Polymer Clay Miniature – Blod Tomato Cane

Polymer Clay Miniature – Blod Tomato Cane

29 thoughts on “Polymer Clay Miniature – Blod Tomato Cane

  1. @amysshizzle well don't be scared, just start with making a small cane, so if it goes wrong, you didn't use to much clay on it, and if it goes wrong, then save the clay, then you still can use it for lot's of things, like my small bowl. But I'm sure you can do it! so go for it, and tell me how it went

  2. @amysshizzle well the white isn't supposed to be showing, it just makes the read more light and transperent

  3. Very well explained, although I did find it difficult to hear you since you're very quiet and had music in the background. Thank you for sharing your talents!

  4. I never tried to make it of play do? but why not, if it is softer than polymer clay, you should work with it really gently, but I really don't know if it is possible

  5. I only put it in the oven after I'm all done with the cane! then you can slice it, and you do can bake the small slices when you use them on other things

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