packing your orders and drawing dates

packing your orders and drawing dates

[Music] hi guys good morning today is Friday the 3rd yes and I’m opening my shop the day after tomorrow I am so nervous you have no idea I’d like I reach a new level of being nervous in which I don’t feel a thing today my to-do list is it has no end like most freelancers to-do list but I think today I need to work on a patron challenge I did two to myself in which every time I talk about patreon you guys it’s it’s not I feel like there’s a huge pressure and going on that I want you to be a patron and the end no I I don’t want to force you to be a patron I generally want to talk to you about what I’m doing but I feel like every time I talk about patron it’s like support me on patreon you don’t have to by the way what we already doing is enough but I have an illustration club on patreon for the $1 pledge and I decided that I wanted to draw this in your style sort of challenge and I decided that it would be fun if we all together collectively drew the the Lady of Shalott by John William Waterhouse is a very gorgeous painting and I will love I just wanted to see how people approach this challenge later on I think I had to take a picture of a few items for example I’m going to sell those pins and I had to take pictures of those pins for the website and a bunch of other products that are not listed yet so for example this fabric bags and a few actually CDs that I will be selling so I think the website is officially done but there’s a few things that I need to tweak before the launch but yeah I’m nervous and there’s a few things that I need to do over the weekend I wanted to just disappear during the launch and not check the computer because I think I will be just too like worried about that everything is going to be okay I think I will have to be really present during the launch just to make sure that everything’s going is going smoothly and answering people’s questions if someone has a question about every something so it’s going to be a very intense Sunday I I did like Excel like a spreadsheet of all of you guys who applied for the assistance push it appreciation for the assistance position I need help you guys I helped with the shop and I need help managing the shop so I open a position for a personal assistant more like a shop online shop assistant and I have received so many submissions and I just want to take the time to read every single one of them very carefully and make sure that I’m I’m interviewing the right people for the position but yeah of course that takes time because I need to reread the resume many times and email so yeah that’s that’s something that I need to do probably on Saturday thank God I have coffee now so let’s have coffee and tackle this bastard you guys so the IKEA can I see you in the face yeah very flattering angle action so I just talked to the livery guy and I order a few furniture from Ikea and it’s going to arrive right now so that’s that’s just stressful enough but the cool cool thing is that these guys just arrived I order as you guys remember do you remember it’s it’s fine if you don’t remember these postcards as a way to say thank you for everyone who is doing purchases making a purchase purchasing stuff from the shop and this is like a small text and then I wrote for you guys I can I don’t mind handling the first one because as you can see there’s like a small marks from the packaging so this one as you can see has like marks and it’s it’s fine I don’t care but it looks so cool so I order them in two set of colors because I don’t know I like variety and I’m so happy laughter mm-hmm what’s a Safeway yes I was just like thinking if I should probably film a video with my hair like this but honestly right now I don’t care about anything because so we launched the website and around 8 a.m. and at 8:20 the website crashed because you guys are so awesome you broke you broke the internet you broke my website so I had to wait until around 9:00 a.m. for my friend who’s who code the website to fix it and apparently it was a mixture between so many people going to the website at one point and also that the images would were very heavy and that was my fault so right now we’re trying to fit this fix the situation it’s probably around noon I’m so nervous you guys I had been like with a heavy stomach ache throughout the morning because I’m so nervous and I was just like this is like the worst nightmare of someone who is launching a website or a business or a project whatever you can think of whatever it is what you’re launching the worst thing that could happen is that you crash the thing but at some point I was just like you know what there’s stuff there’s actually nothing I can do right now so I might as well what is this by the way what is this so I might as well just like I can’t have a good time because this is actually horrible and every passing minute it feels like forever but I might as well just like enjoy this moment and talk to you on social media and making sure that everything’s fine like in terms of like customer support and giving updates but if you’re going through this situation my love you’re not the only one I wish you guys were here because it’s just like it sucks I thank God it is here but it’s just like it sucks to be going through all of this without you in the same room it’s hard to explain it’s hard to yeah anyway you know what I you know thank you anything else yes can I have one peanut butter cookie and I think there [Music] [Applause] [Music] hi guys good morning for me okay let me see if I can I guess good morning today is Tuesday yesterday last night at Anne I stayed here and up until 7:00 p.m. or something of that we decided not to have lunch skip lunch and just like power through and try to pack as many orders as possible and that was a lot today I am this like very in-between zone of feeling super happy and tire at the same time I missed packing orders so much and today you guys we have a pretty packed day I’m trying to like make sense but I feel like tired drunk so today guys we have to pack orders I have to start interviewing assistants I feel really nervous because I feel like I have no much experience interviewing people but I really need help at the shop because yeah I need help I am so tired so as you guys if you guys don’t know I decided to hire a part-time assistant here in Brooklyn and I’m really excited because I love working with people I love just like sharing my space with other humans and I feel like you can create so much more when you’re working with friends and with people alongside you anyway so today and during this week I am going to interview a few candidates um and that’s the plan for today so yesterday oh hi guys I’m most focused that’s fine that’s fine so these are all the parcels that we did yesterday I’m trying not to flash anyone’s address so we applied for the Frick Collection from USPS so they’re going to collect all of these babies tomorrow and this is my first order from today from BBN but yeah thank you so much guys for all your like you don’t care if I’m not focused right yeah thank you so much to all of you for your it’s God I’m so tired it’s been so crazy to read your comments and just like your reaction with the idea I I knew it was a nice idea I know it’s always nice to recycle and repurpose but like you never know how people are going to react and I am NOT a good communicator I think that’s why I’m an illustrator because I think I I think I communicate better with pictures instead of words so I was just like man if I use the wrong word I might this screw like I might screw this up buddy I’m so happy that you guys like the idea and I really want this to work out I really like this I want this to I want you guys to like this because I think it’s such a nice idea do I need to say anything else oh yeah I’m drinking coffee look about coffee man it’s just like talking to God with all of that oh my god I’m not like incense I hope you understand that joke anyway I love you guys wish me luck during the say of packing I will talk to you once I go to the coffee shop to interview this wonderful human being [Music] hi guys good afternoon good morning anyway happy Friday today’s Friday and we have a project to do so we finally finally catch up with all of your orders so thank you so much for all of your patience unfortunately I didn’t up see because I made a mistake you guys I when I did this I was super super – super super super tired and I had to change so do you remember I’m the worst at explaining things it’s insane do you remember when I did those silly Dogo clay pins the handmade ones so those pins are $20 it was surprised that I said when I went to MOCA and I’m like yeah it’s a it’s a it’s a good price of course it’s expensive for any to pin but since it’s a handmade pin I’m like yeah $20 is fine and I did nine of them last last time and I don’t know where it’s wrong with me but instead of changing how much I did like the inventory the quantity I change the price so I change it to $9 pins and I left 20 pins so of course I sold not only cheaper but more pins that I had available so now I had to do the pins for those of you guys who order pins and there’s non-existent pin anyway I have to do the pins let’s do the pins together because otherwise it will be too boring for me to them by myself so keep me company my last what I do this [Music] [Music] hi guys good morning happy Monday I just got to the office today I decided to wake up one hour later because I am so tired but the cool thing is that we started the day with the right food so to speak because I’m listening to good old Stevie Wonder you guys been asking humbling no one is asking but I want to teach that’s some real honesty what’s the current situation with the challenge so today I’m going to listen to Stevie Wonder music of my mind again first time listen to good ol Stevie later on he’ll listen to the cars the cars which I have no idea what this is all about and also I want to just appreciate guys look at this beautiful and majestic rubber plant this is my first time having a rubber plant and I’ve always wanted to have one but they’re insanely toxic to cats so this is why I kept this one this baby slash bastard here in my office and look at how luscious and gorgeous it looks I’ve noticed out by the way today they’re going to come and pick up these parcels thank you so much guys by the way for all your support with this shop I anyway yeah thank you yeah I always say that but thank you guys I realized that the less time the less attention I put to plans the better they behave the better they are I used to be really like on my plans like on top of my plans like is it okay said okay yeah I’ve I don’t know should I water this baby again should I just like cut the dead leaves should I move it around of Allah and I was so like all my plans I kill kill them I is know that I killed God how can I explain this when I’m trying to say is I notice that my plants are happier when I’m not so much on top of them all the time I mean of course I care about them but I’m not like daily on top of them can you tell today’s a very hard English day for me anyway so today guys I need to seriously catch up with my email because now I need to take care of my main email address and my nice humans email address so yeah that’s going to be really intense thank god this is my last week working by myself because next week my gorgeous turn is going to start working with me and I’m so excited about that I’m so happy thank you so much guys for all of you who applied and all of the lovely people that I had the the lucky and the the amazing chance to interview it was a really hard decision to make I know everybody says like oh my god like cliche it was so hard to pick me me me me me me but yeah it was it was honestly such a difficult decision to make anyway so later on once I catch up with my emails I need to put I need to assemble a couple of orders I left pending from last week and hopefully later on I could make some progress with my sketchbook because and this is the thing I’m sure you guys saw yesterday what I was working on but this week I have a sketchbook tour set scheduled for my patrons and I realize I had nothing to show so way to go yeah so today I need to work on these lustration sand like paint them at least it’ll look a little bit so I can take the pictures Wednesday because that usually is the day where I do all the patron admin stuff so yeah let’s get cracking I’ve always wanted to say that it’s I’m sorry about the noise by the way I just realized that I haven’t shown you my space in a while and last week it was super chaotic so these are the orders that we’re going to ship today and these are the few t-shirts that are remaining how do you say that the few t-shirts that we still have available maybe this for you guys is super messy but for me sexually super tidy considering how crazy was last week and these are a few t-shirts that I bought two weeks ago at the charity shop and I’m so happy I still have to clean them and go to the washing center but yeah there’s another pile of t-shirts that I had to wash over there and right now my love’s I am packing orders today I’m packing Leon Leung your order baby and she ordered a poop t-shirt the b-17 this was something that I actually thought of because since every t-shirt is different my love’s I don’t know if you guys remember when we did this sticker I had to create like a code in order to distinguish its t-shirt from the other so I don’t know I feel is this interesting for you guys so each t-shirt has its own code so for example this is the poop b19 I don’t know if you can see now you can’t see a thing I’m so sorry guys this is the thing with a manual focus camera so this is the P 19 this is the B 21 because even though all the t-shirts are different when you see them on a picture it’s very it will be super easy to confuse or like to you yeah I think I think that’s a word it confused one t-shirt with the other because yeah they all look alike but they’re all different so that’s why we did this like code system to distinguish all the t-shirts and I’ve been using this recycling paper that we got back in Hastings is super likely is recycled and I just loved the feeling that it gives to an order once you like order something and I’ve been using these stickers I don’t know if you guys remember when we did them together to seal the order so that’s what I’m doing today I just shipped the orders that had the dough go clay peon pending because yeah I forgot to make them thank you so much for all of you who waited for that order by the way [Music] I was wondering why what he was taking so long for the postman to arrive and I just realized I never scheduled the pickup for the orders that’s how tired I am anyway but the cool thing is that I made some serious progress on the painting situation so at least I painted all these sketches and I think either tomorrow or on Wednesday I’m going to draw on top of them I know for you it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever what I’m trying to you because it’s just like a blob of colors but it’s so cool oh my god I just realize you’re not going to see the final results of those illustrations but it’s fine I guess it’s fine so tomorrow I’m going to edit this video something that I’m not looking forward because God you got you didn’t even see my face anyway so yeah I did this bastard God see you tomorrow guys how many seen an evening bye hi guys so I hope you enjoy that video I’m about to export it now but I wanted to officially say goodbye before you leave please don’t leave keep watching I just wanted to thank you once again I know you’re already probably super sick of me saying this but thank you so much for your support Chris apart with the shop and all of the comments that you guys have just like written and across all social media and YouTube you’re you’re so lovely thank you so much and also I wanted to give a big huge insanely amazing shout out to all of my patrons because they were the ones who allow me to have my shop closed for so long and who kept me company throughout this entire nice humans process like buying the t-shirts and like figure out how to do screen printing they were holding my hands throughout this entire time and I just wanted to thank you patrons for all like generally I wouldn’t possibly being able to do this without you guys so thank you so much for all your support and for keeping me company on this time that’s it for this week today the day you’re watching this Friday I’m going to take the day off so I can rest in sleep and probably go with air to a museum and having a very relaxed weekend ahead Oh God um anyway I love you guys so freaking you have no idea you have no idea I love you have an amazing Friday and weekend ahead and I’ll see you next week bye guys why am I like this why

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    Ojalá tu nueva asistente sea muy buena y puedas delegar todo lo que necesitas para que ya puedas descansar adecuadamente.

  2. Fran I loved your comment about being "tired-drunk" I can relate 🤣 also to the never ending to dos. I'm finding that as my skills increase and I can do things faster than before, I just find extra things to put on my to do list! But I do love to be busy. Congratulations with your shop launch. You had a launch but no lunch!

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    I’ve made the wrong quantity/wrong price mistake before and it’s just the worst feeling.

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    Your work resonates with so many people that you can earn a living in NYC doing what you love and on your terms all the while creating positive ripples and inspiring people.
    But I get you 🙂 watching you was like holding a mirror to my face and realizing that rather than suffering through our creative journey, we can just as well enjoy it. I thank you and wish you a lovely weekend ahead. Congratulations <3

  25. Fran, my dear, my lovely one, my little oodilolie. I wish sometimes that you would not worry about whether or not you should film because of how you look. You look like yourself. You don't need to have certain elements applied to your face or your hair just because you think we might see it and react negatively. I see a lot of young female content creators say the same things. And it's very sad. I know being comfortable with yourself is a process with many steps, especially with a camera involved. But I know you can take that step. I believe in you, just like everyone else here!

  26. thank you for sharing your behind-the-scenes, I’m in awe of just how much work you are handling on your own! I hope you find the perfect assistant soon :’-)

  27. Preguntas si es interesante y te respondo:

    Es interesante la lista de discos para escuchar. Yo he estado haciendo lo mismo de manera intermitente y es bastante placentero. Por favor no dejes de hacer updates hacerca de eso.

    Claro que es interesante el sistema de clasificación de productos en la tienda. Si es el corazón del moustro. Ver cómo lo vas estructurando aporta mucho valor. Gracias por eso.

    PS: The Cars es una de esas bandas que no sabías que ya habías escuchado hasta que te pones a escuchar un disco completo.

  28. Hi Fran!

    I really love your videos and the way you do everything. So inspiring! I was wondering if there's a chance you'll make a video about sustainable eco-friendly packaging you use? It's hard to find videos talking about eco-friendly supplies for online stores, so I'd love to hear your opinion on that. Thank you so much!

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