Polymer Clay Fimo Knifes Blades

Polymer Clay Fimo Knifes Blades

[Music] so I got this package the other day as my old life is starting to get really crooked it’s kind of easy to see here and that’s from using it like venting it so I’m going to keep using it like that but it also have a few not so nice marks on there so I needed some new blades so I got this pack fimo with three blades in there um I don’t remember what brand this was but it was not fimo and it was not this one so I’m looking forward to see what this is let’s get into it there we go so there should be three blades in here one two three yep they are here oh good and these are actually sitting on the wrong side of the blade from the start I don’t know what to say about that so let’s place these two at the right side there we go it’s stronger than this one but this is also it’s a very bendy one from the package I got and these are all three very strong that’s nice if you want to cut something straight and this blade comes with the spendy one and I straight like these and then a way we won that I still have what my straight one has disappeared I don’t know where it is so I’m happy to get a straight one again and it’s it’s a nice sharp I think this is really a good plate but I will be trying it off in the future and see how it is nice that they have these rubber grips with them but you could make them yourself from a piece of or pulley McClay if you like to but yep that’s what you get in the pack and yeah I think it’s worth the money it looks like they’re worth of money so I’m happy for my new blade so happy crafting you

2 thoughts on “Polymer Clay Fimo Knifes Blades

  1. They look really nice! I like that the handles can be moved… on my blade they are permanent and I get really annoyed with them. Thanks for sharing!

  2. How much did that pack cost? I have the pack from sculpey it came with 2 size wavy ones 1 flexible one and 1 stiffer straight one too, the only thing I don't care for about those ones is how big the handles are on them so I think I would love to try the fimo ones too. I look forward to seeing u use them in future videos.

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