Pepsi Max: The Art of Football -- Behind the scenes #FutbolNow

Pepsi Max: The Art of Football — Behind the scenes #FutbolNow

so what drew me to this campaign with FC was working with the best football players in the world and some of the coolest música meets like the first impression our oppisite in a way I'm excited to have the artist paint on the photographs I'm its retard Barney one my city when I born heavy amendment graphics illustrate I'm anxious to get the result and to see and I take you be beautiful Michailidis capability a particular substrate for more journey casa para follow me thus producing means the most part about working with tanning tonight tombliboo some of the stuffing on some of the people and athletes that is what within the power sighs good experience for me working with all these other artists have been incredible to see how everyone else works and the different styles we're working with the same brand we're working in the same team of truthful it's interesting to see how everyone's interpreted the project like a movie a movie I never collaborate with a photographer but it's really interesting to see how he got to catch that energy about the hero you know for me the idea of living for now has to do with life experience and I love people and I love art and I love football so it's like a perfect win-win situation for me you

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