks quite hard to control and it's quite difficult with him I've only been using it for the past four or five months so I am really quite nervous about using it today but we're never quite sure what the results gonna be Robin Parker works as a school photographer in Essex and runs art workshops in her spare time but he earns to be a full-time professional artist she painted her self-portrait in five hours okay so this is alcohol m'kay yeah highly flammable right okay can you do some of the have exciting love the way it's running yeah I like it as is but obviously because it's hair you're not looking how the hair falls is more about the feeding of the who yeah but I definitely don't reduce trans Australia much prefer more suggestion rather than every strand and when you put that dilute inton which offices alcohol takes it off the kid it takes off a certain amount yes excellent well look don't get it on the face we are almost at the halfway point in today's competition I'm feeling some pressure not to make the wrong mark a lot of things could go wrong I could start overworking it or even lose the lightness every brush stroke my true I'm a little worried about the hair I don't think I have enough time to do the hair like each you know individual lock I think it's okay I just need to crack on really it's the hand and then after the hand I can do the little details and then some washers maybe the main thing I can foresee going wrong is not having enough time to finish as well and precisely as I'd like to if I start to run out of time I'll have to speed up significantly probably for almost three hours nine artists at the Wallace Collection have been painting Anna Chancellor Stephen Graham and Beverley Knight who is keen to reassure herself about their artistic credentials some entry to know when you knew you could draw oh I've been drawing since I was young five five yes but it's what artists produced today that they'll be judged on so judges were at the halfway point of the day it's a painting Beverly here we have Daisy shallower and Archie how shallow are getting on she knows exactly what she's doing she's just focused in my problem with it which we've had on other occasions is this slavery to technology there's a danger that what she's doing that she could read over work the surface at the far side long tall Archie nice to see somebody tackling this crazy background I love the way that these angles are pointing in to her he's got this great line a little bit more realism these two come into it I think to be completely her I don't think any of the three quite got the likeness yet she's not quite in anything it's not there yet Anna is being painted by Zoe Dante and Robin I think looking and it's one of those artists who decides that they want to experiment or push the boundaries by doing something they haven't done very much of mistake when you're under this pressure if you need to do something that if you do almost in your sleep at the end we have Zoe with Zoe I must say her image doesn't stick in my mind I think all three Zoe Robin and Dante haven't quite got the likeness there's some interesting stuff going on with Stephen that wrote me in the middle I was very worried about early on right from the start she was kind of caught off balance a bit but she's done exceptionally well finally we have Jane who is working with the beloved's pallet knife there any problem now is that she's so blooming fast that she might have time to mess it up right yeah they may not have seen the artwork but that doesn't stop our sitters having an opinion of the artists he's great Easter Silent Assassin the Easter stage doesn't really say much she's just important Romi was very kind of rubber endeared letter first in autumn you know she's kind of eased into it and she I think she might be enjoying it I hope so and Jane from the get-go she's got something going on I think dant is the only one at the moment who's working from life so I feel more inclined to work with him of course because the others are more absorbed in their iPads it's a fascinating and a curious experience watching you know the artists doing their thing and I didn't expect quite so many people here just to watch and observe and you know see what was going on it's a bit strange there's a murmur and you catch little comments and you know but not enough of the sentence to know whether it was good or bad right okay just you know just something all the I's Oh what is that extra pressure yeah they can you feel uncomfortable you are now what's going on behind the artists is one thing but thoughts are turning to how they interpret their sitters backdrops so now I can really see Beverly there there she is on the page you'll finish the portrait as it stands you just it's the background yeah and tell me how are you gonna capture the highlights so you've got a few pencils here and yeah and the courts of chalk as well so I might throw that into crisp things up a little bit yeah okay so I was worrying because you were just not getting going this morning he was slowly gritting up and getting the drawing right but you've kind of caught up here you've got these lovely blue clouds is that blue coming in at some point the blue must definitely come in the clouds I'm not so sure I've got a feeling you would never put clouds in the background maybe if someone commissioned me to fill out you've chosen to put the head right at the extreme side of your picture why I was intending on using one of the clucks in the background man I'm still got a lot to do but there isn't much time left now so you need to sort of really pull it together the artists have just half an hour left I think I have something nice and if I carry on I will I know I will destroy it and to be big enough to say stop and while Jane was able to kick back and shoot the breeze with her sitter and if you would have had more time what we do then would you fill the rest of the canvas most can't afford anything like that sort of luxury I am trying to finish quickly now I'm very nervous I'm panicking about the time I'm gonna try and get the neck finished so she doesn't like a floating head I might have to leave the background depending on time which is shame at the Wallace Collection in London Anna Chancellor Beverley Knight and Stephen Graham have been posing for almost four hours my fingers have gone dead a couple of terms these two fingers seemed seem to be gone dead quite a bit in a matter of minutes the artists will be asked to stop painting and the judges will decide who will make the semi-final I've got five minutes left I'm going to try and add as much the else I can to the background I'm not really sure if I'll be happy with it I think I need to take a step back from it and look at it really kind of like speed painting here at the end I am trying to finish quickly now I just need about four hours more I'm panicking when I do in the last five minutes details details lines and details a bit of a panic now just trying to spot if anything's a little bit off and trying to see it with fresh eyes artists your time is up put down your equipment and stand away from your easels it's time for our sitters to see the finished work and decide which portrait they'd like to keep you did it this is it how did you get on I actually really enjoyed it so you ready yeah I think it's time artists please turn your easels oh wow that's incredible three images of yourself for whelming fantastic I cannot believe what you've done I think it's beautiful thank you so much I think the hair looks really great I think it's beautiful I can't believe you did that with what look like felt tips there's a bit of alcohol yeah for the booze it gets fantastic – auntie you were the only one that didn't use anything other than those of my eyes you've done brilliantly I love thank you very much well you're gonna have to choose so let's make that decision difficult they've all got something really to recommend them but I actually think maybe that one might suit my house the most [Applause] well Beverly the long long wait is over artists will you turn around your easels she's like a new girl groove Wow god I just love all the pinky purple tones have come through here you've captured some of the silver background I never even knew really what what I look like against the silver ware answer but enormous stillness about your face there it's lovely yeah again it's totally different the tones are warmer and then there's me in the middle of it just gazing off well now there's some choosing to be done all three are just gorgeous I think I'm drawn to Archie's the most though artists please turn your easels Wow Wow they're all completely different are they that's really captured meter massively although I was stationary if that feels like this movements in it that's really good it's like a loud ekx kind of things you know to me I can see me their brilliance because it feels very much kind of like them Creole paintings yeah I look like some kind of cool saxophone playing it you know what I mean we've got make a decision holiday I really like all of them I think all three have a fantastic boy if I'm gonna go for one I want to pick that one whilst the artists leave their easels to relax outside back inside it's time for the judges to decide which three of them are going to make their short list I think this is a fantastic portrait of Beverly by art she wasn't controlled the whole day and he was really careful to make sure that he did something which was vivacious and not just over tight shallow has got incredible detail in there I'm not sure whether the likeness is all there but what it has got within that sort of small frame is a real sense of a person and the day Daisy maybe hasn't got the best likeness but I do like the way she's composed they're painting the way the paint's gone down on the face dante's Porter Anna's got this odd sort of English book cover a female adventurer feel to it he just couldn't get an ax today and I'm kind of a bit disappointed about that I really like this technique that woman's using I'm surprised that she chose to do that given that she'd had limited experience with it but I think she's pulled it off I'm really impressed that so he managed to finish I think out of all of them she's actually got the best sense of Anna apart from the fact that she sort of shrunk the neck into the shoulders I love this distant gaze I think she's really caught something of her today oh if I still didn't get the likeness is almost like a graphic novel it's a kind of extorting with everybody and I think it's apt there's got a bit of a surreal quality to it too well I think Romy's done a really admirable job I think she really caught that sort of pensive nature of him and there is something of the man and what he wants to project about it it's impressive bit of palette knife work from Jane very good understanding of the figure in space how to get the hand there the eyes at just the right level I think the empty bare linen of the canvas it works here you feel that you're looking at a study that she's catched him in a moment see as soon as I see that next to that what's the problem it's it's rougher than her self-portrait don't start without me suddenly this medium looks very rough and ready for me it's really quick today me too I got one two three dance ha ha he just all agree on this top three in less than a minute but so first I think it's the first so who have they chosen the first artist is shallower ally wallet the second artist is Archie Wardlaw the third artists to be shortlisted is Robin Parker in commiserations to those who didn't quite make it it doesn't mean that you are not immensely talented and we've enjoyed watching you thank you was phenomenal experience feeling relieved and hungry because I was too nervous to eat lunch the shortlisted artists original submissions are now lined up alongside today's portraits as a reminder to the judges of what they're capable of with less pressure and more time judges was this a titanic battle or were you were all in harmony today we've had a very harmonious day and fast yes really speedy okay shallower she's actually started with the nose she's dealt with the nose for considerable period of time and I thought there was a strange place to start it somehow it makes sense to start with the nose were drawing though what she's working with is light and shadow and on the face the thing that will make the most light and shadow is probably even no so it's perfectly logical really to start in that area with shading we get two different versions here we've got this brilliant very direct frontal image big lots of space and then she does something quite different today where we see the sister side on much more pensive and I was really pleased that she put that background in because I think it really allows it to pop she does charcoal in a way which I don't come across before this kind of weird feeling of surface of materiality which is really yummy eyes anywhere I can think of depth and texture so Archie two very different sorts of paintings but with a technique or hand that is recognizable and a very proficient hand all the brown tones that are in her hair and her skin are in the background so it didn't dominate it with that silver and that's just a sensitive clever decision and well executed also she's a performer and she could almost be onstage they exactly art she caught the diva I think he caught that spirit of the diva but also there's that marvelous little glint of light on her earring which set off the detail of the silver foil behind just to put that speck there I thought was really effective so Robin what about the bits of blue confetti they seem to be falling down I was slightly annoyed by it but it gave the surface of the painting of quitters of liveliness and but when the artist does it again and it sort of doesn't quite work as well you don't do start wondering with it it's a trick that she's using to make it look interesting what she presented us with today it's actually quite different from her submission both of those paintings are absolutely anchored by very correct drawing and then she allows herself to sort of the freedom and the experimentation to see where the inks and the alcohol go so I think she's really onto something and I you know I'm really pleased that she did it today but I think the pose is better than the likeness I think there is potentially an issue with the lightness how do you go about comparing those what is it you're looking for that's star quality we wait your judgement shallower Archie Robin congratulations to each of you but only one of you can go forward to the semi-final the artist that the judges have selected used a considered technique to deliver a spirited contemporary portrait and that artist is Archy Wardlaw I think the likeness was there I thought the competition works but I really didn't expect it I thought the winning portrait was fantastic so yeah I'm not surprised at all that he won and he definitely deserves it it makes it like easier to like swallow that I think every because his was amazing so he definitely deserve to get through arch he's a very well trained artist very experienced and I think today he showed that it's not enough actually you also have to make very good decisions keeping that background in clinched it for him really exciting to be going to the next stage but probably be some celebrations to find out about next year's competition visit our website Sky Arts artist of the year TV

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