Origami Octahedron Decoration Box Tutorial – Paper Kawaii

Origami Octahedron Decoration Box Tutorial – Paper Kawaii

89 thoughts on “Origami Octahedron Decoration Box Tutorial – Paper Kawaii

  1. god damn it, this thing is too hard for me and its only lvl 3 :(. Anyway i did it! nice video! and thank you!

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  4. I watched this for the first time and already subscribed to you and I'm already downloading the app! Your really good at origami! 🙂

  5. I use these for d&d dices. This is called a d8 or a 8 sided dice. Now it's time to find the rest

  6. I saw a video of how to fold an octahedron from one sheet of square paper (not Jeremy Shafer's one). But the video was low quality. and I'm always lost at the last part. Do you think you can teach us how to do that version too?

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  8. Thank you 😊 this was really helpful for my school graphics homework and I’m only in year 7- imagine how hard the homework will get further on in my school life 😂

  9. Random teacher: Why aren't you doing your work?
    me: Because I don't want to.
    teacher: What are you making.
    me: A octahedron
    teacher: A what?
    me: A 3D diamond what else?

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