PAINTING ROSE CROWNS!? | Starting My New Sketchbook! | Sketchbook 23 | Acrylic Paint + Posca Pens

PAINTING ROSE CROWNS!? | Starting My New Sketchbook! | Sketchbook 23 | Acrylic Paint + Posca Pens

so excited! it’s the moment I wait for as
soon as I start a sketchbook is the moment when I get to start another
sketchbook let’s get this opened! opening it for the first time ♪ Verbage describing the sketchbook – I’ve
used quite a few of these sketchbooks now so I kind of know the deal-i-o if you’ve
seen any of my videos in the past I like to decorate the outside of the
sketchbook as one of the first things that I do — last time I actually used [boop-i-ty-boo!] acrylic paint it worked really really well so that’s what I’d like to try this
time I picked out a few colors a little color scheme to try out first thing I need to do
is kind of sketch out an idea and thumbnail it to make sure that what’s
going on in my head makes sense on paper and so my idea was kinda to have someone
with a flower crown of some kind but then I pictured the title of my
sketchbook fitting in the hair somehow and now that I’m trying to actually put
this into practicality – I’m getting a little lost a little blob symbolize the
roses and this is where I would write “sketchbook 23” oh my gosh! I was really happy
with the last one I did and all I did was put letters on there and I thought
it looked pretty cool but I kind of like to try and draw a character on this one
I was practicing drawing roses the other day — none of these are really gelling
with me let me try something else I just had a random visualization so if like
there’s a head on the bottom half of the paper or the cover (oh…. you couldn’t even see what was going on) alright basically I just explained my
idea here of a character who’s like cut off down here so you can just kind of
see the eyes then we have a flower crown with the hair coming down and then we’re
gonna have title up a top with like a few random blobular roses kind of
filling in some of that white space – I’m thinking it might actually want to
include most of the face so if I like bring this
square here more kind of like the idea of the hair being blobular
like the roses I plan on drawing — maybe if they like imitate the shapes of the
roses now I can’t decide if I want the flower crown to go around like this or
be more like actually on the crown of her head.?
ooh and then I can take these like a little flowery things and go all the way
around the outside of the sketchbook along the back and then incorporate the
design throughout the whole thing that’d be really fun!! not sure why this is the
idea that’s coming into my head I hardly ever draw flowers but I should take
inspiration when it strikes! I’ve learned my lesson could move the “sketchbook” so
it’s like almost coming out of the head a little bit more then it’s like
overlapping the character design a little bit why don’t I try and use some
of the paints and see where I’d like those to go I love that color use this color for hair we’re just trying to experiment with the color scheme see
what looks good where before we start working on a canvas where erasing is not
really a possibility so when I’m sketching I really like to be loose and messy
because you never know what will show you something that you like better than
what you were going with in the first place I’m just using like this big brush
blotching it down trying things this is actually a nail art brush that I never
used for nails so I’m just repurposing it so that it can get a little love try and make sure we’re not creating any tangents with the edge of this hair make it kind of blobular like the flowers maybe? I might grab a purple let
me see if I’m purple paint to add shading in here without being too harsh [from a distance:]
“I say as I walk away” I’ve got purple Pizzazz and Royals Fushia mix it
with our primary red there’s enough like hue change though where I think that’s
making a difference add it underneath the crown like it’s a shadow – it kind of looks a
little bloody and gory there but it’s not!! just trying to figure it out if I had my eyebrows back in and if I use like black for the eyelashes instead
of that red that might help – it looks a little too sad from my liking oh no she looks like she’s coming after you hmm be nice if I could somehow
capture my art style at the same time as using the paints that would be my goal I can also at the last minute use like a fine point Posca pen and add like line
art of some kind – no that’s a little creepy nono you know I think I liked it
better without the blue but I do like it with like the dark purple so I’ll
make sure that I mix that dark blue with the primary red and then I think we
should be good to go for that I just don’t like how much control I have with
a brush I cannot do it they like splat and splotch no I think I prefer the 23
being up there this I think some reason adds to the spookiness that I don’t like trying this again seeing if I can get a better result I’d much rather have some
contrast between the skin and the hair though what if I just use straight coral
for the skin it’s worth experimenting it’s a little bit more illustrative I
feel like I need to see that with the black backdrop it definitely pulls away
from that creep (spook) factor that we had over there Lets use this Posca and outline
somethings I’m gravitating more towards this one’s look I think I like this
better yeah I’ll think about it while this is
drying and then we’ll move on to the front cover all right so this is dry I
think while I was waiting for that dry, I started doodling something else and then when
naturally this was dry but then this was wet so then I had to wait even longer
but I think we’re good it looks dry now the idea I’m still not 100%
crazy about the idea but there’ll always be more sketchbooks so I think I think I
just want to go with this I’m going to start by drawing out the shapes and
hoping for the best try and make sure the face is
symmetrical is kind of my goal here I can actually erase this which is really
really handy all right this is kind of the idea I’m happy with the layout
I’ll check everything this is fun kind of like that one
let’s go about that first we start layering some paint I really like this
warm beige as a hair color so I think I’ll start there and try and get as even
of a coat as possible fill in the shapes now this first layer is going to be
pretty patchy and I don’t worry about staying inside the lines when it comes
to the other shapes because I will be painting over top of those but I do want
to be careful not to go anywhere that I want it to be black could probably
add the first layers of the roses as well they’re not gonna look like much in
those first blotches but it’s still an important step sometimes I get a little
overwhelmed by how bad things have to look before they can look good and I
think that’s a good lesson just in art in general that you have to start
somewhere to be able to get further on down the road I’m kind of working on the
face now kind of trying to focus any gradients on here so that it’s not
completely that coral color I love the coral color but I’m just not ready to
commit adding a little bit more coral to the mixture when I get closer to the
hair so that there’s that contrast it’s nice that this stuff dries pretty fast –
my kind of medium!! markers and acrylic this might actually turn out pretty good
if I stick with it it’s not there yet working on it I’m wondering if I should
just leave that black from the sketch book for the eyelashes i’m digging it trying to get some details-I’m still using the big
brush so I haven’t like moved into detail mode but I’m trying to like put
blotches where I think they makes sense a little bit of shading under some of
these roses while I have this purple on my paintbrush –
very lightly cuz I went a little overboard with the thumbnail when it
came to shading let’s make this look a little bit more like hair – add some
strands I’d love to put [a strand] like right here when that’s a dry i’m gonna switch
to this more fine point brush grab some of the red go right above the eyelashes
just add a little bit of redness kind of mix it with the coral a little oh I didn’t
do lips I think I want to make the lips straight red at first at least just to
fill those in same way I’m filling in the Roses ones layer at a time paint over some of that purpley blue bits I think it’s just it’s not quite
the right color doesn’t fit into the color scheme I wish I could go back and
shrink this scalp area – its a little too much volume – let’s make it look
like a rose look these are some petals I shoulda used a smaller brush for
this does that look like a rose? let me switch to a
finer point going with the red I’m gonna blend out some of these areas I think I
could use with a little bit more blending mix that in with the red a
little bit more I think I’d like the centre to be a little darker so this
time I’m gonna grab the coral draw a bit of a circle so that’s gonna be the
center and draw some shapes here kind of keep the center a little darker maybe kind of like this! darken up down here from a distance it looks like a flower and that’s all I can really ask for at
this point right? [silent floral concentration] actually kind of digging the
abstractness (and yet more detailed than any other flower I’ve ever drawn kind of
aspect of it) you guys were so nice to me the last time I was drawing roses so
I’ve kind of built up a little self confidence with the way they look so
thanks for that! [laughs happily] kind of like learning to love it oh I think this one’s my favorite so far I just like the shape of it mm-hmm I’m
just slowly figuring out what a flower looks like (a rose in particular) okay
from that knowledge I kind of want to go back to this one see if I can improve a
lot of these like sort of squiggles that’s every drawing though isn’t it? that’s not that helpful Hey mix it in with a little bit more red
here could I explain how to do what I’m doing right now? no. but it’s a start I
think it’s all about like making these shapes that just slightly interlock then
you get kind of like a rose mm-hmm! this got me ten times more excited to
finish this yeaee! bingo just adding some shading to the hair now not going to
overboard hopefully flowers are my favorite part so far and then yeah I
think the next step would probably be to let it dry…… but I just can’t stop
touching it- what’s wrong with me? ALRIGHT! it’s dry now I might have
played with it a little bit more I don’t report it with like last time we talked
but what I want to do next is go over with my Posca Pen and add details where I
know it needs them [like eyelashes bro] and maybe just incorporate more black
because black is our background color here not sure how much of this I want to
do because I don’t really want to go overboard you can see I kind of went over some of the purple areas with pink just to like
fit it into the color scheme a little bit more so I’m trying to avoid purple this is actually brighter than some of the Pink’s I’ve already used maybe more
black would help I don’t know it’s looking a little freaky I don’t know
what I changed something apparently cool thing about all these Art
supplies is that they’re opaque so you just paint over everything and if you
don’t like it you just paint over that we can use this red which is slightly
different than the ones in the roses to add a little bit extra texture now I’m
not going over and like outlining every single section of the roses I’m trying
to keep it a little bit subtle Sleeping Beauty has that funny little like
cinnamon roll on her hair and I did it because it made me think of roses was
kind of the thing I was thinking about and Sleeing Beauty is called Briar
Rose so I wonder if like the same thought process went through some like
very old Disney character design artists whoa it’s like I have a small tiny
thread of connection with them wonder if I can add like a shadow right here if kind
of follows this curve or wait maybe it should have been shadow down here wait
wait wait darken up this bottom edge of the bangs
and then lighten up the top half of it the top of the head a little bit more
and it’s like bending over it’s kind of what I’m looking for – it helps a little lighting up here maybe I’m changing it up a little bit but I am trying to trace
it too cuz my sketch kind of worked pretty well I love that I kind of just
have to draw it sketchbook right there no stick to the plan!! stick the
plan! alright there’s our first go first little pass of the letters now you can
see these are are definitely blending in so we’re gonna need to add a little bit
of Effects to that so I’m not prominent enough I don’t think I might like to
layer it up like thicken the letters but also a part of me (let me clean this
brush)- wants does use a brush and write some of the letters in the hair color
but the hair also intersects up there so that might not be a great idea mm
ponder okay it’s improving definitely gonna need a few more layers for the
letters it’s a bit patchy boom signed it not that I’m done yet a bit of a white
border will bring that white down into the illustration a little bit more I love white borders so much it’s probably a problem the Font definitely turned out little bit on the messy side I don’t
like the way the letters are lined up I think the roses are like a major part
of why I like it too so that’s strange and completely out of the expected I do
want to add some designs to the back and I also need to write on the side there sketchboooOooOOok! the most useful math class
was the one where they taught you how to write out numbers in Word form I still
use it to this day I really wanted to paint another Rose on the back make some room on my desk if I do this then I don’t have to wait for that to dry I can start painting on
this side I just want to put a flower like right in the middle maybe grab some
red paint and try to paint a flower see if I can capture what I figured out and
the other ones – that looks about right do I want a second flower? maybe a little
one so yeah I’ve got a couple roses there build up some of the color slowly
add a little bit of the coral where I want it to pop a little more
add some extra petals here I think it needs a couple more not bad kind of like
that one I like the way the acrylics blend together if you get them when
they’re still [wet] – might be getting a hang of this roses thing – see what
happens when you put in a little time? and effort and practice and maybe a
little acrylic magic? hey that’s pretty cool so like I added a layer of the
coral when the red was still wet and now that it’s all dry I’m going over with
another layer of coral and it looks like a completely different color because
it’s not blending iN! I’m learning so much!! then maybe a grab of Posca Pen and add some
of these little hearts I’ll wait for that to dry and then I want to add
some black liner to it so that it matches these flowers and then I might
just be done mmm i’ve been spending so much time on this I’m
not ready to say goodbye I am going a little overboard with the black I’m just going
over it again with some coral gonna block out some of the lines that are not
necessary because some of them there’s enough contrast between the light coral
and that darker red that it’s not necessary I normally in these videos
also draw on the first page but I usually draw also on the first page so
this guy right here but I just spent like all day on this and I wouldn’t want
to like rush something for the next page so maybe I’ll film that and post it
separately so I can spend like a whole day’s worth of effort on it but here’s
what I came up with! I’m really happy with this that’s like the most time I’ve
ever put on our acrylic painting I like the texture like touching it!! you
go to the museum and you just want to touch the art and they’re like no no no
don’t even go within 12 inches but it’s mine, I can just rub my face on it and then there’s
the back with the three random roses that are just there for no reason
because I really wanted to paint them (I guess that is a reason) and there is the front
again sketchbook 23 as well as the side and the words kind of like
covered my least favorite part about the art which was the really large scalp I
know what I think I think I want to make like a huge acrylic painting because
that was too much fun I just want to [mouth fart] blob and smoosh you know? thank you guys for
watching um I’m excited to start drawing in this sketchbook (I guess I did draw on
it) we have these but I’m excited to fill the blank pages – Thank you guys for watching
I’ll see you guys all next week and I hope you have a delicious evening
full of WAFFLES! BYE! ♪

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