73 thoughts on “Paper Star Lanterns with Cut-Outs and Snowflakes!

  1. When I type in the project request it always freezes or doesn't let me click maybe because I'm on my phone but I'd really like videos on sublimate and also scrapbooking I saw you can use design space to create layouts I tried searching your name and that but nothing came up

  2. I love these! Great video too! I think I will use battery operated fairy lights inside. I'm also glad that you provide links to the materials needed since I'm new to Cricut and have no clue about cardstock weight etc.

  3. The things you are doing for us just keeps getting better! That's so cool, I'm ordering the hanging lantern cords now along with the holographic poster board. I have holographic everything except that lol go figure. Thank you once again!!!

  4. Wow! These are spectacular! Will have to visit JoAnn's to get some foil poster board. In the meantime, will try one with cardstock!

  5. ❤️❤️❤️❤️These will definitely be hanging in my studio (AKA craft room) when I finish organizing. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Beautiful project, thanks for sharing the cut file and tutorial. I am watching the videos every day, but I never see the giveaway code word.

  7. i must try this, thank you!
    question about the pressure and how many cuts…do you have to switch it back to the normal setting when done or does it automatically go back to normal setting?

  8. One question. Can you use a thin velcro strip on the last arm of the star so you can open it to replace/remove the bulb? Just wouldn't want to have to tear up the star to remove the light. I see the opportunity to make different holiday designs, using the basic shape of these. Can even make a shooting star by attaching the cut out stars to a clear sheet attached to the bottom (slightly curved). Another top notch project, Jennifer, with so many uses! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent.

  9. I LOVE your tool and blade caddy (on the right side of your machine in the video)! Where can that be purchased and what is it called?

  10. Love this!! So beautiful! theres a store near my job that sells them. always wanted one, but also thought -hey i cam make this! have not attempted yet. but i will soon. Thank you for the tutorial! ❤️❤️ do you have any other shapes? i LOVE the moon, would love to do one of moon also.

  11. These are so cute! I love seeing all your ideas. I'm saving up for a Cricut. It's very intimidating. Love the snowflake star.

  12. I love all your crafts. I just got a cricut explore air 2. I made the shadow box today. I was wondering how do you make the perforations? I've tried several ways and cannot get it to work. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas.

  13. I’m new to cricuting, when using this SVG and cutting it with me explore air 2, can I use the fine point blade or do I need any other blades to make the score lines and cut the thick poster board

  14. The purple star looked like it had shades of people out clear vellum. What material was this made from? Isn't the pendant light dangerous with paper?

  15. Love these!! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent! Quick question, I’m very new to cricut (bought one on Black Friday) and want to know if I need the scoring wheel for this? I forgives not since it wasn’t in the video but just want to double check.

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