Paint tool SAI Tutorial – How to colour inside the lines/Clipping group

Paint tool SAI Tutorial – How to colour inside the lines/Clipping group

Hey everyone and Welcome back to my second tutorial My name is Yamio and I hope you enjoyed this video please hit the like button or subscribe or become a Patreon to have access to these tutorials early on um This is um how to color inside the lines tutorial, a base tutorial also called clipping group or opacity lock and It’s- I’m going to cover it quite a much, so please pay attention and if you have any questions, please ask them below. Thank you ok first off I’m going to teach you guys a shortcut, y’know the selection tool? And every time like sometimes you have this little dot and you’re trying to color something And you have no idea where that dot is, and you always have to go outside and click there, so if doing that just click Control D Control D Okay with my big and small letters Control D. Then it just selects or deselects everything And it’s really really handy and it works no matter what [tool] you’re using. Also one thing you can know is to inverse it. To invert everything else selected Like this, you go to [Selection] Inverse and click [i] and then you can color inside that thing or outside Ta-da! It’s very handy and you will it often when you’re getting more used to Paint Tool SAI Many of you have asked how I color inside the lines, so I’m going to show you how I’m doing. I have a group [folder] of line art – I don’t always have that; it depends if you have many details or not But this is my group of lineart and beneath that I create a new layer I just name it ‘base’ – To name the layer you double-click on the layer and write the layer name I have my base layer now, then I will go Take the Magic Wand tool Take it (Color Difference) down pretty low And select [All Image] because [Working Layer] only selects the current layer you’re working on and as you can see everything will be selected, but if you click [Selection Source] you can click and choose something else as your source (layer) For example my reference image made by mimitea on Deviantart You select outside um Her picture…. if you make it a selection source by clicking here pop! like that But that’s not what we are going to do. We’re going to take all image and just deselect – You can take away the selection source and everything – And you select outside the lines You click outside on the base layer then wherever it’s That’s not belonging to the character. You just click there Try to fill every spot that you can see probably properly click everywhere you can see and then You click on [Selection] Then you click [increasement] or [increment] Then it will make all your selection 1 pixel smaller wup! you can see it went closer to the lines than this and then you just take the selection brush and fill the remaining little parts because it’s not perfect and You have to do some work by yourself You fill the little part that’s missing Remember to do this outside the character It’s way easier than to do the inside because there is many lines in the way unless you do outline like some people do around the character and Then it’s even easier usually sometimes you miss some parts Yeah, done! fast! then Afterwards you just go to selection and click invert wup! ☆ and she is selected, but instead of having her select you’re going to fill this layer and I do NOT recommend at all to use a brush and go like this to fill it Because I will show you guys the difference When you do it like that, and when you do it, manually. Okay, this is when you do it with a brush I don’t recommend that at all And this is when you click Control f Just fill and then it fills everything instead of going outside the lines Because when you do it with the brush
– I can deselect it now with Control E- and take away the lineart You’re going to see how smooth it is when I click control f, it’s really smooth but when I fill it with a brush it becomes to really really pixel-ish and that’s not the results you want! I promise you You see the difference? Even far away you can see a difference and That’s why you always should use control f. Always. I’ll write it down… control or control I don’t know. I always say Central! control… uhm F It’s the filled button, but it’s not with the bucket tool You will get the same pixel-ish results if you use the bucket tools I don’t recommend that You use control F to fill it or if you don’t have that shortcut on your keyboard for some good reason you can just go to – here – to [Fill] (L) Or Control f open Ya can see there, just And that’s a major difference, so Yeah, I will just take that away [Niva], take that away with a greater selection text to do weird stuff you get this weird outline So no, thank you [Gonna] need your space again and That’s how you get your base layer and now how to color Not outside the lines because you’re gonna use this as a base layer. I’m Gonna Change the color [again] there is professed opacity depressing opacity Make sure that you don’t go [over] the lion so ever even if you have a reciprocity [it] still goes over the line a little bit and You can make your drawing a little hockey lips lit like a shown before so just use Central f change the base color ah No, it’s y and now to not color outside the lines you can make a new group Double-Click it to name it click color click right color and then for example we do skin and you’ll nigeria for care to make a new layer in the group Click skin and Then you’re going to color the skin color pick on the reference you have Or just are your own color to your liking? It’s kind of alike And then you can [click] outside the [lines] how much you want I’m like a [wix] having a retina because yeah [hinkel] outside alliance [you] can make a new pie here the color to here and everything [oh] And also if you didn’t get what perez opacity do is that you can color on the same Layer to currently have and click a reciprocity We can color on that [layer], but if you do it on another layer You will have no effect it only works on the same [layer] [here] a clipping crew works on the layer that is clipped to below so you could [clipping] [group] then it works and Then you need to [pick] clipping group again because then you work still on the first layer, not under [label] below another first layer and Yeah, there’s a clipping group and opacity works different the female Okay, another face stun, and you can use Clicker which is your friends and Then you flip it like I said before and take a wish to extra Kakadu And now how the clay online are is the same thing as before? You just lock each layer or you can always do like this you make a new layer and then you can clip it to the grill and Then you [can] color it’s how you want ever. I’m not gonna do that. [I] will call it is invidual [picture] [ally] So I’m gonna lock it later because I want to change them and what easier cleaner on Looking like this, and I shouldn’t darky because here Wahby the Crown is going to be Golden and Whale is right? Now you Click Central [F-for] issue Lay here, and just change it because if you call it manually if we become more pixelate and you [varun] the quality Yeah, and this is how you did. I hope you enjoy and And now to color in each layer. Just make a new layer over its thing clip it over the skin for [example], and it would only color the skin and That’s how you do it Thank you so much for [watching] and if you enjoyed this video please hit the like button or subscribe Or become a patch on the link is below so I can continue to make this video for you guys if you have any questions, or suggestions for another tutorial or another video, please say them below and I’ll be was enjoyable. Thank you so much for watching and See you soon

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  1. Thank you very much for this ❤️ i have been using SAI for years and recently found out about this feature but never tried to use it as I thought it’d require a lot of patience and extra “filling in” which to me seemed counter productive because I can’t even color in the lines half the time ^^;; thank you! ❤️

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    I have been using Paint Tool Sai for a while now, but this showed some handy tricks I have really needed to know! This video is really a life saver.

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