Painting with Watercolor : Different Types of Washes for Watercolor Painting

Painting with Watercolor : Different Types of Washes for Watercolor Painting

Hi! I’m John Junger. I do the paintings
that we’re going to be talking about, the watercolors. I’m here representing
In this video I’d like to shoe you several examples of the types of washes that I use
and how I use them, which I’ll follow up probably in the next segment, with a demonstration
of doing some washes. You really need to have some concept in your head as to how you want
to lay down your washes. If you put them down in the wrong places, then of course it’s
not going to work your painting. In this example, I’m working on this at this point and this
is all basically wet and wet wash, meaning the whole paper was wet and I started at the
top, and at the bottom at times. I laid in washes with the concept of the blue ridge
mountains of Virginia, the light coming through the clouds, it being kind of a hazy morning.
So, I use that hazy effect in the wash, leaving it some in light wash and dark wash. Then
as if dried a little bit, I added washes for the mountains coming down into where the trees
would be. As it dried a little more, I started bringing in the colors for the trees that
are closer up and you see a little more detail and so forth. The more detail comes as the
washes dry. If you want them a little fuzzy, work into the wash that’s a little wet.
If you want them sharp, then you work in the dryer paper and dyer washes.

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  1. @tonygasser
    I agree and wholeheartedly wondered why they pronounced it "waRsh" instead of wash (sort of like how people like Dubya pronounce "nuclear" as "nyukyular", and it sounded really weird that like a bad song it sticks to your head lol.

    Otherwise, good instructions John!

  2. give the kid a break, he only looks about 16 – get off his back!! I thought it was great John keep up the good work!! 🙂

  3. @thegreatbasher
    Stupid twit go back to your Twinkies and Kool-Aid! Maybe the dog will piss in the yard and you can finger paint in the mud again today!

  4. he sometimes says wash and sometimes says warsh just get over it you losers, the way people speak isnt funny, and this guy has good tips but all you effing losers can hear is "warsh,warsh,warsh,warsh, haha he said warsh instead of wash what a dumbass"

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