Poet Donald Hall:  ‘Old Age Is a Ceremony of Losses’

Poet Donald Hall: ‘Old Age Is a Ceremony of Losses’

I had a student way back from his first teaching in Bob Shaye a couple of years ago he called me up and wanted to come and see me with a friend of his and I had no idea that he was a famous singer Roger Waters basis for the Pink Floyd and then came a box for the house I had never seen an iPod before and every Tuesday and Thursday morning I go on the bicycle for 15 minutes and I plug in to ruff Roger you women with hats like the rear ends of pink ducks applauded you my poems these are the women whose husbands I meet on airplanes who close their briefcases and ask what are you in I look in their eyes I tell them I'm in poetry Bob Dylan color Nobel Prize in Literature but his his lyrics are love poems they do not work with our music to me the way into the pawn it's a sound it makes but it's not musical time and what about you you laughing you in the blue jeans not forget your mother who wears hats and that your father who rides airplanes with a briefcase watching his grammar will you ever be old and dumb like her creepy parents not you not you not you not you not you [Applause] at a v8 I'm solitary each season my balance gets worse sometimes I fall old age is a ceremony of losses i watch out the window please to March burns barns and flowers I love throwing no I watch her white landscape – turns pale green dark green yellow and red brown under bare branches until snow falls again whatever the season i watch Saban over 80 years it is change from a working bond to a bond from looking at j-jane Yin was my student you smart she wrote poems later I asked her to dinner which in 1970 always included breakfast one night we spoke of marriage quickly we changed the subject because I was 19 years older and if we married she would be a widow so long for almost 20 years I woke before Jane and brought her coffee in bed now it is April and Jane has been dead for more than two decades now and then especially at night solitude loses its soft power and loneliness takes over I am grateful when solitude returns it's an entertaining email about from dick ruffridge about all the other Donald halls who write books there is one okay so there Donald's halls everywhere I am taking Carol by women and only by women Kendall every day Carol three times a week then Pam the mail doesn't read about little lorries in the denver post office somebody went there and speaking of me and they said oh yeah halls harem in the new book I think I've got a dedicated to four women and the beginning I went from woman a woman because I couldn't stand the notion of a book being married again or settling when one woman ever again I have had other girlfriends and I've had the same girlfriend now for whole maybe seventeen years in the role she knows Linda knows that Jane is the love of my life but he is remarkably without jealousy I don't believe that a day has gone by in 22 years when I have not thought of Jane I went to the grave about four times a day and talked to her my companion was her absence [Applause] earlier this year I grieve for her in a way I had never grieved before I was sick and thought I was dying every day of her dying I stayed by her side a year and a half it was miserable that James had died so young and it was redemptive that I could be with her every hour of every day last January I grieved then this time that you would not sit beside me as I died you

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  1. RIP to an American treasure. I first saw him in Ken Burns’ Baseball as a 15 year old kid in 1994. His writing was beautiful. Seeing him look like Albus Dumbledore before his death seems fitting because he always had a wisdom that belied age.

  2. The sadness of this … sometimes I think it's the saddest thing I've ever seen. Sometimes I think it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

  3. as i light the candle
    to the north
    behind the glaze of breath
    upon the window pane
    beneath blackwatchcap
    his longlost face startles
    is it me or he who's changed

  4. Beautifully put — '' old age is a ceremony of loses ''… missed opportunities, regrets, mistakes, what might have been…

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  7. Life….and its inevitable companion, death. All of us, including animals, come alone and go alone to and from this world. As such, the very nature of life and death is lonliness. We try to deny this immutable law of nature by surrounding ourselves with people(family, friends, relatives etc) and even pets, and try to keep ourselves busy with frivolous matters and events. But in the end, everyone of us, King or a hobo on the street, is confronted with this reality. Only by understanding the nature of our existence(that it is brief, painful and lonely), can we appreciate the life given to us more…

  8. I can only think that, were it not for her death at a relatively young age, she'd have left him. So, he is left with with sweet remembrance of love lost instead of love lost to betrayal.

  9. The moral of this film for me: Love and appreciate the special people in your life..for one day they won't be here..and all you will be left with are memories. 😞

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