Plants, Pets, Art, and Wooden Furniture on Hoàng Hoa Thám Street – VIETNAM WALK

Plants, Pets, Art, and Wooden Furniture on Hoàng Hoa Thám Street – VIETNAM WALK

Hey good afternoon everybody, it’s Cory here. I am coming to you from Hoang Hoa Tham street in Hanoi, Vietnam. This is a place I wanted to show you guys. If you follow my Instagram, I took a picture of a bunch of shops that were selling furniture, and that’s why I wanted to show you this street. Because this street has a ton of furniture, and it also has a lot of greenery. Like nurseries and stuff like that. As you can see, they’re selling lots of different flowers, and herbs, and all kinds of house-hold plants, and whatever. There’s also a lot of bird cages, fish tanks, all kinds of stuff down this street. This street is real pretty, it’s lined by a lot of trees, so there’s a canopy. And a lot of shade and a lot of cool fresh air. So let’s go walk down, and see what it looks like. So you’ll see a lot of vendors selling greenery stuff. People just pull up on mopeds, buy a tree, put it on the moped, and then go home. Wow, just stepping onto this street, it’s already 5 degrees cooler. Nice, lush trees. If you look around, there’s some stuff related to gardening. So there’s a lot of flower pots and soil and stuff like that. I need to get some of these for my house. There’s also a lot of art, like traditional kind of stuff. Stuff related to altars. You can see some of the fish tanks here. So Hanoi, like many older Asian cities, has a lot of areas focused primarily on one or two kinds of things. Like if you wanted to buy a sofa, then you’d go to the street where all the sofas are. If you wanted to buy electronics, you go to the street where all the electronics are. From what I’ve read, this place is mainly fish and pets and art (and plants). And maybe within the last decade or two, that’s when the furniture stuff started coming along. Hi puppy! This is all hand-carved furniture. All the wood here is hand-carved and very beautiful. This looks like some type of pots… flower pots. Across the street, you can see art. Paintings… there’s some galleries around here too. Here’s a shop that sells like jade and other kinds of carved/polished things. I wish you guys could smell what I’m smelling. There’s a lot of flowers. And you could feel what I’m feeling. There’s a very nice cool breeze coming right down this corridor. So this street actually runs parallel to my street. I live one street over. And I read that this street was the perimeter of the wall of the old ancient capital. I forget which dynasty. But there was a wall to protect the palace or something like that. And that wall used to be where this street is now. I’m trying not to get hit here. Let’s look at some more greenery. There’s some real beautiful plants, many I’ve never even seen before. Here’s a shop that sells statues. A lot of bird cages here. There’s a lot of ceramics here, too. I heard that it’s imported from Japan and China, but there are a few that are made here near Hanoi, maybe 20 kilometers away, and then it’s brought in to this street area. Here’s some different types of birds, chickens… So for those of you who are concerned about animal rights, as I am, we probably all agree that a lot of these animals probably come from farms. Breeding farms, and that kind of stuff. I don’t support it, I’m never going to buy an animal or pet here, but it is a fact of life here in Vietnam, to see these kinds of things. It’s one of those cultural things, you know? That’s what the people have been doing here for hundreds and hundreds of years. I wish I knew more about regulations and stuff. So what’s also cool, besides stores selling plants, there’s also motorcycles and bicycles that come up and just park on the side of the street selling flowers, chili peppers, and all kinds of other stuff. Woah Looks like a turkey. This street is not super, super long. I mean, it is long, but the section where there’s all this stuff, the bird cages and fish tanks and flowers and stuff, it’s in just one section of this street. It’s not super long, I could walk it in maybe 10 minutes or something (at full pace) Very lush area of Hanoi city. Here’s some birds, and lots of fish. There’s some Beta fish, goldfish… What’s going on here? Ah, it’s different types of organic dried wood, organic shapes. You can make some stuff with that. This is a ceramic shop. Across the street, that’s a bus stop. You can see behind the bus stop, and next to it there’s a lot of plants also being sold. Alright, there are animals here. Poor puppies. OMG they look so cute. I wish I could save you all. So I’m noticing as I walk around and explore Hanoi, that there are a lot of streets that specialize in different things. Very similar to Seoul. Like the other day, I was walking through an area and it was all karaoke, machines and stuff like that. The street was all karaoke. Pretty crazy. Such nice shade. Wow, that guy had a lot of stuff. Ok, maybe I’ll cross the street. Here we go. This is how you do it. You just go, and you don’t stop. Very beautiful. Xin chao. (Hello) There’s all types of functional furniture made from wood, and there’s also more like spiritual-related. Like shrines, altars, and stuff. Or for ceremonies and what not. So you have a variety of different things. All hand-carved. This guy is sanding down this thing. Xin chao (Hello). Looked like a frame for a mirror. You notice, there’s not so much greenery stuff going on over in this area. It’s a lot of regular shops, and furniture. And paintings. And wood carvings. Wow, look at all these stones. They’re polished. Here’s some dried gourds. Tree bark. **Long honking noise** hehehe The honking, some guy is just riding with the horn button pressed the entire time. Crazy. So this tall building here, I think it belongs to a bank or something, oh yeah, Exim Bank. My house is on the other side of it. We’re very close to home. There’s actually a side street up here on the left that cuts through the neighborhood and goes right behind my building. So it’s a nice short cut. I’m going to cross the street again. Alright, now’s my chance. There are some shops up here I definitely wanted to show you. They do automotive repair, for mopeds, and they also customize. These are exhaust pipes and mufflers. Some shocks. I think this is one of the few Walking videos I’ve ever done where I just walked a straight line. I didn’t go down any alleys or get lost. Lots of traffic. Ok, so if I keep going straight, there’s going to be more furniture shops on the right side. On the left is just normal shops and restaurants. So that’s pretty much the end of it. And I took my Instagram photo from up ahead. So what I’m going to do is actually I’m going to take that little back alley and I’m going to go home. I’ll show you guys what that looks like. So this is it right here. If I just follow this along, it goes right to my home area. Notice the difference, how loud it is in the street and as soon as you step away into these side streets it’s just so quiet. Wow, look at that. I’ve only been down back here one time. So I have to hopefully remember that I’m walking in the right direction. Here we go, if you saw my other walking video, balconies so close to each other. They’re literally touching in some places. Oh… Can I go this way? Cảm ơn (thank you) So actually my apartment is not this white one, but the one next to it. And they’re building a road. This is what this canal looks like. Eventually they’re going to dredge this out and cover it and turn this into a road. So this will all be a road at some point. Right now, it looks like they’re dredging. Or setting up, getting ready to dredge. Not the nicest thing to see near your house. But I’m glad they’re actually doing something about it, so it’s just going to take some time. Alright guys, thanks for watching, leave any comments or questions down below. This was just a quick little walk around video for you guys, from here in Hanoi, Vietnam. Thank you for watching, give this video a Thumbs Up, please Subscribe, check me out on Patreon, all that other stuff. And I’ll see you guys later. Bye!

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  25. If you're buying woodwork to bring back to the US, think twice. Unless you live in a very humid climate, the woodwork will crack because it's going from a humid climate to a dry climate. I bought an ornate box with chopsticks made out of wood. By the time it got back to California, the wood have already started cracking.

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