PAUL GAUGUIN painting step by step

PAUL GAUGUIN painting step by step

this is one of the places in the
Caribbean that Gauguin would really love. It´s a far remote place in a cave with the ocean full of mystery and secrets. His working technique would not be such a mystery, it
would be a process and he would stick to the process at first he would go around the island and collect some thing that
impress him and out of the things he would take out
some symbols symbols that are full of meaning for a mystery or something
that he want to express. in the next step he would take some of
this symbols that he had collected and put it together to some scratchers, this scratchers are not pictures, like a like a photography or
a snapshot but they are full of meaning, because
first he was collecting not things but symbols, symbols with a
meaning and dis meanings are output together to a new context in a new picture in the next step he will try some color
designs. this color designs he is doing mostly with watercolors,
because it’s a quick way to find out which
color are working together which are not and also you can see the
structure of the picture very well already with the water colors the next step is unusually a acribic because he is putting over his design a grid and transforming his first stretches to the canvas and then all the lines are made again with Prussian blue the next step is to work all the colors
that I already have in my color designs. I´m working not with big spaces to make the sky blue but from one focus point to the outside now I’m finishing the picture but the
best part about a Gauguin picture is that it has to be unfinished,
it is still a adventure it is still part of this mystery of the
Caribbean something raw something dangerous
something mysteries. I hope this little demonstration could interestyou in a Gauguin painting adventure because painting like Gauguin it’s not only about making pictures but it’s also a lifestyle, a dangerous
adventurous lifestyle and that’s what I love about ist

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  1. Following Gauguin's advice:

    We never really know what stupidity is until we have experimented on ourselves. Paul Gauguin 

    I throw myself into another YouTube Video 🙂 Hope it is completing the "GAUGUIN insights for artists" YouTube
    Wouldn't it be great to enjoy the caribbean feeling every day? 

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