hello and compliments of the season
today I wanted to talk a little bit about my road trip in traditional visco
girl fashion I went on a summer road trip and I got to visit a load of the
u.s. national parks I did flog a little bit but sometimes when I’m vlogging
halfway through I’ll be like what am i doing
why am i doing this do I want to experience this as an experience or do I
want to experience this as a flogger because they’re both very different
things and I did this thing called the Half Dome hike I knew it was going to be
hard I didn’t know how hard it was gonna be okay you know what I don’t give
myself enough credit because I almost completed this hike I have no doubt in
my mind that I would have completed this hike had I not been sick I was very sick
the day of the hike I don’t know I think I got a stomach bug but let’s just say
my stomach was not happy with me and it was a battle I fought through it and I
think I did about 90% of Half Dome I didn’t do the ropes at the end anyway I
walked 45,000 steps that day I hiked about 18 miles I think it was it was a
long day the point being it was beautiful up there there was a waterfall
with the rainbow in air it was like I’d stepped into one of Bob Ross’s paintings
it was honestly amazing so I thought I wanted to try and capture that day
besides the pain but I did want to paint something that reflected the the beauty
of the landscape around me let me just take you through the hike and I can
explain the different things that I saw on the way we started the hike at 5:00
a.m. because we wanted to get up there and do most of the walking before the
Sun was really high and hot in the sky although I was reluctant to get up that
early sometimes it was worth it the beginning
of the hike was just a lot of stone steps
and I say I’m not I mean an or stone steps and we were walking past a smaller
waterfall I can’t remember what the name of it was but it was so beautiful I had
my snacks with me I had my giant water but it was a lot of stone this was
probably my favorite part of the hike when I’m at this level because there was
a beautiful stream that had like little gold flakes in it but we stood in the
stream and collected it after we’re done the whole high and that’s what I wanted
to paint I wanted to paint a scene that had the waterfall in it I knew the
rainbow would be a challenge to paint but I wanted to try it anyway because
how often do you see a real rainbow at the bottom for the rest of the hike I
don’t remember too well I was kind of in this lightheaded delirious state just
taking one step at a time because I was so sick and wanted to complete hike
I saw giant pine cones on the hike which were pretty cool they were like the size
of my head also I saw some of the wildlife that Yosemite had there were so
many squirrels I think they were called golden mountains grills there were lots
of chipmunks and squirrels and cute little critters running around
Bob’s pet squirrel Peapod probably had a few grandchildren living there but yeah
it was exhausting and but it was totally worth everything I saw there is just no
place like Yosemite I realized now forests and mountains and crystal
streams the most beautiful place I’ve ever been I also wanted to paint another nice
memory from the trip and that was going to the Grand Canyon at sunset now I
don’t really like doing touristy tourist attractions but seeing the Grand Canyon
was something I really wanted to do although I think we went at such a good
time because there weren’t too many people and the Sun was setting over the
Grand Canyon the colors I saw were unlike any sunset I’ve ever seen I said
I want to go to LA though I’m like look at the sunsets but this I just had to
capture because it looked unreal and as the Sun was setting it was catching the
rain coming out the clouds in the distance yellows and peaches purples
violence fuchsias there was just so many colors I
thought I need to paint this as soon as I get home I’m painting this I’m at
least gonna try and capture its beauty being a stereotypical visco girl I had
to post pictures of the Grand Canyon and I chose some vintage filters they really
brought out the colors in the photos and it made me think
imagine if clouds were naturally colored like pink and purple and if they raised
different colors I’m being serious like you’re really
called out by this whole Bisco girl thing like I’m acting like I’m not
offended by it but seriously I am unoriginal save the Turtles
but yeah I wanted to have a go at capturing that look in this painting it
took a kind of abstract style but I gave it a go and yeah those were two of the moments
from a trip that I wanted to embody in a painting form but the road trip was
honestly awesome if you’ve been on a road trip before leave a comment let me
know where you went or what you did I might go on another one in the future
they are very expensive though let me know what the best national parks or
destinations are to go and yeah I hope you enjoyed watching this video
subscribe if you’re new to my channel and I will see you next

10 thoughts on “Painting my ROAD TRIP! HALF DOME HIKE!!

  1. That place looks stunning!! Also love the photos and would say you definitely captured them really well in your paintings.

  2. 🐢 yes the turtle's! What a great experience you had. Glad to see you are doing well. And I went to South Dakota (USA). Part of my soul is still there. Loved it and miss it.

  3. What The What!!!???? You visited the USA and already been to more places than I have been to and I live here!!!! So jealous.

  4. I remember telling April how much I didn't want to go to Yosemite, I believe my exact words were, I'd rather get repeatedly kicked in the balls.
    I deserve nothing less than that as my punishment for saying such a stupid thing. I had the greatest time!

    EDIT: Sidenote, I really want to go do the Lake District.

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