Pfeifen rauchen - ASHTON - ARTISAN’S BLEND - Pfeifentabak Review (Engl. Subtitles)

Pfeifen rauchen – ASHTON – ARTISAN’S BLEND – Pfeifentabak Review (Engl. Subtitles)

Hello and welcome to a new video of mine and welcome to my channel Today we got a new pipe tobacco review and we are looking at a tobacco which is more for the friends of dark tastes and very full-bodied tobaccos The Ashton "Artisan's Blend" Have fun At first, like always on my channel What do i smoke, what do i drink? I smoke, pretty obvious, the tobacco we gonna talk about today The Ashton "Artisan's Blend" Filled in my, and i really have to get another one of those and i really have to get another one of those I just really like those pipes truly amazing Savinelli 305 "Tortuga" You know her by now more than happy with it fairly quick smoke great craftsmanship smokes perfectly well I use it with an adapter Great, really really good Today i drink something from a local brewery, a brewery that also produces non-alcoholic beverages It is a Sieber's Sieber's apple/rhubarb-spritzer I usually don't like premixed drinks I usually don't like premixed drinks do that yourself but their spritzers from Sieber's they are amazing, great ingridients, world-class water Nothing comes close in the summer except a beer but when it comes to non-alcoholic Sieber's really good accompanied by we got a rum cheers! Haven't had that one in a while It is the The Zacapa not much left of it world-class rum even for some beginners definitely very drinkable If you want to see the rum-tasting linked up here So, before we get to the review a little shoutout pretty hot in here to Angello He has been a subscriber for quite some time now since the beginning and he got his own channel now also about pipes and just started his journey got his first 4 videos up I just want to give him a shoutout because he's a great guy a really nice fella very entertaining videos more the calm type of pipe videos a blast to watch them like i said he gets a shoutout he is doing a great job his channel is linked up here show him some love just take a look he will appreciate it subscribe to him would make me happy too So, let's start with the review How does it smell? the Ashton "Artisan's Blend" Yes, little latakia bomb can't get enough of it very much, yes, campfire in it a little touch of earth smells spicy and a bit sweet in the background that's what I can smell What are the ingridients of the tobacco or in the mixture latakia, not too little pretty good amount, virginia, kentucky, black cavendish and perique What cut? It is a mixture with coarse cut, with ribbon cuts, if you are a beginner and you don't understand those terms "what is Natale talking about?" I did a video about it, one of my first videos I talked about those about the different cuts if you're interested also linked up here watch it, if you're interested and here you get an image of the tobacco The tobacco is smokeable from the tin pretty neat if you want to smoke immediately, but you can't let it sit in its tin for long you should have some sort of container ready to transfer it because it can dry out quickly, if it's already smokeable from the tin brings me back to the mason jars no problem with those, airtight let's get to the taste of it For me, a tobacco which just fully matches my taste Jackpot! Just amazing Full-bodied really sits and stays on your tongue It is smoky, latakia-smoky it is earthy from the kentuckies which also add a bit smokiness Well spiced a slight sour note from the perique and black cavendish and in the finish a light sweetness not a light tobacco as mentioned, very dark, very rich very full-bodied Again just matches my taste perfectly that is a really good tobacco at least for my personal taste In terms of strenght it's medium very well smokeable perfect all-day-smoke not too heavy, not too light In terms of burn perfect, even while smoking it a bit hot stays calm in the pipe, doesn't get too hot really fun to smoke sweet-tempered tobacco So, to conclude A great blend For everyone liking full-bodied and dark For everyone liking a smoky taste perfect blend latakia, kentucky already making it very rich and the rest just refines it for me a really good blend gets into a mason jar for a reason That's it I wish you guys a good day a good evening and a good night Whatever it might be Stay healthy take care of yourselfs See you soon in the next video greetings from the Allgäu

10 thoughts on “Pfeifen rauchen – ASHTON – ARTISAN’S BLEND – Pfeifentabak Review (Engl. Subtitles)

  1. Hallo Natale, erst einmal vielen Dank für Deinen Kanal. Deine Videos sind nicht nur informativ und hilfreich, sondern auch sehr unterhaltsam! Also nochmal danke dafür. Nur ein Thema habe ich nicht gefunden wenn es um die Aufbewahrung von Tabak geht: Das Einfrieren. Ich habe nun gerade seit 25 Jahren wieder die Pfeife in die Hand genommen und meine Liebe wiederentdeckt….und friere meine Tabake ein. Vielleicht kannst Du Dich einmal dazu äußern? Fänd' ich klasse! Danke Dir im Voraus und genieße die heißen Tage…Grüße, Dietmar

  2. Hallo Natale, das klingt ja nach einem recht interessanten Kraut. Mal sehen, vielleicht kommt der mir auch Mal ins Haus bzw. In die Pfeife😁. Ich hab gerade den MB The Solent Mixture im Rauchgerät, hast den auch schon probiert?

  3. Mensch Natale 😃 jetzt hast du mich eiskalt erwischt 👍 ich guck hier grade und plötzlich fällt mein Name 😃 was soll ich sagen, danke dir! Mit solch lieben Worten hätte ich nicht gerechnet! Dir möchte ich aber auch gratulieren zu deinem Kanal… worauf ich am meisten stehe sind Deine Tabak und Rum Reviews! Ich liebe Rum! Mach weiter so 👍 grandios! LG Angelo und nochmal riesiges Dankeschön! 🤗

  4. Hi Natale,
    Danke für das tolle Review. Freu mich immer was neues zu sehen.
    Ich war am Wochenende bei nem alten Freund in Kißlegg und was hatte er mir zum probieren angeboten….?
    Ne Lemon Soda die du vorgestellt hattet. Damit hätte ich nie gerechnet.
    Cooler Zufall.
    Das Zeug schmeckt echt total lecker.
    Liebe Grüße

  5. Latakia mit Kentucky hört sich interessant an. Hab ich so noch nicht geraucht. Ich steh ja voll auf den Scottish Cake mit Kentucky…

  6. Jawohl, das verstehe ich unter Latakia. Einer meiner zig😂 Favoriten. Das der Dir gefällt wusste ich😉. Grüße

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