PaigeeWorld’s Drawing Challenge May

PaigeeWorld’s Drawing Challenge May

Hi There! Welcome to This months drawing event, where
PaigeeWorld Community challenges you to draw a special theme. I’m your host Aisu and I am so excited to
introduce this months challenge. Here are the clues to this month’s theme. I wonder what it could be, can you take a
guess? Add a mermaid tail to your original character
or any character you love and tag mermaid, MerMay, and drawing challenge on PaigeeWorld
Are u excited for the challenge? I sure am! On PaigeeWorld tag your art for a change at
features, shoutouts, and our special Center Stage where we spot light 8 awesome illustrations
for the month. That’s it for today’s show hope to see you
all soon and Come Join the Fun at PaigeeWorld!

12 thoughts on “PaigeeWorld’s Drawing Challenge May

  1. Oh cool! I love the production quality on this! These videos are really neat, hope you guys keep making them :0

  2. Ahh who voiced aisu?? Gyahhh they sound so adorable ^^ if you guys keep making videos at this quality, we really will be famous!! :0

  3. Awwww and I have the perfect chibi mermaid ready! This is going to be so much fun..I made so much detail and it took 1 or 2 hours but I managed to make it look perfect!!

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