Painting Puffins, From Black & White to Color

Painting Puffins, From Black & White to Color

Painting Puffins, From Black & White to Color Well Hi everyone I’m so happy you came
back to see me today and if you’ve not seen me before my name is Yovette but
that’s enough about me because I am excited to show you something so let’s
just go see what it is! Well I will share my very special message with you in just
a couple of minutes but first my excitement is over these two little
puffins this is Herb and Jed and I wanted to show you how I started this
painting in black and white and transitioned to color I started with
just an outline gradually I added my black colors first and once that was
done I put in my white colors and then very slowly and gradually added the
grays and the softer tones now the reason I am showing you how I started
this is because a lot of you have been wanting to do some black and white art
so this video is just a series of short little segments of the actual painting
but you will get the gist of the progression and how it is done. In this
painting I’ll tell you this this has been a real challenge because I wanted
this really really stormy feeling and yet have the puffins really stand out
you know to make a statement well I think I was able to accomplish this what
do you think? Now the reason I am doing this painting is because once a year we
have a membership show at the Grants Pass Museum of Art all the members are
allowed to enter one or two pieces of original art and this is what I have
been working on for quite some time now being from Alaska I have seen puffins
and I love them because they are so gorgeous and so colorful they can be
found all along the Alaska coastline most of the summer and believe it or not
these silly little birds can actually swim underwater better than they can fly
that’s how they catch their food so anyway they are
simply fascinating to watch I just love them. So while this video is playing I do
have two messages special messages for you the first one is my foot now this is
a happy message as many of you know I had my second foot surgery last month
for a toe correction it’s healing well and I am so happy about that I still
have no feeling in the large toe and anywhere in that region but I am
hobbling around on the heel portion of my foot and every day is just a tiny bit
better. So the second part of my message is not so happy I have shared with you
in my videos fairly recently that I will be slowing down on making videos in the
near future the reason is because the love of my life of over 40 years has
become ill and it is terminal and he will not be getting any better.
So as this disease progresses hubby is needing more and more of my time but not
only that I really want to be spending more time with him who knows how much
time you have and I figure when hubby has passed on and I’m all alone I will
have all the time in the world for making YouTube videos just for you.
So if you are not seeing me as often that is the reason why some of you
already knew this and I am thanking you for all the support and prayers and best
wishes. Now in the past I have always posted on the first of every month and
sometimes an extra video mid month so I just want to let you know that I am NOT
going to disappear completely I WILL still post every once in a while but
also please be aware that if I don’t answer your email and comments right
away please be patient with me I promise I will get to them. It’s just that I am
spending a lot less time on the computer nowadays.
So my hubby has asked me to pass on a little something to you so this is what
he says and this is especially for you. First your health is the most important
thing you have take the best care of yourself that you can. Second we are only
given one day at a time live every day like it is your last. And third today is
a new adventure now go live it and take time to smell the roses along the way.
You can see my hubby on my previous video called happy Valentine’s Day and I
will post the link in the show more description box located below this video.
So I really thank you for watching and remember if you like this video like it
share it and subscribe. God bless to all of you, bye.

31 thoughts on “Painting Puffins, From Black & White to Color

  1. Wow these puffins are stunning! You have outdone yourself Yo! They are so realistic and the light coming down is a nice touch too! I'm so sorry about your hubby! Sending prayers to your husband, you and your family! God bless! ๐Ÿ™

  2. Oh gosh Yovette. I wasn't aware of this. I really don't have anything to say. But I have told you earlier and I will say it again, you two make such a beautiful couple together. Not just the way you look, but the way you two are from the inside. I wish I could give both of you a hug.

  3. I love puffins too! I think of you often and always send you thoughts of love and prayer. Sending you a big hug. โค๏ธ

  4. Good Morning Yovette!
    Wishing you and your Husband all the best of prayers, love and comfort now and throughout all of your days together. We love your art, your tutelage and kindness. Please have a comforting Thanksgiving with Friends and Family. As always, love the connection through the YT videos.

  5. Your puffins are precious! Tell your husband thank you for sharing those wise words and that I am praying for him and for you. God Bless and be with you during this time and always!!! ๐Ÿ’œ

  6. Yovette, love the Puffins! Beautiful! They are along the east coast in Maine as well! So sorry to hear about your husband! I will put you in my prayers! Good luck!

  7. Yovette, my heart goes out to you and hubby. There is nothing I can say to make this any easier. The prospect of losing ones life's partner is very difficult to get your head and heart around. I will pray for you both. Enjoy each other.

  8. Yovette, i could feel your emotion with tears in my eyes bless you, you are so brave in being strong for your dear hubby bless him and wise words from him too. I am not sure if i ever told you but i have been a Medium all of my fifty odd years of life and tell him from me please.. not to be afraid when his time does come, it is not the end just a different space and close family members will be meeting him with open arms even though he may not believe it… but until that time, may he enjoy each precious minute doing what he loves to do with all that he loves, for he will take all his memories with him. I want to thank you Yovette for all your time you have given with beautiful paintings from you plus this beauty above, time is the gift and for now you have given enough for us here.. enjoy your day's in humbleness and sweet memories with your hubby and we will be here when only you are ready and if you ever need a little chat please just email me. Thinking of you with warm thoughts and prayers. :)x

  9. Hi Yovette! I just watched your latest video on YouTube. I've been a subscriber for a while now, not very long, but I really do enjoy your videos! I don't get to comment often since I'm usually in bed relaxing, watching YouTube on my TV after a long day at work or on my own studio with videos on in the background.
    I'm sorry to hear about your husband's illness. I hope that you both make some wonderful memories in the time you still have together and enjoy the little things ๐Ÿ’™ I wonder if he'd ever like to make a painting? Anyways, have a great weekend and a Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Yovette,
    Your puffins are wonderful, I think you accomplished the look and and feel you wanted to with them. They are sure to be the highlight of the show you are putting them in.
    My prayers go out to you and your hubby. May the two of you enjoy everyday day that you have left here on this earth together and cherish the wonderful years and memories , and know you will be together again. My God give you both comfort.
    Bless you and enjoy this upcoming Holiday season together.

  11. I hope in Jesus name, your toe heals completely, you have a great sense of humor & love for life ,I really don't know you & u don't know me. But you are wonderful teacher thank you I hope u leave your videos on YouTube love you Yovette hope your husband gets a complete healing as well.โค

  12. This is so wonderful painting. I really liked this one yovette.
    Just take your time yovette, your hubby and your time for him are more important than making a video.

  13. Oh Yovette, my heart and thoughts goes out to you and your husband… Wise words from your husband! Spending time with him is the most important! Youtube won't go away, it will be here. Puffins are beautiful birds and this painting is stunning!! You are lucky to have seen these wonderful birds for real! Thanks for sharing Yovette. Big warm hugs!

  14. Impressive colorful puffins! So cute and realistic! Your technique is amazing Yovette! I'm glad your foot is healing well ๐Ÿ™‚ All the best Joseph

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