PEWDIEPIE (100,000,000 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS !!) | Draw My Life

PEWDIEPIE (100,000,000 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS !!) | Draw My Life

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known as
PewDiePie, is a Swedish comedian, gamer and youtuber. He was born on October 24th 1989 in Gothemburg,
Sweden. His parents are Ulf Cristian Kjellberg and
Lotta Kristine Johanna, both workers of big companies, and he has a sister called Fanny. After finishing High School, he enrolled in
Economics at University, but he dropped it in 2011, making is parents very upset. In order to make a living, he started selling
hot dogs, while he recorded videos for Youtube. In the beginning, his nickname was PewDie,
after mixing the word “pew” (the sound of lasers) and the word “die”. Later on, he added the “pie”, his favorite
dessert, after forgetting the password of his original account and being forced to create
a new one. Since he was a little kid, he had always been
interested on videogames, so he started uploading “Let’s Play” videos. They consist on documenting the playthrough
of a video game, while including comments, and the camera view of the face of the gamer
to observe his expressions. The first videos were of Amnesia, a horror
game, where his exaggerated and fun reactions started to become famous. His channel grew at a very fast pace, and
he started making a name for himself in the gamer and youtuber communities. But at the same time, he also started getting
bad reviews because of some of his jokes. Realizing about this, PewDiePie decided to
moderate what he said and create cleaner content. The name of subscribers kept increasing, rapidly,
and in only 2 years he had already reached the 6 million followers. In July 2013, he surpassed the US subscriber
Jenna Marbles and the channel Smosh, becoming the Youtube account with a bigger number of
followers at the moment. He got one subscriber every second. His peculiar humor started calling the attention
of the media, and he was invited to several shows in the US. He also won several awards, like the “Starcount
Social Stars Awards” in May 2013 or the “Best Gaming Series” of the Streamy Awards in 2014. He started to diversify his content, and apart
from videogames, he also started talking about current news, memes and things about his personal
life, always from his ironic point of view. His followers are called Bro Army, and in
many of his videos he performs a “brofist”, a gesture that consists on hitting fists together,
and has become part of his personal brand. A clear example of his humor was the campaign
he started in 2013 to get a follow on Twitter by Taylor Swift, mentioning her in different
tweets where he tried to provoke her reaction. The campaign finished two years later, when
the singer finally followed PewDiePie. But obviously, he didn’t take everything as
a joke: he is also famous for promoting fundraisers for different charitable causes. In 2014, he won the Gaming Prize King of the
World, and he decided to donate the money to the World Wide Fund for Nature. On September 6th 2015, his channel became
the first one to reach more than 10 thousand million plays. As a result of his unstoppable fame, he had
the opportunity to release two video games for iOS and Android: Legend of the Brofist
and PewDiePie Tuber Simulator. They were both very successful, making it
to the top of the downloads list on the days they were released. He has also published a book called “This
Book Loves You”, based on his naughty humor and where he includes a collection of 160
phrases to laugh at life, failure and hearbreaks. From August 2013 he kept the record of biggest
number of subscribers, until March 2019, when he was surpassed by the indian channel T-Series. Back then, they both had 90 millions of followers,
and they started a war against each other, to see which of the two would be the first
one to reach the 100. However, PewDiePie was stuck, and his growth
was slower than expected. Until this summer, when he started playing
Minecraft again, and doubled the number of subscribers and views. However this wasn’t enough to surpass his
rival, and they reached the record in June. But it wouldn’t take him long to become the
first individual youtuber to ever surpass this amazing number, this passed August 24th. Also, it was a very special week for him,
as he married the youtuber Marzia Bisognin – he shared this moment with all his followers
in an emotional video. PewDiePie is such an idol, and he has probably
written part of the history of Youtube. He has become one of the 100 most influential
people in the world according to the magazine Time. His income is higher than 15 million dollars
per year. From TikTak, we just hope we can keep laughing
with him for a long long time!

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  1. im a spanish gamer but I dont show it but im going to say spanish words now….

    Hey ya hablo español! que estas haciendo HOHOHO

  2. I ♥️ t series . Cause im from india . I do not like like pewdiepie becaus he will cuss a lot . Im not being mean to pewdiepie ok. I love to listen to songs that t series has.🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶

  3. Ya pewdiepie will ein obviously i really hated the t series cause t series sometime use sobs bot and hack other channels go pewdiepie your the best fck t series goooo!!!! Pewdieppie!!!!

  4. 100,000,000 million subscribers would be 100,000,000,000,000,00. I think it'll be a while until he hits that many subs lmao

  5. Why do you say ö like o its not the same thing!!!! Why must all say swedish letters wrong!! You, zombiesmt and idk who the hell says wrong zombie call him self zömbie

    Edit: im not a hater i was a little bit angry love ya🤗

  6. I just subscribed to you u always make my day when I have nothing to do I watch your vids soon you will have one million subscriber's just keep up the good work!

  7. Ya’ll Might DESROY ME but I never knew him or watched him……..😐 I heard of the name so I thought he was a rapper or Something…PLEASE DON’T COME AT ME IM NOT A HATER!!!’

  8. I LOVE PEWDIEPIE ♥️❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💟💝💖💘💗💓💞💕🏵💐🌷🌹🌺🌸🌼🌻🌈✨🌟⭐️💫💎💠🎀🎁😻😍🥰😘💌

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