Paint Drill

Paint Drill

– Hello, I’m Gav.
– I’m Dan. We’re the Slow Mo Guys
and this week on the “Super Slow Show”
we’ve been given the opportunity to
visit some old faves. But we’re not limited
by the size of your
garden anymore. We got this whole
big space to play with. so we’ve taken
the old stuff
and doubled it. Doubled it.Giant balloons,
air bags, paint drills.
Some of the stuff
I’d say was more
than doubled, – like tripled or quadrupled.
– We may have not realized
what double meant. We’ve gone quite
far with this. Yeah, we took things
too far. As you may know,
from time to time, we like to make
little art pieces with unconventional
methods, such as weapons
or power tools. Yeah, remember that
what we did with
the drill bit? It was probably six
or seven inches long. – I do.
– We loaded it with paint. Didn’t hold that much
paint though. It was actually just
the biggest drill bit that we found in
my shed. – ( scoffs )
– Which is why I’ve got
this guy. Ah, much bigger. We can certainly
start with that, Dan. – Start with this?
– But my ambitions for this
video are much greater. I’m intrigued to what
you got in mind. All right, well let’s
get this drill through
our board here. – Okay.
– This is our little
painty area. Okay, stand back,
I’m gonna drill through
this wood. Okay. Get our spot.
Okay, you ready? Yeah. – This is a big drill.
– ( Gav laughs ) ( drill whirring ) ( laughs )
Absolutely butchered–
the fact– – Look at that.
– Oh, no! All right, that’s fine. Okay, just gonna use
this little trough to keep
the paint in place before we go. Ooh, yeah. Lovely drowning
of paint there. Just sounds like funny noises.
’cause I can’t see what’s going on. Gav: Get ready to blast. – Dan: Okay, give me a three,
two, one.
– Gav: I’m gonna time it. Three, two, one, go! ( drill whirring ) – Gav: I kicked the GoPro.
– Oh! Look at the GoPro lens,
it couldn’t have been more perfectly on the lens. I dropped paint
right on the lens. Look at that.
It’s perfectly
covered it. You know, we shouldn’t
be allowed GoPros
on our show. – Gah.
– We just, we’re just not,
respectful of them. We’re really not,
are we? And the tiny technology.Yeah, always a little bit
of globbage.
– Dan:Hang off, yeah.
– Gav:Ooh!Dan: Oh, yeah, yeah. Very, very similar
to what we got last time. Pretty much. But I do love how the paint
is falling down onto the drill – then redoing the same.
– Yeah. You get a lot of interesting
little spikes on the paint. – Ooh!
– That looks delicious. – Very crisp looking
footage that is.
– Mm. Yeah, see from this angle
it’s a lot easier to see – those spike on all of that.
– Yeah. I didn’t really get
a lot of paint on. You didn’t do
a great job. I think I could have
done better. All right,
why don’t we
redo it then, and you do the paint. All right,
I’m happy with that. I’ll just spin
the drill. – Okay.
– Okay, you ready? Yep. What?
What the hell? – What the hell?
– Gav: What? Where’d you get
that from? – I went shopping.
– I’m gonna need a new
piece of card, hold on. Gav: ( laughs )
Geez. Okay, start with
the yellow. Oh, that’s nice
and globby, look at that. Yeah. Oh… Gav:
People may overlook it, but the globbiness
of the paint
is important. Very important,
indeed. Yeah. Then red. Can you take the board away? Okay, and… go! ( drill whirring ) Dan:
That’s what I’m talking about. Gav:
Oh, I’ve made a lovely mess. That looks pretty. – Ah, I’m covered in paint now
– That’s good. ( chuckles ) Let me retract my device. ( laughs )
That looks wrong. Gav and the multi-rainbow
shaft. What do you think
of my secret drill bit
that I had? Yeah, I’m very impressed
with it. ( drill whirring ) – Dan:Whoa-ho-ho-ho.
– Gav:Yeah!That’s also…
– Dan:That looks very cool.Gav:I think just ’cause
the drill is so long,
it wibbles.
Dan:Oh, yeah, look.
You can see the whole
drill is moving.
Gav:It does look like
a weird illusion.
Dan:It just looks like this
ball is moving down a rope.
Gav:Oh! Look at that.That is just
an absolute… mess.
– Dan:It looks like ketchup
and mustard there.

– Gav:It does.We always put red next
to yellow.
– Dan:Yeah.
– Gav:Look at that.– Dan:Absolutely hot dog

– Gav:It’s very surreal.If you just showed me that
right now, I would have
no idea what I was looking at.Dan:Ah, you can see
the drill bit moving
up and down,
and sideways as well.Yeah, it actually is bending.It’s bending more and more,
the more it spins as well.
You weren’t kidding
when you were talking
about being ambitious. What is this contraption? This is a device,
it’s gonna separate
all the colors into it’s own chambers
and we’ve cut slits
in it. And, uh, once
it’s hooked up
to a drill. Man, okay. So, these are loaded
with paint. I’m gonna try
and spin it. I think it’s gonna
look like propellers, – just going flinging around.
– Yeah. So the slits are on the top
to prevent the paint
leaking out. But we don’t want it
to spin he paint
straight down. So I think what
you’re gonna have to do, – is clock it very quickly,
– Dan: Yeah. Clock it over.
And then immediately blast it
anticlockwise. I’m gonna hold this
because otherwise this might mess around so I’m gonna go,
whoa– ( makes light saber sound ) And in theory,
it will look tremendous. – In reality…
– Who knows. This is a complete experiment. – So…
– Yeah. Gav: Ready?
Whoa! Oh, maybe goggles
were a good idea. Geez! ( Gav laughs )
Look at this! – That looks top.
– It was super effective. – That is class.
– Oh, good job we had
these protective… – phantom shields.
– You know what? That is better than
I was expecting.
That is class. It look like you
sped up towards
the end. Did you guys get
full beans on it? I was full beans,
but there’s more
paint in it to start with – And as it gets
– So as it gets paint,
it goes whoa-oh-oh-oh. – That looks lovely.
– God. Gav:
Ready to good face ’em?
Good face.
– Gav:Ooh, wow.
– Dan:Look at that.Oh, perfect.
– Gav:Oh, get that on your
4K TV.
That’s delicious.
– Dan:You see the bubbles
– When it falls through the
air, like…

– Gav:Yeah.Dan:It creates bubbles
and thins the paint.
Gav:The yellow one is
quite thin.
That’s awesome.– Ah, I feel like
I’m being hypnotized by it.
Dan:WowIt just gets better
and better. – ( moaning )
– Look at the globs. Dan:Oh, the globs.Do you see the globs
that are left there
– get knocked away
from the spinning paint,
Gav:Yeah.– Dan:That’s cool.
– Gav:That is so cool.Your face is excellent
in the background.
– Dan:Thank you.
– Gav:I love the framing
of this
because you can see
all the colors at once.
Dan:Yeah, it’s awesome.Gav:I bet inside, the paint
is also splashing around.
That’s why it’s coming out
in little bursts.
I feel like you could
paint an entire room
with this thing.
– Gav:You could.
– Dan:Just wheel it in
and then…
Gav:It wouldn’t be
the most even coat.
Done, guys.
– Dan:That’s true.Well, first of all,
I’m very impressed
with your ambition considering our first
time we did it we used a six inch drill,
but this is definitely. – Quite an escalation,
– Quite an escalation. Second of all,
I’m impressed at
the mess. Yeah, it’s not
a mess we can keep ’cause it’s all
on the floor. But I think it looks
very cool. Oh, yeah,
take a picture,
burn it. I mean the art
was the video. Yeah, that’s true. And then the video
footage looked
really cool. Hopefully, that’ll live
forever. It’ll live forever
here on the internet. Hopefully, you enjoy
that video. Feel free to subscribe
to the slow mo guys, and we’ll see you
in the next episode, of “The Super Slow Show.”( music playing )Hello again,
we’re gonna break stuff. What? A lot of stuff. Maybe even a limb
or two. Well why does it
have to be my limb? Unfortunate.
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– No.

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