Paint Cannon Salute in 4K

Paint Cannon Salute in 4K

This is the Slow Mo Spinner. I’m very excited about this,
it’s a 360-degree spinning rig. Unlike a 360 video
where the cameras look outwards, this camera is on an arm
pointing inwards. The arm spins
at rapid speeds around a central subject, which when combined
with a high-speed camera, gives a bullet time effect. The arm spins
using a belt-driven motor, and, due to the weight
of the camera and the sheer speed, it is an extremely dangerous
piece of equipment. We’re getting a rotation,
full rotation, under a second. Dan’s about to give us
a demo, aren’t you? Yeah, I’m gonna try and jump
as high as possible on here to give you a good idea as to
the speed of the spin rig and the effect it gives, so I want as much
hang time as I can. So I’m gonna be
harnessed in here, and hopefully that’s gonna
keep me safe. Yeah, if you fall off,
you will die. Yeah, yeah. ( theme music playing ) ( whirring ) Really hard to concentrate
on what I’m doing here. There’s something going around
me at 30 miles an hour, right? I’m going to concentrate on
jumping at the right time, doing a good jump,
throwing the paint at the camera,
not too hard, right? Pulling a face
and not dying. ( grunts ) ( bleep ) bollocks. ( bleep ). ( grunts ) Whoo! Gav:
How do you feel about that, Dan? And they say that guys
can’t multi-task, right? I think you did
a damn good job. Thank you. – Should we watch it back?
– Yeah. Gav:
Look, it was
quite hard to time. Well, I had to start the jump
when it was behind me. I’m already dropping
some of the water. ( imitates whooshing ) – Gav: Oh, yeah,
the tongue is out.
– Dan: Look at the face as well! ( both laugh ) I’m gonna try and hit the camera
with some of this water. See, this hand, is already–
you’ve missed, but this hand
might come around. Oh, yeah,
it’s gonna hit. – Dan: Oh!
– ( Gav imitates whooshing ) Gav:
Just missed. – Oh, man.
– Slightly different subject to the stuff
in “The Matrix.” I don’t quite look
as good as, like, Neo – dodging bullets, but…
– But I think illustrates
the point nicely. Let’s get our first subject
on the old Slow Mo Spinner. Absolutely. We’ve got
four potato cannons loaded with different
colors of paint in the middle
of the spin rig. And we’re gonna
spin it up and hopefully get
all ’round vision of that. So it should be about 360 times
better than usual, right? Yeah. Thousand frames
a second on the camera should show multiple angles of
what everything that’s going on. And when you’re mixing paint,
there’s always a sweet spot where, right as
the paint is mixing, it looks quite
good and marble-y. – Yeah.
– Half a second later… After that it just
looks like vomit – and brown mess.
– Yeah, sludge. But because we’re filming
at 1,000 frames a second, we should be able to
extend the nice period – quite a lot.
– Yeah. – You wanna talk about this?
– Yeah. ( grunts )
So this is what
we’re gonna be using to fire the paint. This is gonna be
a pressure tank. And this is our measure of how much pressure
we’re gonna be using. The tap– the tap here,
we can pull that until it gets to
about 35 psi. It goes through
this solenoid valve, which has got
a remote trigger on it. And then these are
loaded with paint. When we trigger it,
it’s gonna go bang, loads of paint’s
gonna fly in the air. 35 psi, not the highest, but we don’t wanna turn
the paint to mist. We want it to be sort of
a sheet of paint. We want that,
like, globby effect. And if we just
have it too high, it just sort of turns
into nothing really quickly, so… – Time to spin her up?
– Yeah. Let’s go!
( grunts ) Let’s see
what it looks like. – Let’s do it.
– You ready? – Yeah.
– Three, two, one. Oh. Did you jump?
Well, damn, I forgot! Damn it. Good globs,
good globs. – Excellent globbing.
– I’m happy with the globs. Definitely hit
the lens there. Oh, we caked it! – I just seen that.
– Yeah. Oh, someone’s gonna have
a good time cleaning that up, and it’s not gonna be me. Ah, yes! You’re just so happy about
your lack of clean-up. Yeah, yeah, I am,
really am. All right,
viewing station. ( music playing ) The suspense. ( both exclaim ) You just see the paint
sat in there. Yeah, like gurgling,
ready to come up. Gav:
That’s a really good
angle on that. Dan:
That is really cool. Oh, these are
meaty globs of paint. Oh, but you see
all the colors in there – haven’t really mixed.
– Oh, good splats. Dan:
Looking good. Are we seeing your jump
as well here? – Oh.
– ( laughter ) What is going on? It’s not bad actually. – Gav: I got some air.
– You did a good job there. – That’s pretty good.
– That’s probably the best
I’ll ever time that. – That was perfect.
– Yeah. Well done. Time to escalate, I think. Oh, escalate? Yeah. Do you reckon… shall we say
double the amount? Double the paint,
double the fun. Double the frame rate? – Yeah?
– Pfft. – We could.
– That’s crazy talk. – That is crazy talk.
– That’s crazy talk. Okay, we’ll see what
we can do, shall we? – Okay, you ready?
– Yeah. All right. Three, two, one. – Gav: Oh!
– Dan: Oh, yeah. – Dan: That had some potential.
– Gav: Meaty. That looked like
way more paint. That is a lot more. Look how much more
caked the back is. Oh, look at the side
of the camera! Yeah. Oh, it’s been
annihilated. I’m looking
forward to this. ( music playing ) – Oh!
– ( both imitating whooshing ) Gav:
That’s what you want there. Dan:
Look at that.
Perfect, isn’t it? The layers of paint. And now it’s vomit. ( tape rewinding ) It’s almost like
a hanging sculpture because we’re moving
around it so fast, it’s all clumped together
the same. Dan:
Yeah. Gav:
Take a nice 360-degree tour… of our sploosh. So the reason
why we saw more of the red and yellow
on the downward cam is because
they went higher and all the green
and blue mixed underneath the red
and the yellow.
( chuckles ) Dan:
That’s true. Do you reckon
that the blue and the green is heavier
than the other paint? That’s maybe
why it’s happening. Well, blue is the color
of the sky, so I would assume
blue is lighter. – Yeah, ’cause that’s how
things work.
– Yeah. Brilliant. Should we head up on the deck
and see the– – the aftermath?
– Let’s see the carnage. Let’s see the “carn-aj.” Let’s see
if we can show them. Oh. Ugh. We might need
some wet wipes. Oh, dear. Ugh! Feel like I need some other
colors to make some… You should kick
something white. – Oh!
– Not me. Hopefully you enjoyed
that video. Feel free to subscribe
and all that stuff, and we will join you
in the next video… ( grunts ) …of “The Super
Slow Show” here on
the Slow Mo Guys channel. ( groans ) I don’t think wardrobe would
be very happy with that. ( music playing ) Hi, guys,
click here to keep updated on all the new videos
we’re posting almost daily for “The Super Slow Show.” There will be loads of them. Imagine the mess
we can make with daily videos. Be chaos. I’m even slightly worried
about it, to be honest.

100 thoughts on “Paint Cannon Salute in 4K

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