Painting on Filler Structure – (No-Canvas-Painting – Malen ohne Leinwand)

Painting on Filler Structure – (No-Canvas-Painting – Malen ohne Leinwand)

I found one of my canvas paintings that I don’t like any more. I roughen on the surface with fine sandpaper. Now I use a finishing putty from the hardware store and scratch them on the image. I just do criss-cross a couple of blows with the palette knife. After drying, the surface is very rough; you can almost violate your hand. Therefore I polish it with coarse sandpaper, but only so that the ridges are less sharp. With black acrylic I paint the entire surface. After drying, I use the foam roller and with white paint on acrylic base I moisten the surface without much pressure – thereby remains with a black base, an interesting structure visible – my new background. Now I paint with acrylics an abstract image on a larger format, which was treated in the same way in order to show how the interesting background is still recognizable – just a suggestion! Thus, it is not so boring, I show the painting process in a little faster motion. I call this picture “Blackbird”. Well, if I turn the picture , I see the Bird no longer so clearly ๐Ÿ™‚ In any case, the structure is clearly visible. Thank you for your interest.

3 thoughts on “Painting on Filler Structure – (No-Canvas-Painting – Malen ohne Leinwand)

  1. That was the coolest bird. Loved it. I might even have to try it. Loved your abstract bird of paradise in a vase as well, well it looked like that to me lol. Have to watch more of your work.

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