Pencil Shading LIVE! Drawing a hand - Art Chat -  Lachri

Pencil Shading LIVE! Drawing a hand – Art Chat – Lachri

I am nearly certain for getting something major and I haven't figured out what it is yet it's concerning let's see if we've got audio and just updated there's like I don't know a really long delay so it'll take me a minute to find out if it's all working let's see here oh here we go I hear me okay I don't want to hear me anymore that was enough okay here we go so with this one this is a long long drawing tons and tons and tons of detail as you can see I'm going to be started on our hand one thing I do want to mention to you guys though and I put a link in it should be actually did I put a link let's find out then I put it in the video description I meant to if not hold on let's see before I get all excited good I did so I put a link for this in the video description if you've watched some of my way older graphite tutorials and it's been years since I I've really used it but when I use the mechanical pencil I use the a in 4b LED so that is this one just so you can see what the packaging looks like I used this for years it's extremely dark very soft LED I absolutely love it and they just need to use it so I have people regularly message me that they found that a.m. Stein LED it's like an oval and it says sign inside the oval not the same that stuff is almost like I don't know a 2h or something like that like it is not it doesn't feel like working with the high polymer the high polymer is going to be a really really soft LED it's gonna get really dark and it's so good for the little details like and it's not that you have to have him a chemical pencil you can certainly do the same kind of detail with a normal one it's just that I don't have to sharpen pencil when I'm using these so I wanted I decided I was going to go ahead and start using it on the hair again and when these actually got discontinued I bought a lifetime supply like every single one I could find on eBay I bought them all so that's why you guys can't get anything they're all in my art supplies drawer but any I decided about I wanted to use this again I needed to find an alternative for you guys why the heck I did not look for one sooner because obviously this is not the only company in the history of mechanical LEDs that would be good so the first one that I've tried so far where is it do I have it over here I don't see it huh the next one well there's only two B so it looks like I don't if you can see that but this one it's the point five that for the size and it's to be fabric I sell high polymer or they call it super polymer let's so dark when I switch this one out like if I were working with the four be an and switch to this I wouldn't I don't think I've noticed the difference it's that close so there might be a minor difference between there to be and then the a and for B but it is super close definitely recommend this I bought this on my own from Amazon's just just for transparency although I will say one of the sets of pencils I'm using tonight cuz I've got two of the fabric I saw one was given to me by fabric s so one I bought myself so it's not really sponsored other than I'm using supplies they sent me well some supplies they sent me everything else I bought myself that I'm using tonight but anyway um this one I really like I did pick up a couple more than buy a couple I mean three because I can't count that I'm going to be trying theirs on the package I got this one this neox graphite um this one I'm not sure if that's going to be as soft but that one says that it's a 4b I found Pentel which is pen Tellez who makes the and there are like old old packaging that said I think I'm the listing it said yeah hi polymer 4d black lead and I'll try that to make sure it's the same I think that's the same I think this is the old packaging of that unless I don't know I don't know what the company is doing but I did find this which I'm pretty sure is the same and then I found this one the Uni um says high-quality leads it was the back say it doesn't say if its high polymer it's not in English I have no idea what that says um I'm gonna try all these and I will keep you guys updated but I know for certain right now if you are looking for an alternative to when you always hear me talk about the amp or be led the the fabric has still super polymer to be I'm absolutely in love with it so I get to start using mechanical pencil and since I found an alternative guys I'm pretty excited about that okay let me get caught up on some of these questions really quick um I'm not going to be recording tonight so I don't need that let's see oh my gosh Oh punch it mister here we go I think I'm all the way up at the top just gonna scroll down here one second make sure if you have a question use the at lockrey fine art if it doesn't highlight in orange I just don't notice your question that's not that I'm trying to ignore are you I just don't see it yeah oh and it's ro I came to a question and then it's girl bloody says I'm doing a choral piece similar to this a real one but with different corals and an octopus instead of a cat would I be able to sell absolutely so here's the thing that a lot of people misunderstand about copyright and it's not that you can't paint something similar that another artist did if I painted like Lena Dania just had a video that's great about copyright um definitely go watch that but like she is the example if I paint a sunflower like people were like oh my paint of sunflower cuz you painted a sunflower then it's copyright no that's not what she's saying if you you can vote if you're using the same reference photo like if I took my own reference photo of that sunflower and I painted it and you copied my painting that's copyright issue like that's I own the copyright to my painting I own the copyright to my photograph I do not own the copyright to all sunflowers in the history of sunflowers so with you you if you were inspired by one of my pieces and you changed it though you put an octopus instead of a cat you use different corals that is 100 on you it's obviously inspired by me but it's still your piece in that case because you weren't using my reference photos you weren't using you know just coffee and straight from my artwork so with that you're totally okay I'm assuming you have rights to use those coral photos which I'm gonna go ahead and guess you did so you know another thing it gets a little tricky with so many of us who are using pixabay and I'm trying to make pics of a wildlife reference photos if you bought photos from Jason Morgan has a lot of great photos or even like my patreon photos you're using that a whole bunch of artists are going to use the same reference photo so it's not like all first person to draw copyright on that if we all draw the same wolf we're using the same reference that's not a violation of copyright now copying someone's painting of that wolf of that photo that ends up you know you start getting money but cop using the same reference photo you will have a lot of people doing the same thing so I recommend when we're all using the same reference photo try to make it unique to try to make it your own just for the sake of why paint the same thing everyone else is doing I say that is I'm pretty much copying my reference photo exact on this you know sometimes you want to copy things exact but anyway I hope that clears that up copyright gets a little confusing I know but ya know you absolutely would be able to sell it as long as you have have rights to use the photos that you're working from Elaine said thank you for trying to find a new mechanical pencil in I'm using mechanical pencils but I have this best knife yeah the sign they're like they're scratchy they're hard they feel like the H pencils um not not fan do you not recommend I mean you can use them that's not gonna hurt anything it's just not gonna get you the same results so I I'm thinking I may pick up with a fabric austell a few more of their different leads so I have what may be something in the H range of two or a four H I haven't even looked to see what else available but something around there and use those when I do detail like that it would just make things so much easier Laura said it was hard was it hard to change from a flat table to an upright easel for working in pencil yeah it was a bit weird at first if but I'm talking about maybe a week two weeks max and you I did it just quickly but it felt really weird at first now it feels more weird for me to draw flat so well I should rephrase that it feels more weird for me to do the shading flat when I draw when I freehand I'm still not comfortable free-handing upright I have to go flat so um that I never really got used to like the actual freehand stuff I'm sure I could I just never did let's see Laurence and I'm drawing prim from th G I don't know what th G is why isn't I made Hunger Games I think it's that I'm your guest I figure it out I'm in Pauly's prison was enter with colors of pencils and wanted have you had any tips for drawing more realistic more drawing elaborate breaks yes like I did here break it down into long little square inch that's the only square inch you're working on on that break don't try to do all her hair at once it is not gonna come out looking right just one little thing in your car it's all like dark it's all where your shadows where your highlights that's all it is don't look at it as I'm drawing hair because we need you doesn't usually come out looking like hair it comes out looking like zombie hair we're all stringy look at your shapes and your shadows that's really what you want to focus on when you're drawing any type of hair thanks crystal Christy said hello I'm glad to get to hang out with everyone for a bit it's 11:00 a.m. on Thursday here I'm usually at my day job oh my gosh you're from the future you're kind of magical to me right now okay let's work so what I'm doing I'm gonna first cut my pieces last speed up so I can rest my nap this is actually gonna be weird I don't need this yet change my mind cuz that never happens non-stop so what I'm gonna do I am using graphite powder all over me I'm using graphite powder this one is the generals the one that I have linked in the video description is something that's another brand but it should all work the same this one they no longer make that this is going to last me probably the rest of my life so this should be the same though so what I'm going to do this is a soft tool Esso FFT this is the stuff that you usually will see me use with either pan pastels or with powder blender it's intended I think from I think it's is it the same people Nick might know who made pen pastels um that is what I'm going to use I've just got a little bit on there not much I want to test it here I'm gonna get my base shadows and on her arm here because she's really very pale I could do this with the graphite pencil but this saves a lot of time and I'm just gonna get a base on here I'll come back over with my pencils now the photo if you saw my thumbnail for this the photo in the thumbnail I think looks way darker than the artwork does because it looked like in that photo her shoulder was super super dark it's not that dark so my white balance was clearly off on that photo and I was just too lazy to fix it it happens I need a little bit more oh thank you a claret crystal okay so all I'm doing I used to do this whole elaborate thing with graphite powder where I poured into another container and then I'm no I don't even do that anymore I just dab my little soft hole into this and then I use the lid of the container and just kind of tap some of that off rub it on on to that thing I've found I can simplify that a lot the way that I used to do that made it kind of a pain so like now that I've reloaded it look how dark that is I don't want to go straight once I've dabbed that into graphite powder on to the artwork cuz I'll it'll make a mess so I'm gonna rub most of that off onto my my paper now this paper is just cut off of a different paper not this it's the same type though the same Fabriano just ago so it's good for testing things you guys talking about how hot it is is so funny to me although I guess I have air conditioner so it's not as bad but I live in Texas it's really hot and humid oops that's too dark so what I'm going to do when that happens use my kneaded eraser I can just pull some of that up this is the great thing too about using the graphite powder is it erases really clean like I could erase that all the way if I needed to just I want to make sure I can still see the lines where her fingers go just don't have to redraw everything what is any oh those are highlights of something back there I don't need to worry about that this all needs to be darker you just smudge over that too okay so that gives me a base to start on some areas I may want a little bit lighter but for the most part I'm gonna go darker from here so I can put that away Christy said if Kirstie sorry said if anyone lives in Australia you can still currently get the General's powder from art to art it's a physical and online store well that's cool especially for Australia because I think more often than that I hear complaints like it takes forever for you guys to get stuff so that's really cool you guys have a bit of a bonus there but the crew has it create colour creative colors and like that it really should be I probably should buy one just to double check but it it should be the same there really should be no difference in graphite powders I'd be shocked if there was okay so let's go ahead I'm gonna jump to my 4-h pencil and I'm gonna start shading the underside here I'm gonna do this in little ovals now I know this is going to need to be a way darker but I don't want to jump to my darkest darks if I do I end up with results that are really grainy and gritty so we're just gonna start lightly shading that in now this is all gonna be broken up – it's gonna look really weird for tonight just because it's gonna it doesn't have the little grassy blades that are gonna go in front of her arm so that will break a lot of this up and the nice thing when you have something like that like the blades of grass if I completely screw something up like I was worried that a few nights ago or like a week ago two weeks ago I don't know I can't tell time uh my chicken our chicken my shoulder chicken he broke a blood feather and I had to bring him in here to watch him to make sure it wasn't leading and I have spots I keep finding little chicken blood spots on different mostly over by my desk but I was worried it was gonna get on this um and that was super tiny let's say that did happen I would cuz I'm not selling this once it really matters what is archival that sounds really disturbing but I um I could throw a blade of grass in front of it blades of grass great way to fix things if you've got something that you can throw in front of it like if I'm doing a marine scene and I screw something up there suddenly will be an extra fish or a bubble there so you want to learn fun little tricks like that to hide things and in this case I don't have to be perfectly smooth I don't have to be perfect on anything has this is going to be covered by a lot of grass but I need to get this in there first I think this 4-h may be a little too hard I'm gonna switch to the 2h whoops oh no I don't want to speakers why are you doing this go away go away thanks crystal Laura said I have graphite powder but I'm always scared to use it do you only use it for the first layer no I actually quite a few times if you if you're on patreon you this one is if the hair is available to you now if not this will end up being on YouTube just yeah but the hair I went back and forth where I did it did things with the graphite powder then went back through with the pencils then back through and toned it all down with the graphite powder I went back and forth quite a bit so no you can use it for later layers where you really want to soften things or if it's something where I realize I need this whole section to be darker graphite powder can do that for you PZ cherokee suits and I see why you don't like charcoal now I accidentally got charcoal powder instead of graphite powder and everything it touches charcoal on it now it's getting all over my apartment oh no I'm not tried the charcoal powder although even this I've got graphite powder on my finger now just from five minutes of sitting here oh because it's been 15 um Chrissy said Australia's Australians miss out on so many I can't see things let's turn this a little miss out on so many supplies at the US and UK can get or they are so expensive I'm glad when we can win with at least one product for you to only you do you have really cool animals so that kind of makes it for everything in my world Tom said Lisa when I'm outdoors painting a landscape sometimes I have trouble determining what color an object is especially things in the distance any advice so don't worry so much about color color is not it's not going to be perfect you don't need it to be perfect it generally colors in the distance you'll want them to be cooler a little bit more blues you know stuff like that it'll make it Purple's well make it feel like it's farther away you're gonna put usually there are exceptions but usually if you pull your warmer colors up front that helps you to put to get a lot of depth in that so the like the yellow or the you're warmer colors are going to feel like they're closer to the viewer again there are always exceptions I know somebody usually won't be in the live stream it's later on no you're wrong whatever just paint you're with them but the point is you can do that to kind of help you don't don't worry about it being exact get your values or your darks darken with your life lighten up that's really what you want to focus on that's going to make all the difference for you I'm just gonna smudge this in with my shading tool she's got here a shadow that comes through so you can see here my shading tool really dirty and this is why I typically don't well not typically I don't at all I don't recommend cleaning these people will try to clean them or use those sandpaper blocks I think I have one of you somewhere over here these guys people will use to try to sharpen these these don't need to be sharpened there's no reason to sharpen them and then you make them fluffy and fuzzy and they don't blend a smooth and it's a hot mess I use these these sandpaper blocks I use like here you can see I was sharpening a colored pencil but for these I don't try to sharpen these I want them dirty look at how just from previous use I'm able to do some shading and drawing just with this and it comes out really nice and soft so don't feel like these need to be sharp and clean all the time I want them not sharp and not clean I'll have to sharpen up that line here with my pencils because her dress actually that line right between her dress in her arm I need to sharpen that edge um let's see bleating art said my local Hobby Lobby has replaced the liquitex heavy body paint to add more of their own brand acrylic so where can I get professional art supplies unfortunately I'm having to go online more and more I get them from Dick Blick or Jerry's art aroma those are the two online places I generally shot from but it's funny I think that Hobby Lobby Michael's all of these stores I think they're shooting themselves in the foot they're gonna lose the professional artists who are like we don't want your generic crap so I mean I'm fine with generic paintbrushes I use the generic Hobby Lobby paint brushes all the time I have a problem with generic art supplies I don't trust that they're going to I mean you guys heard me make this rant a million times I don't trust that they're high quality I don't trust eat that they're going to be as lightfast as they claim I don't I just don't trust them hand I don't like them I've used them I don't like I'm not a fan they're okay I guess but I wouldn't pay for them I've had students bring them into the class but they are thinking well I can make more money if we make it ourselves yeah you're gonna lose people I mean some newer artists or young artists kids I think they're going to be fine but the what they're not like the big picture just marketing wise with these businesses and are not thinking about and Michael's was just notorious for this I used to run the classroom the one that I worked at back in California and the the district managers would like me there actually violating state law because they weren't putting proper labels on things they were making us make these gift like craft bags for kids it was a mess who's an absolute mess the things they would do and some shady illegal stuff on top of that but they as far as the way they did their sales so um actually I didn't tell you they used to change their labels at least destroyed it worked out they would change their floral arrangements like if they had a big 50% off sale they would raise all the prices the day before that is so illegal you are not allowed to do that and they did it a lot so anyway um these stores a lot of them they're I don't know they they don't think of the big picture so like for a while they had gotten rid of their fine art classes where they weren't doing all the classes that I teach I used to teach there and the month actually the month I moved to Texas was the last life the last month of classes so it actually worked out good I was gonna lose my job anyway but they only they decided they were like it you Wilton take decorating and a few other things okay but if you're not having classes for the other supplies even though the classes themselves don't make you money the art supplies the teacher sell you know because people needed to get their art supplies there that's where the money was made and they they didn't see it that way they're only looking at the numbers that the class like for the class fees that Michaels may not that like oh it's not worth it that's not where you're making them they just don't look at the big picture and it's the same thing with these art supplies now they're looking at it as well the art supply department doesn't make us as much money as where the other stuff that we sell the home decorating whatever all across that so we'll go ahead and just get rid of them and make our own well no if I go into Michael's or somewhere to buy a tube of paint there good chance I'm gonna buy stuff in the rest of their store – like it all is connected and tie-in if that's what brought me in it means I may end up spending an extra fifty dollars just on random stuff in the store well now I'm not even going into your store anymore because you don't carry the things that I need and the stores aren't looking at that which really sucks cuz I would rather buy things locally and but not not a thing now Kelly said I worked a second job for an airline and was so tempted to fly to Alaska this weekend because even Utah was too hot for me I bet Alaska's gorgeous right now – isn't this like the prettiest time of year for them and I wouldn't have blamed you Laura said thanks I'll try out try not opes that's your squirrel too far well that really squirrel too far here we go honey em said I work working on a detailed portrait that has scattered light if there's a colander over the light source it's probably gonna drive me insane so far I love it I bet it's gonna look amazing know when you get the lighting like that oh my gosh those are always the best portraits my tip for you on that though don't be afraid to get the contrast where it needs to be it is so easy to go oh it's kind of a weird pattern it almost looks like leopard print no when it all comes together get that contrast in there it's gonna be amazing like that paper maid said I just received a rejection on a submission for an art exhibition it was a commissioned piece are there still people that don't consider colored pencil and artistic mediums yes absolutely there are ideally I would say try to make your colored pencils look like oil paintings or acrylic paintings I don't want that just my own personal thing that everyone has their own opinion I don't want my colored pencil to look like colored pencil I want it to look like like all my other mediums I work in and it's I mean I've never been rejected for using colored pencil actually one of the places Frisco where I regularly display my artwork at the City Hall they request colored pencil work from because it's more unique like it's not something everybody else is doing so it'll be different but yeah there are definitely some people who do not take colored pencil as serious as I wish they would but I think that's starting to change a lot I know I know of some just phenomenal artists so I can't even say it's that it doesn't look like the other mediums because I no one artist I can't remember which one it was um she had been declined she her work was amazing and she was declined from was it an art gallery something like that because they wanted her using a real medium like oil painting and her work is phenomenal and so there are still definitely a lot of places out there like that that have that attitude I don't know if it's that they don't realize that we're using archival well hopefully we're using archival pencils and materials and that it is going to last don't know if that has something to do with it but it's unfortunately fairly common still but it's also getting more and more common that people like it and accept it so we're kind of in this in-between stage right now I think sorry about the rejection though hopefully they'll learn hopefully more people will keep submitting their work and they'll realize oh this is actually really good Nick said hi Lisa and you here how do how do you develop the patience to work on a picture with so much detail stupid question no it's not a stupid question at all um for me I listen to audiobooks really really helps me and I set little mini goals so I'm not gonna sit and be like I'm gonna try to finish this whole thing in a couple of nights or anything like that oh no I'm gonna get burn out and be like well I'm not gonna get it's gonna look terrible so what's gonna happen but you're you want to set mini goals like tonight my goal is to finish her knee and probably not on the live stream you'll just see the start of working on our live stream in the hammer then you under the live stream but once the live stream is over I'll finish her hand or either that or a colored pencil piece I've got to get done to but I I set goals like this is as far as I need to get tonight and that makes it way way easier or even like goals and what I'm gonna take a break okay I'm gonna work just on here this whole section and then I get to take a break I'm gonna go on a walk I'm gonna do whatever get a snack get some more tea whatever you want to do and then I'm gonna work on this section until that section is done or maybe it would be a smaller section like just that part of the hair but giving yourself these little mini goals I think it makes you feel like you're accomplishing more because if you look at this I've been working on this for weeks and I haven't even started her face I mean there's a lot to go still and that I can definitely oh I remember when that used to frustrating me but now I just said these little mini goals so it's like okay I got something done so that's not the whole piece but I got these little bits done and helps me to ah let's see done what there was one from dona where did it go gonna said have you tried the golden open acrylic paints they are acrylics with longer open time um i'm not tried then but i don't think i want them because if i use acrylics i want them to dry quickly if i want them to dry slowly i spray i use my airbrush to spray water to keep it wet for as long as I need I hope I don't see myself like the concept of it now I'm not using them so I can't say they're but the concept of hell and why they do what they do doesn't appeal to me it's kind of the opposite of what I want acrylics to do so I don't have any serious advice there for you oh you in said I don't care for them but maybe I wasn't doing right yeah I mean they the concept of wood acrylics I want acrylics to drive pretty quickly so that I can get out on my next stage that's one of the reasons if I need to get a lot of work done quickly it will almost always be acrylics that I choose that is I'm I'm more experienced with it so I'm faster at it with that other mediums anyway but acrylics are they're just a fast medium to work in and something that's going to take longer to dry that is not what I'm looking for in an acrylic so if I want it to dry faster I can't you know you've got the hairdryer of course but if I need it to dry slower I just use my airbrush which is always sitting here I just fill it with water and then just missed the area that needs to be kept what I could keep it wet for hours if I need to but I feel it gives me a lot of control and a lot of freedom that way so I've just never really been into and one of my students she gave me years ago I haven't yet and I don't remember the brand and open up her like so I should try it just so that I've experienced it now I've used slow drying mediums which I think makes it work kind of the same so it takes a long longer to dry I hated those absolutely hated them it gummed up the paint it gave it a weird texture like it is not what I want to acrylic paint to use maybe if I painted a different style more impressionistic or I don't know something else maybe then it would be a fit so I'm not gonna say no one would ever like it I did not like it though at all not a fit for how I work and I'm not even certain if open acrylics would be the same as using a slow drying medium for acrylics it what do you guys knows what let me know I've not tried tried to the other um Terry Mills said and doing the edge of her arm are you still using light pressure yeah everything I'm doing here is very very wet I'm not pushing hard at all my fingers are bendy so it looks like I'm pushing harder than I am I'm not that weird fingers Chrissy said how many subscribers would you recommend having on the heat on YouTube before starting a feature on or would you recommend doing a skill share Munem a single course on your own website first so I've never used skill Skillshare it would make any of those um it's it just doesn't seem like a fit I feel like I'd be competing with myself almost which is like if you sign up for patreon you're going to get so much more for me than you would get for the same price or more at one of those things so it feels weird to meet it to do one of those courses they can't is it skill share or I think skill sure just wanted me to advertise for them but I am it just doesn't seem like a fit maybe I'll change my mind in the future but right now not a fit for me you never know with how social media works Facebook I think is about to go down that's a whole other thing I'll come back to anyway if the article I read was correct who knows what that stuff but um patreon pay any of these things well I don't know what new demand skill Sheriff is that like I said I've not done before but with patreon though that's going to work best if you've already got a following I know I've read where people get mad patreon never shares my page it wouldn't matter if they did you're not gonna grow from that people don't grow because they see your page advertised on patreon at all like that is not how this works you've got to bring subscribers or patrons over to patreon so I I had about 20 to 25 thousand when I started and right off the bat I think the first month I was making like an extra $200 so it was worth it already for me to go ahead and put that extra work into it and then the more patrons I got the more it was even worth doing more like I've put so much work into patreon ow way more than when I started but um it I don't think you needed to have that many I would say at least a few thousand to get started because you have to keep in mind patreon takes a lot of work I spend in insane amount of time each week doing a two-hour tutorial or two-hour voiceover so I'm gonna do the art work which works for for Facebook or not Facebook it works for YouTube patron but it's the slower version to do a two-hour voice over on patreon may take me four hours it's a very long process so that on top of like I just went and had to take photos I say how to take it was a blast I love doing it but I got more reference photos this week I just edited half of them there are sea turtles in this Angel Eyes reference photos or patreon this year I'm so excited I can't wait to show you guys but anyway I'm still editing stuff so you know I've got to put the time into editing taking photos than editing photos postcards which I need to order the next matchup but postcards like all of these things take a lot of time so if you're only making let's say $50 a month on patreon right to start or let's say you're only making $10 a month is it worth it probably not wait till you've got enough followers who are going to be interested in your in your tutorials and such and I see a lot of artists try to use patreon as just a donation platform Oh support me by giving me money on patreon but for what I looked at what you offer you're not offering anything anyone's really going to be that interested in so that's the other thing to really think about with patreon and make sure you're doing something you know would you buy would you sign up for it if not then probably other people aren't going to be interested in either so you've got a balance make sure you've got a product that people are going to want to sign up for it but you've got to have that following and I would say a couple of to three thousand to start with at least but even then be careful with what awards or rewards you put in there because you may end up putting more time than it then you're able to make that to make the make it worth it if that makes sense but the more the better I mean I want to say what's Jason Morgan was ten or fifteen thousand subscribers when you start maybe not maybe he was more I don't remember but he didn't have as many many but he right off the bat was doing well to where it was totally worth them doing it so but he had a lot of following on it you don't just have to have followers on Facebook you could just have a Facebook on YouTube you could have a bunch of followers on Facebook and that me if they're interested in tutorials that may transition for you into patreon but you have to send them there it's kind of like oh I've got the advertisement here for prints that lock remixes calm if I don't tell you guys they're there you know people are just gonna go to find out America and that's what that website is they're not going to go to fine art America and find your prints very few people just buy something from me because they were they're like oh this person painted a dolphin and I like it very few the majority of people who buy my prints are because I advertise on on it or told them about it on Facebook or my newsletter or my website or you know they came there because I sent them there not because they were just browsing fine art America and found it in most cases there are always exceptions and patrons very similar you've got to send them there in order to make it work pencils on the floor um I just elbows that I guess I'll be the boys you push those forward but you if you're not sending on there they're not gonna find you it's not that like what was that thing they used to say all this I build it and they will come no that's not how it works build it then market it and then they will come let me pick up the pencils I just threw on the floor glad these aren't Prisma colors I have to put in that jab every single chance I get I'm a jerk um come on these are all out of order dough okay now what fell oh that can stay on the floor wait move it so don't step on it because inevitably that will happen okay let's see but I can't say like this is the number of subscribers you could have shouldn't have you just have to consider are you going to get enough people to sign up to make it worth the time the effort that goes into a lot of time goes into patreon okay next we have Elaine said are the light color whisks in her hair done with the tombow mono erasers yes they are I started my base with my the graphite powder I applied it with my little soft tool sponge and then erase it because anything that you apply with a soft tool or if you applied the graphite with your shading tool those things are race really well let me show you really quick where did I throw the paper if you have papers on the floor too so if I've shaded something let's make this a bit darker or we can even darken it up with this guy when I use the tombow mono eraser things erase really well if you push just barely at all just letting it the edge drag see how thin those lines can be if I push harder I'm gonna get a thick line so it's a lot like using a paintbrush in that sense now if I had let's see let's say I've got that to Abby and I fill that in with a pencil it doesn't erase quite as well I don't want to take the time to really blend that out let's go ahead and soften that with a shading tool so it looks kind of similar it's a little darker but you'll get the point it's not going to erase as nicely it's going to lighten it but not not like what I could get when I use either a shading tool to apply the graphite or graphite powder and when I use the shading tool I'm not using graphite powder on the shading tool that's just because it's dirty from shading other things or I can scribble on another piece of paper and then lift it on to the shady tool and apply it that way Mouse Letty said I was listening to your description of your new house just curious that the master bedroom is your studio and another bedroom your office where does Matt plan to sleep yeah my so the studio is or the the master bedroom is my studio because I need as much room as possible for filming and all of all of this stuff that has to go in there the office is actually an office in the room and then there are three bedroom bedrooms one is where I'll sleep the second is were Matt Leslie he snores so what we're next to each other but not in the same room I can't sleep with that snoring and then the other room will be his computer room and the birds will be in one of those um but I'll also be like some video editing can happen and the second so there's like the second or the third room bedroom no wait that would technically be the fourth bedroom he'll have his computer in and any we can do some some editing and stuff in that room as well so it's almost like having two offices and a studio but yeah he will have a bedroom let's see Rick's artwork said did you see the air and lazes on patreon no I did not that's cool starting artist collective said stop using Facebook at Cambridge analyst are at the Cambridge analytic a scam though they have done nothing since the restore my trust in them be good to hear your alternative so I've got to look into alternatives and I'm not sure what they're gonna be but I think it's time to really seriously start looking the problem that we're having right now is a lot of these bigger social media companies they've got a bit of a monopoly and anytime somebody tries to make a new one they I mean they do a lot to get those new ones shut down so where I don't know how well another will six well do I really wish Google Google+ was still here this would be a good time for them to come back but the Facebook what is it now again I don't know how true this is but an article somebody had written they it was from a page it was from authors they were talking about like you have your business page where you advertise different things and it went through the list of that and Facebook is pushing now groups more than anything else okay they want more of that intimate relationship well most groups aren't like ours where we don't allow people to be jerks and you know talk badly to people most groups are full of people who behave like children um the reef groups I'm in the even the orchid groups or the gardening groups you get people who just behave like flipping children it's insane to me so um I'm not sure why they think that's going to make people happier but they're really pushing the groups thing the problem with that is they're also now saying if somebody in your group posts something that violates Facebook's Terms of Service that they're going you could lose your account like so let's say one of you guys posts nudes or something not nude are like stuff that isn't allowed on Facebook and somebody else tags it Facebook could come after my personal account and just poof I'm gone because of like that's an oversimplified way to that it is there's more into it so I would recommend looking into it a bit more I need to look into what more it was one article I read and had not confirmed if it's true but what Mark Zuckerberg apparently is telling people the way he's planning to do this it doesn't look good at all um somebody else's behavior could cause me to lose my count like why am I even using this and now it's like the way the analytics work if I post something on my Facebook page and then I share it to my personal and share with my friends that haunts my analytics so that Facebook won't share that post with as many other people now if you share it like so I post something on Facebook my facebook page and you share it that boosts my amoled it's just weird in all kinds of I don't know it feels very controlling very like we can't just organically post like that's typically what you would normally reckon just be organic in it you know will usually you know do okay and it's getting to where that's not so much the case I'm really not impressed with with if that's true and I have to put that big if because like I said I've not researched it it could be somebody just misinterpreting all of the new rules and or whatever they're talking about I'll have to find out for sure but it's like even so the fact is Facebook's been doing crap like this for a while and just limiting our reach if I and I'm like why am I even on Facebook I want to see stuff from some of the pages that I follow whether it be artists whether it be products that I'm interested in sales or something like that I want to keep up with that but Facebook just kills posts like that they don't show it anymore so like why am I even using this platform then so yeah I definitely want to start looking into alternatives and I know we have what is the one on Joseph and Nick that we have and I've not really posted over there I mean my account but I've not really been posting I need to start doing that I think I'm gonna see if we can if that one's any good but I'm really I mean we have been complaining and I think all this has been complaining about Facebook for years but it's definitely getting to the point it's just constantly I almost hit that again it's getting worse all the time it seems like push those up so don't keep hitting that with my elbow yeah so that was that article and I just read it a little while ago so like I said I haven't had a chance to verify but if that is true it's like Oh Facebook is so just done like I don't know why I would bother stayin like if that's how you're gonna run it then there's just no benefit to me being in here like I've Dru I remember and it kind of reminds me of a similar concept I remember joining different dog forums or even groups on Facebook back when Facebook was newer and if I wanted to share like a dog painting I did people like you can't share that here I wasn't selling anything I was showing you guys a dog that bit with a group it was an Italian Greyhound group if I can't share any of my work here then I have no reason to be in the group and I feel like Facebook is kind of turning into that where it's like well then I have no reason if you're gonna do things to that level of control of making us you're deciding what I want to see instead of letting me decide we wanna see that's when I start like I don't see the point we'll see that was a long rant oh the lime is a bunch of questions hold on scrolling up manner said how are you doing I'm good wonder if there is a technical reason for you to start your drawing from the background or is it just the way you draw personal preference you can really start anywhere but one of the reasons is I like to start the background so like in this case I don't know if you can see yeah you can see see her hair wisps if I didn't do the background first I'm like I can't just but I needed in the background in so I could erase the wisps it's just for the way that I work it fits the other thing is if I do the background first and I'm really messy and I get things over her face or like here I came down too far it's no big deal because I haven't done the foreground that'll cover that so it for me I work with the background first in most cases there are rare exceptions to that Joseph said reference to prismacolor it's not a job if it's true good point no there's a patreon question this is not oh no sorry Paterson question Paterson question this is not you by the way how do you leave a page that has stopped offering what page okay so it is patreon it's just I mean you thought of correcting on you then every what a patron needs you go up so when you log into your account in the upper right hand corner there's a little circle up there to your account click that and then you go down to I didn't don't have it in front of me so I can see that you should go to your account and it'll list the patrons that you have and you just decline or you know you can really easily cancel your any um pages you want I'd had to cancel one cuz he he just stopped making content so it's like nope I don't know why I'm here like completely stopped making content so it's it was really easy to do it just through your account settings and then I think it tells you who your patrons are that your patreon your creators I think it's under crater so something like that who it is it your subscribe to and then you just you follow the prompts to cancel they may have changed it but it should it'll always be that upper right hand corner and then drop down just follow the the menu options there um Michelle said I got my first time home on our Easter this afternoon it is such a great tool love it that was awesome I even know about him you guys are the ones he told me about it I didn't know about them either and then I'm like how everyone kept say no you have to get this in different videos people are leaving comments telling me I needed to try it and I'm thinking ah can't be that good oh it is isn't it it's amazing Lila said when you're first starting out on YouTube how many videos a week should you make at least one minimum one two is even better but one a week one it would be better for you to make one really good one than two crappy ones or three crappier ones or four crappier you know the more you make it a little less good it's probably gonna be um Ilyn I guess not all the time but the more um one a week is ideal try to get at least one a week up in on a schedule that's cruel to you far um any chance I'll do a sloth painting that would be Elsa I actually have some good reference photos that I took myself of a sloth I should I think that's a good idea so yes I'm going to Mercy's what about LinkedIn for your friends and business instead of Facebook I don't know and Linkedin I'm not used it enough I technically I guess have it account I know people keep I keep getting messages that someone wants me to add them and I'm like I'm going to use this but um I didn't I don't know enough about it to know if that's gonna be a fit I don't think so cuz I don't think it's like your normal social media oh come on it goes your normal social media platform where you can chat and share and talk about stuff I don't know Lauren said I use a lot of colored pencil layers in pencil layers Mona Lisa LMS and add layers after using OMS but despite my best efforts I can never get a smooth appearance for skin any advice which pencils are you using try using your web based pencil so you could use Derwent Derwin drawing pencils those are super super waxy super soft Karen – luminance are great um the Derwent pro color and the Derwent light fast i also find to be pretty smooth for that sort of thing probably chromis it's harder to get a smooth thing because they're so translucent good for some techniques but I don't like it for my base layers on skin Ilia put the details on skin but that would be my suggestion is try using a wax based pencil and lighter layers you may be pushing too hard too early or you may not even have enough pigment on there that can be the other thing if you're doing really light layers because I've seen people do this not as often as going too dark too soon or you know too heavy too soon but I've seen where people went super so light think they're like I did 15 layers but you couldn't see any of the layers they were so lights within the OMS kind of made it look blotchy but the wax paste pencils are how I do it what I usually do if you look back at some of my older colored pencil portraits I'll make it so those first layers are over the top dark then I put white on top of it if it's a light colored person like I did a little girl who's really pale and I put white on top and let that blend in the colors mixed with the colors underneath so it lightened what was there but it smoothed it out a lot so that worked really well now if I was using drawing someone with darker skin I'm not going to do that they end up looking really like chalky or ashy would be a suitable fit but that works for lighter skin for darker skin I would probably just use still a lighter version of what I did for my base layers but something that's going to be more opaque if at all possible so your wax based pencils again that would be luminance are great Derwent drawing now Derwent light fast they say that they're oil-based but they're actually a bit more opaque than polychromos and not as opaque as luminance or the Derwent drawing so it's not quite as much but they could work so hopefully the hell's wrong they'll have two identical mice next to each other one for different computers if it's I'm very confused okay um look that's real too far again where do you flower farm says did you use a night to get the hair with no I did not I used a combination of my tombow mono eraser and then I would go through in between and clean up the edges so like if my tombow mono razor made too thick of a line I would just take my pencils and thin that out so I didn't end up with noodle hair Terry Mills said could you please show the reference photo for just a sec I don't have it on this computer it's on my other one and I don't have a humanity way to bring that over I apologize um trying to think if you're on patreon it's been uploaded there it'll eventually be linked here but I don't have that on this computer I'm sorry Elaine said I ordered a tumble mono eraser from Amazon and they sent ten wrapped in a bundle what a nice bonus Wow caution artists apply this is gorgeous so far thank you you are hitting it out of the park I can't wait to see the finished piece me too I can't be done wait to be finished with this piece um Randy said I can't get my darks dark enough I'm with my graphic drawing I'm using prismacolor turquoise although I thought maybe parting a problem those are they tend to be scratchy I never really got the results I wanted with those um I try switching brands halfway through the piece or finish it with the same pencils when you switch pencils you're not gonna be able to tell the difference as far as like this one looks different than that that's not a problem if you want to switch pencils but it could like I just never had real good luck I was never happy with the work that I got out of my purse my color turquoise I got to where I would only use them for quick sketches but not for finished pieces they were so scratchy like too hard they I didn't get the softness that I wanted I was just never anything it wasn't an issue like they break too much or anything like that with what we get with person my color colored pencils I just wasn't happy with the quality of you know just the results I got so that maybe be a good solution to go ahead and try another pencil okay wait what did I just grab that is 3b that'll work let's go ahead and start darkening this up quite a bit but see I'm starting to get her arm to where it's got a nice clean edge that needs to be sharpened for the sharpener I thought I've had the electric sharpeners but I'm back to using like this one's the comb sharpener I think Don's Coon little metal ones they work fine if you have to wear your pencils break I had a sharpener it's actually in here I threw it out it was one of my favorite cast saw ones but I apparently used it too much and the blade when it finally went bad it started making just regular graphite pencils my Polly crumbs everything was breaking if I try to sharpen it I looked at the blade and there's like a notch out of it like oh that makes sense now so when that starts happening that's a pretty good sign you need to switch your your blades on your pencil sharpener they go come back through and define the edge a bit more later let's start getting onto the actual hand I need to switch to a 2h cuz this is gonna be really gritty bloody said which hours of the night do you spend at the easel what time would you stop drawing to go to sleep for me I usually try to stop by let's say 3 or 4 a.m. so I could be asleep by 5 or 6 so I can go take my bath and get the dogs fed and now you know all that stuff um we're all nocturnal in my house so yeah I would say by 3 or 4 usually I mean originally I was trying to be done by midnight so I could actually have some time to spend with my husband he's also nocturnal but it's that that just didn't work out um I am too far behind on arc right now I've got about three I think three or four times the amount of work but you know I normally need to get done done right now like I feel like I'm working non-stop lately but I've got so so much stuff to do so yeah I ended up working he usually really late although maybe part of why I have so much to do it's because Warcraft came out world Warcraft the video game that I like came out with a not an expansion a what is it I don't know an update and it had new like things to do and so I spent a couple weeks playing way more than I normally do at night instead of painting so I got my flying for this expansion so I'm over it now we can get back to work so this is gonna be the shadow under her hand and I get there's so many um wisps of graphs that are going to go in front of that's kind of hard to see what's wet on the reference photo because of that so this is darker let's use shame useful for that Randy said I agree with you on the about the prismacolor turquoise but they were a gift and I didn't have any other brand or time to get online to order that have the hi uni Mitsubishi graphite said I want to try out I'm gonna try those but yeah I mean I had my prismacolor like I would it they weren't so bad that I wouldn't let students use them in class or anything like that it's just that I I just never got really the results I was looking for with those two Scratchy it's funny because the old Derwent graphics those used to be too scratchy too I didn't like the old ones that I mean they're okay I didn't hate them I like them better than the Turk with a prism color turquoise but the new ones are just as good I'd say as the the fabric I sell I really liked it or what graphics – so we've got a bunch and let's start defining some of the shadows with her fingers – where's my 2h I just set it down that is a hot mess of what the heck was i drawing let's just tone that down because that's not correct a lot of this I'm going to be readjusting cuz my drawing is not super accurate in here so I'll kind of readjust as I work it'll look weird for a bit she has really long nail beds oh my gosh it was way up so many leaves are gonna go in front of this just watch when you're doing something that has a lot of detail pay attention to your reference photo don't look at it and go on drown a hand here we go it doesn't work it won't come out looking good so look at that reference photo where you're like to your arcs that's all this is you know where are your shapes and shadows your lights your darks don't look at it as I'm drawing something as much as I'm filling in shapes and shadows Rick's artworks that Jerry's Ariana has an acrylic paint video the guy said never use water with a crux no matter how much even idiots extension hit himself I shouldn't talk that badly about people it just for cleaning always use medians and never use a hairdryer um well Golden's came out with a video Golden's shared a video they've done the research now and showed that water is fine you can use all the water you want once it's sealed the artwork is fun this is what I've been telling people for years and they actually finally did studies showing that there was a lady that made a video and it's kind of like I don't know if it's an old white cell or what it is or people were using krabi paint crappy cram it's I don't know where it started but they they say if you it lessens it's not going to bind as much so the more water you add the less adhere and this is true the more water you add the less adhesive it is but once you varnish it it's fine it's not coming off so they say that the molecules are apart and they blow below and they're gonna end up flaking and chipping off I have never once seen that happen with a painting ever the only time I've seen paint start peeling up is cuz crap paint was used or it was on super thick the canvas was bad like it was never because they used water that wasn't the thing that causes it so yeah these I can't believe Jerry's put that out that's stupid to say the least but yeah that's not true at all and unfortunately when videos like that get released then people come to other artists they're like well I heard this and then we have to go no it's not true it I don't know I guess that's frustrating because it makes more work for me when they starts reading this information like that you I I don't like mediums what they make my work it makes it kind of goopy now sometimes I do like lazy mediums but for the most part I don't so gosh snails right here the color the values are almost the same let me enlarge this a lot so you can see what's going see better now that is not what I have drawn um this one goes this way but yeah no that is absolutely not truly I mean the guy it's not like he's trying to lie to you or anything he's telling you what somebody else told him without doing research at all so that's and I've heard people say this that can't you know they learned it in colleges and stuff too so maybe it's that the professors are teaching that which is funny cuz professors in college also tell you use hairspray to see all your graphite work don't ever use hair products in your art work like that's not archival now like he had some really bad misinformation from colleges it's painful so um yeah I'm guessing that that's probably where he got it so I don't wanna make it sound like oh they're lying to you I just think that they're very misinformed which is frustrating I mean because I've been misinformed about things often enough it still it just drives me insane yeah see where Excel work says even on Golden's website it says you can use a hairdryer I've been using a hairdryer for well I'm in painting with acrylic since what 1994 I'd say it was around 1998 I decided to do it full-time but I mean I have a meeting with the Croats for years and I still had those paintings I use the hairdryer I used a ton of water some of it I was usually using crappy paint Dick Blick brand paint never never had a problem what they say is supposedly going to happen and I'm like okay so we're talking about a very very long time no issues of any of that happening they make it sound like it's I don't know it's I think it's scare tactics to get people to watch because when you do a video where you whether it's because you leave a negative review on something or you try to bash a company which is funny because I know I don't like prismacolor but I do it because I just don't like them I'm not doing it reviews but if you can leave and I don't do it in a way that would get me to you so there's that but if you'd use I see youtubers do this a lot like with makeup brands or different things that they can do leave bad reviews bad anything like that or like do a scare tactic never use this or this is gonna happen you get views people pay attention they share that content that's I don't know I'm not saying that's for sure what they're doing but I've known of youtubers who did this you watch them do this stuff and it's like not because it's accurate or true but because that scare tactics sure gets those views it sounds scary people are like wanting to make sure they're not making I mean even I did that like the number one top mistake rototiller pencils or whatever people are gonna click on it cuz they're like oh am I making that mistake so the problem is that some people will just make stuff up so that they can have some big enough like drama-filled or controversial or whatever drives me crazy I'm on a roll with rants tonight mmm let's see Lauren do you have any tips to keep interest on big drawings or is it my job to keep interest maybe I work smaller than I mean if you're having a hard time keeping the interest on it on a big drawing and it's not your job so you are working a normal you know I'm guessing full-time job you may want to work smaller do smaller studies instead of doing this meant I'm not just your face maybe just you know do something smaller maybe a good way to go for me though to keep the interest going I set up those little mini goals like I'm just gonna my goal is to do this tonight my goal is to do the lace tonight that's all I care about my goal is you know different sections little goals and that way I feel like I finished something instead of looking at it as I don't feel like I completed anything until the whole piece is done this way I get this false sense of I accomplished your hair very well mostly it's you know mostly done I've finished something I'm not gonna get the whole piece done in that amount of time and so I feel like that helps me feel like I'm moving forward and I know I play mind games with myself I also listen to audiobooks love listening to stories while I work it definitely helps me get to focus more I wait on a criminal minds binge race we Netflix I just put all my phone on my easel and and had a plane while I worked that helped if I sit in like a quiet room oh I'm gonna get bored and start wandering around and like oh I see us but oh I do see spider webs actually should they care that but I'd be like oh I see a spider web I'm gonna go clean that right now instead of the thing I need to do so those are what I do um try Tama butter eraser refill in the clutch pencil it holds eraser tighter and then the tea and body does it gives better control you know I've done I don't know that all I maybe I'll have to listen to you but I've never had what is the clutch pencil I've never had a problem with this one it doesn't like mine maybe I'm just lucky on this one but I've never felt like I didn't have the control I needed on that so I don't know the mess it twists I don't know not actually entirely sure what you're talking about so I don't know what a clutch pencil is I should look into that oh let's see whoops channel says just way FYI I sometimes like a sharper point on the tombow mono eraser and have found the end it stops this sounded like good information it's a cliffhanger wait scroll down works very well okay found that though works very well that doesn't know we found that the it's not a highlighted I can't find my voice found that the blue devil – sharpener that has the two light point sharpeners on both sides the red one actually works well you just have to remove the eraser from the tumble holder and hold it to sharpen you could also I would think it'd be easier just to use an exacto knife to make it sharper that's what I would do but but yeah you can definitely like anyway so you can like trim down and make him make them sharper that's good tip I'm a PC Cherokee did you stop doing Commission's because you started making more money and other ways from your art or did you always make money in other ways I want to make money but I hate you missions yeah I'm with you on the Commission's thing I mean it's nothing I always hated them but you with a commission you've got there's too much back and forth and this is why I stopped because it wasn't like like for me to get artwork done I have to just like okay tonight's the night I have to start a new one I don't have time to contact the buyer okay what about this background what about this do you like this or do you like this what do you want with this you know that back and forth I don't I just don't have time for it– you need to jump in start working on something and so that's why I stopped doing commissions but I don't miss them that's for sure for the most part almost everyone I've ever done a commission for was amazing to work with so I don't want to make it sound like oh my gosh I have all these horrible stories but it's what's going on here well that's part of our finger here she's got a fairly large knuckle it's okay lady I understand mine are kind of that way too but yeah I I don't miss it I'm not saying I will never take commissions I've got a few people have been trying to get me to do stuff like they had me do stuff in the past for them and so they want me to do their new dog or whatever and I made you that but for the most part I just don't have time like there was one lady real nice lady and I feel bad because I know I was being the flake in this her she lost her horse and so she wanted me to drive a previous person that I painted their horse she wanted me to or she gave her my contact info and so she wanted me to do it I started talking to her like last December ish right around there and it just maybe before that it was just one of those and I told her it's not gonna be anytime soon I've got too many other things I had to get done because I don't take commissions anymore but the back and forth and then if normally when I took Commission's I would be on top of it where if somebody didn't get back to me right away I would email them you know to ask again the information I needed I don't have time to do that anymore so with her you need to have weeks in between me responding or like she didn't give me the information I needed and then I forgot to email back it it was it did not make me look good let's go with that I looked like the biggest lake in history of lakes I don't have time to do commissions right and provide the kind of customer service somebody deserves when they hire someone to do with Commission and so that was why like I just can't do it anymore and even with her she finally just stopped contacting me I don't blame her but like I said I didn't really have to that is not that curved I just didn't have time to do that there's so much customer service involved in that side of things and yeah okay so only three fingers and a little bit of one back there show and okay big knuckle come on we got to draw that in not judge I understand but seriously you need your big knuckles okay Heather said my art my teacher told us tea is hairspray to seal art until I had a severe asthma attack in it and it was a doctor who told her it wasn't good for anything especially an artwork yeah I know it yellows like why would you spray something that isn't our petal on your artwork I think some people like well I used to spray it back in the 60s and it still hasn't yellowed okay but a hairspray you there's no guarantee it's the same well we know it's not the same formula now as it was back then and the company's not marketing or advertising or verifying that it's not going to start to yellow like why would you even and it amazes me how many teachers tell you that Rick sent Rick said it was a video called the top mistakes colored pencils or top mistakes acrylic painters make yeah no doesn't surprise me and it's a those videos do well I try don't mind that way too because you do need people to watch them so you've got to write stuff like that but yeah that is frustrating when the information is very very inaccurate and there's I mean there's always things where you would just not agree on certain concepts but what they're telling you is absolute bull it is complete this isn't an opinion it's wrong it is not factual but they're presenting it as fact and that's what bothers me so I mean I have opinions that other people are gonna disagree with left and right all day that's fine and it being being wrong on or you know not having the same opinion I do is one thing but when you're actually spreading complete misinformation that's where I get you your really irritated um let's see Brent says I have tickets to the Paul I don't I don't know exhibit here in st. Louis aren't missing Museum taking my students and guests so excited are you a fan of I apparently not because I don't know how to say his name I don't know who it is I sound like an idiot um because that's new blue tea art says how do you sheriff in the fabrica cell eraser pencil I tried the mechanical sharpener and cooms sharpener but all of them never work I so if you're talking about these ones force them to well I guess I can sharpen this one it's the same it's just a different color I'm just going to hold that in there and I'm going to twist this too towards me where I slowly to us the pencil way I'm not just gonna twist this it has a tendency to break I want to twist the sharpener a bit more and I'm gonna go slowly see I'm twisting both and I'm putting a fair amount of pressure like I'm kind of pushing that eraser up against the blade a little bit like I'm not doing it as loose and flimsy as I would a normal pencil um so that's how I sharpen those but I'm doing both this one turns towards me the pencil turns away from me so I'm slowly going this way and that's a good habit anyway for sharpening pencils I mean like prismacolor if they break a lot on you sometimes shirt turning the pencil or um to sharpen her towards you may help or not cuz if this made badly no but you know um let's see kocchi artist said lately your question just flew by on me there we go I had a professor Excel the class that painting the edges of a stretched canvas to match with is so unprofessional and to wrap them in duct tape instead I was like what not or a kind little I swear sometimes people try to come up with crap just to be different not because it's good advice it was terrifying well yeah I said the amount of misinformation that person probably heard it from another teacher to like these colleges some of the stuff they teach people I'm just not oh my god also if you can hit the like button for me it helps so much for YouTube they'll end up sharing it with more people and more people get to find the videos and then I make a little bit more money so I can actually afford to buy even more X plus we're just big fiber castles anymore I mean it's funny the fabric a still video products that I got a lot of people like I want free products to their free I'm doing eating videos and trade for those so they're definitely not free I'm actually working on a burn and colored pencil with those and I'm super having fun with and it's coming out really good but I came sure you get with you guys right now he's cute though let's see thank Searcy's PZ Cherokee said second part of my question uh girl to brother goes what is the best way to make money from your art in your opinion for me for consistency teaching but you have to keep in mind I love teaching so it may be different for somebody who doesn't like teaching maybe that's not gonna be a fit for them but I love love love teaching like that's not something I ever don't want to do it was never something like Oh once I'm making enough selling my artwork I'm gonna stop teaching I love teaching so that may be a little bit different from me than somebody else but um you can start with eBay you can start with eBay I did better with an Etsy so I liked eBay you can advertise on Facebook but with the changes Facebook's making good luck selling anything on Facebook I used to be able to sell things on Facebook there's no way I could do it like they don't share it with anybody they're like oh you have 30,000 subscribers we're gonna share it with ten people because we know that you're trying to make money and you didn't pay us to make that money so even though they put ads on the thing that they're making money off me posting I promise with their business model a lot of problems with Facebook right now but um eBay is a good way to start so that is good and I I actually built a fair amount not fair I wasn't like a ton of people but I had people that would come back to me and buy stuff off my website or through Facebook because they found me on eBay so you know you can use that as a part of your marketing strategy if you can find a local gallery when I first when I was doing small galleries because I was not known that I actually was making okay you not a ton of money I might sell something for $125 they weren't expensive paintings but I sold a few of them I mean in the beginning that was a good start so that maybe this is not her finger this is just a shadow that may be a good way if you can find a small like you're not looking for the type of gallery that has big big artists they're not gonna take you when you're new and unknown even if you're amazing it's okay I would still try but don't be discouraged if they don't take you it doesn't mean you're not good but try some of these newer that there are a lot of galleries that really do focus around young unknown artists and that's really what you want to find or I mean not young are it you know to be young you just have to be new and unknown I guess this is better way to put it I did a freehand roll this picture oh god no I don't have time for that I could and you wouldn't know the difference but on this one no I did not I needed to get started quickly and I that would have taken me to get this drawn perfectly would have taken me I'd say ten hours or so I just didn't have the time to put into it so I typically don't tell people when I free versus when I traced cuz you will never know the difference you can't tell because I can free him just fine but using the tracing method it just saves time it for someone like me so in a lot of people like well it's not it's not as good well if you can't freehand it it shows in the end result whether you traced it or not because like here I'm having a free hand out all the hand because I didn't draw it in right to begin with so um but no on this one the time it would have taken the spots alone would have been because I would've had to sit there with a roll or a measure that doesn't sound like fun to me thanks Melissa Vladimir we have a question from John it's not highlighted have you guys you want to do at Lawry's fine art if it doesn't highlight in orange I won't see your question in overly but do you see this as one um is it any recommended brands to look at for pencils and do I recommend a mechanical I'll uh I'm loving mechanical right now but one that I'm in love with if current moment is the you see it fabric has still super polymer LEDs in the to be I'm really happy with that lid for the pencils my two favorite brands of pencils are the fabric Estelle they're 9000 series and the Derwent graphics in the Newton they get it so you can see what the Newton looks like don't get the old tin I do not like the old ones as much these ones are super super nice so this is the other one that I use if these or the fabric SL are my two favorite grams of pencils but yeah I love mechanical pencils mm-hmm clutch pencil is another name for a leg holder used went on the – mm 2 millimeter leg really ok I have to look into this I'm you've got my interest feet that went too far why me or sunny no you said you said College in America is a problem do you think it's better to study abroad like Mexico or maybe Spain I'm dual citizen citizen citizenship so I might consider Mexico thoughts I honestly don't know I don't know how the colleges are in other areas and I'm not seeing every college teacher and all that is bad at just I see a lot of crap you know not the best experience although then you'll sometimes come across an artist who had a great experience with art in college and then there in super far debt so I'm not still kind of like girl is that a good idea but so I can't say that it's all and I don't know what the difference in Spain versus whatever that would be I would just go ahead and do research on your own I'm not the person asked I just don't know but definitely research because it may be they have the most amazing teachers and the history of teachers over there I don't know it may just depend even here with colleges which teacher you happen to get so you want to research who you're taking those courses from before just signing up because it's an art class uh I've ever tried tombow pencils if so did I like them I not enough I haven't used them enough to have a full opinion the only ones that I have are ones that came with my summer art box they seem to find that I've not tried a full project where I can really give much like a definite yes or no okay back to drawing her hands so I've got what a pencil mom 2h that'll work so she's got her little wrinkles in here and I want to get different shapes in the knuckle so it's not when you do wrinkles on people one of the things that you won't have a tendency to do wrong is draw lines for the wrinkles that doesn't look right they're shapes and shadows thicker and then thinner and they move you know really look at that reference photo what are you seeing in that photo because it's not just lines if you just do lines it looks very cartoony right now I still have to come back through and shade all of this I'm just building up approximately kind of mapping out where things are going to go so one of the things that I have a tendency to do when I drop portraits is I don't really get a lot of texture and the skin and on this one I'm gonna actually take the time and put that in there so it's not super super smooth this looks dark or under your guys what you're seeing or at least on my computer monitor looks darker than what I've seen and actually switch to the 4h for some of these lighter ones oh yeah that's a way better choice now I can't just leave this right now let's see how things are 2-tone I have my darker area my library I'm also going to come through with an eraser light in certain areas up a bit not erase it back to white but I will go back and forth I want lots of values in here I'm not just looking for two tones like dark otherwise it's kind of like a stamp I don't want that I want shading I want variation in those values why I keep going up and working up here I'm using this to map out approximate like this comes here her knuckle actually needs to be back here more if this is accurate which I think it is I'm gonna erase these and move that knuckle back so her knuckle is actually over here and then that long long finger and so this comes down a bit so what I'm doing I'm checking my work against itself when you're free handing like this you want to like okay I know what this is on my reference photo up here and if this is accurate which that part I know is that part I traced I can use this to figure out where that knuckle comes up so I'm checking my work against itself and I'll do that when I get into our face where things need to be accurate now with her hair it wasn't as big of a deal when I start doing the hands and especially the face I'm going to line things up like okay if the edge of her nose comes here that's where her eyebrow if I went straight over her eyebrows that you know you can check your work against other areas that you know we're done accurately to make sure that everything is where it should be hi Louise thank you I'm pretty happy with the hair it looks more like needles on here and then it does on here but I'm really excited with how that came out thank you very much pati Picasso says one way to make money or to try to make money it's the follow subscribe to art festivals they always have call-out submissions even if you aren't successful they usually is a Fringe Festival at the same time that ya know that's a good idea festivals now the festivals that I did I didn't may or like art festivals and art shows like that I didn't really made much a whole lot even like aqua Shella III and that was a very specific audience and I didn't I made like I think it was like $500 or something like that on prints but I spent like 2,000 so on all the stuff I needed so it was not profitable but I mean I have leftover so I can use for the next aqua Shella so I'm definitely it was worth me doing but I made connections there that then helped like there there were it was still super worth doing for me but I never like made a ton of money at most of the art shows and art festivals that I did um if I could break even it was a good day for me for how much I put into some of the stuff that I did but I liked when – sometimes cities if you've got a local city see if they've got any kind of art guild or art thing going on if you can get involved in one of those or local like um when I was in the what was that the Inland Empire Art Association I think it was called that one in Southern California that was good because they'd have their own shows and I sold one of my most expensive paintings through that show so which is funny I never wanted wards but my paintings sold for more than anyone else's so I guess that was more value than the 50 cent ribbon but at that show anyway but that is another thing to see if you've got any art deals like don't just look at your city look at your surrounding cities so like here Frisco Texas they have a really cool art system luckily I'm moving to a city right next to it so I'll be close but they do a lot of stuff with arts and artists so when they have art kills and art meetings you could go there even if you live in a city you know that's not super close so look into that – Lauren said my art teacher used to take our drawings without telling us and spray them with hairspray ouch now all my drawings are yellow and it's sad because I actually like those pieces oh that's frustrating I just don't understand how an art teacher can be so uneducated about something like that um I'll a said what social media platform did you find the most helpful for sharing your work and finding interests from others YouTube by far YouTube but next to that it used to be Facebook but not really anymore Facebook's making it really hard to connect to your viewers or fans or people who like your your stuff so Facebook not as much they used to be great so we're kind of in a weird stage where we've got to figure out what is going to be the next good way to do it so YouTube I would still say is the best you can do Instagram but it's the same thing they're getting I mean it's on my facebook but they're getting a lot of these social media platforms have gotten so big they want more money even though they're making money off the advertisements that they put on your contract which I'm fine with advertisements but it's weird because they're like why are you doing it both ways um I mean you've got YouTube they pay you to have content so I I'm not sure what the answer is going to be there but um and I'm not sure what the answer is now I mean when I first started with Facebook it was great Facebook was wonderful for me when I got started but it's not anymore so it's funny Facebook is less useful to me now even though like when I started in the huh you know let's say had 300 followers I would reach more people then than I do now with 30,000 or something like that I don't even know I don't pay attention anymore cuz Facebook's just freaking killing everything right now so yeah I don't I don't know right now what the best one to go and now and as much as I'm not happy with Facebook I'm not saying don't do it I'm just saying it's not what it used to be so I'm not sure what the best way for getting the sales it maybe eBay get if they are you know reaching people but I would say YouTube is probably the big the best way to go um for sure YouTube has made the biggest difference for me even I mean it's even bigger than what fate for me than what Facebook used to be way more like you get to connect with people better they get to learn you are and it's easier I think to make a sale when people are they see you on YouTube they realize you're a real person you're not just a scammer posting a painting for sale so that I think made it a bit easier for me to make sales to every artists collective said I did art shows for five years not many sales on the spot but usually quite a bit of follow-up activity yeah and if you do that right so that's a good thing to bring up so when you do these art shows don't focus just on the right now focus on you have a good business card that someone's going to keep with the information that they need on it maybe it's a postcard maybe it's a flyer or not a flyer but like a what do they call them the long skinny ones the crap my brain shut down but maybe you know something like that I hand out or something that you're giving them to get that follow-up collect email addresses add people to your email list if you that sort of thing if you do that right those aren't shows even if you don't make much then can be wonderful for your business okay back to the little detail now this goes way way faster when I'm not live streaming obviously what I've done right now would have taken 20 minutes max but it is okay let's see this curves up a little it is time-consuming either way so that's gonna be dark this whole thing is dark in here I'm gonna go ahead and block that in so I can use it it looks weird because it's like why is there this weird thing sticking out of her finger but it helps me to keep mapping out what goes where in this drawing pamphlet now there's another it's a rack card that's what at least when I wear them but from Vistaprint that's what they call them rack cards that's the word I'm thinking of but yeah pamphlet anything like that like a trifold there was one and I can't even imagine how much she would have paid especially back then because it was very expensive back in the early 2000s that prints done um she this one artist and their work was phenomenal so I'm guessing they probably got a lot of sales to make up for having these prints but they had it was like a trifold thing with artist bio it had samples of the word I mean it was amazing and so that I could see getting a lot of follow ups because usually when people go to those art fairs and stuff they're not bringing hundreds or thousands of dollars to spend on a painting but if you can get them to contact you later that can work for you rek'sai Rick said I think part of Facebook's issue is they're grasping at straws to figure out how to stay relevant the young kids don't use it so they're trying to figure out what to do you are absolutely right I think that is – and it it's funny cuz it's like maybe make it back what it was when everyone liked it but they're they're getting too greedy I think on on some of it to where people like okay let's say a dog rescue so like a greyhound rescue their content gets filtered – they can't afford to pay for advertisements to advertise greyhounds that are available for adoption so it's it's just it's frustrating to me okay let's see that one is there so this one is about here and here good job that's a smaller knuckle this finger looks way too thin right now let's see how this comes as I keep shading and what's thunder yeah mixes for Facebook's problem won't be able to reach your followers might be an answer so true and it's not just me complaining as a content creator I'm also complaining as a user who just wants to see the stuff I want to see on Facebook but they filtered it all out you don't honestly stuff the amount of pages I have like nature Nate nature's Nate honey used to follow them I don't see that anything from them at all ever I haven't seen anything from them in years there were a few like gluten free or low carb items like fruit bars and different things that I wanted to know when they have sales I don't see anything from them anymore if unless you're commenting regularly on a page you're not gonna see stuff from them so now that I know that when it's a page I want to try to hit like as much as possible on those those comments their posts so I'm more likely to see their future stuff but I don't I know Facebook isn't what I want now it's just people that are badly behaved children essentially freaking out about things and the politics I think that's really what what just killed Facebook because what what are most people posting political crap lately I don't want to see that I'd rather see the sales for the honey or sales like you know it just doesn't make sense I don't know for how smart the people who run that are supposed to be they're really dumb but yeah I think tonight I'll probably look into you the one that we use what is it Joseph or Nick whether we have I think it's in the description didn't I put it or maybe I forgot to update that hold on let me see um it was for our group we made an on Facebook group since we lost Google because a lot of people won't use Facebook and I haven't really had a chance to play with it it's not even on here okay I'll fix that oh look I've got a schedule that I don't even keep with anymore yeah I copied and pasted that this was something old none of this stuff on the bottom okay anyway sorry um that's not even the webcam I meet well it's the webcam I were using on my face but yeah that is awful look up who that that is but yeah it's even like ELISA and I've been using Instagram more than anything at the moment putting my time-lapse fittings and paintings on YouTube so it's hard but yeah you Instagram though they're owned by Facebook they're going the same route with filtering content so I used to see every single thing my friends posted now they decide what I want to see what if I don't want to see that things for my friends I just don't follow them like why why are you but every other post is now like every three or four post or an ad but it's like oh my gosh it drives me crazy and Michelle said they completely agree let Facebook a couple months ago and won't ever use it again yeah it sucks cuz we've got our art group there which I love but I don't know what the alternative is now well her hand looks terrible on that because it's the angle that you guys are at it's skewing it and making it look much that is a weird-looking mountain hand looks not like a mountain than anything else um Eric so Eric said I would it would be nice if deviantART was better and grew into a better social experience as well um I mean it's just for artists and art lovers yeah it's just harder to find buyers because most buyers like I might on Facebook have a friend of my mom of a sister of a you know you could go down that trail who ends up seeing my artwork and buys it who would never be on deviantART so that's where like gonna be an issue with what's your pencil my own yeah 2h that's gonna be a bit of an issue when it comes to a website that's just artists like that it's gonna be a lot harder to get those sales or to get the random person who is just like wow that's a really cool painting I'd love to have that in my house that isn't necessarily looking for a painting you're getting like that off sale from somebody who likes like wasn't searching nice there is this court server you know what you're right them I think I'm gonna go ahead and stuff that I can set it up through patreon so I'll probably just get a patreon thing but I think that it's included I don't know if I have to pay extra for it but yeah I mean patreon may or I'll look into that and see if that's gonna be a good way for us to go see and I have to wonder though how well discord won't work because that's something that typically younger usually gamers are using so I'm not sure if that would really relate well to older generations so I don't know I mean I don't think discord is gonna get sales it would be a fun place for us to all chat for sure but I don't see that being a you know we're Facebook we used to be able yet sells their Facebook which now not really a little bit I don't want to say it's not worth posting at all I've gotten more I've been advertising prints a bit more lately both in videos on Facebook and in my newsletter and I have gotten a few more sales than I typically get so something's helping I don't know if if the Facebook ones are doing much yeah I think it feels like we're at a bit of a stage where we kind of have to start looking at what those alternatives are going to be I mean anytime you get into social media or just marketing in general times change we need to figure out how to follow along with it and how to like calm and say so as much as I'm like oh I don't like this book okay so let's figure out with alternatives all right I don't have the answer right now but it's something that we should all be kind of looking for and seeing what is going to work I still really like YouTube I still think YouTube is such a good place for artists to grow but most of what you're going to grow with on YouTube are going to be tutorials and maybe if you're not interested tutorials just looking for getting sales I'm not sure how much that will help me we Thank You Heather yes me we I'm writing that down cuz I'm afraid yes again I have an account I just haven't been using it okay tonight I'm spending some time on nuit so and that's where we've got an art group over there that I apparently don't have a link to that I need to fix that but yeah Nick says hey speaking of how homie homie I harvested 60 pounds of it today holy crap of honey Wow Nick I want photos oh I need photos by the way of references of bees and honey and your camera is the same as mine so I know you can make this happen we can be asking for freebies um let's see boom said looking forward to the sea turtle reference photos I find ones on pixabay are pretty blah I don't want to say mine are the most amazing ever but it's different because you only have a few photos that are usable that I found on pixabay so it gives us something different the turtles that I have the turtles that are at the place that I went to it's called sea life and they're injured so they're there they're not like we went and took a fish out of the sea and threw it and it take there are turtles that were injured and it could not survive in the wild anymore and they'll rehabilitate the ones they can but the ones that got photos that like was huge used FP it's a lot but it's certain angles it's just so beautiful so I got a super close-up a close-up I have never seen a photo or not one that I could legally anyway of a sea turtle the detail around the eyes I'm so accept you can see the pupil so I'm really excited about that one I'll get that for you guys soon or oh I said or twitch I know of artists live-streaming etc from there but I understand Lee so what you're saying about people not being on Dee Dee net where the Facebook even insta people already have it and say that it's the same thing with twitch is gonna be the same thing older people don't typically like it I'm just going statistic there are always exceptions but statistically more like older people aren't going to twitch because twitches is typically for gamers I mean that's traditionally been maybe it'll change but that's kind of like what most people see it as so I don't know how that all really go as far as twitch um let's see sir being aired I said my son uses this court for his gaming friends so not for me but Nick says me we just have how to look looks nicer yeah and I'm not I think discord would be more let's just chat about our door you know I guess if you have questions but then I don't have time to answer questions it's full of you guys ends are your emotions so it might just be a fun chat for artists I doubt it would be too full of people it will try I'm gonna look into it and see if it's useful I'm not gonna say it's something I'll keep up going forever I think it's worth giving a try though and we'll test it on patrons um let's see yeah me wait oh oh we playing with tonight for sure that's definitely going to my undershirt is like rolling up on me that's annoying okay Lila said going off you're late at last point do you think YouTube is a good place for a new artist to start out on absolutely a lot of people like to say that YouTube is like or we shoot off another one off to a lot of people say that YouTube is like um you can't grow on it you can't get new followers you can't do all these things anymore that's just definitely not true you absolutely can't grow and YouTube's really big on pushing newer content to more than it used to be I think it used to be like when I started in what 2012 2013 2014 those during those years it was way harder to grow than it is now now we have we have channels out there like Tim Schmoyer video creators you have channels out there that are set up to help you or help artists Figgy like more how to grow a channel that wasn't there when I was when I started so that's a huge reason that easier go now – but YouTube is more likely to share anything I don't yeah definitely I still think it's good to get started Denison I'm a big fan of reference photos from risky animals as opposed to zoo animals you know in the thing I'm not anti zoo well I'm not anti all zoo I think that needs to be a big point zoos good zoos do a lot to help with conservation to help rehabilitate animals to help with breeding programs without like that's the kind of like but I do know that there are facilities out there that are just for straight making money and they don't do anything to help well like the zoos in my area Fort Worth is you that's the one they normally go to they do so much to help conservation to help animals and if it isn't for the income they make from letting people come and view the animals and their habitats and the habitats at Fort Worth most of them are amazing they keep upgrading all of them they're amazing but like the giraffes has such an amazing like so much space it's so cool but they do so much because of the money that they make on keeping the zoo going and donations MIT mostly donations they are able to help other wildlife that does need to be rehabilitated and they are able to do a lot more so I'm definitely not an anti zoo peak person or not I will all say I'm not a clear-cut like anti all zoos I know there are crap news out there that are like just keeping these animals in teeny teeny tiny cages and they're not doing the conservation that like the Fort Worth Zoo is so or I think Dallas City does stuff to you so those are to me it just depends I guess but because of having the zoo and being able to make the money they're able to do just impact and do so much to help other animals um whoops that's real too far where am I Rick said remember vero yes I think and everyone's and all I still get was it vero I still get a notification like someone followed me I'm Bureau I've posted once on that one yeah nobody does another social media experience that was supposed to change everything I even signed up right away and it never took off yeah it was always it was always a like beta and then things wouldn't work if you wanted to post he couldn't on and it was like it never worked right that I saw and I just get it maybe it eventually did but I gave up because it's like well I don't have time to like wait for your service to do what it's supposed to do a little bit more shading in here but yeah I still I must have the bureau app still because they do occasionally get notifications like somebody liked your post huh oops Joseph said I have to disagree Tim's advice for the most part is geared towards vloggers not much translates to art channels I think okay to be fair I have not watched him in a while I just haven't been watching YouTube in a while but what I was watching was just generalized like just good advice as far as how often you post what type of content does well like that sort of thing I found to be really helpful I again have not watched in way too long so I'm not sure but I learned a lot in the early years I mean it again it's been a few years from Tim Schmoyer so yeah maybe it's different now but you can't you have to think about how can you apply what works for a vault for vloggers how can you apply that to art I mean there are artists out there who will basically copy the template of a beauty channel and turn it into an art thing like you almost copy the same headline and everything and it works so you can apply it you just kind of have to figure out how to apply it I definitely don't do that um but you know you can yeah oh is that older stuff that I watched more I have not watched anything new in a really really long time so I'm not sure like if the channel is the same or if it's so different that it's not useful I don't know you've probably watched more recently than I have I think my neighbors are canning again I still like I'm one of these days when I catch them out that outside I'm gonna have to ask my what is that noise like it's a it's the weirdest sound it just drives me crazy wondering what it is like it's not annoying for the most part I just don't know what it is and I'm nosy and he's a really nice neighbor so he probably told me that pencil I just keep a little cup here look how dirty that is it used to be well I bought it for this but it was a tooth brother she's brush holder it works it's just kind of a handy I like it cuz it's heavy enough like I use that lighter weight things that I would pick this sharpener or pencil shavings in they would fall over all the time and I'd have shavings all over by the end of the stream I'll probably do that too with this one but I normally don't have a prop like I haven't had problems with this one it's worked out well for just keeping on my easel right here could I have some chicken I can't bring chicken out because I need to do his nails he really needs a nail trim tonight he will stick to this shirt I read I was thinking about that one I was getting dressed down like I can't hold chicken in this shirt I need to do his nails first he's getting stuck constantly so tonight is termed chicken nails night so I can't bring them out tonight alright have to go change my clothes and then it's a whole thing and no and I'll probably still be working on this next week so Hills nails will be definitely trimmed by that well though I'm gonna trim them tonight but fan just slowly build up those values don't just jump to it's got to be dark someone to make everything dark I'm gonna build up slowly and it just gives me a lot more control to make adjustments like the fact that my drawing was not accurate to start with so I'm coming back through and I can fix stuff because I didn't go too dark too early without having any negative result or you know it's not affecting me negatively but if I went too dark too early I can't make those adjustments I also wonder if it's a video game on the other side if he's got his TV there like a car racing maybe that's I don't know she and said what do you think of etsy then is it worthwhile to try and sell there I like YouTube as a platform and I'm not going to be doing video tutorials Etsy can work but it's kind of like fine art America or one of these other websites like patreon what I was talking about earlier where you have to send people there to make it work like Jenna warnky she makes the keys I don't think you can see any here I've got some back here I need a pull I need to show you somewhere that I need to do a tour of all the stuff I have from her but she makes these leaned keys and I got the cute little love bug guy that's a handmade all thing um she makes stuff and it does wonderfully on Etsy she but she sells out in like the first power because she sends she makes a big deal about it on Instagram and as soon as she puts her shop live where she uploads a bunch of stuff at the same time it all sells right away so she is one of the like only success stories I I know personally anyway she does great because she sends people there the problem that I have with Etsy so okay eBay the way that their thing works you have a bunch of listings for Italian Grands let's say a bunch of a-telling Granholm prints and everything has its own grate on and grab a torch on your Greyhound artwork whatever um the older the listing is the it gets boosted to the top so new listings go to the bottom of the list so when people are looking they see that the lit the stuff that's gonna end Souness Etsy does the opposite so it with Etsy the newest stuff comes up first the problem with that is you have people a lot of a lot of the Chinese crap that they saw an Etsy that is not handmade stuff it shouldn't be on it see you have people who will um the list and everyday real estate listing that gets expensive if they're not selling and the only way to stay at the top of the list you've got to be the new listing so every day you're really it gets it's too expensive it's not practical and because Etsy is and you know eBay has full of a lot of the Chinese crap too but it's not I'm not saying everything made in China is crap I'm just talking about the actual craft that's from China make that make sense but you're you're you have it in both but because of the way that they make the listing it is very hard to be competitive on Etsy if you are not selling sending people there on your own like with artwork I was seeing a lot of just a lot of that mass-produced that they're saying it's an original looks like it's an original that is mass-produced gotcha so if you're getting lost in that crowd in order to stay at the top of that lesson to be have your stuff be easier to be found on Etsy you've got to list more regularly so with Etsy you could put a listing up there and I don't remember it may have changed but back it used to be say it for like a month or like a long time that listening would say live for a very long time but the older listening is the farther it Bowles falls back on that list instead of coming up sooner so I just did not like the way that it was too hard to be found – I stopped listening on there I may have sold a couple I don't remember but most of like when I used to sell prints and stuff that was all on eBay for the most part II they did way better and had let it was less as far as how many fees I had to pay to list so I just unless you're selling people to Etsy but you could have an FC store that you only pay the once you know to upload the thing and you're not worrying about coming up on that list because you're sending people to the store now in that case Etsy is better so I guess it depends on how you're using it I'm not saying that's he's always terrible but as far as like being found discoverability on Etsy is very very difficult it way works better if you're sending people there were where eBay I found it to be easier to be found by random people who don't know who I am on eBay that was a lot of words good luck deciphering that there is a big I'm gonna put it here and it's not gonna make sense yet this is going to be a leaf coming across her finger but it's gonna help me just to kind of keep track of what's going where so not how you draw a finger that's just the leaf now watch nails – with nails unless the nails are painted they're not one solid color even if they're painted you're gonna have highlights and such in online they're gonna be a hot mess of all kinds of craft but you're going to have you know that there's like the lighter area up here gets a little darker then we've got the edge here of the actual nail that extends it's lighter that extends past your finger watch the construction of little details like that these are you want to start getting yourself used to noticing all these little little things and if you're first getting started and you're like I don't see what you're seeing I don't even know how you notice these things right away it'll get easier with time you will start noticing more with time this whole wine is gonna come down further here simile can go ahead and start mapping out and they just kind of been working on everything at once eat this is when I do hands I don't typically do the one square inch at a time like I you know or a little section at a time like I do with the rest of of hair and stuff I tend to just jump all over the place as I'm working on hands I don't know why quietly getting these shadows and I'll have to better to find them when you use a shading tool like this you don't want to depend on it for everything because it makes things look very fuzzy and out of focus great when you want things fuzzy and out of focus but I'm gonna have to come through with a pencil and sharpen all of this up later on another leaf going in front of her finger there this does not look like your hand right now at all oh my gosh I have coffee totally forgot it's cold coffee now iced coffee okay without ice but it's cold enough it could be iced coffee left in the car while you ran into target I might be speaking from experience and this is just a slow slow build I'll try to put an update of the hand I remember on Etsy I'm talking about Etsy too much on eBay no not an eBay either oh my gosh I need more of the coffee on Instagram there we go so you can see what that looks like when it's all in but even I don't know this hand in this reference photo looks weird to me until the leaves get in it's gonna be odd anyway but it's not gonna be pretty tonight I promise it'll get there now don't be tempted to just jump to the darkest pencils you to like push harder because like right now this is a 2h I need it to be darker it would be super easy to go oh I'll just push harder because that'll make it darker yeah but then I can't layer on top of it so don't do that I'm gonna switch now to a slightly darker pencil so that was the 2h okay the F should work where was it here much better and I don't have to push harder so I'm not damaging the teeth of my paper and I'll be able to layer on top of it as I need to something now I'm going to going to sharpen up where I used the shading tool I'm cleaning that up and sharpening up those edges so the shading tool like some people say never to use it well yeah you can use it just just don't depend only on that and how they said I know a lot of artists that have been leading Etsy because of their latest changes Oh what are the changes I don't even know Rick's artwork said I think Pinterest has a business account option if you get good at learning the right tags so people can you find your art that could be a good way to sell as well it may be you know I've got Leila's been helping me with my Pinterest she doesn't I tagged house stuff Leela tags artworks on the arts of items my Pinterest account but she's been helping me a lot with that but no you're right I've heard really good things about Pinterest but that's one social media platform I've only used for like personal use to pretty much be a hoarder of ideas that I want to do in my house or hoarder or for a backyard ideas that sort of thing I don't know I don't know enough to give you advice on how to use it maybe we'll focus on that I'll focus on seeing if I can get some sales to your Pinterest and if that if I do we'll figure out how that happened and what worked and what didn't work and I'll share it with you guys I'll start focusing a bit on that let's see if we can do anything with pictures cuz I don't know cry said what are your thoughts about people stealing their paintings with Mod Podge Sealy not stealing we're not talking about copyright sealing with Mod Podge I don't know Mod Podge to me is a craft tool so if I use it it's because I took like tissue paper or something and I'm making like sticking it onto wood I don't know I don't know if it's a good fit I'm not really searched it and I never considered myself using it on my fine art work so I don't I really don't know although that's not totally true I know it has to be archival because I used to have it in here I don't have it in here I used it on the painting where I are a few times where I would take sheet music use Mod Podge to glue it down to the canvas and then page one the opposite side of the sheet music and I so it must have been archival if I used it for that but as far as sealing it I don't think that's what it's intended for like as a normal I think there's probably better options I didn't use it to seal like the whole canvas I used actual varnish for that so I don't know I don't wanna get any bad advice so I don't know Donna says scrolled back and I was talking about what Etsy is doing oh I have to scroll back too far I meant to say Etsy how far back did I miss I don't know where that is Oh nope I'm not sure you may have to type your question out again or comment Donna I'm not sure where it came from um off topic do I work with the pet the product Russian pencil blending powder or a fixative often would you still recommend it absolutely recommend it love it I need to use it again soon I don't know I have I have so many things I want to do that's the problem when you work with so many different mediums you can only get so many done in a time and a period of time but no I absolutely love it absolutely recommend it where was I here OOP too dark let's switch back to that 4h ah there we go I can't wait to be in a house where I don't have to listen to my neighbors TV that's gonna be a novelty for me where is an eraser it does help though I have to say the neighbor all the neighbors I've ever had who lived in the on the other side of this my studio well I've loved them so it's definitely helpful where I was like before I've had some really jerk big jerks who live below me oh they're noise really irritates you and you don't even like the neighbor but I'm really looking forward to that grown-up not sharing a wall with neighbors thing um Dale said have you mentioned there is a brand of nail polish that's non-toxic uh I don't know that it's non-toxic I used a five three the five liked the free the bad bad stuff is not in mine but I mean everything is toxic to an extent even good stuff if you have enough of it it would be toxic so I'm not sure anything's non-toxic non-toxic I mean even acrylic paints that are technically non-toxic could be toxic in certain situations or you know third that you set off some chemical stuff but no I don't know I do know the stuff that I'm using is the five free and it's by the dawn diva or if you look up I don't get it for you real quick we'll see what her say they are but this is what I use but then I use a different base coat is by somebody else so I'm not sure on that but let's see info discounts coupon shoutouts whoops that's real too far ingredients and more let's see what her say they aren't Oh hers are the ten free that means no camp for died be no a bunch of stuff I can't say including formaldehyde I know that one also include or included ingredients are ethyl acetate butyl acetate something I can't say any of this stuff um I don't know that I would say any of that is a non-toxic but it's not like the really bad stuff if that helps I don't know if that I don't think that like you at all I don't know let's go with I don't know that taste you're my default answer for everything tonight but yeah I know well hers are apparently the 10/3 mine the five frame was the one you always went with ones that didn't have formaldehyde in it are the ones that I use like that's my big thing out I looked into you oh oh boy Julia say hello Lisa do you have advice for me because I always get discouragement for my parents because I want to pursue fine art for my college huh well you talked about this before if not you this is a very common question um I don't go get business and marketing for college I don't know take classes it's like an elective for art I don't know that you need I'm not I don't know what okay let's see how do I wear this because I don't have bashed people went to college get certain art degrees what you want to do when you want to get insert animation you typically are going to need to get a degree but depending what you want to do like if you want to do what I'm doing going to college would have just put me into debt for nothing so it wouldn't have been beneficial in my case because I couldn't afford I would have had to have got taking out student loans which are insane now because if the way our student loan program works the it wouldn't have made sense because you do it's hard it can be hard to make a living with your your art and so I understand where your parents are coming from I'm not saying don't be an artist I'm saying is College the path you need to take to get there I don't know you need to look into options and you need to look into other things what I did originally I thought I wanted to go to graphic arts that lasted for like six months I didn't want to go into graphic carcasses it turned out but what I did is I worked at other jobs you know I worked at an animal hospital for years well I built up my art career enough that I could teach that I could do you know I was seeing out of Michael's before I could could get to that point but College wouldn't have benefited for what I wanted to do College was not going to be a benefit for me in my case it would have been worse for me because I would have gone into debt to get to the same point I am now I don't know that that that is the best half it's not I don't think college is the path for everybody I know people are gonna argue because that's what we tell kids you have to go to college I say go to trade schools I think that's a better option that costs way less and is it a really good way to go um I don't know many people who went to trade schools who couldn't get work but I know a lot of people who got a degree in call are hundreds of thousands of dollars into debt and camp and work at Macy's or whatever as with their art degree so it depends on what you want to do with it it depends depends on Kent are you taking out student loans for it that may makes a difference you can do something else while you build your art career so you don't have to go to college for maybe you went to college for marketing for business something that can be applied your art later because that's the big thing that artists have a hard time in understanding you can do that at the same time as doing art and I'm not saying don't become a professional artist I'm saying there's there is some truth in some validity validity to what your parents are telling you in what they feel I uh are they paying for it are they you know a green art isn't going to necessarily get you a job and that's kind of a funny thing there are some of some schools and some teachers that I've known of people who went to and they thought it was the best experience ever they're glad they went but I know so many artists with a degree in art who are working minimum wage at Macy's like or Starbucks or you've got to consider what you're gonna go into debt it seems like everyone goes into debt now for the college stuff unless your parents are or you have the money to pay for it outright I don't know that I would jump into the Tariq College I just don't see I don't know that's me other people I'm sure are gonna disagree mostly it'll be the people who went to art college and now have to pay back that loan and don't want to feel bad about it about that choice but take business and marketing in college that's gonna help you with your art career so that's almost something you can fall back on and I know a lot of like big you only hear these quotes from people so what are we at on 57th I'm drawing front that looks terrible I'll make it look better but one of the things that you you often hear there's these motivational speakers will tell people just quit your job and jump in full force today on whatever your business is that's bad advice that's how you lose your house that's how you go into crazy amounts of debt work up smart be smart about how you do things so maybe with you maybe getting going to college is good maybe get that business of marketing degree keep working on your art on your own he can take art classes take that as an elective maybe that degree isn't in art isn't necessarily to end all of your going to be a good artist the art if I looked at a line of artists and picked out the ones I like the best half of them didn't get get a degree in art it wasn't an indication that like the college wouldn't it made them better they're amazing as they are some people did some people it was worth it and I think you didn't know where you live – I'm talking and keep in mind from the US where college is stupidly expensive everyone is going crazy into debt has this insane amount of student loans that is holding them back from moving for it on their future because they have these horrible loans that they can't you know you it just sucks the whole system right now is really frustrating to watch it people are going through who took out these student loans yet so can't find work in that field that they they wanted and art is kind of a scary thing to go into debt for cuz you don't know depending on how far debt you go with it you know what schools did you go in state out of state how much that's gonna cost I don't know you just need to ask these questions of of that now be again being an artist is amazing I am glad I did it but I didn't need college to do it I could have taken college to do another thing like there's another artist I know on bombshell uh creation so I think is her name she is a professional artist she sells her artwork she's also a registered nurse so she's not stressing if her paintings don't sell she has it you know another job and she enjoys both things so and I know plenty a full-time artist like I said most of the ones I know who are making a living with art didn't go to college Jason Morgan he doesn't have degree in art me I don't have a degree in art Lena Dania no degree in art didn't go to college for that Jason Morgan's actually I think it was like an engineer or something crazy like he had a good good job too before he moved into art so I don't know you just have to think of all of the pros and cons and know that college is not the only way to become a professional artist going into debt for college is not the only way to become a professional artist make those decisions just kind of know about you know that but business and marketing are one of the things that really if you want to take college classes anything that you can learn on your own without college so there's that there's so much free information online I guess it depends on what you're planning to do but you need to think of the pros and cons of every choice there for sure I just went on a huge rant of another of my I don't know the answer these are just things you should consider upset squirrel too far let's see again just to be clear not saying you shouldn't be an artist I'm saying college isn't the only answer um we go I see Donna scene hopefully she sees it this time but I don't see where the question was Kylie said I just wanted to say thank you I find your work and work ethic so inspirational thank you Rick's artwork said getting art degrees I think is dying off especially like in the art schools the Art Institute is bankrupt and closed all but a handful of schools nationwide in Art Institute yeah I don't know I feel like they ripped off a lot of people who left school not knowing more about art than when they entered and that that's that's hard that's rough as an artist it to be in debt and it's hard to build yourself up because it's not like you get a degree in art you don't get out of college I got an art job an arch wood iearnt job so a lot of people will think and I've known of students that said this will all go into teaching if I have you have to get a degree you know a certain level of education to teach in public schools or thing you know they she wanted to teach in the college okay so let's say out of all the colleges out there there are 30 or 40 50 I don't know how many I don't know many colleges there are so it's probably more than that well say there's 50 we'll just use that as an example let's say there are 50 colleges that need an art teacher those aren't teachers when they get that job they're gonna stay there most of the time their whole life until they retire or die it's not like every year 50 new positions open up it does that's not how it works yeah you've got thousands of artists getting degrees in art thinking they're gonna go teach in a college the positions aren't there the demand is not there it's not a wise financial choice to go into debt when you're not guaranteed to be able to teach in the field that you wanted to do you may be able to get a job being a PE teacher somewhere I don't know but you know it's not you you've just got to look at the pros and cons of things it's just getting a degree in art isn't like you get a degree in accounting you're probably gonna be a get a job right off the bat that you'd start paying those student loans off that degree makes sense to go into debt to get that's going to pay back your student loans and ideally go to school in States make it easier or cheaper and then um you know you've got a good stable job now I'm not saying you should go be an accountant if you want to be an artist I am obviously passionate about what I do didn't need a degree for I didn't need to go into debt for that so you know you just have to think about is getting this degree going to benefit my career at all yeah I got to write on my website that I have a degree in art I mean that's great if you went for the experience and you could afford it that's one thing I'm talking about people who go crazy and debt to take these classes and then can't pay back their student loan after that that's where I'm really focusing or you know talking about um wow this project is looking great thank you it's got a long way to go in that hand for being a tutorial shady and drawing hand y-yeah it looks terrible right now and it'll get there um Lila said and my stepdad worked in marketing and taught me that learning marketing is more important oh absolutely marketing and that makes sense you definitely know marketing I know that from working with you but um no yeah marketing can make all the difference in the world in somebody's business and especially with art like that's so big mercy says art is something we share you don't have to go to college for art degree absolutely and I I don't mean to bash somebody who chose to go to college I'm just saying it you don't always have to I mean you know whatever I'm just repeating myself and I've done it said thank you for tonight in the editor and just a pinch him thank you both as well thank you for joining Donna also if what am I not seeing from you I saw that that was highlighted I'm not seeing Jim um I'm gonna scroll up and see cuz I see you've been trying for a bit and I'm just not seen Oh scroll back I was talking about what Etsy is doing where though not to see it see hold on um I see comments from you but I don't see see the one about the rescue animals I just am NOT seen like it's not why is it not showing up for me huh I'm sorry Donna that I'm not seeing whatever it was you were saying about Betsy I'm definitely interested I just don't I'm not seen I may just be looking over it all together so I apologize for that um let's see what he said would you draw a shark yes if I get a good reference photo absolutely I love sharks Gale said my 31 year old daughter Haley is a great artist with a BFA but earns her living as an accountant go figure see there you go um Joseph said a mentorship with a working artist would be far more advantaged advantage I can't say words than a college degree yep bricks are versed I went to school for graphic design but ended up in IT as a storage engineer that's what I agree I could make a living see and that's what I see a lot I'm not saying degrees or bad I'm just saying it's not always what a lot of people think I think they're gonna go to school be an artist and then they're gonna get out and all their work is gonna be in galleries and they're gonna get all this money that happens but not often usually most of us make get that to that point on our own without you know not that we all get in the galleries and make tons of money that way but we work up to that yet they call it the degree didn't necessarily help um Kelly said I hope you have a good night and continue to enjoy Miss bored yeah thanks for the recommendation I'm reading that book right now it's the same guy who oh my gosh I love the other book uh what was it the star star fall or something like that but I'm reading Mistborn by Daniel hold on I'll tell you Brandon Sanderson there's no Daniel in there at all but that one it's like a 25-hour Booker's and it's crazy long the first like 12 hours we're so boring and the Nair I think it's the narrator I think if I read it on my own it'd be different the narrator's voice is crazy deep and I'm not a fan of male narrator there's very few that I really like his voice is so deep that it's almost gritty like skin crawl Ygritte like you know how sometimes this is gonna sound hilarious to some of you sometimes someone's voice just kind of grates on you which is funny as people say that about me all the time but sometimes the voice just you just don't really connect with that's this narrator and he's a good voice actor like he's actually really good at the different tones at different places but everything's so deep that the woman's voice in it then her or me I forget she sounds like a little old man like that's what it sounds like to me and I can't I I'm having a hard time connecting with the characters and I think it's the narrator he's growing on me I'm getting used to it he's good but like I'm not he's not one of those that is super dry and has no no variation in this tone everything's good it's just that it's so deep it's almost like everything's what is it called um vocal fry' but on a man with an already deep voice and so I'm just like oh my gosh it's making like my head twinge so I think that's probably why it was so slow for me but it's the book it seems so good it's just really slow to start um let's see ladies what he said Instagram has an entire community of plush sharks plush sharks that's interesting okay yeah it makes it like maybe the laws and and it's funny cuz this man if I listen to him talk like something where he wasn't near a you know I think I has a nice voice it's fine like sounds like a podcast person or something like that but when he's narrating the book like when he's even talking about the woman in her voice he goes back to his normal gritty voice and it's like I'm having a hard time with the connection of this is the woman but he sounds like a superb grenade I can't say it's a sound like that but it's it's definitely like I'm having a hard time connecting now the book is getting good enough and I wouldn't looked at the reviews cuz I was like I was tempted to return the book cuz the first like gosh I was about ten hours in and I was like this is going nowhere I'm so bored I don't care about any of the characters the narrator is just not I'm not connecting with so I looked at reviews just in case because it's got sets such excellent reviews I wanted to see well does it get better and there was or a few that are like just wait till like chapters 15 the 17 or so it starts getting really good so don't give up it's worth it once you get to that point so that's why I stay with it now it's starting to get interesting but yeah I think this would if I had time to read on my own I think I would have rather do that but I don't have time so there we go I'm Lawrence entirely so much less let's let I can't talk last week's live stream yesterday and had no idea you had celiac or lived in Texas absolutely it lemon Texas – two things in common um I have both those things I had silly I can't I'd say maybe it's sex like Texas but I can't silly act in California so it started there Gail said great evening and then Oh see I'm glad you said that Gail make sure to check out our mods Joseph and Nick both have great art channels here links are in the description they do tutorials and different actually Nick doesn't do very much I think Joseph works more often but definitely check out their channels say thank you to them they helped me so so much they do a great job at keeping the trolls away so we don't have the misery of listening to people be jerks in the chat thank you everyone for joining oh let's see Michelle said Terry good link has a great series called the sword of truth it's fantasy about ten books long my favorite author ooh go ahead write that down as a possibility hold on I'm writing this before I get Terry Goodkind and you said sword of truth I have to check um what the narrator sounded like on some of these books because they may be amazing books and the narrator just kills it for me sometimes then I looked at the book the bear and the nightingale by Karen L okay I'm okay hold on let's see um bear and then nightingale check it out I mean look and see if it sounds interesting anyway mmm air blaze asked that gets off the same question about art school in history and he says the same thing no college needed he said that's why he makes his videos to share knowledge for cheap yeah see exactly and I have so much respect for Aaron anyway so cool he says the same thing but yeah you I mean with YouTube with heck for my patron $4 a month and you get the slow version of everything like each section to our version for the clothing two hours are almost two hours for the hair it's broken down four dollars a month you can still put your money into art supplies so now you can buy art supplies which is the really expensive thing and get tutorials from other artists who are sharing things like this with you whereas College I mean hundreds of thousands of dollars people I'm seeing going to debt for things I'm just like really but you can't make you're not gonna make that how are you going to pay for that when you're done with college how are you going to pay for that so yeah what's next like week's livestream it will probably be finishing what are you finishing this up probably finishing this I think I'll have her face in her hand hopefully done I don't know I have so much to do this week it may be working on just shading and layering the out-of-focus bushes that are you can't see right now here I'll turn the hold on turn this so you can see the blank spot this is the out-of-focus all over there and that back corner needs to be that out-of-focus blurry this here is what maybe it'll be I don't know probably this no promises um let's see yeah okay we are done thank you again guys so much for joining thank our mods check out their channels and I'll see you next week

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  1. Prismacolor jabs – I still love my Prismacolor pencils and don’t have any problems with them. 😀 You continue to impress me with your work ethic, passion for teaching and skill.

  2. I haven't tried the Faber-Castell but I'm a huge fan of the Pilot Neox series. They're very soft and great for shading. I look forward to seeing what you think of it and how it compares to the Faber-Castell.

  3. I subscribed to your channel. Your video is full of imagination. I just posted a new video. Follow the painter to travel. We work together.

  4. One thing I never understood.. why is it hard for most artists to draw hands? you are literally looking at your hand while drawing it..

  5. hello lisa, thank you for all you do. in this evenings live stream you mentioned the name leah dannia and suggested we check out a video she just made about copyright. i can not find her channel would you please post that. thank you

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