Painting an EPIC FANTASY ILLUSTRATION! (Sword Art Online)

Painting an EPIC FANTASY ILLUSTRATION! (Sword Art Online)

Hey guys, welcome to another episode of Ross Draws and today we’re drawing Sword Art Online! This has been a hugely requested video, and with the new season upon us, what a perfect time to do it. Earlier this week, I posted this piece of Asuna and Kirito online and guess who reached out to me!? Kirito! Kirito from the actual show messaged me and he wants to talk about something. He’s about to call any second now and I’m not really sure what, but I’m kind of nervous. So let’s just jump right into it. Ross Draws! Sword Art Online! Oh my god! It’s Kirito! [Whisper] Calm down, calm down! [Ross] Oh my god!
[Kirito] Roooss! [Ross] Kirito! How’s it goin?
[Kirito] How you doing? [Ross] Good! [Kirito] So my wife Asuna and I have been watching your videos that she’s a huge fan. [Ross] Oh my god, that’s so cool! [Kirito] And I was thinking since our anniversary is coming up, I would love to commission you and surprise her with an awesome painting! [Ross] I would love to. That would be such an honor. [Kirito] I want Asuna to radiate! I’ll be behind her supporting her. And oh, also, what is your commission rate? [Ross] Well, you know, I’ve always wanted to learn how to sword fight so maybe you could teach me a thing or two. And we would be even! How’s that? [Kirito] Sounds like a deal!
[Ross] Awesome! Have a good day and I will check back with you soon. All right, let’s do it. We gotta make something awesome! Let’s start with Asuna. Maybe one leg up like this. If you want to add more dimension and form to your 2D drawings, I would draw through. And they’re basically these circles right here that you see me do. And they kind of help your brain see the structure a little better. She’s looking pretty good. So let’s add Kirito. Here is my quick sketch of the piece. I’m thinking Kirito could be behind Asuna. Maybe he’s in shadow, and she’s in light. I’m just going to attack this thing and I’ll check back soon. Welcome back and this is the progress of our commission so far. Asuna is the main focus. It’s leaping into the frame. And then Kirito is in the back and we have that nice contrast of the light and the dark. I think it’s time to add a really cool background, so let’s give it a shot. So if you are stuck on a piece and you don’t know what to do to the background. I suggest that you try this out. I’m gonna put a whole photo on top, just like this. For this one, I’m aiming for something romantic Oooo! And then I would go to Filter, Blur, Gaussian Blur. Oh that’s pretty. Oh that’s cool, right there. It feels like Kirito is like a demon or something. Look at that. Yeah, so that’s one option. And let’s try another. Oh That’s cool, look at that. Isn’t that cool?! They look like they’re just jumping right in the sky. That’s really cool. Let’s do something completely different and the opposite. Let’s go with a really dark night sky. Ohhh, guys, guys, I think we got it. Look at this. This is so cool. They’re like in the galaxy, you know they’re galaxy… defenders! They’re guardians of the galaxy! It’s getting late. Look at this. Just gonna keep working on this and I’ll check back soon. [Kirito] Hey Ross!
[Ross] Heeey Kirito! How’s it goin? [Kirito] How’s the piece going?
[Ross] Good! [Kirito] Oh, I was wondering if you needed any reference of Asuna? [Ross] Oh, no, I think I have plenty of reference of Asuna.
[Kirito] Good. Alright. I’ll see you later. [Ross] Ok, bye! One thing I feel like this piece could use is some rim light. I won’t do too much. I won’t spoil the fun. Oooo! You know, add some strands of hair, because in the light, it’s gonna catch some. Ooo! Let’s blow out his legs over here. See now she is the big unicorn and he is the horse. This piece is really coming together. I want to learn some sword-fighting. So I’m gonna finish this, and I’ll check back soon Yo Asuna, Kirito, it’s color dodge time! Aw man, here we go! [Ross] Alright Kirito. Teach me some sword moves!
[Kirito] Alright Ross, lets learn some sword moves. [Kirito] Alright, close your eyes. Focus….focus.
[Ross] Ok. [Kirito] And attack!
[Ross] It’s not working! [Kirito] You’ve activated it! Swing! Whoaaa! [Kirito] Swing! Attack! Harder! Harder! Swing! Attack! [Ross] You’re an amazing teacher Kirito!
[Kirito] Swing Ross, swing! Milooo! Yay! Hey guys, welcome back, I hope you enjoyed the episode. New studio! New outro! New everything! They say teaching is an art and I’m so glad I master it. Look. I hope you and Asuna have an amazing anniversary. I hope you enjoyed the piece. If you wanna learn more, with bonus content and video demos. You get the files and a deeper insight on how I bring these illustrations to life. So if you’re interested, come check out my Patreon. If you want a chance to win one of these prints, this video’s question is…what skill would you love to learn? You know, teleportation or if you really want to learn that, you know, you could do anything. But, for me… Maybe cooking! I would love to learn how to cook. Bring in a bunch of vegetables together to make something nice. I don’t know. Let me know what you would love to learn and I’ll choose a lucky subscriber. Next week, we have a really awesome video for you guys It’s a collab! And we’re going on an awesome, epic fantasy adventure. So don’t forget to subscribe, and remember, every day, is a color dodge day.

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