48 thoughts on “People Drawing their Fears for 8 Minutes Straight | TikTok Art Compilation #7

  1. My fears : Being embarassed infront of my teacher that teaches my fav subject and i'm scared to jellydrinks

  2. My fear is heights and a dream I had. It was my birthday and someone in my family wanted to get me a present, they got into a car crash they died and the family thought it was my fault and hated me forever……

  3. The only fear I have is drowning, you struggle to get up for air but you eventually become to weak to struggle back up for air. And you sink to the bottom trying as hard as you can to hold your breath and not let the water in

  4. I am scared of pain. It sort of explains a bit once you think about it, Like when pain comes- what the pain is coming from- not just physically but mentally, too like the pain from being scared a worried (You should get it now?)

  5. I have this fear called I'mscaredofthistiktoksongmorethananythingphobia
    It's a really serious fear and I believe that they should have draw it

  6. My fears are

    : Anxiety
    : watching myself die and who killed me sees me and waves
    :being alone till I die
    : going to the insane asylum
    : my friends all die
    :U dying 🙂

  7. i have trypaphobia and i cried when the did it i was breathing sooooo fast i had to take a break from the vid

  8. My fears:
    Alone in my room
    Dark room
    Some monster breaking in my room
    Aliens in my room
    Me dead

  9. I’m scared of
    • vomiting
    •leaving my house
    •things in the dark
    •being abandoned
    And I have thalassophobia ( the fear of not being able to see what in the water under me)

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