Pancakemon Art - 10 Minute Power Hour

Pancakemon Art – 10 Minute Power Hour

is this a cold open Oh Tucker zoom in and out to create a false sense of drama I'm Dan and I'm Erin of course you know that because you're watching the power out yeah what are we doing here guess what the power hours moving to a different channel called the grumps for creating a new channel we're gonna separate our gaming from our comedy so that I shouldn't say like that so that we can have a channel that's just for for comedy stuff and then all the people who just want to see gaming can do that too it's called the grumps slash the grumps we're also gonna be producing a new show on that that's sort of like what's happening right now a lot of people want us to talk more with the audience so that's what we're gonna do we're gonna talk with y'all in a candid way and it's gonna be really fun and funny hopefully I mean you know we'll try to make it funny I mean shit right but yeah either way thanks as always for supporting us in being with us and yeah that's that you can subscribe to that channel now there's nothing on it quite yet but starting what next week next week the power hour will be going up on the grumps and every subsequent power r will be going up on the grumps and it's gonna be fun the grumps is the name of the new channel by the way yes yeah slash the grumps because we're the Gramps yes game grumps is when we play games they're gaming channel I get it yeah it's not that easy to understand yeah yeah so yes what we'll see you there oh and in the meantime here's an episode of 10 minute hour over the last one that'll will be on this channel oh you can't use that song any no yeah Oh welcome back to game grumps ah the French the wrong side hello and welcome to the tableau power our starring Daniel avi done and Eric Hanson it's me Daniel of Adan and me Aaron Joseph pants that's what what's your middle name Lee Lee Don you'll avid and oh oh yes and welcome to part three of the trilogy if we look like this this will be the last one I promise great job what are we doing today Aaron that was Wow you actually there was spittle we're doing pancake art and it's only Kanto Pokemon boom baby alright let's do it alright this is hot as we can whoa a little dangerous there but a sizzle sizzle baby bitch you even fucking watermarks on them oh no water it's cleaner now no it's not it's got fucking residue on it look it's got salt and calcium deposits stupid-ass yes that's what that is you dope what else do you think it is wash it off any quantity would you like to explain to me what's going to happen we're getting Pokemon sitting red pokemons Pokemon and then we have to do it from memory make it a pancake and then we have to put it in the piss but wouldn't piss in the piss okay it's the Pokemon pancake intake sound system with the esses service system okay great insert it into the piss and then it evaluates whether or not we good or not it evaluates yeah we put it in it goes it makes like the cartoon like OPM like sound effect you know like like the end of our bear cartoon it's a cardboard box covered in tin foil it's kind of it's gonna compute alright alright alright what's the first pokeyman do going do you know how that what that looks like oh yeah okay gone that's good oh my god you're amazing at this it's got like the tail I've gotta eat them all pancake Eamon alright there's there's only one cup of it and you're using it look at how fucking pretty this is gonna be when I flip it alright why did you fucking twist it this looks amazing actually I think you'll still be able to tell ya the piss machine I mean oh c'mon alright this is done now you fucked Amy polyworld well let's ask wallow squall is that a real thing we're at all no it's a fucking dugong next Pokemon that's fuckin Pocono your damn headphones on and eat your pancake all the way through okay what's next lick a tongue okay there that's good that's pretty great and then who's gonna wait bellies I'm filling his white belly okay and fill in the pink guys you are such an artiste my belly my belly hurry up hurry up now again now go again this is where it's gonna break apart yeah well you shouldn't I make pancakes no I refuse to accept it now it's all uneven what are you doing stop there's weight of his mouth that's what you said today no I'm talking about right here that's gonna be weird now and it's gonna cook all uneven cuz there's new batter in there fucking who can mind how you doing in there peep is machine it seems flippable okay go for it three two one go yeah fucking Pokemon looks like a total fear motherfucker pancake guard bitch into the peepers tongue first okay you gotta flip it it's upside down oh it's hot well you don't have human senses heat is that the rat type Pokemon what the fuck are you talking about the LAT type Pokemon give me a fucking break what's the biggest thing on the Pokemon yeah good good all right let's do one more yeah what's the like I think we have time for one more right or three more we have time for three more oh are you enjoying it here give me give me peace peace good squirt a little juice on oh that guy's alright people see this really yeah fucking mind oh I love this one do you yes get like this little good and then we don't we have green easy all green he's all green oh yeah baby this will be your masterpiece ah yeah perfect done yes yes okay yes yes stop my fucking dick peepers yeah – oh that got Tyler off his feet yeah yeah hot fucking bad I love it he's so cute he's coming for you hey careful lose his head there's no way he's not gonna guess this one this one fucking rules this is like spot-on okay gotta catch'em okay I think we can probably survive this one I think so dump his ass in the pipa s– okay okay one arms coming in first got a reassemble them all oh come on peep is aren't you made of metal Oh metals the worst conductors yeah it really feels it there you go [Laughter] great up here it looks so good fucking be configured correctly for pancakes oh wait can we can we each have a piece this ciphers Special Attack is delicious yeah China tasty very effective I'll leave this one up to you Dan Pikachu fantastic all right here we go we don't have a yellow it's okay he's got those mousy ears and he's got the little smiley face no but and then he's got his little hands and feet and he's got the electric tail man fill in the end of it like that yeah like more yes good good good okay that's good enough Sorry Sorry now give them give them color okay uh uh oh you get my little bit cheeks too I did it wow he looks good it's really good thank you Dad can't wait to see what its gonna look like oh no that's a scribble all right perfect I pre sure we can save this all right um we'll just kind of let this set for a minute I think this is flippable now do you really yeah okay yeah you get the book okay he's gonna think it's a moose yeah he's gonna I choose you use disturbed very very affecting ready there's the head there's parts there's the last there's one more bits yeah what do you think you better get this right everything is riding on this peep is having a hard time just say the Pokemon it is this is a magmar Nomad Mars I've even read we have ran up here you have your mind come on people's work harder this is a religious ceremony get one more chance penis yeah you're on fucking thin ice stop stalling papers I guess magmar again is it from Bobby it's a Pokemon it's number 25 wow really Pikachu peepers beat you to death with my penis in a minute alrighty we have one more to see if we can win this favor it is yeah god I'm so gassy what is this hurry it's beeping running out of time oh god it's moving a little red on it sorry Tim Jam what the fuck is that it's flippy time it's whoopee time oh that's a good flip oh yeah that's guessable that's totally guessable if people's doesn't get this P this is dumb as hell peoples have you been eating all of this papers Tibby oh yeah let's deploy yeah here we go okay yes yes go be pissed tell us what you think is the most non machine sounds in the world please God please people cease where you guys were going for yeah what do you mean shit it's so obvious my prop processing 50 tipped off poo poo pourri go what I mean porygon let's focus on the cards two eyes the hell is wrong with you porygon and sorry search within your heart PIPA s– we did it Thank You peepers oh yeah I hope you jump you already thank you people I love phoebus's made-up language let's make our hip top off let's make our own pancakes for ourselves okay what do you want to make oh yeah yours is a lot better than mine here's a plate covered in the pan for you can I have the second one down please baby sometime thank you P pussy alright down there yeah are you um you still hungry people oh dear the subtle sounds of people's munching flippin made' ha yeah oh look how nice those look yeah alright we're getting better at this by the end of this episode oh and some maple syrup please for when I suck my OD oh we did it here's the you're trying to not make the maple serve it I'm trying I've got maple syrup I'm sure this as far as I could go thanks so much for joining us on the ten minute power hour this was delicious and thank you to our special guest people who will always be in our hearts forever but we have to deactivate him and take him to his recycling plan I'm a human man shut the fuck up

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  1. Ok i need answers! Google says both Dan and Arin are 6" 2' but i know for a FACT Dan is taller than Arin ( unless hes been whereing high heel the hole time) so some one plz tell me the truth!

  2. My sweet old pup got rolled by a car. Luckily, she's recovering well, but it's still been pretty stressful. This stuff helps me relax, so: Thanks.

  3. Sounds like a really dumb idea but at least I can unsubscribe from game grumps since I only watch the compilations anyway (a little editing would go a long way, normal videos are just too hit or miss and everything being left in)

  4. Did Dan did some epic forshadowing last episode saying it was the end of the season one and on the grumps is actual season 2: 11 minutes power hour on ice?

  5. I donโ€™t know why I find it interesting that Arin puts the syrup on the pancake, but Dan makes a little syrup puddle

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