44 thoughts on “Pantheon Rework 2019 – All Pantheon Skins Splash Arts Comparison OLD and NEW – League of Legends

  1. sorry riot but every champion rework from irelia to pantheon was success ever except akali i honestly i dont like a new akali design she looks like ripoff from anime

  2. Aatrox was kill Pantheon and Atreus control his body again, because of that Aatrox eye behind Pantheon splash art

  3. I just noticed that Myrmidon Pantheon is in the palm of a giant (or he is very small but i don't think so)

  4. I mained Panth til he was unplayable.. And I am really glad that they're reworking him. My boy needed that. 🙂

  5. does anyone notice pantheon's cape? is pantheon became a spartan to athenian?😮

    PS. spartans wear red cape, while athenians is blue

  6. idk if its video or what put some of the old splash arts had better lighting then the reworked ones. Dragon slayer looks better on the old one and new one looks faded, i dont like that.

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