Pawn Stars: David Mann Signed Paintings | History

Pawn Stars: David Mann Signed Paintings | History

Couple things that you
might be interested in. These are David Mann paintings. RICK: Are these
original David Mann’s? MAN: Yes, they are.
They are signed. RICK: OK. This is really, really neat. There’s a lot of people
who absolutely love these, and there’s even a lot
more people who have no idea what the hell they are.
Exactly. [motorcycle revving] [music playing] MAN: They’re original
signed paintings. I have quite a few of
them, so it was time to see what they were worth. I’m looking to get
$4,000 a piece. Maybe I’ll take my girlfriend
out on a nice vacation. [music playing] RICK: So where
did you get these? MAN: From a friend of mine, Red. Red and David Mann
were long-time friends. Me and Red were friends,
and here we are. RICK: OK, cool. David Mann started working
with “Easy Rider Magazine” when “Easy Rider” came out, right? Right around ’71, ’72.
– Yes, he did. The neat thing
about David Mann is it’s sort of like when
people see a Picasso, they go, well, I could do that. But you didn’t invent that. And David Mann, he
invented this style. I mean, he invented this– MAN: Culture. RICK: Yeah, this whole culture. When you look at any painting,
or drawing, or illustration of a guy on a chopper
with the wind in his hair, you just automatically
think of David Mann. He’s the biker Norman Rockwell. MAN: Yes, he is. RICK: David Mann is a legendary
motorcycle illustrator. This is the guy who did the
illustrations for Easy Rider magazine for over 30 years. I absolutely love them. I sort of want them for myself. (LAUGHING) So do you
want to sell them? MAN: Yes, I do. And how much do
you want for them? $4,000 a piece. [music playing] To tell you the truth, I have
no idea if that’s a good price or not. They are originals. I’m deeply, deeply intrigued. If you don’t mind, I’d like to
have my buddy check these out. It’s not that I don’t
trust you, it’s just I really don’t trust anybody. Make sure they’re
all legit, and maybe we can come up with a price. – We can do that.
– All right. MAN: Thank you. I’ll be right back, man. Now, correct me if
I’m wrong, I think this is a self-portrait of him. Is it not? Most all of them were
done that way, yes. They say that he captured
all of himself in there. OK. Well, this is kind
of the image that I recognize of him, with the beard
and the longer, flowing hair. Very interesting. David Mann, he is
a biker himself. He’s very much immersed
in that whole lifestyle. He builds his own choppers. He was in a number
of biker gangs, and he’s a fantastic
artist to boot. His works are just
really top-notch quality. RICK: So what are
these things worth? You know, there’s no doubt in
my mind about the authenticity. I mean, you can clearly see
the artisanship is there. You can see the wash layered on. All right. That’s good. Now, from a value standpoint,
some of his original paintings have sold for $5,000,
$6,000, $7,000. Even as much as $10,000. But you have to
understand, these aren’t going to compare
value-wise with his fully rendered oil paintings. That being said, I still
think they’re going to be highly collectible works. I think this one, since it’s
a slightly more interesting composition in my
opinion, and I think the figure is a little more
recognizable as David Mann himself, this one will
probably be the more valuable of the two. I’d probably put this
one in the $2,500 range. This one I don’t think
will hold quite that value, but I still think could
approach the $2,000 range. MAN: OK.
– Thanks, man. I appreciate it.
– Hey, always a pleasure. – Nice meeting you.
– Nice meeting you as well. Thank you, gentlemen. The David Mann illustrations
are phenomenal. I actually am more of a fan now
that I’ve seen them up close, because you can really
see that finite detail he was famous for. Just really nice work. All right, so– [music playing] Can I give you
three grand for them? When was the last time
you saw one of these? It’s been–
actually, I’ve never had these come in my shop. So, you know– (SIGHING) I don’t think
they’ll stay here long. What’s your best
price on these? $3,500. RICK: (SIGHING) You know,
this is a job where you’re not supposed to use your emotion– Mhm. RICK: –but I think these
are just so incredibly cool. $3,500. You got a deal, mam. All right, good deal. I’ll meet you
right over there, and we’ll do some paperwork,
and I’ll give you some cash. MAN: Thank you very much. I settled on the
$3,500 because I think it’s a fair offering price. I was maybe going to take
that girlfriend on a vacation, but I’m going to
have to rethink this. (LAUGHING)

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  1. Since Rick got married 5 years ago I wonder how long will the show last till its cancelled, so Rick can go to Pawn Shop and pawn his wife's wedding ring XD

  2. Should have held on to them… Not much you can really do with $3,500 that's gonna make a big difference in your life.

  3. the problem with folks who think they have a slam dunk of a lot of money when trying to sell something at Gold&Silver pawn shop is they already spend what they don't have yet before finding out what they can get first!! disappoinment prevention is simple… get your ducks in a row first… then figure out how you can spend what you do get !!

  4. These pictures are one of the coolest things to come into his shop that I would love to own. Too bad I wouldn't be able to pay his stratosphere prices😣

  5. so this guy have a girlfriend..and im 33 i dont..damm i must get the way..that guy from pictures riding the not cuMLEE?😂😂

  6. David Mann is such a legendary artist. Good to see some semi intellectual comments here, it seems like most Youtubers of Pawn Stars are day one types, people that need basic information knowledge, such as this is your rear end, this is a hole in the ground. Keep it coming!!!

  7. I know that I am late to the game on this, but both of those images are pretty much self portraits. The bearded image is definitely the image that everyone is used to seeing and equating to David Mann, but if you look at photos of Mann from the mid to late 1960's, you will see him in the other image!

  8. Rick : does an exposition of 10 minutes on the subject
    Also Rick: TBH I have no idea what these things are and what their value is so Imma call my buddy

  9. I fully get the reasons for the pawn shops margins and getting the best deal but being fair, however.. it is really kind of biased that Rick knows the experts. It 110% influences their decision on the price even subconsciously. Even if the experts think they're being fair, they're probably more inclined to decide in Rick's favor.

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