Painting of a Lynx – “My Favorite Animals” Series – #10

Painting of a Lynx – “My Favorite Animals” Series – #10

Meow. Hey there creators, Niamh here and today I
am starting a new series! So, I started this week wanting to do a lynx,
and as you can see, that’s what I did. But as I was starting to do the lynx, I thought
to myself, ‘You know what? It’d be cool if I did a series out of this!’
…because I recently made, for fun, a Top 10 list of my favorite animals. And number 10 happened to be… a lynx! So it kind of worked out… I wasn’t planning to start this as a series,
but since I was doing my number 10 favorite animal, I thought, ‘you know what? Let’s do ‘My Top 10 Favorite Animals’ starting
with… number 10!” So, because I’m doing a whole animal themed
thing, and this is a series, I figured it might be cool if I donated part of the cost
of the original pieces… if I sell an original piece, if I donated some of that money to
an animal organization like the World Wildlife Federation. So that’s what I’m doing! And this is going to be a many, many weeks
long thing, because I’m not going to do it one week after another. So this week, I’m going to do my number 10
favorite animal and I’ll explain what I’m going to be doing for the next couple weeks
later on in the video, but then after that I’m going to do number 9, and then a few weeks
after that number 8, et cetera. So this is something that’s going to take
many, many weeks… months even, it’s going to take a long time. And I think that’s a good thing. I hope you’ll enjoy it, I certainly enjoyed
doing this piece. Enjoy! Hi everyone! So this is the beginning of the “My Favorite
Animals” series. For these, I’m going to do a piece of artwork
for my top 10 favorite animals, starting at #10… the Lynx! So, I will have each of these available on
my Etsy shop (link in the description), and 30% of the costs of the paintings will be
donated to the World Wildlife Federation. If you’d rather have a print, those are also
available on my Redbubble, and again, the link is in the description. So
let’s learn about the lynx! So, there are four types of lynx (or lynxes,
both forms are correct to refer to the lynx in the plural): the Eurasian lynx, which is
the largest of the four types and obviously lives in Eurasia– particularly in Siberia,
Eastern Europe, and Central Asia; the Canadian Lynx; the Iberian Lynx, which is Spain; and
the Bobcat, which happened to be the mascot of my elementary school. Bobcats are the smallest types of lynx, and
they are primarily in the United States and some parts of Mexico. They are the national animal of the Republic
of Macedonia and also the national animal of Romania. As for appearance, lynx are covered in light
spots all over their bodies. Their colouring changes depending on the season,
with a more brownish colour in the Summer months and grey in the Winter. They have long facial whiskers and the fur
on their faces sticks out below their cheeks. Lynx also have very fluffy paws for helping
them move through snowy regions, and they have short tails. Of course their signature feature, and the
main reason I love these cats so much is the black tufts on the tips of their ears. These give the lynx a heightened sense of
hearing which makes them a formidable predator as it makes it easier for them to locate their
prey. Speaking of their diet, lynx are carnivores. Their prey tends to be smaller animals (like
rabbits or squirrels), birds, and rodents. However, the larger lynx have been known to
go after some larger animals like deer. Now, while the lynx has an advantage in hearing,
they are not fast runners like other large cats. Their thicker fur slows them down, so they
prefer to use the element of surprise and ambush their prey. So we’ve talked about their prey… but what
about their predators?! Lynx tend to be prey to other large cats like
cougars, and also wolves and coyotes. One major predator of the lynx is… humans. That’s right, us. The overhunting of the Iberian lynx is one
of the contributing factors for it’s listing as an endangered species. That has resulted in major conservation efforts
by the Spanish government to protect the Iberian lynx. Hunting them is no longer legal in Spain,
and thanks to programs like The Spanish National Commission for the Protection of Nature as
well as the Doñana National Park, the Iberian lynx has moved from the critically endangered
status to endangered! Lynx are solitary animals, and only gather
during mating seasons, which are in late winter and early spring. Pregnancy is about 60-70 days long and they
produce 1-4 kittens per litter. Lynx kittens nurse for about 4-5 months and
then become independent at about 10 months, but they don’t leave their mother’s side until
they are about a year old. Alright, that was information about the lynx! Hope you liked… essentially my school report
(laughs), as for the artwork information, this was done with Polychromos coloured pencils
on sanded paper. I don’t plan to have ALL of these pieces be
in coloured pencil, but many probably will as it is my favorite medium to use right now. Alright, rapping up here and heading into
the picture… stay tuned for my number 9 favorite animal! Alright thanks for sticking around to the
end you guys! I hope that was enjoyable! I really enjoyed it. So the next ‘My Favorite Animal’ is not going
to be out for a few weeks and the reason for that is because I have TWO collabs that I’m
working on! One of them is going to take about two weeks
for me to complete, and the next one is going to take about one week. So I’m working on the two-week one first. And I’ve got to do my part, then we’ll switch… I’m not going to get into the details of what
that collab is, but because of that, next week I’m either not going to have a video,
or I’m going to do like a real short video… because I did also get some RendR paper in
and I want to do like a little review of that. So, next week I think if I have time, I’m
going to do a quick video of me reviewing the RendR paper. But most of next week, I’m going to be working
on one of my collabs. And then the next week after that, that video
will come out. And then the following week after that is
going to be another collab. So… it’s going to be really busy. So, yeah, thanks so much for watching! If you’re interested in the original, my link
to my Etsy is down in the description, and if you want a print instead, then check out
my Redbubble! Thanks so much for watching, later, Creators!

21 thoughts on “Painting of a Lynx – “My Favorite Animals” Series – #10

  1. Meow! Love your silliness lol that is a great idea to do a series and that you are donating! You got me trying to think of my top ten I only know my top 3 animals. Horses elephants and red pandas.

  2. Stunning work, Niamh- love the contrast and textures! I was lucky enough to see a family group of these beautiful animals a few days ago at a fantastic large-enclosure zoo called Polar Park. They were so magical to see, they got surprisingly close for what I thought to be a shy and elusive creature.

  3. This looks wonderful! Also its a really great idea for a series 🙂
    Can´t wait to see the other ones and congratulations on having more Collabs to come 😉

  4. Love it. What a great idea and for a good cause. Awesome drawing and informative. I have been taking similar pictures of my cats when they yawn. They look ferocious, but they're just waking up. 🙂

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