Periods of English  Literature | Online Education | Paradigm Change

Periods of English Literature | Online Education | Paradigm Change

it's my pleasure to welcome you everybody to our regular session of paradigm change our today's topic is carriers in English literature I mean divisions of English periods in English literature historians have divided the progression or sequence of English literature into segments of time and these are called periods well the names and dates of these barriers may vary what sequence I am giving the sequence I'm telling following MH Abrams a glossary of literary terms is widespread the shorter ages I have collected from other sources first Old English period of an anglo-saxon period that duration is 450 to 1066 second Middle English period what duration is 1066 to 1500 further the Renaissance period or renascence our duration is 1500 to 1660 forth the neoclassical period of a duration is 1662 1785 fifth the Romantic period of a duration is 1785 to 1836 the Victorian period what delusion is 1832 to 1901 seventh the Edwardian period of adoration is 1901 to 1914 eighth the Georgian period of adoration is 1910 to 1930 6/9 the modern period duration is 1914 to 1949 of all the ending isn't mentioned in Abrams glossary tense the postmodern period or post-modernism only starting time is found in the authentic sources and that is 1945 what was some historians think that the postmodern period has been started from 1939 and is still ongoing there are some short or ages in English literature within these greater ages first by anglo-norman period but duration is 1066 to 1340 second why a job Djoser modulation is 1342 1,400 firm dark period that duration is 1400 to 1500 Alerus most significant literary creation in any genre is developed within this 100 years forth is a different period 1558 to 1603 v Jacobean period 1603 to 1625 6th Caroline period of a duration is 1625 to 1649 7th Commonwealth period 1649 to 1660 8th the restoration period but duration is 1660 to 1700 9th well August own period or the age of poll well duration is 1700 to 1745 10th by am sensibility over a job Johnson but duration is 1745 to 1785 11th the pre-raphaelites / duration is 1848 to 1816 12 s tourism and decadence of adulation is 1880 to 1900 and 1 4/10 the Edwardian period for duration is 1900 and 1 to 1910 for teams but Georgian period about duration is 1910 to 1936 well the in Wardian period alga Georgian period has been given in the greater period fest these pairs of these period are much Elsa as our greater barriers their duration is comparatively little it's multiple weather in Wardian period and Georgian period dates and times differ from the information given previously suffice it to say that is the culmination of the worlds of different historians now pay attention to the shorter ages of Middle English period I'd like to make it something different in the Middle English period there are two shorter ages first Admiral Norman period second or an age of Chaucer of an annual moment period about duration is 1066 to 1440 and the age of Joseph duration is 1342 1400 now give a deep year to travel ages of Renaissance period first it is a different period second Jacobean period of them Caroline period and then Commonwealth period first is a different period of duration is 1558 to 1603 Jacobean period generation is 1603 to 1625 Caroline period of a generation is 1625 to 1649 Commonwealth period adulation is 1649 to 1660 now pay heed to the former ages of new Classical period number one the restoration period the duration is 1660 to 1700 overall Gaston age or the age of Pope the duration is 1700 to 1745 number three over-aged of sensibility or the age of johnson duration is 1745 to 17 now I would like to draw your kind attention to the shorter ages of Victorian period first la pierre a place but a duration is 1848 to 1860 ii asceticism and decadence our duration is 1880 to 1900 and one finally notice the shorter ages of modern period first the Edwardian period that duration is 1901 to 1910 a second of our Georgian period the duration is 1919 to 1946 I would like to express my appreciation once again to watch the video thank you very much you

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