Portfolio VS Quality Assurance Exam - What I'm Doing!

Portfolio VS Quality Assurance Exam – What I'm Doing!

hello everybody and room I asked you here with dental L so it is that time where it's time to think about whether you want to do your dental portfolio or I should say your dental hygiene portfolio or if you want to take your Quality Assurance exam so if you are a dental hygienist in Ontario if you are audited which we all will be at some point I was actually audited about five years ago and I am audited again for next year so I will be either submitting my portfolio or taking the Quality Assurance exam I've done a video like this before probably about a couple months ago and I've completely changed my mind on what I'm going to do so I did say before but I would take the Quality Assurance exam because to me I have never had problems taking exams plus I am a tutor for dental hygiene students dental assisting students I do help people study for the Quality Assurance exam and I help people with my portfolio workshop course also so I kind of do everything so I thought well I'll just take the exam because that's easier I'll be done in a couple hours that's it but I've actually changed my mind I think what I'm going to do is I'm going to do my dental hygiene portfolio instead again I might even change my mind closer to the date but I take courses all the time I take courses all the time honestly I'm constantly just going to Viva learning comm they have free courses where if I'm cleaning the house or I know it probably sound like such a nerd but it's true if I'm cleaning the house if I'm you know taking it easy and just want to sit on the couch for like an hour and listen or watch something instead of watching Netflix I go to Viva learning calm and I take a course so I'm constantly taking courses because I am that person not if you stop learning you're not helping anybody you're not helping yourself you're not helping your patients so I do like to learn and when I take a course I just I just always find them so inspiring that I just feel good and I want to take my knowledge and share it with my patients I sound like such a nerd but it's true so I think what I'm going to do and again I could change my mind but I think I am going to take the portfolio um I just have to get everything organized so yes I do take a lot of courses but do I necessarily write it down no but you really should so if you're like me who you haven't and the exam might be better for you but I'm going to try my luck with the portfolio plus I did start my own dental hygiene mobile practice last year so I kind of want to put all of my notes in that I took a lot of courses to prep for that so I do have those hours in so I think it would be great but you know I may be doing the portfolio might mean they'll pay more attention to me which nobody really wants but I work so hard to do everything right to do everything by the book that I feel like I have nothing to hide either as I'm sure you all don't either but yeah that's just kind of my thoughts and you do have to pay for the exam where you don't have to pay for the portfolio and you know it's not about the money but when we have to pay yearly for our licenses for our insurance just one more thing to pay for I'd rather not I kind of want to just see what happens with my portfolio I'm sure they will call me they will want me to explain more but I'm going to do it um so yeah that's just kind of my thoughts but comment below because I want to hear what you're thinking about doing and why if you've done your portfolio before or take it be Quality Assurance exam before let us know just feel free to comment below let us know let's talk about it because a lot of people don't like that we have to do the portfolio or take the Quality Assurance exam but I think it's a great idea because we all need to be on the ball we don't want to let anything slide and not do the best that we possibly can but that's just me being a nerd again so thank you guys for listening let me know if you're taking or have in the portfolio or the Quality Assurance exam if you need help with those two by the way let me know because I do have a full Quality Assurance course where I teach you everything that you have to know to pass your exam but I do also have a dental hygiene portfolio course as well where I teach you guys how to do the portfolio because I have done it before and honestly past so I just like to teach you guys on everything thank you for listening I will see you guys in the next one

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