Paint a quick hummingbird in watercolors {quick & easy!}

Paint a quick hummingbird in watercolors {quick & easy!}

Hi there! Lindsay here, the Frugal
Crafter. Today we’re gonna paint a picture of a hummingbird in watercolor,
but first I want to do the drawing with a marker just to show you, I drew
it already on my watercolor card, but it might be kind of hard to see, so I
thought we would draw it here together first. So we’re going to start off with
the hummingbirds head which is kind of like an oval, and draw with a pencil very
lightly so that you can you can erase your lines and then the body we’re going
to have kind of like a kind of like a ovally kind of lozengy pointy on the
bottom shape, and then the wing got coming back here it’s again like an
ovally lozenge shape, and the bottom one is kind of coming out back like that, got
the beak, and then we’ve got this fan of of tail feathers here, which will
individually be kind of like that. We have so many hummingbirds around our
house. I had several requests to do hummingbirds, and I decided I probably
ought to, that would be a nice quick little project to do. I’m going to fatten up
this one a little bit there and then kind of get the little feathers in, just
like that, there’s kind of a little triangle-y area there, and
then to put a couple flowers here so he can be aiming for something we’ll do
some fuchsia, so we’ll do a few here. I’ll do one up here pretty high, let’s start
with these petals coming here. They’re kind of like a little bell shaped flower.
Maybe put a little bud in here, maybe another one kind of dropping down, keeping the
drawing very loose as you can see, I’m not going to put a background in this
painting but if you want to do a background you’re more than welcome to.
Got these little kind of things sticking out there, and that’s the basis of our
drawing for a hummingbird. Alright so if you need to, pause it, get
that sketched out and then grab your watercolors and we’re going to begin the
painting. I’m going to zoom in a little bit so it’s easier for you to see, there we go and I’m using, so I’m going to be
using some metallic watercolors later, but I’m going to start
off with my regular transparent Yarka watercolors because they’re super bright
and I think I will begin with a round brush.
So first let’s wet the body of the hummingbird. I’m just going to wet not
the beak but the actual head and body area. It’s clear water, okay?
And then I’m going to just drip in some really great colors. I’m going to use a
little bit of uh oh I think I’ll use some like either sap green or hookers
green start that up there whoops I completely went right off the head there, but you know what you can do if that happens? Grab a tissue, see
when you make the mistakes you learn things. And just blot it off I might have
to put a background in there actually now that I made that that error, but I’m
not gonna worry about it get some of that sap green and then I’m actually
going to drag some of that down over here to the wing,
and add some turquoise blue that kind of under the face there. Yeah, I
don’t worry about the mistakes in my watercolor that much tell you the truth,
because I like that kind of spontaneous look. I feel like I want a little purple
in there too just because I feel like it would look really great with those
colors, so I’m going to throw a little bit of that in, and then I’m just going to
kind of with my fairly um, just brush it doesn’t really have that much color left on it.
I’m just going to kind of drag in some very faint muted color and then I’m
going to just add a little bit of that turquoise color right into the tips of
those wings, so that it can kind of just do its thing.
Hummingbirds are really hard to observe. They’re very very fast, so I think
sometimes when you have something like that the more you can just kind of give
the impression, I’m just going in with clear water here on these wings, the more
you can just kind of give the impression of the animal, the more realistic it
looks because nobody’s really staring there at a hunting bird because unless
they fly into your window you’re not going to see them still, they’re going to
be on the move. I think I want to use maybe I’ll take a little of that purple
and use it on the wings. Now I’m not going with this, you know, actual
hummingbird colors as much as I am just kind of playing with my paint
here. So this tutorial might be you know a little bit different, might break you
out of your comfort zone a little bit. I want to make a little bit of a gray so
what I’m gonna do is use that green that I was using and mixed in with some of
that purple look at that, look up my palette made a really nice kind of
grayish black, and I’m just going to go in and add that to some of the wings too,
give it a little bit more of a realistic look there, and we’re gonna need our
credit card scraper. I hope mines handy. A little bit of that in the things down
there too and don’t worry if it gets fuzzy, because like I said before, they’re
really quick birds so you know, not like you really have to worry about them. No one’s saying “wait a minute, when I saw humming red the other day it
looked like this”. When you saw hummingbird the other day
it was moving too fast for you actually see it. So calm right down. Alright I’m
just flicking oh oh and put the feet in there.
I’m just flicking in some kind of shapes there, dragging some paint, oh I want to
make a darker version of that and I’m switching. I’m not really that crazy
about that brush. I haven’t painted in a couple of days and I’ve cleaned
since then, so my brushes are hither and thither. I’m going to take some really
concentrated green right off my palette, take some really concentrated purple and
that’s going to give you a really nice dark, that’s more purple than gray right now but I’m just going to go in and add some kind of inky definition,
there, don’t want too much definition because this animal is moving a little
bit of something and I’m gonna use some of that in the
tip of the beak. Hold your brush straight up and down if you want to get a nice fine line like that, and I want to kind of crisp up things here especially
since I made that error at the beginning. And I’m just going to drag a little bit
of that inkiness down. I think I really like that look of the inky dark
there, and I’m going to put the little I’m just gonna put a little dab for the
feet. I want to really want to get the eyeball in there, but I don’t want it to
mix all over the face, so I’m just very gently going in there. And it did mix on
the face so I’m actually gonna blot that off now, okay so don’t do that
don’t don’t don’t with that on the face yet. It’s way too early for that look at
that no no, I mean I have to go in there and do something else in a little bit. I
also want to lighten up these feathers down here at the bottom where they meet the
tail, and let’s go work on a flower so we don’t mess up our bird anymore. Well one
thing I do want to do is just kind of with a wet brush merge those colors a
little bit, there we go. Alright now let’s go over to our flowers. Let’s go with this one there we go. These are
extremely cheap Royal brushes. They’re not bad but they’re not aqua wands
they’re kind of uh, not as snappy as I would like them. Alright so for our
fuchsia, let’s take a little of that purple that we’ve that we were using and
let’s paint these little petals right in here.
I’m just going to leave a little gap between the petals so they don’t all run
together, and I’m going to go up to this one here. This is very loose painting. It’s just a little greeting card, that’s what I’m working on just a little
greeting card thing. I’m going to add a little bit of that purple into the stems
just for funsies and I’m going to grab that green that we were using. Go ahead
and make this full screen if you’re having a hard time seeing. I’m seeing
what I’m doing here a little bit green into the stems there, and I think a
little bit of green onto this little area right there. I’m going to need a red
for this. I haven’t used a red in this painting yet, so I’m going to choose very
carefully and I think I want a cool red so I’m gonna go with like a like an
alizarin crimson or something along those lines, like that any sort of cooler
red. You don’t want to get an orangey red, that’s not going to really go too
well with this. It’s going to make mud if it mixes in with our purple and you know
there might be some mixing go on, mixing and mingling, so we want to make sure
that it’s going to look good. Not that juicy and it might
want to mix with some of the other colors that we have there so just keep
that in mind. Don’t worry if it does. I’ll pull some of these little stamens down. I really want this to be a loose painting
so if you don’t care for that, you paint it however you want, but I’m just getting
ready for the beach, I’m feeling like I just want kind of an easy peasy loose
painting today. Sometimes it’s more fun to capture the impression than the
actual, it’s not like I’m just making excuses for why I’m such a lazy painter [ laughing] Is that how it’s coming across? I feel like it’s coming across. And I think,
to tell you the truth, I don’t remember how fuchsia leaves looks [laughing] so I’m
just gonna painta few more stems, coming down here. See, that’s what you do, you
fake it if you don’t remember. I’m not exactly sure what hummingbird looks like
but I saw one from the porch the other day, and I think this is about right [laughing] Oh, you should
probably find somebody else to watch. You know I did take some of that red though,
and I’m gonna put it in my beak, because their beaks are, I think have a little bit
of red. There are the ruby-throated hummingbirds, if that’s the one you want
to do, you could put a little of that color right on the chest too. Then they tend
to be a little more green as a matter of fact, and let’s see, I’m gonna go do
that eye now, and I don’t know if it’s really bothering me that that the face kinda has that blotted out area. I am trying to leave a little white for a sparkle in the
eye, but if you don’t, don’t worry. You can use a knife to scrape that
out later. My head’s probably right in the shot
because I’m kind of leaning over there. I had like a little extra coffee. My
husband was working a later shift today so I brewed a second pot of coffee and
now you’re paying the price. [laughing] you’re seeing me shake and you’re listening to me
ramble. I guess that’s nothing new is it? Alright I’m just gonna add a little more
definition with this a dark color that I made. Remember I didn’t use black. I used
purple and green. I always mix my darks from the colors I’ve already used so
they look like they match a little bit, and you don’t wanna overdo it because
I’m kind of loving how wah and wild it is. so what I’m gonna do is just sign my
name. I think I’ll use that green and then go go over here to balance it out a
little bit and I’m just gonna put my initials L M W 14, 2014. And I do hope you
like it. If you want you can add some splashes to it. Um I’m thinking mine’s a
little wild as it is so I don’t think I’ll put the splashes on. You go right
ahead. Oh, and you know what? I told you I was
gonna use this so I probably should, so whenever you’re using metallic paints
it’s a good idea to give it a little spritz of water first, and that
just helps the color really release, so what I’m gonna do is, just kind of tapping because I want the texture of feathers, so I’m just gonna kind of
tap in some of this color and I do the same thing with a little, this pretty
blue. Tap a tap a tappa. I have too much water. Tap a tap a tappa.
That’s a little better. Oh look at that and I can kind of go in
there where I kind of wiped away all my color Yeah, I planned it that way I mean
that’s what I meant to say is I planned that. I just dab a little bit just to
give it a little bit of that iridescent that birds have, and I can streak a
little bit that in there. Try not to overdo it. It’s awfully hard. I have a
hard time not overdoing. I tend to overdo so really you know you probably should
stop a few steps before I do, and you’ll be all set. And then if I tip this I
think we’ll be able to see some of the coolness. Maybe that color might be a
little bit better. I wonder, let’s try it, yeah I have no
restraint when it comes to the metallic. No, that’s not better. You know, forget
that, let’s go back to this one this one’s much better. Just tap a little bit
of that in there. I’m trying not to get any in the eyeball. I
know I am and then I’m gonna smear that all over the place. Let’s take a look, just kind of I don’t think I’d really tell until
it dries, but it’s got a little bit of sheen there and I’m happy with that, so
there you have it, how to paint a hummingbird in watercolors. I don’t know if I like
it better with or without the metallic. You can do whatever you want ‘cuz it’s your
painting. Thank you so much for watching. Please give me a thumbs up and subscribe.
Until next time, happy crafting.

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