painting instagram filters onto my face

painting instagram filters onto my face

what’s this
there’s a hole in my wall okay hello and compliments of the season yes I am on
the floor today I have decided to recreate and paint some Instagram
filters onto my face not gonna lie to you the main reason I want to do this is
so that I can paint in the Shrek filter onto my face so I guess I’m gonna take a
picture with the filters and then recreate it onto my face most people use
filters to look hot but the Shrek filter is by far my favorite let me show you as
you can see it just puts some little Shrek’s onto your cheek this filter
actually put some Shrek colored freckles onto your nose as well and I’ve got the
perfect oka green to do so some people may say this mirrors extra I disagree
I’m gonna start with the Shrek freckles because I feel this is the easiest part
oh this is not a round brush how did I miss this pop up no freckles aren’t
perfectly round anyway that’s the beauty of them is this the right color yeah I
think I went a bit too low down oh well Fraggles are done ok Shrek’s expression
is very intense he looks very content I’m gonna try my best I’m scared I’m
scared to paint Shrek I feel like there’s a lot of pressure to make him
look you know as glorious as here the Shrek’s are right in the middle of the
cheeks here it’s a very realistic Shrek it’s pretty
much just a photo of Shrek I’m gonna do my best to make him look real you know
like the real Shrek himself the ogre we all know and love
oh no I’ve already got pins and needles does anyone else get pins and needles
constantly what does that mean is that a bad thing
should I be concerned I need to give Shrek more Chin’s definitely I want you
to be able to tell this is Shrek you know rather than just too too generic
Oh goes on my face I feel like this is a very small canvas to paint Shrek’s face
upon yeah paint wreck my face will be easier will be barn stressful is hard
I want Trek to look fine getting there it’s getting that beautiful things to
take time got a cheeky little smile this Rex coming together this Shrek has
problems I need to do shrekt iconic is oh no why is this Rex
such a mess look at his ears they’re so wonky you like now gotta live in my
mistakes I’ve just got paint all over myself well
that quickly became nightmare fuel here it is my Shrek filter you know this
one doesn’t look too bad he’s having a good time
this one however this one’s questioning his own existence as a my time to wipe
this off I don’t know I don’t know who it’s left a kind of slimy yellow residue
or my face most of my pictures online are me with
makeup so I I feel like people see me a certain way you know and then when they
see me without makeup it’s a bit of a shock at the end of the day my face is
got Shrek slime all over it what filter should I do next I should probably do a
popular one so there was this filter that everybody used and then it got
banned I’m not really sure why it was called holy bucks and I went onto the
girls Instagram that created it she made a whole story about how I got taken down
apparently it just didn’t conform with their well-being policy right that makes
sense apparently this filter made people want
to get lip injections which is sad so yeah I’m gonna recreate this and if I
want lip injections after doing this then I’m suing into the ground or not roadway abduction that happened I don’t
know what brand it is because I never wear blusher but here we are I’m gonna
have to put so much of this on kind of see it
does that actually I think that’s even going on the dollar filter just has so
much pink I can’t not have blusher so hey that works well this is way stronger
than I thought it was right there’s also some freckles on the face and of course
the lipstick oh I already feel like this is giving me a million spots please
don’t let this stay in my face if you’re if you’re sitting here watching this
like I have lip fillers and I look great then that’s cool that’s good I’m glad
that you’re happy if you’re sitting here and thinking I wish I had lit this I
need it for this you don’t absolutely perfect exactly the way you are I know
it’s hard to take me seriously when I look like this but I promise you you’re
beautiful exactly the way you are yes I’m talking to you
enough with the pep talks under the dollar sign
so sighs quite the contrast from Shrek okay the freckle is definitely like
sports oh no these do not look good not that any of it looked good this is such
a mess look at me Who am I a mist wreck I wouldn’t say that this
was a success okay that’s off my face
not filter should we do next laps oh my god this one’s so cute it’s not like a
space scene on my face right so we have pink we have blue we have stars we have
clouds we have a little planets we have a lot of work to do I’m gonna start with
the pink look how much of a mess my palette it take a load of this Geoffrey
Stars is my palette it will be online soon I call this color Shrek Shrek this
pink is allergic reaction I’m so excited in this one my skin does
feel like it’s had an allergic reaction I’m just gonna blend it around the eyes
and the eyebrows so that and I don’t dye my eyebrows pink but the pink kind of
blends out into white around here do that so there’s a little bit more pink
hair and then the rest is these colors aren’t actually blended into each other
they’re little just kind of splurging all over the face okay so I added a
couple of light blue patches I just need to finish off with a yellow planet here
probably Saturn or planet we think this is oh my gosh it looks awful I don’t
know if that looks better or worse let’s add some stars to distract you from the
ugly planet it is hard to do makeup and not lose
your mind okay I’ve done that style way too big there is no such big star on the
filter feel like I was owned out and just fit this star absolutely gianormous
voila I think this is the best I can do with
this filter it’s a little bit messy but I feel like that kind of suits the vibe
my poor pores I thinking what’s she doing to us maybe this will be good for
my skin maybe it’s kind of like a appeal whoa what a mess okay for the last look
I don’t know ever to recreate this confused math equation filter create the
confused me or the double eye one which is pretty sick I’m gonna go with
confused math problem Fields I do feel like I need some equations in my life or
so this part of my face is kind of pink this part is kind of yellow and my lips
are also stained pink right first I need to actually work out what equation I’m
painting on to my face I’m just gonna try and copy the equations that are on
the filter if there’s any mathematicians watching this I don’t know if they make
any sense you can maybe explain in the comments what what the formulae means
zero equal sin I’m just gonna I’m just gonna do that one or X equals H over tan
zero I feel like these are just nonsense unless someone’s put really meaningful
equations into an Instagram filter and just hidden like the meaning of life
imagine imagine if someone’s hidden like the the meaning of life and an Instagram
filter just to troll everyone like huh you’re taking selfies Toya was the
meaning of life here I’m joking I hope everybody knows the meaning of life is
42 and if you didn’t know that the meaning of life was 42
you need to read pichai cos guide through galaxies my friends maybe I
should just leave these equations on my face and everyone think I’m really
intelligent and philosophical I can’t actually see our design very
well at all I think that’s an end I can’t remember
if town is like an algebraic term there’s lots of kind of geometric
diagramming shapes on this filter as well so I could do one on half of my
finger on X axes over here on my cheek yeah of all the maps they definitely
used to enjoy algebra the most it just it just made the most sense to me
there is really no meaning to worn add one equals two well okay I guess there
kind of is but why I feel like algebra does a good job or at least attempting
to explain maths I used to get so frustrated at my teachers my math
teachers and I remember one of my math teacher would just say there is no
reason as to why it just is Hana it just is
I think but to the point where I was actually scared of maths that I might
always worried I was gonna fail in exams I had to get extra classes to even get
me through it here’s the plot twist I was so scared I I would always get FS
and then in my exam I got 100% it was worth scaring myself into extreme
studying because I passed the maths somehow it doesn’t look good it looks as
confusing as it feels doing an arrow as though arrow up here I’m gonna do one
straight across my forehead through a big chunky one L equals 1/2 PV squared
love equals 1/2 point of view doubles love is two points of view Wow there is
meaning behind these equations I don’t know if that looks like an owl he’ll do
I added some lines around the edge just to make it seem a little bit more
mathematic this one is definitely the most me I relate hardest to this concept
let me see what it looks like with the filter over the top oh yes much math
very confused I’m definitely going to go out on the street like this now and just
ask people to solve the problem that is my face hello kind sir can you work out
this equation thank you so much for watching this video
comment below which one your favorite was also let me know how you feel about
using filters let’s have a little convo in the comments but yeah thanks again
for watching and I will see you in the next video bye

15 thoughts on “painting instagram filters onto my face

  1. Oh my god I had those exact same discussions with my teachers – “IT DOESNT MATTER SASHA IT JUST IS OH MY GOD!” Very strong math student energy. I never did that well on a math exam though…

  2. Algebra was my favorite math class too! Trig was probably my least favorite because I started out strong, and then it devolved into a mess with my 90 year old instructor spending 3/4 of the class trying to figure out how to work the smartboard, and you know…not remembering how do to mathematics. Also, do you think of TV static when you get pins and needles or is that just me being weird?

  3. Thank You for watching!✨
    if we get this to 1 million views, I promise to get Shrek tattooed on my body.
    so what kind of tattoo should it be……

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