Hey guys, welcome to another episode of Ross Draws. And today, I’m redrawing one of your drawings. My master course series just ended and I thought it’d be really fun to do another fan episode. These are some of my favorite videos to do. I thought it’d be really fun if I did one today, and kick off summer in a really fun way. Yeah, let’s do it. Ross Draws. A fan episode. Oh, and before we get started, I just want to tell you guys about my event that’s happening on my Patreon right now. I’m gifting every one of my patrons a free mystery pin. Yeah, every year around this time I try to do something super special for my Patrons. Thank you guys for your support. Thank you, and I hope you guys check it out. So recently I asked on my Instagram story for you guys to submit your drawings. It can be old, or new, or anything you want. There’s like a kajillion submissions, and out of that kajillion, this is the winner. Ready? Check it out. This was so cool and I feel like I could do a really good job. So this comes from Mayra Maldonado, I hope I’m saying that right. Her handle is soymayra dot m. She’s 20 years old. She did this in 2014. I’m not sure what the math is, or how old she is when she did this, but this is her character and this is what we’re gonna do today. Wow, this is such a cool character. Let’s just get started. So here’s the progress of her character, I’m actually having a lot of fun with this. I think the sketch is turning out really cool. I’m just trying to capture you know the cool hair. We got the spear. We got the wings. Oh, there’s the shield. So maybe a quick shield right here. Yeah, I think there’s a lot of potential here for it to come out looking really cool. So I’m just gonna work on it and I’ll check back soon. Hey guys, welcome back and here’s the progress of our piece so far. I’m just really trying to capture the essence of her character. We got the wings, the spear, and then hair for days. Oh my gosh, look at all this hair.
I feel like with this amount of hair, she should be on like a shampoo
commercial or something And maybe Nima can join her. Maybe this shampoo brand is French, like color dodge. I’m getting really inspired and I feel
like this is gonna turn out really cool. So I’m just gonna keep working
on it now and I’ll check back soon. Her hair still looks like she just woke up out of bed, you know like super frizzy, but we’re working on it. So I thought I could read some
more info about her character. So her name is Daia, and she is an armored winged dragoness. I also love Legend of Zelda franchise, so the wings were inspired by the aeralfos. I’m so sorry if I’m pronouncing that wrong, don’t kill me. From Twilight Princess. Daia is a thousand years old. What?! She is the most beautiful looking, thousand year old grandmother I’ve ever seen. With the most beautiful hair. You guys know Palateena? Palutena. Palatena. I have no idea, but she’s some Kid Icarus and Smash Brothers. I’m actually getting kind of those vibes. And I think it’d be really fun if we gave her some moves, right? Let’s see what this thousand year-old grandmother can do. Anime power generator. So these are our options. So, let’s pick beauty, right? Yeah. She just had a shampoo commercial. So let’s do beauty. Magic, I love magic. Okay. And our last one, let’s do a spiritual. She looks pretty spiritual, right? One, two, three. And our moves are; cute peace, heaven ghostly, power chant, sorcerer meditation, and witchcraft lance. That is sick. Man, she is one strong grandma. I’m gonna wrap it up and I’ll check back soon. Yo Daia. It’s color dodge time. Aw man here we go. Here we go. My pen! A broom spear. What? Our move sets. All right Milo, cute peace. Heaven ghostly. Power chant. Sorcerer meditation. And the finale. Witchcraft lance. Hey guys, welcome back and
I hope you enjoyed the episode Thank you so much, Myra and everybody who submitted their drawings. They were so great. And also if you’re wondering about the shirt that I’m wearing, it’s an official Nima shirt. This summer at Anime Expo and Comic Con I am debuting a whole bunch of new official merch, including a few shirts and also a book. Oh my god. Check this out. I made a collection of my paint sketches. My Nima book comes out next year. I call that the grand debut album and I treat this one as my EP. More info to come, don’t worry. If you’re going to Anime Expo, my booth number is sixteen thirty-two. I’m gonna have three booths this year. It’s gonna be super grand. Super awesome. And if you’re going to comic-con, my booth number is twenty forty-six. Usually I give a print away in every episode, but since this is a fan episode I want to do something super special. Some of you know that I just
recently became a Uniqlo partner. So they gave me some shirts to give away to my subscribers. For this episode, I’m giving away shirts from their new manga collection. We got Bleach. We got Haikyuu! We got Naruto. And a couple other ones. This video’s question is, what are you excited for this summer? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll choose a lucky subscriber. And if you want to learn more about Uniqlo’s new manga t-shirt collection, I have a link in my description and you can check out all the new t-shirts. I’m sure you guys know about my special patreon campaign that’s happening right now. Any patrons who signed up by June 29th gets a free mystery pin. If you’re going to Anime Expo or Comic Con, please say hi. Please give me a hug. Don’t forget to subscribe, and remember, every day is a color dodge day.

100 thoughts on “PAINTING A FAN’S DRAWING!

  1. First fan redraw video of the year!! These are always some of my favorites to do. MIGHT DO ANOTHER ONE SOON, make sure you’re following my instagram @Rossdraws, I’ll announce it 🥰

    1 week left for my Patreon Event! Anyone signed up by June 29 gets a FREE Mystery Pin 🙂

    (From Giveaway) Check out Uniqlo’s Manga Collection!

    Hope to see your beautiful faces at Anime Expo and Comic Con!!!!!

    -Ross + Milo 🐾

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