Paper Car Craft for Kids | Maple Leaf Learning Playhouse

Paper Car Craft for Kids | Maple Leaf Learning Playhouse

The Maple Leaf Learning Playhouse Hey, guys let’s make a paper car, OK? Yeah! Well, first we have to do some coloring! And I think I’ll make my car red, yeah! But please make your car any color you want, ok? Just stay in the dotted lines, OK? Great and color the wheels. And the windows. Now, grab your scissors and cut it out. Now this is the hard part. Cut it here on the dotted lines OK? Be careful! Just that much. There too. And on the front of the car do the same just cut the dotted line. Like that. And one more like this. Great! Now it’s time to do some folding. Fold it on the dotted line here. And on the dotted line here. Great, now we’re going to put it together. Wrap this part across the top like this. And slide these two pieces together. Yeah! Pretty simple. There’s one. And there’s the other one. And we’re all done. That was so easy. It’s a pretty cool little car don’t you think? Vrrrooom! Wow! Hey, I know some songs that have cars in them! Let’s sing OK? Yeah!

3 thoughts on “Paper Car Craft for Kids | Maple Leaf Learning Playhouse

  1. Dear Marty,
    I love your video.When I watch your video,I really love when you color.Even tho sometime I forgot how to spell.
    I am just wondering how you make the song?I like cars how about you Marty?

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