painting music with Bob Ross

painting music with Bob Ross

No, no gotta get my gum out Well, would you just look at this? The sun is shining. The clouds are in the sky. Wait… Yeah, the clouds are in the sky! There’s a guy, coming over to me walking, holding a cigarette. Uh… He’s walking right by me… Now you’d probably assume, Sean if you’ve been waiting all winter for this beautiful day, what are you doing working on video You should be outside enjoying the weather. Well, you’re probably right, but I think there’s something more important that needs to be done And that’s you and me figuring out how Bob Ross’ paintbrush is gonna be made into music. So let’s figure that out right now. We’re making a song using Bob Ross’s paintbrush only. (You legend.)You ever just get something on your hand and you’re just- You just swatted it like it’s a bug but it’s not it’s like some dandruff? Or like someone touching you it happens to me all the time. Okay, you saw the title, you know what’s going on. I’m so excited about this. I’m so excited about this. I can’t- I’m so excited about this. (Me too.) I was with my friends hanging out. Just having a good old time one of them goes: Hey, what if you made Bob Ross sounds using- Uhh- Beep boop phone call time. Friend: “Dude, you should make a video using only Bob Ross’ paintbrush sounds. Something like that. *Bob Ross sounds* Beat the devil out of it. *More Bob Ross sounds* And god bless, my friend. Okay, one of the first ideas I had was to use Bob’s tapping of the paintbrush as a hi-hat. So let’s get that hi-hat going *hi-hat brush* All right, all right, I like that, I like that, I like that! Uhm… I think he taps it a little harder in some points and he taps it lightly and other points to the harder taps I think we could use those for bass drum. Ohh yeah, uhuh! *oh yeah* And then for the snare trim, I’m going to use his lip noise that he does right here. *lip noises* *Mii Channel theme music* *Bob Ross music* *hip Bob Ross music* *even MORE Bob Ross music* *You get the idea…* It very much is, Sean. I will, don’t worry. *no dirty notebook* *ouch for the devil* Hello there, it’s quite a few days later and I haven’t gotten very far… I’ve spent way too many hours listening to Bob Ross breathe in and out and it’s kind of driving me crazy. Just the… *heavy breathing* *breathing by bob ross* I gotta go eat some food… I’m almost about to starve. *Mexican music* So we’re gonna work we’re gonna make just a simple beat. *simple beat* *Pretty simple, loving it so far.* *simple beat* *simple beat with added chime* *Loving it.* *more simple beat with added chime* *Chiming beat with a little bit of water sloshing on the side.* *Going for a little clicky beat, eh?* *Haven’t seen one of those since…* *Nevermind.* *Bob Ross swiping sounds* *Swiper no swiping!* *More swiping noises* *Ah Bob’s signature move. Speed swipe.* *brush stippling* *Back to swiping it is.* *You know, that signature move I mentioned earlier does 150 ATK.* *OP if you ask me.* *See, there it is again.* *back to stippling* *tap-a tap-tap* *scratching noises* *Easy and effective way to make a lovely bush.* *more scratching* *Oh boy, stippling time again.* *stippling with added everything* *Bob Ross intensifies * Bobby Boy: That’s all there is to it. *Beat the devil out of it, another signature move.* *Not as OP as speed swipe.* *Though, still effective.* Bobby Boy, again: And God bless, my friend. *Can’t describe that sound.* *Weird.* *Thank you, Sean.* *We love you.* *Breathing sounds.* *Brushy boy*. *Lovely shade of blue ya got there.* *Brushy boy 2: Electri- No.* *Hope you all had a wonderful day.* *I woke up and subtitled this, so I’m actually already off to a great start.* *Have a good day, my friends.* *And if you weren’t having a good day, you watched this video.* *So that’s something. :)* *devil beat* *And thank you to whoever started subtitling this before me.* *You’ve done me a great service. *I appreciate you.* *And thank you, Sean.* *I loved the music piece.* *I’ll sit here until the end with you.* *It’s chill.* *I like this ending segment.* *It’s different.* *On the offchance you haven’t watched Bob’s show, don’t forget the link Sean gave us. :)* *He has squirrels.* *They’re the cutest things.” *Whoopsie.* *It’s okay. It happens.* *Zzzzzzoooom.* Bobby Boy: All right. *Beautiful trees.* *Lovely bushes* See, now he has a bush friend.* *Well, we’re getting near the end now.* *I hope you liked Sean’s song.* Bobby Boy: That’s all there is to it. *Well, I guess it’s goodbye.* *Have a good day, stranger of the internet.* Bob: And God bless, my friend.

100 thoughts on “painting music with Bob Ross

  1. 5:30 When you're tired making the music, you just put all the sounds, making it like ASMR… (ノಠ益ಠノ)

  2. 2:10 you already went against the title! You used Bob Ross not his paint Brush!!!
    Not that it bothers me really, but you know there's gonna be that one person it bothers. This is pretty awesome dude, keep up the amazing work!

  3. You know, what if you made music out of different noises you get from eating food and drinking? Like… I know it sounds ew but I bet it’d also sound decent.

  4. I would describe the indescribable noise' as ASMR. I mean, everything in Bob Ross's painting tutorials ate ASMR

  5. i dont know what i came on youtube for the only thing i remeber is i know that it was to watch a ship video

  6. Challenge:
    Mini Channel theme;
    But made with noises the Wii makes.

    Now hear me out:
    There are tons of percussive sounds the Wii, Wii Remote, and Nunchuck make. The Home Menu button makes a two-note ding that you could use for the melody. You know more about music creation, so if you have the opportunity, give it a go.

  7. This is Sean
    He's crying for food.
    Me:I'll go make something for him
    Insert Legend of Zelda BOTW cooking sound effects here
    Me:Alright I guess I'm done

  8. I cant help but think the song before the actual song reminds me of an actual song, but I can't for the life of me figure out what

  9. Can you at least put a flashy lights warning if you're going to do flashy lights in your videos? Or, better yet, avoid them unless absolutely necessary.

  10. Maybe Bob Ross is a lofi kind of guy. Maybe try thinking outside of the box for this one, be experimental, there are no mistakes, just happy little accidents 🙂

  11. Just trying this does Mr. Ross proud. Finding ways to be creative and do things that make people smile. I don't think this is something he could have predicted but I feel like he'd be so down for this kind of stuff if he was still with us

  12. Well, this was a really cool thing to procrastinate to but I don't want to disappoint Bob Ross so I better get back to studying.

  13. Just a little tip: remember yo think about headspace in your songs. Sometimes the song can be too thick in texture and it gets too crowded. You can also put some of the sounds further back in the stereo mix so that when there are more sounds they're still reasonably spread out. If you have multiple tracks with dominant frequencies in the same area, you can use a EQing to balance out the mix. Be careful not to take the soul of the sound out though, that's very easy to do. Overdoing the EQ can lower the quality of your sound.

    You probably knew a lot if not all of this, I thought I'd just let you know 🙂

  14. The end result was nice but I wonder if adding in some of his commentary here and there in short bursts may have given it more of a Bob Ross exclusive feel?

  15. when you were talking about spring, you should of said
    "it's a beautiful day outside, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming. on days like this, youtube watcher's like you…

  16. I was listening to the end at high volume all calming like and it was really nice and chill but then the beat the devil out of it part happened and i was not prepared

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