Hey guys, welcome to another episode of Ross Draws and today I’ll be drawing one of your drawings! These videos are some of my favorites to do and I’m finally making another one. I want to keep these special and the only two times I’ve made fan videos, they blew up! Like crazy. And you guys seem to really love them. So, without further ado, let’s do it. Ross Draws! A fan’s drawing. Before we get started, we just reached 700,000 subscribers! Oh my god.Can you believe it buddy? 700,000 subscribers. We just want to say, thank you. You guys are awesome. Without you, this is impossible, so thank you. I asked on my patreon and my Instagram story for submissions of your drawings. Oh my god, there we’re like twenty thousand submissions. That is insane. I just really love looking at my communities drawing’s and seeing what you guys come up with. And the winner is… Oh! Look at that. Check it out. This drawing comes from Lujane Yacoub, who is 13 years old and her handle is foxy_draws12. Congratulations, Loujane! I just really like the symmetry and the graphic nature of it. And I feel like there’s a lot we can do. So with Loujane’s drawing, I tried to make my own sketchy interpretation Yayyy! I’m really excited for this piece. This is what we got so far so let’s jump right into it Let’s fill out these flowers a little bit. We have a nice impact, it’s very graphic and bold. I’m just gonna keep working on it and I’ll check back soon. Hey guys, welcome back and this is the progress of our piece so far. So I’m gonna show you guys something I’m doing with the composition that I find really cool. Before we do that, let’s add a really soft background The background kind of helps frame her a lot more. I feel like this is a lot closer to the vibe that I’m aiming for. This piece is pretty much symmetrical. As humans, we really like symmetry, but also symmetry can be super boring and our brain likes to change it up So when you have a symmetrical design, things that are asymmetrical are more interesting. There is a shift in the shoulders. Which contrasts the angle of hips. Let’s try to exaggerate it real quick. Ooo. Look at that. Kind of rotating it, you see like that. I’m gonna go the other way with this. This is before and after. Ooo. You see how more interesting that kind of looks. Before and after. I’m not really sure what version I’m gonna commit to but I’m just gonna keep working on it and I’ll check back soon. Yeah, it’s looking pretty good. I’m gonna add a white tiger in the back. I’m breaking the symmetry again by adding this tail. This kind of reminds me of the first fan video that I did. The Flower Girl! They’re both um… kind of naked. [Laughter] Covered with flowers. I feel like every fan video from now on, it’s just gonna be like, these revealing girls with little plants. I feel like this is a perfect perfect time to add some highlights! There are some really key spots that we could really emphasize. Oooo. A little on the lips. Ooo that’s pretty. I feel like it would be really cool if It’s kind of like that moonlight is shining right behind her and it’s gonna hit her anatomy a little bit. And with that moonlight, there’s gonna be a few strands of hair. This is before and after. These simple lighting techniques can really help breathe life to your piece. This is almost done. So I’m gonna wrap it up and I’ll check back soon Yo girl, it’s color dodge time! Aw man, here we go, here we go. Ooooo! Yea! Wow buddy! Milo! Look out! Milo! You wanna battle, let’s battle! Gimme some fire buddy. Thank you! One, two, three! Hey guys, welcome back and I hope you enjoyed the video. That was so much fun. These fan redraw videos are really close to my heart. It just feels really good to be able to get the chance to bring one of your drawings to life. You know what? You want me to lick your face too? That’s right. Also, thank you everybody who came to visit us at Anime Expo! It’s one of my favorite events, and every year you guys bring gifts, food, and fan art. So thank you for that. If you’re going to Comic-Con we’ll be there as well! Like right now, like right this second. So if you’re there, if you’re going, we are booth #2046. Come by and say hi. And if you want to join our extended community and learn from bonus content, video demos, guest interviews, and so much more, come check out our Patreon. And in the spirit of the fan video, I’m giving away this poster! I usually give out prints but I’m trying to test out some new merch. So if you want a chance to win, this videos question is… What are you doing right now? Besides watching this video. Like are you eating a bowl cereal? Are you at the gym watching me on your phone or are you in bed? I’m just curious! So let me know in the comments below and we’ll choose a lucky subscriber. Thank you so much Loujane again for your awesome submission. I hope you enjoyed the piece. Don’t forget to subscribe, and remember, every day is a color dodge day.

100 thoughts on “PAINTING A FAN’S DRAWING :D #3

  1. I was sitting on a computer
    Trying to copy your art in Photoshop
    I approximately more than 70 times paused this video but still got a got a piece of trash

  2. I'm a artist in progress and really would like to know what do you do to make ur drawings come alive to you?! Ur such a good artist

  3. I wonder if I could publish a picture I've drawn, 2 of them and see if you could re-create them 😀

  4. Sooo.,that is me trying to be smeXy but..I turn out like bad ice cream and tank tops hoodies and sweat pants.

  5. I’m good at drawing right but when watching videos that are better than me
    My soul crashes and my heart melts into disappointment ☹️

  6. I'm so late so,I can't really win it. But i'm drinking Pepsi! Sorry i'm so late. =l (It's Jun 1,2019…)

  7. 5:07 was that Meliodas speaking? If so… YASSSSSS imma major 7 Deadly Sins fan <3 love your channel!

  8. I've watched two videos in a row were the picture chosen was from a 13 year old girl which I love because I'm currently 13 and a girl improving my art, gives me some more confidence and hope for myself and future art 🙏

  9. Also watching this makes me even more excited for my birthday this year because I'm getting my first drawing tablet xD

  10. I watched this when this first came out, not really noticing that that scene was from Stray Dogs
    I only just realized lmao

  11. I'am currently practicing digitally right now and stuck on my work then I stop for a moment and watch you how you do your work.

  12. wow, it's perfect! the fan idea and theme is brilliant, and you make it even significantly better version!

  13. I just got done eating leftovers from two different asian restaurants 🤣 one Thai and the other Japanese 🤣

  14. Sits in my launge chair and watches a lot of your videos, though I should be going back to translating the next chapter of my book Frozen Memories from Danish to English.
    Oh yeah, btw…. LOVE YOUR ART!!!

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