Portrait Artist Of The Year 2019 - Episode 10 [HD]

Portrait Artist Of The Year 2019 – Episode 10 [HD]

welcome to the National Portrait Gallery which has become something of a second home to us over the years where we're not using it we let it out to tourists the place is crawling with them today and in their midst three artists wielding paintbrushes and they're here because they've fought off competition from 1,500 other artists to make it to this point so welcome to the final of the Sky Arts portrait artist of the year 2019 over the course of this series we've witnessed the astounding creativity of seventy-two artists as they depicted a whole cast of famous faces are you a fidgeter I think I'd like something really honest I mean not not to water they're beautiful I want all of them Wow heavens to Betsy now it's down to just three the pressure is on for the final it's intense just want to get paint in the only thing that's gonna settle the nerves it's terrifying I want to push myself and just hope it pays off the pressure is just really quite awful right now as they face each other one last time what I care about is capturing like the essence of asesor also really nice to win they're all battling to impress the judges in their bid to secure the prize come on here ding dude a 10,000 pound commissioned to paint musical icon Sir Tom Jones for the permanent collection of the National Museum of Wales it was as brilliant walking in here and going oh my god this is what these guys can do it's just extraordinary so who will it be the sky arts portrait artist of the year 2019 is of the three artists who made it to the final just one is a professional duncan Shoesmith i thought i'd get blown out in the semi to be honest but here i am winging it joining duncan our amateur artists Tom Meade and Sarah LaValle this is such a surreal experience I'm hoping that when it comes to painting or my nose we just channeled into this focus and something great will happen to be here to be within reach of actually winning this is the icing on the cake we have a dream come true to be honest as if their last for our challenge wasn't sufficiently nerve-wracking our finalists will be painting in the hallowed halls of the National Portrait Gallery I can't really believe where I am right now National Portrait Gallery's one of my favorite places in the world hopefully today they will take inspiration from the incredible paintings that are sitting on the walls they need to somehow absorb it let it come through their fingertips to create the most fantastic portrait of our cities today it does feel more pressurized this absolutely and this building isn't helping slightly nervous of the odd flick bit of paint on one of these I really love our top three because they're all so distinct they all come at portraiture with a unique angle and yet they're not perfect yet they're still pushing and experimenting and that's what's really exciting about them as artists I sure learned a lot from just this whole process just confidence I don't feel confident right now at all but I'm happy to now go with why I want to do and just really push it it's a final it's incredibly stressful our lovely artists they live off their nerves and what I want to see is them turn that nervous energy and really produce something interesting today they could produce great things but it also could go horribly wrong as with all the previous challenges in the competition until this moment the artists have no idea who they'll be painting Sarah Tom Duncan welcome to the final and congratulations and having got this far for your final challenge your sitter today is a bonafide Hollywood luminary a distinguished actor she's had an illustrious career and shared the silver screen with co-stars such as Clint Eastwood Liam Neeson Tom Hanks and Jim Carrey forcing all of them to raise their game please welcome the magnificent Laura Linney famous internationally as a movie star Laura's award-winning body of work also encompasses stage plays and TV dramas such as her current role as a money-laundering all-american mum and the Netflix series Ozark but welcome this you're the next view it is not a bad place one of my favorite places to come to in London so I'm very happy to be here how you feel about sitting still for four hours I have some lines to run in my head so I'll be I'll be doing a little work on my own excellence now artists is very particular weight like Laura to sit if you prefer to sit back yeah it's entirely up to you and it'd be nice too if your head did excuse your face too much well that's terrific are you comfortable Laura I'm fine thank you so much it's a privilege to be here thank you all artists the time has come for you to paint your final masterpiece of the competition as usual you have four hours to complete your portraits so good luck to each of you your time starts now just get you to look down was just for a couple of hours that's why vastra bad sister she's got really lovely gentle face very feminine I'm really happy about that she's got a good face good structure within there there's stuff to get hold of well thank yourself I was further than different angles I'm doing one head for different life and in the the extra angle one from the iPad doesn't get too full faces a minute it's fun no Tommy it is a fine art degree student at the University of the Arts London he first caught the judges attention with his distinctive dynamic compositions keen to introduce a sense of motion into his work Tom's heat painting of model Daniel is Moore and his semi final picture of musician Courtney pine both incorporated multiple fragmented images a stylistic concept he's came to employ with today's leading lady very beautiful woman here with a recognized face from the films how are you going to revoke that do you think hopefully having the kind of two sides can had a kind of different aspect to a personality so kind of new front on that I'm doing from life you might get more of Laurel inning the kind of personality you think and to catch that do you I'm gonna try to don't want it to look like the same person moving or you moving around the same person you're very interested in film and you're interested in movements so why is it important I mean they kind of relate in some way you know the film can only be strong as it characters and it's interesting how you can get a story out of one frame that's a really interesting attitude to it thank you just bashing around with acrylics just to do a bit of under painting get the basic structure in sales tend to be fairly crude an opportunity flattered at this point but it's easy to do this and then work with more delicacy with the oil on top duncan Shoesmith is a professional artist from wiltjer his bold painterly portraits of his sitters actress Jodie coma and saxophonist Courtney Pine impressed the judges with his intense observation of the human face creating honest and powerful depictions of his subjects Duncan how you feeling nervous just trying to crack some of the proportions yeah this is sort of architectural for you is this yard you're not using precise drawing like maybe another kind of artist good for you it's all done very much with this rusty paint action yeah absolutely I mean it's kind of drawn with hey do you think you're using I've had more while you're making your preparator II study would you rather be doing it all fury from life as far as matching color you've got the actual thing there and that's an electronic image isn't yeah there's got to be an inaccuracy because that the inaccuracy is me yeah so you mean that the things that aren't perfect are the more interesting bits yeah absolutely there's a reason why we're going to see a certain artist and it's we want to see them in the picture yes I'm trying to get the canvas covered as much as possible so then I don't feel so kind of daunted I never have a plan that's why my confidence goes from being like oh so could I did without thinking about it and then oh wow I am actually a terrible artist kind of thing it's definitely a very fluctuating despite having recently achieved a first in her illustration degree at Brighton University Sarah LaBelle's true passion is for portraiture her heat painting of actor James Purefoy and semi final portrait of Courtney pine were commended by the judges for their sensitivity and tenderness the result of her instinctive approach to capturing her sitter on canvas sorry after a flyer little paint's got on ready I'm finding it tricky it won't weigh I can't really map out properly I'm getting a bit lost with the proportions but I just need to keep going and hopefully will make sense in a minute your paintings always seem to have a little life of their own they come and go and they move around at they're almost their own yeah I think the point of painting for me is it's an investigation and like I think I get the answers I'm looking for through scrutiny so yeah it completely changes because I'm figuring things out as it goes along and that's why it could go so wrong when you're doing really really well today yes thank you no thank you very much hoping that nothing will go horribly wrong today the artists are one hour into their final portrait challenge the harsh facts are essentially down there's an opportunity flattering but I've now got to create the beautiful woman who she is I'm happy enough with the pencil drawing to fill it in with painting when I get painting I lose a bit of the nerves and I get slightly karma but it was sudden you realize where I'm actually painted and then it yeah get there I feel quite stressed out and like worried about everything I'm layin on paint quite they clear so it could get really bloody so I'm trying quite hard to just chill out everything go wrong with this for him at the National Portrait Gallery in London three artists are an hour into their final challenge of this year's competition they're painting Hollywood actor Laura Linney who is musing on her latest role as artist model thank you for letting me join you on your stage thank well thank you for visiting feel that we should sing for every it's like London's new folk to you how's it going how you finding it it's fine just fascinating is it unnerving and having people stare you that's intended ly it's not normal no I don't think it's normal even for us actors yeah I don't think it's normal to be looked at quite like this I'm someone who still I think is meant to be seen in motion right so I'm going to make URIs doing something I don't think I'm terribly interesting still it's why I never pick a bullosa rating yeah that's great so we'll see I'm very curious to see what what they see I'm just the subject yeah but it's a interesting intimate non intimate relationship they'll scrutinize me yeah and I'm allowing them to what you don't do very often know it what else do that much tougher the police Laura she's very distinguished figure isn't she hmm how is she is a sitter well I think she's a very elegant and beautiful sitter she understands her role as a sitter so I can see she's connecting with the artists where she can so she's giving as much as she can to them to make good paintings but I'm a bit annoyed with our artists that they've only chosen to portray her head I mean the way she's placed her body she's got his beautiful dress on it is the final and I need and a lot of pressure but I would have liked and he's one of them to tackle it but none of them have in the course of the heat's we've had some really flamboyant colorful people now Laura herself is very muted in tow mmm is that more difficult that's quite interesting in terms of her face you're right it's a very pale and a hair is light it's going to be difficult but that's part of the interesting thing about Laura is the sensitive subtlety in her and I'm hoping they can capture that although it is very difficult it'll make it more of a challenge yes it definitely is a challenge today yeah with the pressure of the final beginning to mount the artists are finding it hard to hold their nerve and maintain their focus cause who's going it looks amazing Thanks it's just the eyes no worried about really the eyes are hard I'm struggling with the eyes or st. Duncan's I don't want to I don't I don't even like I can't yours it stressed now it doesn't help does it working it no but yeah try and keep going as far as the competition they're two beautiful artists and just looking now my goodness by comparison this seems this seems quite sort of old-school that stayed I thought you thought enough for me our finalists paintings of Laura won't be the only portraits the judges take into account when they decide upon their winner prior to today's final represented the three artists with an additional challenge with an increased timeframe of two weeks they each had to take on a commission to paint a well-known personality for a British institution I'm really looking forward to Lynette who says there is dear Tom your commissioners for the round house in North London they requested a portrait of DJ a music producer jazzy be the founding member of the hit UK group soul to soul yeah I'm really excited to do this one dear Duncan your commission is for the jazz center UK they have requested a portrait of legendary jazz artist named Cleo Lane she is a musical icon with an illustrious career spanning seven decades she's going to have quite strong personality that's going to be fun dear Sarah your commission is for Grange Park opera they have requested a portrait of British opera singer Clair Rutter I'm excited about this I'll definitely be listening somewhat for a snow Payne really annoying my housemates first each artist met with the commissioners to receive their brief sorrow visited Grange Park opera in Surrey where she met CEO was V Kearney would you like the portrait to make reference to the opera into the theatre and it will be about Claire what Claire's a very very strong person and she's at the kind of peak of her career where her experience and her body and her voice have all matured she's not a diva she doesn't sort of flounce all over the place so when you say do I want references to opera I don't want Claire chucking herself off the Castel Sant'Angelo okay the true Claire the true Claire I can do that Tom went London's renowned music venue the Roundhouse and spoke to programs director Delia Barker jazzy's a Camden boy and I think it's really important for us as a venue to have that link with Jessie because he's been here he's performed here so having someone as iconic as jazzy on our wall would just feed to that picture in that sort of way we feel about our local community our local diversity is there a particular aspects of its personality you're looking for maybe more of the performer I think we're great opportunities just to figure out a little bit about the man behind that yeah that's fantastic in southend-on-sea Duncan met with trumpeter and founder of the jazz center UK Digby Fairweather she's an icon that's the first thing to say about laying clear she was the first truly international superstar in jazz to come out of Britain she stood quite happily alongside Ella Fitzgerald Sarah Vaughan and Billie Holiday what direction do you think the Commission should be well are you going that she's got very set ideas about she wants to be portrayed whether it should be head or shoulders which I should think would be probably what she'd care for back in the days of the National jazz archive somebody did a quite ravishing portrait of her they took it up to her and she I don't want that oh my god having received his brief Duncan visited Dame Cleo lane at her home oh very nice to meet you where he enjoyed a one-house sitting to help inform his portrait of this veteran performer what's your Drive what's your secret but there is a secret attached to it but somebody came up to me and said you've got to stop now push it you old sticker there's my stick fire and fight that's great absolutely well I've completed a sketch maybe a bit grumpy around there yeah okay I saw cheer you up in the grounds of Grange Park opera at West hoarsely place Sahra met soprano Claire Rutter you're not gonna get my wellies in are you and probably not what does it what does it mean to be a soprano I get to sing all the most lovely rolls in all I am classified as a dramatic soprano I tell young singers if they come to me for lessons or coaching I tell them that it can take 10 years to get sort of full operatic stamina but I love going to schools actually doing doing work with kids when you stand next and then they hear a human voice for the first time without a microphone they all stand back my pinned against the wall ago it's so loud miss okay thank you Wow Tom spent an hour with jazzy B at his home studio to make some preliminary sketches so glad when I opened the envelope to review it was you and the first half ways I hope he wears that hat oh right the fact that you are young and then my whole image is gonna be put together by your service thank you very interesting what would you say it's been your biggest achievement I guess been recognized in America really I think that's probably where we got our first Awards we won a couple of Grammys so have you had your project painted before then this is my first portrait no pressure there Tom there are few sketches this looks like jazzy be yeah that's definitely me oh yeah that's early thank you the artist then had two weeks to complete their commissioned paintings the finished portraits will be revealed to the judges at the end of the final challenge having been painting Laura Linney for two hours the artists have reached the halfway point in that final bid for portrait glory I think it looks like her just working to make it a bit prettier it's quite harsh still I've been to the back of the road from bars back there it's great cuz I've done two phases climb is struggle it's easy to lose yourself in a fight and then it was something that was going close to labor mind it's a competition sort of it I've gotta be speeding myself up I'm getting lost with where I am I believe the face in terms of planes of color and I'm a bit lost I swear these plane is right now I feel like it might be one of those paintings that don't work but I'll get it we'll get it back it's the final of portrait artist of the year and our three artists Tom Sara and Duncan have been painting Hollywood actress Laura Linney for two hours it's their last opportunity to each convince the judges they're worthy winners so how are they getting on it's the halfway mark what do you make of all three so far all three of them are concentrated in Laura's head and I'm very disappointed it's a final and I was thinking you know she's sitting so beautiful he's got that beautiful dress let's do something exciting I just feel that maybe they're waiting to hit us with the Commission's maybe the fact that they're focusing and what they know they can do best in the time is a good thing let's consider them one by one what about Sarah I think Sarris likeness has gone off a bit but what I do like about Soren but always like is the luminosity of her paint but she is struggling him I don't think she's got into the painting in the other two offices Duncan and Tom have got a style and an approach and they've got quite strategic whereas I think Sawa really feels her way to these things she's quite intuitive so it must be really nerve-racking for her because she doesn't really quite know where the magic comes from but she's just able to do it somehow okay what about Tom I think what Tom's done is very clever today with the composition by presenting two heads at once he's given himself quite a challenge because it's twice the amount of work and they've got to sit together so how they finally end up at one in one painting will be the real deciding factor as to whether or not we think this is a great part work but the idea of sort of having that sort of style is you apply it in a way that illuminates the person in front of you he's using it but I don't think it shows us aspects of Laura's character and so he's he's not using it to his advantage really and Duncan finally I'm Jonathan he was doing so well this morning he had a fantastic structure of the head it was very sculptural right now I feel a sort of an anxiousness that he's introduced into Laura's face yeah I mean I think the way that he builds these heads is beautiful they've got such presence he almost makes it look too easy sometimes it just feels like this is half done uncomplaining we've all become familiar with his way of working has it become to formulate there is a kind of start of course is a style and I thought you just gonna make it just a bigger head than he did last time in Egypt but actually there's a monument at him there's a space you can feel the space of reason behind Laura's head and interesting what you say about that kind of anxiousness on Laura's face she has it but not in that way and is very odd his missus he's misread the clue so overall you're saying each of them has a lot of work still to do yes yes absolutely while the artists continued to work under pressure their sitters started to feel quite at home I have the easiest job in the room I just sit here I mean honestly you know I'm just sitting in this miraculous museum and watching this next generation of artists and there's something about the legacy of portrait painting I'm looking at you know all of these faces and I'm thinking about all the portraits yet to be painted and sort of thrilled that I'm one of them how's it going I'm really struggling oh I think I'm just feeling the pressure and it's meaning that I'm not focusing but blue is there something game oh I definitely don't have a game plan just kind of get my head down and try Fitness is painting the likeness is coming yeah I have a suspicion this portrait is gonna be more of a self-portrait I think it's going to end up being how I'm feeling painting her which is you might end up being quite a stressed-out portrait you you will get into it you will get into there is a lightness and a lightness of touch that is what you're good at so in your desperation don't smear it so it's dead do you know what I'm saying okay come on yeah you're doing good thank you Paul how is being Sarah's dad today the bid anxiety-provoking if I'm honest right sorry got a little bit sort of emotional how many years is taken off for you today well there's been a few other sort of things coming to daughters you know so haven't really got many years left on it right okay it's a tough hours incredible still very proud moment Duncan it feels like there's a lot of geometry going on I can see sort of diamonds hexagons and you know she's got quite delicate features and it sort of roughed her up a little bit here it's like it's quite brutal yes good cop bad cop okay now I'm gonna soften her but I don't think I'll go all the way no but stick to your you know what's true to you yeah absolutely it's a Jo Duncan's wife and who are these this is some Piggy and I get they're proud of your dad we're so proud of him certainly he wanted to get win the first heat but then to keep going and keep going keep going it's just brilliant really really good he's got a remarkable array of physical little facial expressions doesn't he he said a grimacing and looks and he squints and he steps and he moves we know means stay away from him and he's painting most people because we don't get much conversation out of him but yes he's quite good at facial expressions when he puts his mind to it I was family you've come specially to see it yes yes proud men what is interesting about Thomas is his style which is very very moderate isn't it though it's different you can still see a likeness you take after his father's I draw my pension is a very very obvious question why have we got two minutes I've had like fraction little segments of faces before Kourtney was like a tiny bit yeah for today I want to go like some welly yeah between the heads there is a fractious space it's quite a definite form has it just come about by painting the heads and leaving the rest free or did you think of the shape I really like to think of my painting sometimes as like cutout pieces and then sort the glitch and in fact emergen kind of life with technology it's it gets that and a vigilant glitch would have those sharp edges to the moon so um carry on pretty sure with less than an hour to go every decision the artists make now could be critical the dress is concerning me once the white comes in I just blow everything out the window God knows see ears a lot up in the air one of the is farthest away on the from life face is less detailed than the others is less finished but I'm just liking how it looks personally so I think I might just leave it like that and not risk losing something that I'm happy with I'm feeling a bit more confident now I don't think that the piece is turning out how I thought it was going to turn out I thought it was gonna be quite dark and intense but it's become very light and past early but I feel like something else is happening now which is quite exciting at the National Portrait Gallery our three finalists are nearing the end of their last painting challenge of the competition with just minutes left to complete their portraits of Laura Linney time is it's always like an issue and they're going to be completely happy in this time but yeah I think I think I'm getting it two minutes to go no point trying to reinvent the wheel at this point I made them better have to live with it I don't think I've got that much of a physical likeness but personality has been captured a little bit I thought I had slightly brushed it up but I think I've done the best I could artists you have five minutes left of your talent kind of stumbling towards the finish line I don't want to do a stupid Martha buck sitter I can't believe that it's coming to an end now thought I'd be panicking but I'm actually okay with it I don't want to touch it now it's too big of a risk so just lose whatever could be there at the moment artists your time is up your final challenge is over please put down your brushes and step away from your easels [Applause] having maintained her composure for the last four hours laura is about to be faced with the artist's interpretations of her and choose which one she'd like to keep nor are you survived oh I do for me I had the easiest job here but it's been amazing to watch all of you work all day really amazing well then for the final time this series can I ask you artists to please turn your easels oh my goodness oh they're just amazing my high that is remarkable thank you it's just gorgeous really captured your openness and your honesty well yeah how well no totally different proposition I had no idea there were so much of me Wow I can't draw a stick figure so for me this is you know fools money this is literally like magical abilities to me Wow Wow look at that I love what you did with the dress it's great I could see you staring at it a little bit with consternation just wonderful oh my goodness something special going on at red I love the big strokes to it also it was fantastic so having seen these portraits for the first time about three minutes ago and they're going to ask you to pick one this is really an impossible thing and only because I am being forced to choose one but I think I'll go with Duncan's which is exquisite so thank you [Applause] as well as examining today's portraits of Laura Linney the judges will now at long last get to see the finalists commissioned paintings knock out they're all so good it's gonna be impossible what I love about Duncan's painting is that he's shown the normal style that we see in the heat and just taken it to this sort of more exaggerated more finished style which the personality yes it's great isn't it that full-face frontal her hands are just fantastic I think Duncan's made Keo named look like a kind of a gangster boss and we're asking for loan and I never gonna get it she's illegal in a really scary way I've never met her but I know I don't want to go in the wrong side of it I thought the way Duncan constructed Laura's head today was absolutely fantastic they're sort of architectural geometrical elements I wasn't quite sure he was gonna get there but he he clearly did and it's very sort of sympathetic you really sort of feel her don't you actually not having Laura here I just realize how good it is it means now I think you know it's so strongly but that he can do this is kind of mind-boggling today the picture of Laura I think I put a tick next to it that guy kind of went okay but I've produced quite hard picture clear but I think it's true reflection of my experience of that system Tom's given us like two character studies I was slightly worried that I was finding the double thing a little bit of an irritating device but I'm completely back with it again here because it is almost as if you catch someone in movement you know one minute you're having an intent conversation over here and the next he's turned over here so you feel a sort of an energy and a movement in the portraits fabulous although Tom's portrait of Noir isn't quite as successful because I don't know that he was able to bring the two heads together in such a cohesive fashion as he does with jazzy B we know that he can really really accurately render his subject and a lot of artists would be happy with that you just stop there and Tom wants to do so much more than that but it's also a bit like sort of going into a sandwich shop and not knowing whether you want a ham sammich or a cheese sandwich and he said it gives us both you know you've got two different types of character there at the same time proportions are gorgeous oh dear right come on onwards overall win the competition I think I've got myself justice the Commission I definitely enjoyed that freedom that kind of you realized how tough it's been doing the four-hour ones when you suddenly get two weeks I've been trying not to admit to myself how much yeah I do or no way I would love to another fantastic large painting Horace done something really ambitious here not only is the paint for the beautiful but the light that's rendered it's just it's really glows just the subtle movement through it it's just really well thought through I think it's a beautifully balanced piece of painting it's marvelous what she's done around the eyes as well she seems like she's really holding our gaze we don't lose any immediacy even though she's put those shadows in I'm really intrigued by her because everything that she does is just a little bit strange and it just all comes together so cleverly and I love all these bright little dashes they're just coming through and giving it that lively quality and I think she used those really well today with her painting of Laura yeah but funny enough when I see Laura's portrait next to this there's a bravura in this on this scale children exuberance that's more suited to her style of portraiture and painting she's finding us up being very true to herself and it's just this is just sort of the next very large step onwards and her sort of evolution that was probably one of the hardest experiences of my life I struggled a lot to start with but I just put way too much pressure on myself I think we have genuinely got the three best commissions we've ever had today how do we make the decision any one of them could ring well it is the final so it's not surprising that all three of them are outstanding artists yeah amazing how important have the commissioned works being hugely important because we've seen their submission we've seen their they paint in one day we want to see what kind of artists they are in the round and this gives us a really good sort of parameter to think about it's really important I think your anchors are decision it was just brilliant walking in here and going oh my god this is what these guys can do it's just extraordinary have you come to a decision by secured to sruthi I think we have yeah and so your unanimous well you know boys we feel really pleased with this top three genuinely we do it's not an easy decision but we do have an artist that we feel really happy to be the winner Sahra Tom Duncan you really have been fabulous finalists it's been wonderful to share the brilliance of your work for the past few weeks so thank you for that yes but sadly only one of you can claim the prize at 10,000 pound Commission for the National Museum of Wales after much deliberation the judges have chosen their winner the Sky Arts portrait artist of the year 2019 is Duncan Shoesmith let's see speechless my mind is blown the kids click thrilled they'll be proud of me for a week maybe hit the schoolyard obviously there's always gonna be some disappointment but Duncan is an incredible painter and this whole competition has changed my life I'm really happy feel good tank Evans pinned am I using the hallway for a new conversation see always work you can talk it but as far as like building confidence in my own artwork things like that it's been priceless in that so much to take away from this I think we just filled with Duncan that there was something about the way he approached portraiture not just painting but how do I tell the story of this person how do I communicate them that was really special each time he responded to what was it in front of him so we knew he could do it but that each time growing a little bit better yeah I mean maybe I'm being a romantic but I love the idea that going through this competition he's had a new enjoyment of painting he's got a greater confidence in his own style and you just see that excitement and it's really nice to see that in someone who's been doing painting for a really do I think he just gave himself a bit more freedom with these and paid off absolutely through but it still goes through the system it's a massive pat on the back us touristy insecure and to actually have some sort of compliment pages brilliant next Duncan takes on his commission to paint singer Sir Tom Jones although that family as he creates his prized portrait for the National Museum of Wales [Applause] you

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  1. I must admit I was torn until I saw Cleo Lane’s portrait! Wow, Duncan managed to look past the physical frailty and portray the lady’s amazing strength of character. It’s very heartening to also see such wonderful, young talent in the final too. Lovely show!

  2. I may be an old school but I don’t appreciate playing around with wacky ideas for portraits. AND likeness must come first and foremost, no? Having said that, I would like to congratulate all the painters for their efforts.

  3. Of the 3 finalists I like Tom the best. The young woman should have never won her heat or got into the semi final and definitely not top 3!!

  4. Very good finalists. Any of them could have won, but I was rooting for Duncan because his commision showed the personality of his sitter so well. The other two finalists have good careers ahead of them. I am glad Duncan gets the prize money for his little family.

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