P2P 1-99 Smithing Guide I Artisan Workshop - Lvl 99 in 50 Hours I Training Smith by Idk Whats Rc

P2P 1-99 Smithing Guide I Artisan Workshop – Lvl 99 in 50 Hours I Training Smith by Idk Whats Rc

[Applause] Hey I don't know what or send this is my level 1 to 99 smithing guide sponsored by smoking does in this video will tell you how to train smithing very efficiently all the way to level 99 okay so let's already beggining which is the same for all the methods so from level 1 to 15 you will train by smelting runs 4 and then after that Aran boron to level 30 another option is to do the free to play quest the nice Ford that will make you get level 29 instantly after completing the quest okay so let's start with a slope of the money method so from level 30 to 35 you will train by making steel bars and then after that from both 35 to 85 you will make cannonballs which are the best way to make money oil training smithing however like I will explain later in the video I only recommend to make cannonballs if you have done the measurement iana tasks otherwise it doesn't worth it so if you haven't done the quest then simply continue with still all the way to level 85 and then at level 85 all the way to 99 you can make bars which are better at brands than cannonballs and they also give really good GP 6.3 GB per experience okay so now let's talk about the medium speed in cash methods so from level 30 to 40 you will train by using iron ingot tree which were amazing experience per hour but very expensive so that's why I recommend at level 40 to start making gold boards which are a little bit less experienced but they'll way cheaper so do gold bars all the way to level 88 and at level 88 until 1990 we'll make a diamond plate buddies with either a sacra dimer or without sacral armor for those who don't know a sacred hammer is a reward from stealing creation minigame but I will explain that later in the video and compare the two methods together and finally the fastest but there are expensive methods only for those who have a lot of money so the fastest which transmitting is by using in got three so first of all around and still matron and adamant in guts three so you can continue to train that way all the way to level 99 if you want to train away from keyboard but if you want the fastest experience then you will have to make Metro ceremonials 4 and adamant ceremonials words which need a lot of concentration so using all those method you can get level 99 smithing in 50 hours so it's very fast but it will cost you around 160 million chips okay so if you remember well from level 1 to 15 you will trim by sniffing grunts pores so in order to make a bronze 4 you will need copper ore and 10 or and the experience you will get for our is around 8.2 key experience per hour after that from level 15 to 30 you will train by making Alan Ball so if you make an I highly recommend to use a ring fortune because usually you can fail to make your iron board and you will lose the or but if you have a ring of fortune then it won't happen so you get maximum GP and maximum experience per hour then after that from about 30 to 45 you will train by making it stable so for each steel boar you want to make you will need 1 RM and two cold so the experience you will get per hour is exactly the same in the Aran bar however you will make more GP for experience and GP per hour for those who are using the medium speed and cash method then you will have to make gold bar from level 40 to 88 so the experience you can expect to get is around 80 K experience power but it's only if you have done the quest family crest to have the gold spin gauntlet like I will explain later if you don't have done the quest and you won't get any good experience and it doesn't worth making gold bars only use this method if you have done the quest family crest or using the gauntlets and finally the room bars from level 85 to 99 if you are not using cannonballs so the amount of room bars we'll be able to make per hour really depend on your setup that will show later and the experience we'll get is around thirty three kicks four hands per hour when smelting bars it's very important to use smelting burns because it will give twenty percent more experience than smithing so I highly recommend you use them in order to use them it's very simple you buy the urn on finished on the granite change and then you simply add a final room so depending on the urn you will buy you will be able to store more resources and get more experience those are the inventories our recommend to bring for bronze era and gold bars as you can see don't break any urns for the gold bars because it doesn't work and about the errant setup if you have access to this stronger then simply bring one of them it's enough those are the inventory you will need for still in room bars so at the left you will see without a cool bag and at the right with a cool bike so for those who don't know it's a dungeon ring reward that can hold up to 27 whole so I highly recommend you use it if you can have access to it and also don't really can give use a piece of burden that will also help you increase the amount of bars you can make per hour and about making room bars with a code bag I don't really recommend to bring a urn because you won't be able to make six more only five okay so for the equipment you will wear varrock or more if you add it because it will increase I'm on the floor you can smell throughout we're at the edge of furnace for the gold smell thing you'll want to wear the gold sniffing Gotland because it will increase by Allah that one I've experienced will get and if you're smelting around then you will want to wear a ring a fortune the best place to make bars is inside edge rail furnace but to access this location you'll have to do the barrack easy tasks however if you haven't done the very easy task then I recommend to go to the al kharid furnace okay so smelting bar is very easy so first of all wood frog or she will need then go to the furnace click on it select the bar you want to me and that's pretty much it all you have to do is wait until all yours on comparator to bar and it's away from keyboard okay so when it's done simply go to the bank and repeat now we'll talk more about advanced snow playing technique with a cold bag and a beasts of burden so with the beasts of burden don't forget to select the left option to interact okay so to feel the cold I simply use a code on it then when you want to fill the beasts of burden left click on the summoning button to select interact and press to restore the coal into the piece of burden and withdraw for example room bars a room or assignment and coal and then simply go to the furnace so like all and that's pretty much it oh yeah and you will run one you will run out of coal simply sell like the take Bob option so you get the call from your beasts of burden without interrupting smelting so that's the best way to smell room boards okay so now let's talk about cannonballs so basically we'll turn one still bore into four cannibals you'll bring that plate from level 35 to 99 if you want to maximum amount of cash you make or you can stop at level 85 and start making room bars to max mind experience while still making cash so I really recommend you have done the medium task Morgiana because it will double the amount of experience we'll get Pro and double the amount of cash we'll make also per hour so if you don't have done those tasks then I don't recommend to use cannonballs those are the items you will need while making cannonballs so first of all the fling with the ribs still bores your equipment you want to have your Mauritania legs tool or plus and finally in your to bet enamel mold the place where you made the cannonballs need to be deport asthmatic otherwise you won't get the bonus from your legs and the fastest way to get there is to use an ecto feel the first thing you want to do is would draw a full inventory of steel bores and then go to the furnace right here use your steel bar on the furnace and then select the option make handles and that's it you simply wait until all your steel boar or competitor 2 cannonballs then you simply go back to the bank drop all the cannonballs would grow more steel bars and repeat so it's very easy and away from keyboard now I'll talk about burial or more which are a part of the Arts and workshop so the first thing you will make is around in country so basically we'll turn 12 Iran or into an hour on Inga and what this in got you will make a normal will explain the world processes later in the video so we'll train that with on level 30 to 45 and you will get amazing experience per hour after that you will make still in the tree that will be turned into Armel you will turn that way from level 45 to 60 after that you will use natural in that tree so to make one you will need six metal ores and 24 coal so it's very expensive and finally the atom and in Gumtree which is the fastest way to transmitting away from keyboard you can get up to 240 K experience per hour in order to go to the place where the burial or more take place so the artisan workshop you'll teleport to falador or use the skill necklace to the mining guide okay so now I will talk about making burial or more so you will need to use your measured oars on the smelter and then use the smelter to withdraw in the tree after that you will need to use the envelope for sewing the top of the screen you'll see the Koran instruction for example gauntlet so your goal is to make gauntlet to bid to get the maximum experience once all your inventory is full of or more simply use the shoot to drop all the or more automatically then withdraw more than god and repeat so don't forget that you can bake rewards that will give you up to 5% more experience while making Braille or mores the place where you will make the brill or more is in the east part of the artisan workshop and provide the wheeler you will go on the ground so every time you will get 10k experience inside the Arts and workshop you will get 1% respect and with the respect you can make by the rewards that will give you more experience in the inventory the only thing you want to have is noted for so all of them and in your tool belt or Amer the sacred armor does work with the barrel or more but I don't really recommend to use it because if you want to see cached and don't use Braille or mowers they are way too expensive first of all go to the east part of the arts and workshop and then use all the noted doors on the smelter so like I'm just doing so like that use your coal and then use your a demented ores after that you'll want to use a wood raw option from the smelter say like in the tree and then select the one you want for example adamant in the tree so now you have a full inventory of inga now you'll want to use the handle so as you can see in the top of the screen there is a current instruction for example gauntlets so your goal is to selling the gauntlet option you will get a 10% bonus experience so the I recommend to use what the instruction says after a while it will change for example now it's complete but now the guy send made chest Lee so now if I don't make chest late people I continue with contact will only get regular experience so without the 10% bonus so I recommend to switch every time it's needed of course you can simply don't care about the current instruction and be away from keyboard for your wall inventory which is really really good to be away from keyboard so simply keep doing what the current instruction says and until your inventory is full of armor as you can see it's quite slow to make a normal but usually you can make around seven to eight of them everytime the instruction switch when your inventory is full simply use the sheep right here and it will drop all the armor but you will still keep the inga and click on the smelter and withdraw more in guts and repeat from level 88 to 99 you can train with the famous adamant Pleiades so the amount of experience you can get paralyzed is 220 key and it only costs 60 people experience if you want to make a diamond play buddies then I really really recommend to use the storage sense it's the dungeoneering reward and it will make you save millions of GP from level 88 to 90 one other option is to use sacred armors to make adamant play buddies so for those who don't know it's a still in creation reward that will double the amount of experience we'll get in smithing for a 32k bonus experience so it's really good and you can get for the 9 tools per hour and is still in creation meaning so the amount of experience can expect with the tool including the time to get the tools it's around 183 key experience per hour so a little bit lower than the experience without it – but it will have the amount of GP you will need so it's only treated to deeper experience so only recommend to use the sacred armor if your time is worth less than 3.5 million rupees so for most people actually okay so now let's talk about the items you will need so a full inventory of adamant bars and a beast of burden filled with adamant boys – also don't forget to bring an armor and your average or more – or plus if you can music it will increase the amount of play buddies you will be able to make per hour the best place to make clay bodies is that the Varrick and Bill and the fastest way to get there is to use it very eloquent okay so the first thing you want to do is change your left click option if you're familiar to interact it's very important after that you want to with truffle inventory of adamant bars then left-click on your summoning logo then press a two button to use the store option and put all the admin bar inside your familiar and bank once again would run order full inventory of a lemon bars then click on the anvil which is very close to a bank now you want to use it make X option it's very important otherwise your character one take into account the pours you have inside your piece of burdens with pulls top making pours so simply enter 99 and then as soon as you can use the tip Bob option of your familiar to withdraw bars and never stop smithing the plate bodies so you can see it's very efficient and you can make a lot of plate bodies per hour so now when you don't have any bars left simply click on the bank once again and drop all the play bodies you have inside your inventory or simply use your option to drop all your inventory left-click on your summoning logo press to store more bars use the bank option with four more bars and then click on the anvil and repeat with the make X option and now let's talk about the ceremonials words which are the best experience of the game and we don't even cost a lot only 8.7 and GP per experience for 250 T experience per hour however to get that amount of experience you will need a lot of concentration and training from level 85 to 99 if you want the maximum experience then you can make adamant ceremonials force 416 K experience per hour which is the best experience of the game and it will only cost you 11 GB per experience which is kind of decent making ceremonials where it is very complex so I won't explain it in this video but I've already done another full ceremonials word guide showing you all the steps to make one and get maximum experience so if you want to watch my guy simply click the annotation on the stream and finally the super eating method basically it's a spell at level 43 magic it will turn or into a board so what's great about this method is that you can make more bars per hour than a regular furnace you even get magic experience however there's one downside you will need to use a nature so you will lose a little bit of money or make less money so don't really recommend this method because the main point of making bars is to get money and which super eating you will get less money however I highly recommend to use a super eating method if you're mining at the lrc K depends on critical so you can get mining magic and smithing experience so that's great but if you only want to make bars at the bank then I don't really recommend it if you want to fool that about mining and super eating at the same time and simply click the annotation on the screen if you want to know what is the most efficient method for you to transmitting and simply click the link in the description then select smithing logo now in this calculator you will see the level automated I've showed in this video and even more with all the GP / experience and experience per hour other GP right or updated every day automatically by runescape Wikia so it's never outdated so now you can also move down to my dynamic calculator so basically you will have to enter the amount of cash you can make per hour with your best money make anyways or you can see it that way how much do I have to pay you to stay Edel for one hour so for example 1 million GP so by pressing submit you will create a new calculator that will show the time to get the money with the metal you for each meta the time to get the experience for the total time so your goal is to find a metal with the least total time for example runs more run good at all it's 111 hours to get 1 million experience so you can scroll down and find the method which is the most efficient for you depending on the amount of cash can make route reasonable gold bar or very decent adamantium trade with the selling creation tool or also very good and yeah you can also change amount of cash gaming per hour for a growing poll 500 k GP bricks per hour and it will change the calculator so now for example if you check the most efficient way to train would be cannonballs now because your time is worth less and if the metal makes more cash than it's more efficient to make it [Applause] you

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