Pallet Wood Shot Glasses (100 of them!)

Pallet Wood Shot Glasses (100 of them!)

These Washington D.C. pallets are different from what I’m used to. Hey guys, thank you for watching. Got to give a huge shout out to Carolina Shoe for supporting my channel and this build. They have a full line of high quality work boots like these guys here, these are actually made in the U.S.A. I’m going to link their Instagram profile below, Keep a close eye on that because they have a new website update coming within the next couple of weeks. and they’re going to show you how you can get one of these 100 pallet wood shot glasses for yourself. Alright, I’m going to go pack up my lathe for a little bit. See you next week.

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    I know this question will come up a lot so I'm going to give a detailed answer here. Short answer is NO… as long as you take the right precautions. First of all, these are decorative shot glasses and intended for display use only. That being said, I still make sure my pallet wood is safe because I personally don't want to be working with wood that is filled with toxic stuff. Yes some pallets contain chemicals, BUT the danger of pallet wood has been very over-inflated by keyboard woodworkers who have a strange level of passion against "hipster woodworking" projects. Their words, not mine..
    — Please read below —

    Methyl bromide pallet treatment is what people mostly worry about, but that is rarely used these days when almost all pallets are heat treated instead. I've had people express concern over arsenic pressure treating as well, this was banned by the EPA over a decade ago and was used for exterior timbers for things like deck building. To ensure you are getting non-treated lumber just look for the stamp on the side of the pallet.
    > HT = the pallet has been heat treated, no chemical pesticide or preservative was used, so it's safe
    > MB = the pallet was treated with methyl bromide fumigation, this has been banned in many countries, probably from Asia, DO NOT use
    > EPAL = European pallet that is heat treated, so it's safe
    > No stamp = it's a national pallet and used for domestic transport, mostly not chemically treated and thus is safe, but it's better if you know for sure so I'd typically let these pallets be
    > Blue or red pallet = these are owned by certain companies and are labeled this way for reuse, always ask the store before taking pallets but never take these colored ones

    The second concern is chemicals spilling on the pallets, but if you take precautions to find clean pallets you're good to go. If it looks like ANYTHING has been spilled on the pallet, don't use it. Depending on the store that you get them from, ask if they know the origin of the pallets — I often find mine at a local tile shop or wire manufacturer, both of which use almost exclusively the same pallets or just single use. Custom sized pallets like those used for granite and tile are almost always safe because of their limited life time. Also, pallets from food places are almost always safe, but make sure you find the non-colored ones.

    Plus, after all this, shaving off the outer layer gets rid of all of the dirt and grime that has been rubbed on the pallet and the concentration of anything left is negligible. Ultimately this particular project is for display use only. I would not recommend using this for something like a cutting board where food or drink will be in constant close contact.

    (my knowledge is based on pallet wood I come across within the US so if you are located elsewhere definitely do the research that is pertinent to your location)

  2. Possibly the best pallet video I've ever seen. Love everything about it. I'm never going to make them but may watch this video to de stress. Beautiful music, rare to find on YT videos. Liked, subscribed and bookmarked, if I could print it I just might!

  3. Please use a push stick lmao having your finger Degloved is not fun. I'd know I did it, and afterwards I wish a hadn't been so careless

  4. I work in pallets. We strive to recycle everything. If it can't be cut down into usable components for building/repairing pallets then it's either turned into mulch or boiler fuel.

  5. Un trabajo de lujo … para vos mis respetos sigan en tan grandiosa labor, me gustaria tener las botas y tambien el vaso de madera para tomarme un rico mate ho Ron

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  7. If you are doing that much repetitive work, you know we have machines to help you replicate your turnings.

  8. Very pretty. Unfortunately, wooden glasses or cups are not very durable. Especially, when they're laminated. They are not recommended for use. If you're lucky you have some nice glasses for a few years, if you're not, you will get cracks very soon from sudden changes of humidity.

  9. Making a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Good video from which I learned that it's not possible to have too many clamps.

  10. Hey, I applaud your effort and hard work. I want to see more things manufactured in Carolina and I am from Toronto. Tell you what I am in the manufacturing business If you ever need to bounce ideas around on how to scale your production and your business. Let me know I believe that I may be able to point you in the right direction.

  11. i like the part where you ran over the speed bumps and the pallets dissassembled themselves into individual boards without nails. i use the same method myself, i didn't know other people knew how to do it. sometimes they assemble themselves into interesting hard to find objects, but you don't show that here.

    great vid. somehow you show the great feeling working with wood can give.

    btw, for that guy who wants to know how the cups would do under alcohol useage. they were made from scrap pallets, so expect a wide variation. you would have to test each one individually.

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  13. One down 99 more to go. There is no easy road to great work but with patience anything is possible💯

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  15. Loved every second of this video, painstaking work, definitely worth subscribing, thanks for the inspirational kick in the arse ☺

  16. Good job. Видно у мужика серьёзная пьянка намечается.

  17. Carolina Shoe used to have a manufacturing plant in my home town but I think it closed down several years ago. I didn't know they were still in business. Where are they producing from now?

  18. Cool me to such a master for a long time. But I have crafts that can make almost everyone.

  19. Keep that Element bro. They are the best car made, before they stopped making them. The rear part of the frame may rot, get it looked at.Ours broke and the wife rolled it. Now we have a sucky jeep.

  20. Thank you for clearly showing the sealer you used. It was one of the things I was wondering about and it was nice to not have to pause the video and squint to see it. 🙂

  21. I don't know if this is the right stuff for wood but I was wondering if your using Ascentine for the wood? Just wondering. Thanks for getting back to me if you do. I know this is an older video.

  22. All that work going into those shot glasses and someone will still bitch about the price. People don’t have respect for anything handmade nowadays. Good work!

  23. Yo bru I've worked with pallets I've build restaurants bars and furniture you skipped the most fun part dismantling the pallets I've spent countless hours surgically dismantling pinepallets. So trust when I say I have an intense appreciation for what you're doing those shot glasses look TNA Lekker (really good) greetings from South Africa.

  24. if you cut this thermal marker in half and fit it into a soldering iron ESPI 80W !!!!
    no longer need the torch
    congratulations on the quality of your work!!!!!

  25. just to give you a heads up when i worked for a pest control places that we would do rat poisoning and trapping they would tell us to soak the pallet with pesticides, we would dump gallons on them that way the customer didnt get buggy surprise.

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