Painting Tips: Paint Brushes vs Paint Rollers

Painting Tips: Paint Brushes vs Paint Rollers

Brush or roller? Before you choose,
here’s some info that’s good to know. From foam to bristle, there are lots of brush choices. Foams fantastic for latex paint. Use them
for a quick touch-ups or small jobs on flat smooth surfaces. You can’t beat the price and they clean up quickly. A step up from foam, bristle brushes. Choose between synthetic or natural. Most
synthetic bristles can be used with oil or water-based paint or stains. Natural are
best with oil based products. Look at the label to make sure you’ve
got the best match and always match the brush to the job. Smaller trim brushes for detailed work
like cutting in. Broader brushes to cover larger areas. So
when do you use a roller? When you want to cover a lot of ground quickly. The frames and covers come in different sizes depending on the size of your job.
And a variety of textures for a variety of surfaces. Smooth walls, shorter nap. A lot of texture, longer nap. And just like a brush, the better quality you by the better
results you get. And that’s the info that’s good to know before you start to

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  1. peter Andrews,thankyou very much for your tips,i am nearly ready to start painting the ceiling in our bathroom.i have also lightly sanded everything down before starting,as you have shown me, cross fingers now hope I make a good job,kind regards from peter Andrews taupo newzealand

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