Polymer Clay Miniature  – Candy Snowballs

Polymer Clay Miniature – Candy Snowballs

Small snowballs Today I want to make a snowball And we are going to do that on Danish, as I couldn’t find the English name for them And I don’t think they have them on English For that I have a mold for a waffel Then I took some caramel And some champagne colored clay That I’m mixing together Then I roll them out on the pasta maschine And use a cutter like this To make a small circle Then I push my circle down on the mold So I have a texture on the backside
make more of them And than I bake this one I put them aside for now,
then I take some of my champagne clay Putting this aside I roll this to a cane And this was to thin I roll a cane That is a little thinner than the bottom Not to thin And it should be around 0.5 cm high / long So that it is in 1 to 12 So we put it right here And I round of the top of it So the corners isn’t – so that it isn’t getting I round of the top, so it isn’t having a wired edge Make sure it is still in the same thickens and hight So that it is taller than it is wide Then I find a tool And then I can make it so it looks
like some one took a bit of it in one side It can be hard to see – I will take the other I take this one And then I scratch it right here,
you can do that with a toothpick as well So it looks like some one took a bite Then I bake both parts before I continue I have baked my snowball Some bottoms and then I made a snowball, there is whole And the pattern on the bottom, I turn that downwards Then I take some glue, and then I just gule My snowball onto the bottom (I have listened to this several times,
but I can’t hear what I say) The not eaten snowball And the eaten snowball So now they stand on there bottom And then it is best to let the glue dry That is why I use second glue, so it is going a bit faster Then I take some normal acrylic paint In a chocolate brown color And on the whole snowball, you just paint it This one just needs some paint Give it a nice thick coat You don’t need to see the color inside, so it is actually No big deal what color you make the whole snowball in,
as you don’t see it It is fine if it covers the edge of the bottom,
but don’t get it under it So now this just have to dry
The one there have been eaten from, you don’t paint The spot with the bite And then just cover the rest of it And if necessary, then paint it two times Like that
That is all there is to it Making two small snowballs, one with a bite mark So happy crafting

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  1. De blev rigtig gode =D havde selv overvejet at lave flødeboller til tutorial på et tidspunkt, men kunne heller ikke finde et navn på dem ^^"

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