Painting collab with a two-year-old (What I did to my toddler’s artwork!)

Painting collab with a two-year-old (What I did to my toddler’s artwork!)

Oh, you’re on camera with Mummy! Where’s Daddy? He’s behind the camera there! here So, Nichola, what did you do? I have had this idea for a little while Our son Yul, really really likes drawing and painting of course, I’m his mother so of course I think this but I think he is quite creative and I had this idea because I wanted to get back into painting and do some more painting if I took some of the things he painted and if I created something more with them so it’s like a collaboration together Most of the time he is painting in one of his sketch books that’s just on paper and paper can buckle a lot so i made sure I had a canvas for him to work on Come over to Mummy? okay We had it all set up and this is what happened I set up paints and brushes and as son as he came home he wanted to paint Do you want to take this one off? Being a toddler, he also decided he didn’t want to take his backpack off that’s why he still has a backpack on why he is painting you can’t argue with toddlers We stopped to paint some dinosaurs and after a few more strokes he decided he was done I was a bit concerned at this point being a creative type like me, when he is over it, he’s over it but, it didn’t seem like that much for me to work with The next day while he was doing another painting he added a bit more but not much And this is what I have to work with I had an idea for a scene that would make use of the green and the yellow first, I roughly mapped out the scene and then got to work It was hard deciding how detailed I should be How much of his painting should be obvious? I have done this once before with my son and his painting had worked well as an underwater scene meaning, I could leave much of his brush strokes But this time it felt like I had to incorporate his colours while creating a scene myself his brush strokes still dictated the painting though and I had to leave the colours that he had painted I worked quickly over the next few hours as I had to get enough done before picking him up from daycare So this how much I got done yesterday about 5 hours worth I could only paint while Yul was at daycare and so I just gave myself that time and whatever I got done, that was going to be it I think I will come in today and do a little bit more detail It’s very hard to know… like I think I’m going to leave this here because I still want to have the colours he put done I don’t want to overwork it. This type of painting you could spend weeks or months on but I need to have a limited amount of time and when that is done… that’s done It still needs to have the essence of what Yul did I don’t want to overwork it So I have bits here that are like… a lot of the lines he put down I’ve incorporated into the painting and the colours that I’ve kept I’m going to leave it how it is but just do a little bit of detail on the rocks here and maybe these bits here just leave how they are Okay this is the final painting This has been varnished so the colours should show nicely I’ve left some areas slightly unfinished for that unfinished looked and also because I had a time limit but I think that works with his brush strokes and what he did first so this is the finished painting and we will see what Yul thinks about it Let’s go home How was daycare? did you have fun? daddy we will go find daddy okay? come on, let’s go let’s go let’s go he was just saying “daddy daddy” He wasn’t happy that I picked him up daddy daddy Yul, I know you are bit preoccupied with your new dinosaur lunchbox but do you want to see what mummy did to your painting? what did mummy do? what do you think? do you like it? oh you do like it? just don’t step on it don’t sit on it! it’s okay should some dinosaurs be there? that’s a great background for dinosaurs isn’t it? thank you Daddy! he just wants to look at his dinosaur book You are over this one are you You don’t care anymore. Toddlers are the harshest critics Daddy can come round here daddy? jump in daddy! it’s really hard doing videos with kids especially toddlers as you’ve seen, this is the finished painting and he doesn’t care about it anymore oh no! oh no! we are definitely going to do this again going to try and do this once a week or once a fortnight it’s really a challenge for me to see what i can do with his paintings and try to make something that is true to my style as well so it’s a nice collaboration isn’t it? he doesn’t care oh tyrannosaurs is getting me! I think next time if I paint dinosaurs he will be really happy subscribe to us if you haven’t already thank you for throwing that we have comics on our blog about our intercultural life together we will see you later. bye bye

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  1. that's realy amazing, keep nursing his talent & maybe he will grow up as a major painter, wish you all best from Algeria

  2. Yul is actually not quite 2 years old yet (but almost!). These days he wants to paint all the time so it wasn't hard to get him to paint something on a canvas. But it was a bit difficult working out how I could then use what he'd done for my own painting. 한국어 자막 있어요 CC 눌러주세요!

  3. That is stunning!!! Love the idea. I am going to attempt to do the same thing with my nephew( same age) for my mom as a birthday present! Fingers crossed i can live up to the inspiration😁

  4. This is wonderful! I used to do the same thing with my son at that age. I was a single Mum at College when he was 2 to 4 years old, studying Fashion Design and Textiles so I could go on to get my degree. Our wee house was full of my art materials, sketchbooks, giant sheets of paper and all the digital art I was learning to create using Photoshop.

    So he would regularly take my left over paints and paint fun messy art of his favourite toys and his imaginary friends. I used to sit sewing projects with him painting all over the paper and the lino on the floor next to me. When we moved out I had to replace the lino, it was coated in thin layers of acrylic, just like Detroit Agate aka Fordite. Happy memories!

  5. This is such a beautiful and meaningful piece of artwork. It will always hold so much meaning for both you and Yul. I have a watercolor painting done by a great great aunt. The painting is dated 1907, and is of my great grandfather and his two siblings seated on a large rock on the shore of Lake Michigan. The painting is priceless to me due to the subjects and the artist. I hope your artwork with Yul is equally beloved by your family.

  6. Nichola I have to say this is one of my favourite videos you guys have posted. Can you possibly make this into a series? I'm 100% going to try this with my nephew who enjoys colouring. I'm also an artist and I think being able to create something like this for his mom would be amazing! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  7. This is a great challenge and fun to see what you come up with as a final painting! I think Yul will appreciate having those paintings when he gets older. Next painting you should use warm tones (reds, oranges, etc) as a base!

  8. You should do a react vid one day. If Youtube is still around. Do a react vid when he's older like when he's 10. What would his reaction be? How does he feel about it? Honestly it turned out gorgeous.

  9. Oh wow!! I have no words… only admiration!
    It's absolutely stunning what you've both created! It's sooo cute to see him paint on canvas and he's really.conce traded o what he's doing too… and you… wow, that's pure talent there Nichola.
    I also absolutely love the under water scene.
    Well, I hope you both manage to make many more of these canvases. And I can hardly wait to see what your collaboration will end up like.
    Take care ^^

  10. I love that double handed two brush technique he had going on there. 😄 He really got into it, and he looked like he knew exactly where he wanted to lay each stroke. Loved seeing those cute cheeks as he was looking down concentrating on his masterpiece in the works. 😊

  11. Wow, that is interesting. Squinting through my eyelashes I thought he was trying to match the colour of his dinosaur at 1:37, and then I saw a mantis smoking a cigarette (2:52). 🙂

  12. Not gonna lie, when he flipped that brush and used the other end to draw thin lines and mix the existing paint that hadn’t dried yet, my mind was blown! How did he know to do that???

  13. Lol at the disrespect at the end! It’s okay Nicola, we love your painting. I would totally pay money to purchase them if you were ever interested in selling them!

  14. Yul is ambidextrous? I did wonder if he choose the green, yellow and brown due to his current love of dinosaurs? Great idea and it turned out wonderful.

  15. You're so talented 😱😱 i would like to see you paint more in the future whether its with Yul or alone youre so talented I would also buy you're painting if you sold. 😁 loved this video ❤❤

  16. It’s so cool that you collaborate like that on paintings! I’m so in awe of your creativity! And you’re such a great artists wow!! Please upload more videos like this, it’s so interesting to watch Yul’s painting transform!

  17. Omg, the paintings you did came out great! I really like this idea because it fosters Yul's creativity and challenges yours. Would love to see more of this in the future!

  18. That's lovely ❤️. You both did a great job. Definitely keep it up over the years. Right now it's all about dinosaurs, but he'll love them when he's older and if you keep doing them it'll be interesting to see how your art styles evolve and mesh.

  19. Hey Nic, wow this was absolutely amazing, both paintings were gorgeous and I loved how you explained your thought process. 🙂

  20. Lol the ending was sooo funny!! 😂😂
    That painting really was perfect for dinosaurs!! You're AMAZING Nichola!! 😮💕 Looking forward to more vids! I really love the underwater one too! Have you posted it on Instagram? I would love to see it again!! ❤❤❤😍😍😍

  21. He is so cute and smart. I think he has really good talent for art and music. I watched him playing drum really well as a two year old toddler in other video. It makes smile all the time whenever Watching him and your family.

  22. THAT'S IT!!!!! I need a Yul & Nichola original to add to my art collection! This looks like a jungle for Yul's dinosaurs! ♥

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