Painting with a swinging pendulum (it was a big mess)

Painting with a swinging pendulum (it was a big mess)

KATELYN: Hey bebe. Ow ow! Hey. God dang it. Hey bebe. (funky music) Why you stop? (funky music) Yes! EVAN: Oh yeah. (laughs) KATELYN: This video is
sponsored by Vistaprint. More on them later. (funky music) EVAN: (laughs) Did you forget
how to do it for a second? Can you clip my mic up here
so that I can be a gnome? (Evan laughs) Hey guys, we’re
Evan and Katelyn, and today things are going
to get a little bit messy. Hence these outfits. I just wanted to
wear these today. Oh, well I wore mine because we’re going to be
doing pendulum art today. We’re gonna be
swinging paint around, we’re gonna be spinning stuff. This is actually an idea
that y’all tweeted to us, and when we watched the video, it’s like a series of
mesmerizing clips of paint being flung and spun about, and we knew we had to try it. And the artist being
shown in these clips is Callen Schaub. He’s got a ton of
really cool pieces. Of course, we turned to
YouTube for research, and in addition to Callen, there’s a lot of people showing
how to do this flow acrylics and everyone kind of
has their own setup. So looking at this art, it seems like there’s
a couple elements. One is a spinning canvas. What? I just can’t take you seriously. I mean, I take you
too seriously now, because your hat
is very glorious. It’s not a hat, it’s
a protective covering. Okay sorry, proceed. Looking at this art, it seems like there’s a few
elements we need to prepare. One is a spinning canvas, and that’s gonna be the
base for our pendulum art. We thought about reusing the
fans that we’ve destroyed for our DIY spin art video, but those would be too fast. Yeah, and another is
some sort of swinging, paint-dispersing…mechanism. A pendulum. Pendulum. And there’s kind of
two different types. One is like a trough that leaves a big long line of paint. Another is a more
focused, laser-like beam, which is probably what I’ll
do because I like that. It’s a cup. It’s a cup with a hole in it. Laser-like beam of paint. Yeah, so we’ll each try one. Yup. Also, this video is
sponsored by Vistaprint, which we’re very excited about, because by the end of this, we’re gonna turn whatever we
make into Christmas presents, so wish us luck, and you’re welcome,
friends and family. (Christmas music playing) All right, so for
the spinny base, I thought I’d go legit
and get this really cool load-bearing lazy Susan base. And it’s great, except
there’s no momentum. You can’t just like spin it. My idea was to pull the lazy
Susan that we keep spices on in our pantry, and
it works great! Look at it spin! (Evan laughs) We also want to extend
the surface of this to support our
canvases more evenly. So we’re just gonna
screw this on real quick. KATELYN: Sorry lazy
Susan, you served us well. Okay, see if it spins. Aww! KATELYN: That seems pretty good! I’m surprised. I mean, you know. KATELYN: Well we’re not going to be punching it from
the side, you know? It’s a little bit wobbly. What if I screw it
from the bottom? KATELYN: This seems
kind of precarious. You get it? Yeah! Well, at least it can’t
slip off, or slide off. KATELYN: Yeah. I mean, I think it’s
gonna be secure enough for our purposes, ya know? Yeah. KATLEYN: So part one done! To the pendulums. Okay, so to mount our pendulum, we actually have a pretty
secure mounting point, conveniently in the
middle of our garage. So we’re gonna use
this carabiner, it’s too fat, oh there we go. I was like, uh-oh. EVAN: Oh, adjustable height. Just imagine paint
gracefully (woosh) (Evan laughs) Spinning across the floor. EVAN: I think we’re going
to have to clear this area of tripods and… Expensive lighting. Yes, yes. EVAN: So I mean, like
this is the basic setup. It has the spinny thing,
it has the swingy thing. And now all we need to do is
the dispense-y thing. (laughs) I feel like this is
one of the few times where my build is more
complicated than your solution. EVAN: I’ll race you. (Evan laughs) Actually, don’t rush
with the nail gun. Yeah, you don’t want me to
go fast with the nail gun. All right, so I’m taking the
simplest approach possible. I need some sort of a cup
that has a hole in it. I’m just gonna have a
cup with a hole in it, and I’m going to be
attaching the hanging point with just duct tape. I thought about doing
something with 3D printing, so that’s not necessary. Ain’t nobody got time for that. So this is one of the methods
that we talked about earlier we saw on the video. It ends up with more
of a point of paint that gets spun around. I’m gonna try a
different method. I just cut my piece of wood,
they’re not attached yet. A tray of paint that
will swing back of forth and leave almost like
a sheet of color. Yeah. (upbeat music) Look at that. Great engineering. (upbeat music) Well mine is done, look at this. Looks like it’s wearing
a crown, don’t you think? Yes, it looks great. EVAN: Can you witness
my test swing? Well hold on, I think we can do the
test swing after, right? But I want to do
the test swing now. Okay, okay, okay, okay. Show me your test swing. Do you have like
a weight in there? All right, ready? KATELYN: Yeah. Ahh. KATELYN: Hey. Oh it’s spinning. Cool. Is that you wanted? I think so. Because I started
it going this way. KATELYN: And now it’s rotating? And it’s already rotating, it’s kind of going in a
different direction now. So I think this
is going to work, as long as the hole in
there isn’t big enough that the paint just goes fluhhh. So in filming, you should
film at an upwards angle because that’s the
most flattering, right? (Evan laughs) I might need some clamps. Oh, don’t, don’t, don’t do that! Sorry, sorry. Am I? Oh, my head’s not in there. Now I know how you feel. EVAN: Nail guns are fun! There’s something satisfying about just doing
fast, janky work. You know, like, it’s attached. EVAN: At the top
you were serious, and as you went down your
smile got bigger and bigger. There we go! EVAN: Behold. Oh, we need something
to hang this from. So I think I’m just going to
use these picture hangers. There we go, yes. EVAN: Ta-da! Katelyn, I think we’re ready. Are we ready? Is it time to like… It’s time to cover
everything in plastic so that we do not permanently
destroy our garage with paint. (upbeat music) It’s awesome! This is so cool. KATELYN: We’re going
to be in our suits. Spinning paint around. KATELYN: Sweet. I think this is
pretty darn good. (classical music) Let me just- my crotch is so low,
it’s like a challenge. Your foot is sideways,
your foot is sideways. All right Katelyn, it is time. This is so fun. It feels like a sleepover
for some reason. It’s like our garage
is all transformed and we’re in these funny suits. Our onesies? I’m not sure why it
feels like a sleepover. We are ready. Everything is set up, we mixed all the colors. We’re gonna use
some flow acrylics. And we’ll have links to
the paints and mix-ins we used in a blog
post linked below. Yeah, and I think for
the very first painting that I’m gonna do, I figured out the hole
size I’m gonna start with. So 3/16, and paint! Weee! KATELYN: Good test! And we’ll see if the
paint goes out of that in a laser-like stream. And for my first one, I’m
gonna keep it really basic. White and gold with black
lines running across it. (classical music) I think that should be good. Oh, I hope it works. Okay, ya ready? KATELYN: Nope. This is the moment of truth. KATELYN: Wait! Oh my gosh, I’m nervous. I really hope I get
this angle right. All right, ready? KATELYN: Yeah. (classical music) Oh! Oh! Look at that, look at that! KATELYN: Hey, it’s doing it! Yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah! Oh my gosh, I did it right! KATELYN: I hope we
have enough paint so that it keeps going. Wow, that looks so cool! EVAN: That looks great! This is very artistic, love. Dang, look at that! I know! KATELYN: I love it! EVAN: The lines are perfect. Oh, please have enough paint. KATELYN: I know, keep going. Oh wait, I want to
have my catch bucket so when I want to stop
it, I’m gonna (woosh). Okay, ready? KATELYN: Yeah. Masterfully done! (classical music) Even our floor looks like art. Whoo, great, baby! Oh, thank goodness. KATELYN: That worked perfectly. That’s fun. Well mine was a success,
I think it’s your turn. Yeah, I’m gonna try it. Yeah, it’s your turn. Okay, so I’m gonna do the
background of mine first, and I’m thinking I’m
not going to crazy here, because my pendulum layer
is going to be insane. But I just want a little
somethin’ somethin’. EVAN: Hmm, bold. (Evan laughs) Okay, just like a pinkish
background, you know? High five. (both laugh) Okay. All right, so this
is going to go, dump. Yeah. Dark teal, fuschia,
red, teal, yellow. I’m going crazy with this one. You think that’s enough? EVAN: I don’t know. Okay, spin it. You ready? Ready. (Katelyn screams) Oh, it didn’t do anything. Oh! Well, it’s not what I
expected, but it’s cool. EVAN: Oh my gosh! KATELYN: What’s happening? EVAN: When do you stop
it, when do you stop it? Is it good, is it good,
is it good, is it good? Ooh, well this looks
prettier than the art. EVAN: I mean, there
are some cool things going on here. It’s not what I wanted. EVAN: I guess more is
needed in the tray. Look at all those cells. KATELYN: This is what I wanted. EVAN: That’s amazing. That’s like beautiful. I know. My vision was not translated. I feel like I should
just start a new one. I don’t really like this
one, it’s pretty ugly. Audio going? We’re recording. I just think I need
a lot more paint, and I need to tilt it. So much paint. I don’t really
know when to stop. I don’t want to
underdo it again, I only have three canvases. My left hand is getting tired
because it’s getting so heavy. I feel like this has to work. Fingers crossed. Yeah. (dramatic music) Okay. EVAN: All right. It is officially time. I hope this works,
because if not, this is a lot of
paint going to waste. Will you give me a spin? All right, I’ll give ya a spin. KATELYN: Okay, ready
for me to release? EVAN: Yes. (Katelyn screams) Yeah! EVAN: Get it, get it, get it. (Evan laughs) (upbeat music) Oh wow. Wow, that’s cool! EVAN: That’s really cool. I can’t believe both
lined up in the arc. It did it! I think it was the tilt
and the more paint. EVAN: Yay! That’s exciting. EVAN: Oh my gosh, look at that. KATELYN: I know, I made a mess. EVAN: Look at that right there. That looks cool though. KATELYN: It looks really cool. EVAN: It’s so bold. (upbeat music) KATELYN: We have our
squid, see his eye? And then there’s the
northern lights right here. EVAN: Yeah. I love the tiny green
line right there. KATELYN: And also, look
at this little squiggle. Should I do one more? No, I should leave it. No, no, no, no. That looks cool. That looks really cool. Do you wanna do one more though? Or do you wanna try? EVAN: Yeah, I
wanna try this one. Yeah, okay, sounds good. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay, so what’s your plan. So my plan is to go for
a more color family. Golds and teals. KATELYN: Yeah? And I’m gonna add
it on top of yours. KATELYN: Should be interesting. So there’s a little bit of
Katelyn chaos mixed in there. KATELYN: Oh my
gosh, that’s a lot. EVAN: Yeah. KATELYN: So are you gonna
let it go back and forth more times than I did? EVAN: I don’t know. KATELYN: I think with
this much liquid, you kinda have to. I think you need to stop! You think I need to stop? KATELYN: Yes, this is like
twice as much as I had. Really? KATELYN: Yes! Really? KATELYN: Yes. Really? What, do you want me to say no? Yes. Okay, okay, I’m ready. KATELYN: Okay, give me
a second, don’t move. Oh. My heart is starting
to like beat faster. I know, the anticipation. Give me one second. (classical music) Are you ready? KATELYN: Go for it. (Evan screams) Whoa, whoa! Whoa! KATELYN: Whoa, stop it! I should have
stopped it earlier. KATELYN: Still
looks really cool. EVAN: Oh my gosh. KATELYN: It’s like
oddly symmetrical. Man, what a beautiful mess too. That looks really cool. Yeah, I like it! KATELYN: I like it too. EVAN: Oh wow, I
actually do like it. It looks like waves. KATELYN: It does
look like waves. Should I have stopped after one? KATELYN: No regrets. No regrets. No regrets. I like it. You like it? Okay. I think it’s just like as
the person starting it, we have certain expectations. I think the other person always likes the other person’s more than they like it. KATELYN: I like the
hints of color that my- like that tiny touch of red. Wow, so many good cells. It’s like so much stuff
that you couldn’t plan for. EVAN: Mm-hmm. KATELYN: So we’re
gonna tell the camera what we’re doing first, and
then we’ll do our butts. EVAN: Yeah. Okay, so we came up with
an idea for our final pour. It looked like a team effort. This is an all out, we’re
gonna do everything, including using our butts. We’re gonna put our butts on it. (Evan laughs) Instead of a hand print,
you know they’re too small, they’re weak. Our butts are stronger. Yeah, hands are weak,
butts are strong. Well, part of it’s because we
have so much beautiful paint on the floor- EVAN: I know! From our past pours, I don’t want it to go to waste, and I feel like this
is the best way, so do I pull it up, because the crotch on
this is down to my knees. Yeah, pull it up, pull it up. Or do I just do where
it naturally is? EVAN: I don’t know. I’ll just do it where
it naturally falls, because this is where
my butt is, you know? (Evan laughs) This looks so wrong. It looks like
you’re about to poo. (Katelyn squeals) No, more, more, more! More? EVAN: Yeah, really just like, yeah, yeah, yeah, there you go. Should I just do right here? Yeah, sure. I don’t want to put
my weight on it. Yeah, there you go. (both laugh) It looks like an alien face. It looks like a little
crack right there. Okay, you go, you go. Prepare thine booty. Okay, this is how you do it. You just really
like, there you go. KATELYN: Bring it around town. Nice! That’s a primo butt. Whoa, what was that? A big white spot. I think this is
a great backdrop. It’s a great start. Okay, so next up
Katelyn’s gonna do- The bucket! The bucket. And then I’m gonna do the swing. We’re just gonna do it all. We’re doing everything, going
all out for the last one. I’m sorry. My butt is so wet,
I hope, is this? Wait. I might take my pants
off, I don’t know. Should I take my pants off? I just feel like a
little bit of dampness. Let’s delete this
part out of the video. You look a little moist. There’s some darkness. There’s a darkness
to your cheeks. Time to put the
colors in your bucket. How much should I do? How much did you do last time? Like halfway, at least. This is gonna be
like chaos anyway, so we might as well just- Go for it. Oh geez, all right. Are you good? Yeah, I’m good. Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah. KATELYN: Oh, that’s cool. Yeah, it looks great
over our butts. (Evan laughs) EVAN: There’s interesting
things happening in the- KATELYN: Well because we
mixed so many colors in there. EVAN: That’s so cool. You wanna do another swing? Yeah, I could do another swing. Whoo! EVAN: It’s going to be hard
to do my thing over this because this actually
looks really cool. KATELYN: Nah, you
just gotta do it. EVAN: Oh man, this
double looks cool though, look at that. It double looks pretty cool. It also kinda reminds me
of Halloween decorations. Well that was an awesome start, time to do the tray. Yup, we have another
chaos rainbow in here. You ready? KATELYN: I’m ready. Oh yeah! KATELYN: Oh that’s so cool, oh my gosh, how is it so cool? (upbeat music) Oh man, I kinda wanna do one
more swipe across that corner. Chaos! Wow, you know, it’s a hot mess, but it’s kind of
a cool hot mess. It’s a cool hot mess, and can you still see our butts? KATELYN: No. Uh, you can still
see my butt slightly. EVAN: Yay. KATELYN: Oh, there’s the
white from your butt. EVAN: Yeah, okay cool. KATELYN: Out butts are there. We’re a part of this. (upbeat music) All right, so it’s time
to take some photos of our priceless art and mass produce them for
our friends and family. So we took pictures of the
art as soon as we were done because as we know
from past experience, flow acrylic keeps on flowing
once you think you’re done. It’s just cracking apart
and it’s destroying itself. So by now a few days later, all of the paint could have
just slid off and it’s horrible. We haven’t looked yet so we don’t know
what they look like. But before we show you guys, we want to tell you about
our sponsor, Vistaprint. KATELYN: If you haven’t
used Vistaprint before, it’s a great service to
turn your ideas into gifts, such as customizable
holiday cards, canvas prints, phone cases,
calendars, or even mugs. We went ahead and put it on
all of those things above, and because of editing
magic, they are here. Which one are you gonna
want to open first? Uh, whatever one I’m opening. I think this is the
mug and the phone case. Are those the canvas prints? Yeah, they look cool. Ahh! Just show me, just pull ’em out. Really nice! Oh, they’re so
thick and weighty. We should show them. KATELYN: That’s so cool. EVAN: That’s so cool. Oh, this is the phone case. This is the phone case. So this is actually a gift, so it’s not for a
phone that we own, but oh that looks so good. Oh man, I’m kind of jealous now. Okay, the mug. Ooh. Is this something? [Evan and Katelyn]
Oh, that’s our cards! Oh my gosh. EVAN: Ooh, shiny. (Evan laughs) KATELYN: Do you
like our caption? EVAN: Oh that’s perfect. I think this is our
poster calendar? Oh, that is classy. This is from our butt print. Look how good that is. Our butts made this. Our butts made this. Thank you Vistaprint
for sponsoring us. I’m so excited to
give these as gifts. I realize that our
family is watching and the surprise will
be ruined, but you know. And if you guys want
to use Vistaprint for your holiday
gifts this year, you can go to and use the code below for
up to 50% off select items. All right, time to reveal
what the art has turned into. Words are hard. (upbeat music) Okay. No, no, wait, no, no, no. Back out. Aww, I thought you
were ready for me. All right guys, so
I set everything up, I tried not to look, but Katelyn has
not seen these yet. Let’s see what she thinks. You know, they didn’t change
as much as I expected. Oh, well mine kinda did. EVAN: This one’s my favorite. What? What happened here? EVAN: The colors are less bold. Where’s my squid? EVAN: Oh my gosh. KATELYN: The squid is gone. EVAN: The squid melted. This one did weird stuff. I feel like the others
are kinda what I expected. Yours still looks amazing. Our butt one actually
still looks pretty cool. EVAN: A little too much. And then this one actually
kinda looks cooler than it used to, it looks like we added a
blur effect to the middle. This one’s my favorite. These are our pride
and joys right here. I’m glad that we took
the high quality photos and now have canvas prints of
them in their original state to give to our family. Also thanks again to Vistaprint
for sponsoring this video. Well, despite the changes, still feel like this was
a super fun experiment and I just want to spin
some more paint around so let’s set up
the garage again. All right, thanks so much for
joining us in today’s video and we’ll look forward to
seeing you in the next one. Bye! Bye! EVAN: Ahh! What? (Evan laughs) Oh my god, we forgot one. Oops. It’s like the first one I did
and I forgot that it existed. KATELYN: That’s on you. That’s on me. It looks about the same. Okay, bye again! Bye!

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