19 thoughts on “Poetry- Korean drama- English subtitles

  1. Omg the other night was my first reading one of my poems please tell me what you guys think 🤔 https://youtu.be/dxZWIdi4oJU

  2. grandma let her grandson go to prison then killed herself for she cannot contain the pain that the girl have suffered.. according to her past experience when she was a little girl, she can relate to the rape victim because she was also a girl and the flower that is red on the picture of the girl, represents pain that she saw in the Doctor's office. She feel more conscience that as she begun to feel deeper and ponder for a poem to write, she become very sensitive to the feelings of others.

  3. I appreciate such a human with responsibility & dignity which is extremely rare in real.
    I'd like to dedicate this to the innocent young people who have killed themselves after being raped.
    The poem at the end asks the victim "How is it over there?", as if there is after-life/reincarnation but..
    According to the book I believe, death means returning to dust, which is empty & sad. Instead, it promises resurrection while the thick-skinned'll be in endless death.

  4. Wow. What a beautiful movie. Great acting n story line. More cerebral than i originally this. It makes one think about the little things in life we take for granted.

  5. Seeing this again like 7 years later and wow. Just as powerful. Soon Jeong-hee was robbed of an Oscar nomination.

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