Paint Flowers with Sponge Brush #1 of 2 by Marge Kinney

Paint Flowers with Sponge Brush #1 of 2 by Marge Kinney

Hi, I am Marge Kinney and welcome to “The
Marge Kinney Art Show.” Today, we are going to do something special,
we are going to work with black sponge brushes which I will show you more about in a minute.
I was out in my garden this morning and I have the most beautiful and glorious garden
of these hug yellow irises and lilies as well so I thought I could make a painting with
these and show you at the same time how sponge brush painting works.
The paintings behind me are all made with the sponge brush and so that’s what we will
start with and I will show you what I am talking about.
Enjoy! Alright, this painting today will be made
with these brushes. You can buy any of these at most builders stores or anywhere where
they sell paint. I am going to start by pouring white paint
with some gold paint on the undertone that I have already done with a primary red. Alright, here we go! Now, you won’t see much of the red but enough
of it will show through, it is kind of a rosy color and enough of it will show through that
will make it very nice. So, that’s all we are trying to do here.
Doing a little bit of a cross hatch here. Notice, I am not coming down with one full
swoop. Just a lot of little strokes like it’s weaving. I like this big sponge brush because
it’s larger than any paint brush would be and it does a nice job of covering a wide
area completely. It’s pretty!
Well that looks good…to me haha. Okay…
It’s okay if this is wet because I want it to more or less mix in with the gold.
I don’t need to have solid white. I am doing this so very lightly across here,
it’s just slightly dragging it with a very light touch.
While I haven’t put varnish on these, this method would also be pretty with the resin
if you wanted to do that. Okay, that gives me my basic undertone for
my picture. Now just for the fun of it, I am going to
do one more thing. I am going to come back with a little bit
of gold on that white. Little bit of gold with white in it and grab
a stencil. I will put it right here.
it’s not that we are looking for something that has a lot of stuff on it, we are looking
for just a little variation in the fabric. Alright now, I don’t know if you can see it
but there is a very fine beautiful decoration right here in the middle.
It adds definition to it and I am going to come back and get just a little bit of yellow
ochre… Okay, that will be my basic…
I am going to add one little thing…Here and there.
You know, in a garden there is little lights of color, it’s amazing.
If you look through a tree, you can see little sparkles of light.
So you say, “how did that get there, how did they do that?”
Well, it’s just…that’s what paintings in real life are, there are little colors…just
makes this more interesting than trying to splatter paint later. Okay?
Alright, that will do that. Okay, now I am looking at these flowers so
the first thing I am going to do is try to take some of my darker color cause I want
to go with darks first and then I will use the lights.
now this is kind of fast so keep your eyes open…
Here we go! Come down to the edge of my brush, down like
this and there you go. Just like that. Add a little bit of color to it because if
you noticed, leaves have all kinds of colors to them and they are usually darker at the
base because they are towards the ground. See part 2 and thanks for watching!

10 thoughts on “Paint Flowers with Sponge Brush #1 of 2 by Marge Kinney

  1. I love this style.  Would you do another painting with sponge brushes?  Have learned so much watching your videos.  New hobby for me.

  2. Thanks, Marge. I’m from the Phils and have been painting. Watching your demo, I learned a lot of new techniques .

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