you wanna make another pancake art video sure let’s milk this trend welcome to a very special pancake art challenge Halloween edition we’re dressed up here we got Batman spider-man everyone’s dressed up waiting for miss monkey to show up here and get you’re supposed to dress up for Halloween Halloween yet okay so then what he supposed to be for this video I’m gonna be a youtuber okay this is a special one we’re gonna do a Halloween themed pancake art challenge so we’re gonna start with something simple I think we should do candy corn okay candy corn yes all right then three two one candy corn instead oh you know what here it is candy corn monkeys enjoy oh that was terrible two different techniques going on right now at the candy corn I’m trying to make this perfect as possible I’m going to trim it at the end so that it can be like a perfect triangular candy corn and rainy Tim in a minute and I’m just gonna go with the flow yellow yellow we got a little white on top little orange little yellow for me said a monkey and for the nice monkey who’s dressed up as in nobody can you tell why three so fast leave a comment down below you know what if you get miss monkey you are wrong I am with Vee [Applause] [Music] we got what do we got little flippity flippity okay guys candy corn reveal in three two one wow thanks alright let us know in the comments who made the best candy corn [Music] the candy corn in candy corn this kenny one dead ok guys it next up I want you to make the scariest skeleton skeleton clipart economic are you gonna draw exactly that no all right we got a skeleton monkey boy has a skeleton with the little skeleton body I don’t want smudgy girl doesn’t have a skeleton that’s looking pretty good I’m very freestyle fill it in I know exactly what this go to needs oh gosh oh this is almost like a freestyle you guys can do yeah whatever you want you’re still around this does not look like a skeleton at all I have no one no I’m so good – looks it has a red Fedora so that’s gonna totally kill the game oh that is a cool skeleton you got there who your brother and you have a nice one – yes thank you it’s very lit is that what is that what you guys say is it it’s so fire its I’m not looking very good I mean I’m looking good today but just not my skeleton thank you what Oh Pookie’s planning skills conserved reduce try ready snapchat filter in three two one which one do you think what looks more like a skeleton I didn’t but honestly don’t know like on this windy kiss to be honest none of its look like a skeleton whoa roasted Wow you don’t even like my fedora no let it snow in the finance booth you think made the best spooky scary skin at all and now you’re eating your skeleton and I will bite into this because there’s no food coloring in this and I can’t eat then spider-man is touched it and we’re back oh man okay next round and the reason why we have so much orange come on man now this is gonna burn because of you these are me yeah well I’m just gonna sit here and wait with my pumpkin outline it’s looking pumpkiny this is looking great guys this is like looking so much better than melon roasted well are you gonna take that from your sister she did roasting you well you know what hers actually looks a lot better so I’m white wait wait wait oh wow okay that’s so good I’m gonna compete with that I get a trusses in art class thanks to my teacher oh okay who’s ready to reveal their pumpkin whoa oh I forgot the nose I forgot the triangle nose that’s all play so good eye there is miss monkey’s pumpkin yeah mr. monkey aka mr. bee aka slick Eddie slick that is your pumpkin let us know in the comments who made the best jack-o’-lantern for help like people hold their pumpkins alright next fret Holmes [Music] pumpkin taco pumpkin taco enjoy pumpkin taco in this round you can completely do whatever you want this is a freestyle how long we freestyle make something scary spooky do whatever you want that’s creepy and spooky and Halloweeny what are you making miss monkeys making the snapchat logo mr. monkey is making a bird I’m to reveal your spooky nets in three two one go I tried to make a kawaii ghost and I tried to make a spider he tried to make it alright let’s go for that close-up ooh now that is the spookiest spider I’ve ever seen in my oh that is a kawaii ghost very cool those kawaii cheeks very nice very nice Lanice middle comments who you think won that round obviously I did [Music] all around guys they are going to make Pennywise be it clown he doesn’t go my Pennywise the a clown he’s Pennywise with dancing what what is that three two one go I needed you outside oh there you go we got some creepy clown action going on here alright we got some crazy clown here okay we got one monkeys starting with the hair and the face and the other monkey’s starting with the eyes and the old this is getting creepy alright time to make the nose he has such a cute little nose that’s what I love about that that guy you know no what do you mean Gibby’s daddy who can make the creepiest Pennywise smile I [Music] mean I don’t know how to make the yellow eyes though I’m I am trying my best and that is all that counts okay okay oh I’m so close to doing this perfectly I think mine looks better than yours and I can say that because it looks like me before no that looks amazing dagger I need to paint the just a little addition you know the red balloon wow you guys are going all out I’m not gonna make because that’s a copycat booth okay what are you making the boat that Billy gave Georgie okay if you didn’t see this movie how do you know I heard it is time to reveal in three two one [Music] very scary wow they’re really good which one do you like better Wow mr. monkey and here’s Miss monkeys it clown up close alright guys let us know who won thanks for watching everybody if you liked this video please like subscribe and leave a comment down below tell us who you think won this challenge leave comment down below saying if you want another pancake kind of challenge yeah and leave a like if you want another pancake art thanks for watching no you know what’s good okay thanks for watching everybody please do like subscribe and leave a comment down below if you haven’t subscribed yet please click on the icon on the left and a little theme will pop up and use it to subscribe if you already have subscribed please forget everything that I have just said it’s my radio voice


  1. la chica me parece muy grosera o maleducada …aun que canta bien y es bonita no es para que sea asรญ

  2. Hi i am watching this video!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ‘ธ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘ธ๐Ÿป

  3. When all of your friends dress up in classic costumes like Batman and Spiderman, and then you show up in some weird costume that nobody can tell what it is.
    Friend: What are you supposed to be??
    Me: A Sans
    Friend: ???
    Me: -_-
    Me: Why am I friends with you again?

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