Pikachu Pokemon – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Pikachu Pokemon – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay Tutorial. Today we will create the Pokemon Pikachu, because I got a few requests to create it. I also wanted to thank you for all your support in 2016. It had been an incredible year for me on YouTube. Don’t miss the end of this tutorial, because I will make a raffle and you can actually win this Pikachu! Before we start, let’s have a quick look at Pokemon Go. This is a great 3D model. It’s a reference for our clay figure. Let’s get started with some yellow clay. Try to get the body into shape and prepare the part where the feet will be attached. After that I start modelling the head and, well I’m using my modelling tool for this sharp edge, right under the head. This will be the nose and you can use the pointing tool for the areas where the eyes will be, The Pikachu’s eyes are black with tiny white dots. So, we just create the black area for the eye. Just place it right into position and after that I’m just using my pointing tool, to get a smooth surface. These are the white dots. And of course the nose. Just place a tiny bit of black clay into it. And the mouth. Well I try to emphasize that by using a very thin ‘worm’ of black clay. You can also use a black pen, after hardening in the oven. The face is almost finished. All we have to do is just mixing some clay for the cheeks. I’m using orange, a bit of pink and white, to get this kind of colour. Cheek colour. And just place the clay on the face, so this is pretty simple. Now we will focus on the arms. They are really easy to create. Just slice this piece into two, attach it to the body and use the modelling tool for the fingers. Very easy, but looks quite nice. While I’m creating the ears for this Pikachu, let’s bring back the pole. Please participate and let me know which Pokemon should be next on my channel. I’m attaching the ears to the face and maybe if you want a bigger Pikachu you should use some wire to get a stable structure for the ears. These are two different kinds of brown I was mixing. Just place it on the back of Pikachu. Well, this is a very thin ‘worm’ of darker brown. Just place it as an outline around lighter brown pieces of clay, And the back is almost finished. What’s missing? The tail! The characteristic Pikachu tail is missing! I’m using the blade of my former scalpel to get this tail into shape. Just working on some details. I will leave that tail right on the plate because then I can easily put it into the oven for hardening. Just adding some more details to that. A very good YouTube friend of mine Niz’ bunte Bastelwelt got really sick over Christmas and she had to spend Christmas Eve in hospital. That really sucks. So, Niz’, these are just some greetings for you. I hope you’re getting better very soon, so that we can do some more collaborations in this new year 2017. Meanwhile, I’m attaching the feet to this Pikachu and I’m sharpening them, because I thought these are too big. And then we are almost ready to go into the oven! Wohoo, here we go! Freshly baked Pikachu! All we have to do, all that is left is just glue the tail to the body. I’m using a very strong superglue for that. And I guess, well you can add some transparent polish to the eyes, for shiny details. And then I guess… that’s it! Now that this tutorial is over, you can win this Pikachu. All you have to do is just add me on snapchat and tell me what you want to see on this channel in 2017. For those of you who have seen my previous tutorial, you know that this isn’t the real Pikachu. It’s Ditto. OK, I guess that’s it. Thanks for watching and I hope to see you next time. Bye! It’s Ditto again!

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  1. I am so sorry you are already made a Pikachu I accommodated for you to make a nether Pikachu

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