Portrait Artist Of The Year 2019 - Episode 3 [HD]

Portrait Artist Of The Year 2019 – Episode 3 [HD]

hello we're here at the Wallace Collection where you wouldn't have thought it possible to squeeze any more talent into this room but that's exactly what we've done and what's more one of today's nine artists has secretly squeezed a pet portrait past the judges outrageous what the heck is going on welcome back to portrait artists of the Year 2019 of the nine artists competing today six a professional milo Hartnell Libby felling ham rubbish dirt Philip pewter Maria Ramirez and Michael Shepperd I draw impressions of what I see whether or not the judges find that interesting I just have to see really and joining them are three amateur artists Sheila Walsh Sarah LaBelle and Megan McMullen I'm quite messy I like to push myself up on me over also for it's better to have these on today whatever their experience today's four hour time limit is a harsh leveler you got the look we're just in I'm challenged to paint some huge celebrities none of today's artists can afford to be complacent I'm happy at the moment but that codes changed it's one brushstroke they'll have to prove they have confidence and a unique artistic voice I'm talking with pain no no words if they want to impress our judges do you think the proportion is right no it's totally lucky and weird but it's great and there's an incredible prize at stake a 10,000 pound commissioned to paint world-famous singer Sir Tom Jones for the National Museum of Wales so whose bold and brassy approach will land them a place in the semi-final how did you get to paint Prince Charles's portrait I asked you asked him yeah can I paint your picture love Philip maybe thought it was his dad artists often have a routine for setting up and while they perform this ritual the judges indulge in one of their own the contemplation of the submissions I love this painting she's got the work overalls on deep in concentration I don't think people understand how much sitting around and thinking goes into making a piece of work hands are a little bit on the clumsy side but I think maybe that's part of its charm I like that actually has funky hands we'll find out we'll find out nothing cranky about this I love the face the face is almost luminescent it sort of pops out in a really powerful way the figure is there but it's not there it's beautifully undone this is very inventive in the way they've used drawing the sky is very understandable but if you look at it in that abstract fashion that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever I feel there's some pleasure in it too I think there's some humor and some enjoyment going on here we like this because it felt very different from a lot of the things that we'd seen but it's strong she's still managed to get emotion in there this is a man with three sets of eyes but in its elements very muscled you look at each eye in the ear it's sort of got different things happening at once and they are fighting but I suppose the fight is what this painting is about I like the way he's used the architecture it feels like he's thought very carefully about where he's positioned himself what I love is his eyebrows they do quite a lot don't they lovely device to put yourself in that kind of horizontal I know we talked about quite a lot but it's like you you stepping into a narrative something's going on beyond the picture frame and this is impressive too by simply by the scale of it what I find particularly interesting about it is the way that colour is playing a really important part in creating character in the face it's not just about the structure and two portraits for the price of one the talk has a real character and I'm laughing because I'm really not supposed to like this why don't we like pets and paintings because too often they're kids and it takes you away from what you want in a portrait which is like a really a resting relationship with a human it's also captured a moment of real tenderness and pause even there and pause oh thank you very much indeed it's one thing committing your own likeness to canvas but what about someone else's now most artists don't like painting kids because they never sit still and their faces lack character but you might feel a bit differently about this kid she's a model who likes fast cars and fast horses and let's hope fast portraits please welcome your sitter Jody kids despite modeling for major fashion brands like Chanel at just 16 Jody's hardly a catwalk stereotype winning plaudits for her skills of golf polo and even Maserati racing take a seat so you've obviously had your photograph taken yeah thousands of times have you had a portrait done before someone has painted from an image right no I've never seen you've never sat because when you're modeling obviously I suppose you're pulling different faces movement so actually getting me to sit down for this amount of time it's going to be a true miracle you're fidgeter artist your sitter is capable of lifting the weight of seven or eight people put it another way that's three judges two presenters and the other two sitters please welcome professional strongman Eddie Hall with a deadlift personal bests of over 500 kilograms Eddie nicknamed the Beast was crowned champion in the World's Strongest Man competition in 2017 I think are you aiming to get even stronger I've won the world Strongest Man that was my dream so I've walked away I'm pretty much retired do you live on steak basically in the wheel to wheel strongest one I was doing twelve and a half thousand calories a day and it was just food from the second away Cup the second I get to bed to something in my hand all day I'm moving house would you come and have too few sofas I'm sure we can sort I bet you could do it like that artists he's all yours thank you good luck guys artists today you have a very fine actor he went straight from drama school to the Royal Shakespeare Company he was Mark Antony in the BBC HBO series Rome and in the second series of episodes he slept with my wife please welcome James Purefoy starring in Sundance TVs app and Leonard's a Netflix sci-fi drama altered carbon James's appeal extends far beyond the UK how are you sitting still I will sit as still as I possibly can have you had a portrait painted before no never okay you're an actor I'm an actor I'm not very good at being myself yeah I'm very good at well some would say you are marvelous I might be bringing other people so how would you like James to sit don't be like three me or like thoughtful like these sir quiet okay yeah I can be thoughtful I'm not sure about the dreamy bit yeah thoughtful I can do looking where straight on your me naked how do you like you to sit I think the cross legs was nice where you sitting whatever way you're comfortable asleep yes yeah all right well good luck thank you artists by now you have everything you need to turn your canvases into priceless works of art you have four hours to complete your paintings so good luck your time starts now you're a bit like a Buddha with tattoos artists must live with the decisions made now for the next four hours so establishing things like color and composition for a city they've only just met means there's plenty to think about but three of today's artists have considerably more to take in than others how's it going Megan he's a big unit yes makes me feel really small well I mean yeah he's enormous and I think it's fair to say that you're not he came over to the beginning when he's in Chi I wasn't sure if he's going to shake your hand [Laughter] amateur artist Megan McMullen has an MA in fine art and her self-portrait took 40 hours to complete she juggles painting with her job as a porter at Leicester University and playing football for the local Leicester ladies team you've got inside on that's fine I'm quite like their profile view normally I work for photos but it's nice how I sit there though so I may as well use them amazing taste though yeah brilliant face like beard it's really working hard to stay still these days a week I'm not gonna wake anything what am i doing my plan is to paint you got to just put it on and then if it doesn't work just pin over it move it shift around like improvise DJ yeah a professional artist from Brighton Milo Hartnell spent several years creating his self-portrait he does livestream painting on Instagram so he's used to chatting while strangers watch him work but you have to be a particular type of artist to pull that off Milo looks like you're feeling your way that's your portrait yeah no that's pretty much how I work I like to respond quite viscerally to whatever is in front of me kind of feels a bit sort of Giacometti sort of this kind of mark the mark making and the loose drawing and no technology either yeah I mean I work from photography but it warps features using like what do I mean what features I mean your self-portrait what are you gonna do to poor Jodi today we can see her some I start to look like that that that's a self-portrait so that's reflective me like a sliced up charity I didn't think it would accurately reflect her so today's painting will be more of one hands rather than different yeah it'd be a lot more media I'm really pleased I really wanted an interesting face it's got very intense eyes and the beards brilliant I quite excited former architect Libby felling him takes regular Commission's and finds likeness easier in dogs than humans using a palette knife she not only has to think about applying paint but also about removing it a process that so far doesn't seem to be holding her back well Libby who made a huge start very fast I like to launch in and do you always use a palette knife more recently I find it helps to be looser but the most but no it's putting too much paint on especially early on with this amount of time I don't have a quirk more that you can't work into what an Merrill ready about this is the angle of the head I just thought he was looking very intense and that forward-leaning pose it's unusual facets is to have that sort of healing forward intensity and so I think it's brilliant that you've captured it we've got the look without actually doing the detail on the eyes and that's quite something at this stage ah where are you just in while the challenge for some is speed for others its stamina and for one of today's competitors any creative endeavor means bracing yourself for a turbulent ride when you pit in the portrait you go through anxiety and frustration joy relief and indifference at the moment I think I'm in anxiety and I'm just hoping to get to relief soon professional artist Philip beuter created his self-portrait in one week when painting themselves artists often work from photos rather than a mirror to bury the angle but Philip has other reasons for avoiding a direct gaze where her eyes onami I know where they are do you do those I did those lost because I know it sounds weird but I don't like them looking at me hey fair enough yeah now Philip somebody told me you've painted one of the most famous men in the world how's that right Prince Charles it's Charles every sittings did you get with him I got six or seven six or seven yeah it was on at his home in st. James's Palace and it was a it's really quite special how did you get to paint Prince Charles's portrait I asked you asked him yeah and he young he said yes can I take your picture love Philip maybe he thought it was his dad before the artists have just over three hours left I was pleased the initial marks and just a question really working into it now the likeness it might only come at the last minute yeah I'm listening today to acid chance just so I can get completely lost I guess whatever works with painting basically but it could move to something more mellow depends what my ears need I'm getting got my audio book on so listening to Harry Potter and it's calming me down sitter's James Purefoy Eddie hall and Jody kid have spent the last hour being stared at what the artists are seeing is starting to be matched on canvas but it seems the reverse is true of one artist I know she painted her looking to the left even though your view of her is to the right her stronger features for me and the other side is a cheeky once I've done the drawing of her I'll use all the tones from the actual setting do you feel you're on top of it I don't know where it's going I just keep going I just see the striking a trained veterinary nurse Sheila Walsh spent nine hours on her self-portrait she's always loved life drawing classes but with two young children she finds it hard to paint at home so she paints in a junk room at her parents house to escape the interruptions how are you finding having such a public okay okay zone yeah I'm in the zone but I don't want to do blonde hair so gotta go to science yep yeah she called College black whether it's listening to audiobooks acid trance or just breathing deeply artists have their own ways of keeping calm but apparently stress is the very thing they should be embracing it's high competition you have the tree a little nervous if not you can't do our work in four hours I like the challenge of all this Mario Ramirez is an art history graduate from Seville and took one month to create his submission the judges loved its muted palette and the sense of space he creates around the figure he's so monumental will we see the whole canvas covered or do you think you'll need the edges white like they are at the minute first of all I'm trying with different colors then I'm going to put the black and ivory will we see the black defining the edges like we did in Manny for example so that will help bring that figure out yeah it's like an impressionist they used black with blue white because black is so intense it's very very good stuff Robbie he coughed you hear that the ground shook with all the green there's a slight Incredible Hulk feel to it yeah yeah yeah definitely don't make him angry which you like it so I'm going for a flattering why see if I could take a couple of years off of him let me keep him on your side he's a very very wise tactically professional artist and charity support worker Robbie Stewart's completed his self-portrait in ten days unfazed by a large canvas or even the scale of today's sitter it seems he's yet to be thrown by anything it's quite shocking isn't that painful yes but isn't it perfect you got pink background you think it's yourself of course somebody very dainty Lebanon and aim high and then him what Steve's the opposite of those pinkies called Eddie you're positive uncle Steve you don't get him don't call him by the wrong name no I'm really interested I'm running I'm tell you here I'm not gonna I'm not gonna throw myself in front of you oh come on let passing the small print did you read the spoken I'm an actor not the face not the face there's my motto not now carefully what's today's theme so today we thought we'd look at pop art which was a huge movement in art in the 1950s that went into the 60s and 70s and it celebrates everything about popular culture of the time in this section what we're looking at is the idea of consumerism I know barcodes weren't around in the 1960s but you know still a bit of license now within this wonderful set is a wonderful sitter it'll be interesting to see what the the artists go for what we saw at the beginning of the day or slightly more relaxed as she is now they all melt slowly don't they into their role you have to it's a long time to sit still and we love it it's quite mad you've really just got to get to this almost like a hypnotic state where you go somewhere else it's a very kind of strange thing but it's amazing this is quite a vivid look today well this pinkles going on no pop art bright colors fun 60s consumerism comic art this pink wouldn't be out of place in an Andy Warhol print and I think it rather lovely that we've got Eddie here yes is the epitome of masculine power and muscularity sitting upon a pink is a good Jack's position pretty in pink yes pretty pretty it's different you know I'm going to sit still and every time I look off the mark one of the painters is like telling me to look forward I've enjoyed it and I can't wait to see the paintings now James is it good sitter I think he's an absolutely fantastic sister he's giving very good face and it signals something about him the fact that he's leaning into the painters and a lot of them have already caught that and he is responding to the background because Lichtenstein uses that shorthand of comic book art with speech bubbles and thought bubbles and he seems very thoughtful so I think that's quite cool most artist models welcome a chance to relax their pose and chat but there's no distracting one from the serious business of sitting I just won't blink he doesn't move this man does he he's doing really well can I just ask you started with a drawing yeah have you got a process that you usually work by Zara LaValle is in her final year of a degree in illustration at Brighton University she's only recently taken up painting and looks forward to integrating it with her work as she embarks on a career as a full-time artist your self-portrait is very thin and then the face you've done slightly more detailed I mean is it something you will be doing today well it's funny because that's unfortunate it was one of those paintings that just worked so it took about three hours and I know that well I don't need to struggle it just happens yeah look it's a very evocative start here looking very beautiful so I'll let you get on with it thank you most artists are used to working alone so to avoid their creativity being stifled by today's conditions they must get comfortable with being on display I can be very shy when I'm like walking with different people like my autism I have I have that but wearing these glasses kind of make me feel more confident Who I am as a person that's how I like to present myself a fine art masters student Michael Shepherd zinc submission was crammed with detail and took one week to complete almost two hours into the challenge today's port trait still lacks a body or backdrop but that seems to be no cause for alarm I've been watching you another two words I choose for you focused yeah and relaxed yeah when I draw I just in that's just a time it's just a switch off completely and just enjoy yourself coz I've waited is that why you draw uh yeah mostly I have a lot of anxiety so none again I just like to take myself away from that there's not a huge amount of time left no I can't he'll notice there's a lot of white space you're gonna drop this or you gonna try and fill it I'm I'm not gonna fill all of it I think I'm just gonna try have a bit of shadow because I feel like this a really dark mood going on here he said he's a very uncommon sometimes they really capture that really well I'll thank you the artists are almost halfway into their challenge Mon Ami spend on average on a normal paint in about a day just mixing paint and then I'll mix over a hundred colors just for one painting not as many there today some things are more important than others I've raised the canvas because I'm going to concentrate on hands and arms for a while want to get his tattoos how much can you leave out and still make it work okay here's the question I'm not thinking about it too much I'm happy at the moment but that could change it's one brushstroke so there's lots I see that around that I'm hoping I can correct it in the time that I have the basic features seem to be in the right place so it's great to then be able to sort of work on and work into it without panicking that it's all completely awry here at the Wallace Collection strongman Eddie Hall Motor Racing model Jody kid an actor James Purefoy have dedicated two solid hours to striking a pose well most of the time anyway I love you did the orange you do it's my favorite color don't telling you it's good to have a rapport with your sitter but it's not their favorite color the artists need to worry about so it's our halftime and roundup how's Megan getting on do you think Eddie's head sits beautifully in the rectangle but it's rather underpowered and Eddie is very powerful I think Mario's treating his head almost like a sculptural object disappointed about Mario's palette he's talking about bringing this black in later what you love it I just like him playing with the colors now I know – quite a character's name yes it's quite chaotic around the edges it's like there was a puzzle that at one point JD kid leaned over the puddle and suddenly her reflection wasn't it I really surprised James he's been painted by Michael I think he's just absorbed in the top obsessive moon is totally blobby and weird but it's great I think Sarah's really caught a lightness I want it to sort of be ramped up yes we want it more oomph because James has got me no I just think this has got to just get the wrench and just tighten out this afternoon and my personal favor at this stage is Libby's my worry is that she keeps on putting more more paint on where's at the moment it's got that sense of urgency and dynamism is there we guys a lot of stories set in motion but there are certain artists who at this halfway point I feel are looking very promising I'm actually quite sensitive a big family man maybe the cup to that side of me in a bit of a twinkle in the eye maybe if nobody painted my tattoos I'd feel a bit disheartened because they are a part of my character this should be glad that I've got the beast tattoos out so they'll be hard to get in there I'm so used to seeing different images and different ways that people can portray what I look like through hair through makeup through an outfit that I'm just really fascinated to see what they come up with penny for them Oh God give me mr big's this is a big thought bubble coming out the back here what would be in it at this point nothing I mean literally like it is now nothing is going on inside my head anymore right not even I wish I chose a different pose yeah that obviously it's the leading forward it's what it is Steven yeah I feel like I'm doing sort of double downward dog I got the feeling we're gonna have to carry you in that position to a taxi at the end of the day you're not gonna be able to move after sitting for three hours shifts in mood and posture are inevitable and how artists respond is part of what makes portraiture so compelling it's difficult with this way of painting like when she was cheekily texting on her phone whatever she was doing I just took a photo of her that you might incorporate that Wow it's kind of here it's yeah it's gonna be and I was just like well I kind of like that at that kind of fidgety energy it's quite fun I always like this thing that Picasso said he said if you know what something's going to look like at the end there's no point in doing it yeah the journey is a great adventure what's wonderful isn't it to tie that the green pays off through in that in that tattoos wonderfully I think yeah just so much about him you read from his body how and how is it staying there we've got a bright bubblegum pink background are you gonna work with it are you gonna keep that green well I don't know you'll have to win [Laughter] I'm in the process of moving the whole face up or moved a bit down and the face got too big and the features too bacon yeah but it got quite a big face yeah right we're just moving your face up did she giving me a lift if he lowers his face over very well that just the artists are entering their last half hour of painting I've got the arm detail to do and the hair and some more I've got quite a lot to do I'm feeling a bit nervous it's different why the expenses China guys fast as I can I can't say I like this like I'm the painter fat now is a lot of colors a lot of brushes and no I don't know where I am Jodee kids Eddie hall and James Purefoy have been sitting for nearly four hours and after striving all day to keep things loose how artists bring definition to their work in the last few moments could make all the difference I quite like the way the face is rendered but I need to tie it together a bit better it's hard it's just hard because I'm talking with pain not not worried so not to translate back into human language you know to be honest the painting has gone a completely different way than I thought it would but at least I've got something artists you have five minute or five minutes oh no I can't wait quite minutes not doing something I don't want to start tackling something there's more involved in five minutes left and it'd be better to leave it than ruin it no point panicking really is it's how you feel inside artists your time is up we're down your equipment and step away from your easels after making a for our impression on the artists it's time for our sitters to be impressed by their art James James you can stop now James I can't I don't know whether to get you an osteopath or a psychiatrist bit of both right the most intense I don't think I've ever said that and still ever are you ready yes artists please turn your easels he's a fantastic version of me I can't believe you did that in four hours it's really you isn't it you should got all the red wine I've drunk over the years it's magnificent I would cross you do look a bit cross you do that's right that's okay feeling a bit cross fantastic it's really interesting is I look like I'm in pain I look very twisted up you've got that sort of tension in there well it's time to make a choice so I'm not making a choice you're gonna have to come with me I think I'm gonna go Eddie your ordeal is over I must have met my hind quarters are very numb so it's a soul bump her very syllable okay we're going to ask the artists will you please turn your easels round Wow I mean they're also good you don't know what to say I'm so calm pinpoint one he's like well come and look at them closely and me the artists it looks like me definitely very square very masculine obviously good-looking it's not my size the symmetry is good and also the the body to head ratio that's tough he gets the muscle here you can feel the muscle yeah exactly sort of busting out the poetry almost maybe was very powerful and also kind as well but you're a kind man on you I have a kind one yeah that's it your car indeed right well come with me okay it's really tough I think I'm gonna go with so yes the moment of truth here we go artists please turn your easels well they're all completely different they're so different can I go and see them oculus let's go have a look at Philips okay it's very relaxed very cool very very very cool bit moody do you think a bit moody it's quite good to have an attitude like that it's no but I love the hair that all the colours you've gotten here beautiful it's my phone he's cool whenever you moved Marlowe would just swoop in I like that that you've got that you've caught a moment that's for sure it's intense I think it's the graphic lines and here which I love it's brilliant as well so there can be only one I don't want to make this choice we're gonna have to oh so difficult but I'm going to go with what I think would suit the house so I'm gonna go with yours while the artists take a well-earned break the judges examine the portraits they've created today Sheeta was really worried about tipping over into something that was slightly cartoony and I think she did unfortunately I find her style very curious you know it was she was potentially a little bit more confident with it when this eventually appeared it was like god the guy knows what he's doing we'll never know if it could have been more interesting we could have done with you know an eyelid or an actual nostril that's a shame that Phillip didn't correct the chin having said that it does have something to do it does but I think it could really be her if that was correct those eyes are so carefully drawn in observed yeah but it's also sort of timeless he's from Sparta maybe they did have tents in Sparta no I'm not actually entirely sure that the color is always successful but there is a sense for robbery of that bravura and color is part of that I thought my resubmission was quite a crisp bit of painting that he knows what he's doing and this is very tentative in comparison we were worried that Michael had left too much space on either side of the page but that's sweep of the speech bubble to the right allows the whole thing to breathe I was worried half way that Sara's painting has a bit weedy but she put in the lips towards the very end sort of darker shade which brought him slightly closer I think what Libby did really well she really did capture that incredible focus he had today and I am particularly like the way that it's so unfinished and yet it really feels like him to get 9 talented artists down to one semi-finalists the judges choose an initial shortlist of three it's just an intensity to those three I think from a character study point of view that's incredibly powerful if we could have four I'd be really happy with these four we can't have four we have to have three what are we gonna do after much deliberation the judges have chosen their shortlist of three the first artist is Sara lava Libby felling [Applause] and the third artist to be shortlisted is Meghan McMullen's what can I say commiserations with all of you who didn't make it to the shortlist and thank you for contributing so much thank you I wish I was shortlisted but it was just nice to get some really good feedback from the audience they just wanted to talk to me about what I've been doing I mean I was just nice in itself seeing today's portraits alongside the submissions helps the judges select their semi-finalists and gives us a chance to quiz them about their choices we've got three very talented artists Meghan painting big Eddie the halftime you were worrying that it was a bit flat I know the pink is flat but you still get a sense of the space surrounding him I don't think we've got the same level of sophistication as we see in the submission today but she's got pretty close to it when you look at both of them together you do get this sense of contemplation also serenity because as the day proceeded one realized at what a gentle person he was now if her submission led to that what about Sarah's comparing them to Meghan's Megan's has this physical presence but and Sarah's is almost a spiritual presence she's definitely an artist who's still working things out and that's quite exciting she just feels really contemporary what does a contender mean the palette it's then is the very pale palette that she's using which give it that sort of fresh more contemporary feel so what about Libby's she does something which is sort of feels quite brief just a sensation of something yet it's got this lasting appeal you could think that the dog portrait is actually taken from a photograph but Testament today we saw her working entirely from life it's a phenomenal likeness we often say we are sort of ambivalent about palette knife but I think the way Libby uses the tool though is she adds paint and takes it away and struggles to find the image it just gives it a great depth so the message is use a palette knife with care and if you use it well you get a wonderful painting and painting pets gets results with you guys well there we go that's our choice time to decide Libby Zara Megan only one of you can go forward to the semi-final the artists that the judges have selected displayed an intriguing approach potential and a wonderful lightness of touch and that artist is Sarah Laval I'm totally overwhelmed I could not have ever imagined that this would happen also having my family there I can't really believe it it's amazing [Applause] winning portrays fantastic he was looking straight outside in a hash to death so deserving winner it's nice to see how other artists work everybody captures the same person but in their own unique way there was a kind of beautiful light and sensitivity it took my breath away and I thought oh this is a special artist and I can't wait for the semi-finals I know she's gonna take it to another level she's just got that in her this is a massive confidence booster I haven't really put my work out there very much and to have it received like this is it's really overwhelming to find out about next year's competition visit our website Sky Arts artist of the year TV

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